How to Politely Appreciate “Nice Legs”

With regards to the lower appendages, not every person is honored with a smooth and exotic pair. The couple of times we see anybody with an ideal set, we would constantly be in wonderment. I realize I have been. What’s more, that prompts praise.

Indeed, that is where it gets interesting because you would rather not appear as though you are asking somebody out or gazing at them when you are simply respecting them.

Nice Legs

This is the way to say somebody has a decent set of legs without sounding dreadful.

177 Ways to Politely Say “Nice Legs”

177 Ways to Politely Say “Nice Legs”
  1. Where might I at any point get legs like that? Yours looks great.
  2. Everything will look nice on your legs. They are beautiful.
  3. Your legs will make individuals envious.
  4. You have a pleasant arrangement of legs. They make you look wonderful
  5. You look so extraordinary today. Your legs are devastating.
  6. Those heels truly feature your legs
  7. Your legs are amazing
  8. Shocking arrangement of legs you have.
  9. I wish I had legs like that, they are so appealing
  10. I would pick your arrangement of legs quickly
  11. Who wouldn’t need legs like this?
  12. Pleasant gams, they complete you impeccably
  13. What a fine set of legs. Are you a sportsperson?
  14. You have the best sets of flimsy, uniformly conditioned legs that each woman fantasizes about having.
  15. Do you use anything for your legs, they are stunning
  16. I think you show your legs off more regularly, they are so lovely, they should be seen
  17. Your beautiful legs truly complement your figure
  18. I wish I had a couple of great legs like yours. I would be way more joyful
  19. It’s intriguing to track down legs as lovely as yours.
  20. All that exercise makes your legs look magnificent.
  21. Your legs have excellent proportions. They are great.
  22. You are truly shaking those pantyhose. A brilliant method for styling this dress. Furthermore, such wonderful legs.
  23. Pleasant calves. You should accept awesome consideration of yourself.
  24. These skirts flaunt your legs pleasantly.
  25. Have a go at wearing skirts more regularly, no point concealing such lovely legs.
  26. You look perfect in those heels. They make your legs look astonishing.
  27. Those cowpoke boots suit your style and truly make your legs look perfect.
  28. Magnificent tan. Makes your legs look great.
  29. Hello, you have a competitor’s legs. They would be so envious.
  30. You will handily pull off any ensemble with those beautiful sets of legs
  31. I want to make my legs as shocking as yours.
  32. Your legs help me to remember those fine thin chopsticks. They are extremely lovely
  33. Nobody might at any point come out on top in a race against you. Not with those fine sprinters.
  34. I figure you ought to go displaying for whatever shows you of your fine legs.
  35. You have such lengthy slim legs
  36. Your long legs truly draw out the excellence of these dresses.
  37. You should accept excellent consideration of your legs. Young ladies would kill for legs like yours.
  38. You have such thin thighs. I figure I will require your exercise plans
  39. Your legs make those shoes look perfect
  40. Your legs will other people who need them desirous
  41. You have the sets of legs each young lady needs: equitably conditioned and thin
  42. Tights make your legs look wonderful. You ought to wear them more
  43. Anything will look great on your legs. They are pretty.
  44. What store can get legs like that? Yours looks perfect.
  45. I would give anything for those legs.
  46. Your legs look brilliant, do you involve anything for them?
  47. I accept you ought to uncover your legs all the more regularly because they are shocking and ought to be seen.
  48. I accept you should be a model, just between us. You can do it. I mean glance at those legs.
  49. That pantyhose makes you look fantastic. A fantastic way to style this outfit. What’s more, such lovely legs.
  50. Wonderful calves. You should take care of yourself well indeed.
  51. All that I see on your legs, I consider summer
  52. Your legs look so smooth. You should treat shaving them truly in a serious way
  53. Did you practice your legs to turn out to be so great or were conceived this way?
  54. Your legs will make individuals gaze
  55. You ought to be a leg model. Furthermore, if that is not a thing you ought to begin it.
  56. You have faultless legs
  57. Your legs would look perfect on the front of Vogue
  58. These skirts cause legs to appear to be great.
  59. Dress in skirts more often; there’s a compelling reason need to conceal those wonderful legs.
  60. In those heels, you look fabulous. They have given your legs a wonderful appearance.
  61. Your attire complements those cowboy boots admirably, as do your legs.
  62. Your awesome tan upgrades the excellence of your legs.
  63. Your legs are stunning. They upgrade your magnificence.
  64. You look incredible today.
  65. Your legs look great in those heels.
  66. Your legs are amazing.
  67. What a lovely arrangement of legs you have.
  68. Your legs are extraordinarily beautiful; I wish I had them.
  69. Quickly, I’d pick your sets of legs.
  70. Who wouldn’t want such legs?
  71. Decent gams, truly make you stand apart from others.
  72. Hello, you have the legs of a competitor. They’d be so jealous.
  73. With those exquisite legs, you can wear any ensemble easily.
  74. I trust you’ll have the option to make my legs look on par with yours.
  75. Your legs help me to remember a doll. Valuable!
  76. Nobody might at any point overcome you in a race. Not with those great legs that shout “I’m an extraordinary competitor”
  77. I accept you should begin demonstrating for distributions that can feature your exquisite legs.
  78. You have such long, thin legs.
  79. Your long legs truly feature how exquisite these garments are.
  80. Your legs should be very actually enjoyed. They are beautiful.
  81. Not at all like numerous others, you have delightful legs on account of the incredible consideration you give them.
  82. I’m almost convinced that your legs are those of a mannequin.
  83. Your legs appear to be a work of art to me.
  84. I’ve never seen legs that are preferably tanned over yours.
  85. Your knees appear very smooth and lovely.
  86. You have delicate legs.
  87. Assuming I had legs like those, I’d show them out.
  88. You have a beautiful arrangement of legs, I should say.
  89. Your legs are graceful to me.
  90. You have such adorable long legs.
  91. I accept your legs are phenomenal.
  92. You love the amazing way conditioned your legs are.
  93. Delightful legs You should resolve a ton.
  94. Your calves are phenomenal.
  95. Your legs genuinely complete your body’s optimal structure.
  96. Your legs help me to remember a very etched piece
  97. From your hips to your toes, you are model material
  98. Your legs work out positively for anything you wear. footwear or clothing
  99. Your legs are extraordinary. You ought to have a spot in the Guinness Book of records for the most wonderful legs
  100. Your legs should be seen
  101. This is a result of your dresses with cuts made
  102. Top ten most appealing legs. Your legs are number one
  103. You have the most lovely legs I have seen
  104. Your legs are beyond words
  105. That is a decent set of legs you have there
  106. Your legs help me to remember polish
  107. Your long legs are so charming
  108. I think you have a swell set of legs
  109. You love the way firm and solid your legs look
  110. Beautiful legs. You need to work out a lot because your legs add structure to your body. Your legs look like they were expertly shaped.
  111. I’m certain individuals investigated legs and chose to begin cutting dresses to make sure you can show them off
  112. The most lovely legs, all together. Your legs are ahead of all comers
  113. Your legs look so smooth. You should view shaving them truly in a serious way
  114. Did you practice your legs to turn out to be so great or were conceived this way?
  115. Your legs will make individuals gaze
  116. You ought to be a leg model. And if that is not the case, you ought to initiate it.
  117. You have immaculate legs
  118. Your legs would look perfect on the front of Vogue
  119. All that I see on your legs, I consider summer
  120. You have Barbie legs
  121. You ought to wear heels all the more frequently you will knock everybody’s socks off
  122. You have executioner’s legs
  123. Let me know the key to having such exquisite legs
  124. Your appealing legs brilliantly feature your body.
  125. Exquisite legs are remarkable. You are truly lucky to have two superb ones.
  126. What a flawless arrangement of legs. Might it be said that you are a   sportsperson?
  127. Because of all of your exercise, your legs look amazing.
  128. Your legs have superb shape. They are impeccable.
  129. Do you deal with your mind-blowing legs in any capacity?
  130. You have such advanced leg muscles.
  131. Your legs will captivate everyone
  132. You have legs like Barbie.
  133. You ought to wear heels all the more much of the time; it will wow everybody.
  134. You have incredible legs.
  135. What is your mystery to having such lovely legs?
  136. My legs are not half as alluring as yours.
  137. Your leg muscles have a lot of strength.
  138. In the group, your legs will be perceptible.
  139. I wish my legs looked on par with yours.
  140. Anybody who needs their legs will be desirous of yours.
  141. You have the best sets of dainty, uniformly conditioned legs that each woman fantasizes about having.
  142. Shorts are perfect for flaunting your legs. You ought to wear them on a more regular basis.
  143. You have an excellent pair of legs there.
  144. The appearance of your legs is sophisticated.
  145. You have enamoring legs.
  146. Your legs are attractive
  147. Your legs are very much molded
  148. Those heels truly feature your legs
  149. I can’t say I have seen prettier legs
  150. Where did you get legs like that?
  151. I think your legs are like the nice thighs of a cat. It’s a battle to keep up with slight thighs.
  152. Your legs are striking.
  153. Your legs have superb shape.
  154. You look phenomenal in those leggings. It’s a clever way to style camo and show off your legs.
  155. Perfect calves. You should accept magnificent consideration of yourself.
  156. Your legs look heavenly in these skirts.
  157. In those heels, your legs look great.
  158. I question that I’ve at any point seen legs this astonishing.
  159. Your legs resemble a feline’s legs.
  160. Wonderful thighs. It is trying to Assemble quadriceps.
  161. Those heels certainly make your legs stick out.
  162. I question whether I’ve at any point seen legs with more excellence
  163. It will be difficult to track down legs this great elsewhere
  164. Your legs are spectacular
  165. Wonderful legs are uncommon. You are staggeringly fortunate to have two fabulous ones.
  166. What a stylish set of legs. Might it be said that you are dynamic in sports?
  167. Your legs are looking good. They are flawless.
  168. Destroy you a way to deal with your heavenly legs to get them looking how they do?
  169. Just between us, I figure you should be a model. You can achieve it. Take a gander at those legs, for instance.
  170. You ought to see how you move since you have model-quality legs.
  171. Not only are your legs long, but they are also strong. You must be a runner or climber of mountains.
  172. For legs like yours, young ladies would kill.
  173. Your thighs are truly slight. I feel like I’ll require your exercise plans.
  174. With your legs, those shoes look fabulous.
  175. Your legs are astonishing.
  176. Your legs help me to remember a gazelle’s: long and elegant.
  177. You have the most dazzling legs I’ve at any point seen.
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