“Crafting Clever Comebacks: 15 Best Ways to Respond to ‘Oh Word’?”

At the point when somebody says ”Oh Word”, it is an approach to communicating shock or surprise. Like that, you will realize that the person is astonished at something that probably occurred.

If eventually, you are with somebody who shouted ”Oh Word” most likely because the person was so astounded at what occurred, then, at that point, you might have to answer.

“Crafting Clever Comebacks: 15 Best Ways to Respond to ‘Oh Word’?”

On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what to answer, this article will direct you on the most effective way to answer when somebody says ”Oh Word”. You ought to peruse this article with the goal that you will know the correct method for answering the person.

15 Appropriate Responses to ‘’Oh Word”

1. Why are you surprised?

This is a straightforward answer that you can give the person when the person says ”oh word”. Simply inquire as to why the person is shocked, like that, the person will want to clear up for you why he is amazed.

If something warrants the person to act that way, the person is permitted to act astounded.

2. You should not be surprised, is this your first time?

This is an answer you can give assuming the person acted shocked by something that he has seen previously or something that he is utilized to as of now. In your answer ask the person for what good reason he is as yet shocked because this isn’t his most memorable opportunity approaching across such.

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Tell him to not be astounded, like that, he will comprehend that he shouldn’t act too astonished about something that he is as now used to. This answer functions admirably.

3. I am as surprised as you

This is a basic answer you can give the person who got shocked particularly on the off chance that you were likewise shocked at what occurred.

Assuming that the persondual shouted “oh word”, let the persondual know that you are similarly however shocked as the persondual may be.

Like that, the person will comprehend that you don’t necessarily in every case need to shout when astounded, only the same way you didn’t shout, the person can gain from it.

4. Yes it is true, it is no longer news

Yes it is true, it is no longer news

You can utilize this answer assuming the person becomes shocked about something no longer news.

Like that, the person will realize that what he is shocked about is something no longer information, there might be a compelling reason to shout excessively or cause it to appear to be no joking matter.

This is a decent answer that you can utilize provided that the person is shocked about something no longer news.

5. You act too surprised, you should go out often

You can utilize this answer assuming the person is somebody who gets stunned or amazed at nearly all that the person sees interestingly.

Somebody like this scarcely goes out and when the persondual goes out a couple of times, the persondual would shout “oh word” out of shock or shock.

In a circumstance like this, you can see the person that he acts shocked and that he ought to go out frequently so he doesn’t act excessively astonished at ordinary things.

6. You can see that I am not surprised, I am used to it

You can utilize this answer assuming you likewise saw what compelled the person to shout in shock. Let the person know that you additionally saw it and you didn’t shout since you are used to things like that.

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This additionally implies that you are in a roundabout way advising the person to attempt to not act excessively shocked at anything he sees. Assuming the person realizes this, he will quit acting so astonished at all that he sees.

7. I knew you would be surprised

You can utilize this answer if you previously had it as a main priority to shock the persondual and you needed to get the persondual’s response.

Perhaps you needed to purchase an unexpected bundle for the persondual After the persondual saw it, he shouted “Oh word”, you can answer by letting the persondual know that you realized he would have been shocked.

That way you have previously shown the person that you had the option to foresee his reaction.

8. I expected you to react this way

This shows you anticipated that the person should respond that way and shout so clearly.

Perhaps you know the persondual as of now and you anticipated that the persondual should respond that way since you have seen the persondual respond the same way previously.

This makes sense of how well you know the person and his responses to a shock.

9. I can’t believe this

This is another answer that you can likewise give assuming you are stunned at what made the person amazed.

Assuming the persondual shouted “Oh word”, answer by saying you can’t trust this, perhaps you can’t really accept what your eyes saw and it likewise caused the persondual to shout in shock.

Utilize this answer provided that you are stunned at what compelled the person to shout in shock. Perhaps you were additionally shocked, yet you didn’t shout that way, you just needed to say “I can’t trust this”.

10. Don’t you think this surprise was too early?

It is likewise conceivable that the person got an unexpected gift from somebody and he needed to shout “oh word”. In your answer, assuming you feel the amazement came too soon, you can just let the person know that the shock came too soon.

Or on the other hand, you can say “Wouldn’t you say this shock was too soon”. Perhaps the person got an unexpected vehicle gift and you feel it is too soon for the person to get such a gift.

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It is significant you note that you should utilize this answer just in any of the various circumstances expressed.

11. Only if you knew how difficult it was to surprise you

Only if you knew how difficult it was to surprise you

This shows you have made an honest effort to shock the person with a gift and you fizzled at a few endeavors.

Then you had the option to amaze the person after a few bombed endeavors. On the off chance that the personnel shouted “Oh word”, you would realize that the person was truly astonished and was in shock.

You realize you were at long last ready to amaze the person. In your answer, let the person in on that it was hard attempting to shock him, perhaps he will see the value in it.

12. You deserve this surprise

It may be the case that the person has been so great at what he does and he has remained steadfast for such a long time.

Assuming you were the one that amazed the person with a gift and he shouted in shock, let him know that he merits this shock since he has remained faithful and been so great at what he does.

Persons like these should be amazed frequently, that way it will show how much their endeavors are being valued.

13. You have worked so hard for this, do not act surprised

This answer can be utilized if the person is attempting to act stunned when he gets an unexpected gift from you.

Tell the person to not act astonished that he really merited it. That way the person will comprehend what he is really worth and the amount he has accomplished for him to merit such shock.

14. Are you supposed to be surprised? You are already aware

This answer shows that the person is acting astonished even though he definitely realizes what is coming.

Let the person know that he shouldn’t be astonished because he definitely realizes that the shock is coming.

15. You do not need to yell if you are surprised

This answer ought to be utilized on the off chance that the person is partial to shouting “oh word” when astonished.

You can tell the person that he can be astounded without a shout. It could make you anxious.

You ought to tell him to not do it around you if you could do it without how upsetting it is.

Final Words

Whichever answer you decide to utilize, guarantee that you are utilizing it the correct way and in the right setting. After perusing these answers, you will continuously know how to answer when somebody says “oh word” close to you.

Assuming you have heard people shout “oh word” and you didn’t have any idea what it implies, this article has proactively made sense of that and when it tends to be utilized.

The following time you say “oh word” around you, you can undoubtedly utilize any of these answers.

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