28 Best Ways to Respond to “Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses”

Do you struggle with answering the inquiry,  “Hope you had a great weekend?”

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Sometimes, your collaborators or supervisors might move toward you and begin up a discussion with you to be obliging or pass the incidentally dreary work hours.

To begin a conversation, they will in this manner pose inquiries, for example, “How was your weekend?”

Just you know how your weekend was, yet we’ve assembled a rundown of replies to the inquiry “Did you have a good weekend?” so everybody can know the most effective ways to give a response.

The 28 most fascinating responses to the question, “How was your weekend?” are compiled in this article.


28 Responses to “Hope you had a great weekend?”

1. Oh Yeah, I Did! How About You?

This is a basic response you can use to insist that youyou had a great weekend. On the off chance that per experience, you don’t plan to go into a nitty gritty clarification about how you spent your weekend, you can utilize this response.

By returning the inquiry, you shift the consideration from you to the person who posed the inquiry. It likewise shows that you are keen on their government assistance.

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2. Certainly! I Enjoyed A Restful Weekend

You’d need to answer by bringing up that you went home for weekend from work. It is a gigantic feature of your weekend, especially in the event that your principal objective was to loosen up following an unpleasant week.

3. Yeah! Jane Made My Weekend Satisfying

On the off chance that a companion graced your weekend with their presence, you can essentially mix it in your response. You can do this by just referencing their name and making sense of which job they played in your weekend.

You ought to utilize this response while conversing with somebody who knows all about the person you are alluding to. In any case, guarantee that you explain who the person is.

For example, when you say, “Yeah! Jane made my weekend satisfying.”  You should talk about Jane. You can just say, “Jane is my dear companion.” ” We’ve been together way back in secondary school.”

4. Definitely! I Attended A Picnic, Which Was My Highlight For The Weekend

If going to a cookout with your companions, family, or associates was the most amazing aspect of your weekend, you can utilize this response. It empowers you to determine what specific action made your weekend incredible.

5. Absolutely! I Had The Opportunity To Relax

Work days might be fairly dreary, and the main time you must save to get some profound rest is the weekend. You ought to discuss it in your response.

Even though some persons simply want to respond, “Yes, my weekend was great,” without indicating about it.

They do this in a bid to try not to give people the feeling that they can hardly sit tight for the ends of the week to rest from work. In any case, you don’t need to imagine to make sure you are not labeled “lazy.”

6. Nothing So Special. It Was Just Like A Normal Weekday

There would be practically zero distinction between your weekend and work day on the off chance that you actually had a lot of work to bring back home. It is acceptable to acknowledge that your weekend was not particularly memorable.

7. Though The Weekend Was Wonderful, It Was Over Before I Realized It. A Great Weekend, Did You Too?

This comment may be utilized to communicate that your weekend was to be sure phenomenal and you even required additional opportunity to have some good times.

8. The Weather Was Ideal For Being Indoors, So I Found It Enjoyable

You can simply refer to whether or not it was beneficial to you and contributed significantly to your enjoyment of your weekend.

9. I Completed A Lot On My To-do List Over The Weekend, And I’m Relieved To Have Those Duties Completed!

This response clearly says “Yes,” you had an extraordinary weekend. Nonetheless, it is giving credit to achieving your put forth objectives. Thus, assuming the most amazing aspect of your weekend was having the option to get done with up your set responsibility, you can discuss it in your response.

10. Absolutely Not! Over The Course Of The Weekend, I Could Still Feel The Effects Of The Previous Week’s Tension

Maybe you were so excited for the weekend that you could take part in a couple of relaxation exercises. After some time, the strain from the current week’s exercises kept you from participating in them. Just say so.

This tells that notwithstanding having plans for the weekend, you couldn’t do them because of weakness.

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11. Can We Not Talk About It, Please?

A few encounters are better-maintained calm in control to try not to work up profound sentiments. You can utilize this response if you had a terrible encounter throughout the weekend and would prefer not to discuss it.

It passes on to the person you are talking with that your weekend wasn’t loaded up with wonderful memories and you would rather not discuss it.

12. I Finally Got To Attend The Concert For Which I Had Long-held Tickets. Excellent, What A Show!

If going to an eagerly awaited show was the feature of your weekend, you can expand on that. The way that you had fun following a hard and depleting week demonstrates that you had a pleasant weekend.

You could decide to move on by talking in depth about the parts of the performance that stood out to you the most. This will assist them with figuring out the fun, all things considered,

13. Even Though I Didn’t Get As Much Done As I Had Intended, I’m Still Happy With What I Managed To Achieve

We don’t necessarily prevail with regards to satisfying our objectives. Notwithstanding, assuming we give it the advantage, we bring down our pace of efficiency.

It is more suitable to be thankful for what little we have achieved in light of the fact that doing so will rouse us to seek after better and more rewarding undertakings, similarly as we want.

Deploring over the things we couldn’t achieve could likewise offer the audience an alternate impression of us. This is because they are no longer viewing justifications from your perspective at that point, but rather from theirs.

They could expect that your absence of inspiration was the primary driver of your inability to finish the job in question. However, it is something else. Only be appreciative for what you can accomplish right now.

14. Oh Yeah! I Became An Aunt Over The Weekend. It Felt Divine

Oh Yeah! I Became An Aunt Over The Weekend. It Felt Divine

Not simply aunties can answer along these lines. You can surely supplant it on the off chance that you just turned into an uncle, grandmother, or granddad interestingly throughout the weekend. Portray the delight that another child’s appearance brought to your family and how divine it felt.

15. I Tried Something Different, And I Am Proud I Did

This is to say, you had a useful weekend.

Anything can add to working on somebody’s weekend. Everything is dependent upon a person’s inclinations and wishes. If your goal was to try something new and were successful, it’s worth talking about.

16. It Was Somewhat Emotional For Me. I Attended A Reunion Where I Met My High School Mates After So Many Years

If you were able to reconnect with some of your former classmates over the weekend after a long absence, you can include this information in your response.

The gathering with them could likewise turn into a close to home insight for you. This is because of the way that you might have affectionate recollections of the prior times when you were near them; notwithstanding, those times are a distant memory and everybody is a grown-up. Remembering this for your response won’t show that you are helpless.

17. Even Though We Had To Concentrate On Domestic Duties, It Is Great To Return Home To A Tidy And Welcoming Environment At The End Of The Day

You may be compelled to accept that you had a distressing weekend on the off chance that you went through your whole weekend tidying up your home. Notwithstanding, gauging the benefits assists you with seeing that it merited the time spent.

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Because what matters most is returning to a clean and pleasant environment at the end of the day. If you can relate, you can answer by discussing it.

18. The Fact That I Could Make Up For My Absence With My Children During The Entire Week Made It Excellent

Given your bustling timetable, you should project that you never possess energy for your children during the work days.

Because you made a conscious effort to set aside time for your children, it merits discussion, even if you decide to continue working weekends.

Illuminate the person to whom you are answering that enjoying the weekend with your kids was your main concern, and that made it incredible!

19. Certainly Not! I Lost My Pet, And I Feel Guilty For Not Being There For Him Before Now

Losing a pet is rarely lovely. The discouraging viewpoint is seeing it kick the bucket as a result of your interminably rushed plan. If this concerns you, simply speak the truth about it.

20. My Weekend Was Splendid. Thank You For Always Looking Out For Me

It is a fair motion to welcome a collaborator after not seeing them during the weekend. Notwithstanding, assuming they reliably make a special effort to ask about how your weekend was, it can demonstrate that they are worried about your prosperity.

In this way, after illuminating them about your weekend, you can only be thankful for their consistent watchfulness. This gives them the feeling that you value their steady mindfulness.

21. Nah! I Spent My Weekend In The Hospital

Assuming that your weekend was spent in the medical clinic, you can utilize this response. All things considered, you went to the clinic since you had a few undiscovered side effects that, after a progression of tests, were found to be perilous.

You were accordingly compelled to stay in the wiped-out cove or make successive excursions to the clinic. Moreover, it’s conceivable that you went through your weekend taking care of a family member, companion, or collaborator who was hospitalized.

If essential, simply say that you spent the weekend in the clinic, giving a short clarification.

22. Hell No! It Was Just So Boring

Because of an absence of friendship, very few persons maintain that the weekend should come around. Since doing so keeps them more useful, they favor answering to work or school consistently without missing a day. Just recognize if nothing held your consideration during the weekend.

23. Throughout The Weekend, I Experienced A String Of Disappointing Events

If you partook in various exercises throughout the weekend and experienced an endless series of mishaps, you can decide to examine it. particularly when you are speaking with somebody close. Most frequently, being honest outcomes in favors we didn’t expect.

24. Oh Yeah! I Was Able To Go Shopping With My Fiance

On the off chance that you’ve had plans to go out to shop with your life partner or life partner for some time, yet time has forever been an issue, at whatever point you figure out how to accomplish it, no doubt on a weekend. It’s most certainly worth examining.

25. Definitely! I Had Time To Make My Favorite Dish And Not Eat Junk As I Do On Weekdays

After stretched-out times of setting out to benefit from low-quality food because of a bustling timetable, it sure will be energizing when you at long last get to make your number one cooking for yourself. If you were able to complete this over the weekend, it is valuable to respond.

26. Indeed, It Was. My Side Business Saw Its First Transaction

On the off chance that throughout the weekend you had the option to make your most memorable deal from your side business, it sure merits discussing.

27. Yeah! I Partied So Hard And Felt Refreshed Afterwards

As was recently settled, a person’s weekend is made critical by different exercises. Along these lines, referencing that celebrating all as the weekend progressed, made an incredible weekend for you following a requesting week at work is alright.

28. Yep, Although The Weekend Usually Passes Too Quickly

Have you ever heard the expression, “Time flies when you’re having so much fun”?  It demonstrates that you’re having a good time that your mind can’t monitor time, making you see time as elapsing more leisurely than it is.

At 8:00 AM, you start playing computer games. Following an hour of playing, you take a gander at the clock and see that it is 12:30 PM. Even though your cerebrum doesn’t understand how long has passed until you look at the time, since you were having a great time, it just appeared to be 60 minutes.

Comparable occasions happen while you rest since you forget about time and your faculties, which is why 7 hours of rest feels like 14.

Then again, all through the week’s worth of work, time elapses all the more leisurely because you are exhausted to the point that the total of your thoughts is the progression of time. Accordingly, you watch out for the time. You can focus on it.

Your business day starts at 8:00 AM. You check the time after working for an hour and find that it is now 8:30 AM.

Also, because the ends of the week are three days more limited than work days, they appear to fly by.

You can answer by recognizing the amount you wish there could be a long weekend.

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