27 Best Ways to Reply When Someone Says “Your Wish Is My Command”

Whenever we first at any point hear the expression “your wish is my command”, is in an old film where the genie needs to give Aladdin his desires.

Today persons who aren’t genies express this to others as a joke to imply “Hello, I care about you and what you need and I’ll have the option to assist you in any capacity with canning”.

They could express this without implying that so in light of how they say it, we want answers and that is what’s really going on with this article.

27 Best Ways to Reply When Someone Says "Your Wish Is My Command"

In the event that it is said as a joke, perhaps the class comedian is playing or somebody from the workplace simply needs to definitely stand out enough to be noticed you can express “buzz off genie”, or “what are you, a genie?”

On the off chance that you will likely engage everybody by cooperating, you can say “truly”, to make them think you trust them or “we should test it out!” so they can begin allowing your desires.

On the off chance that you are not in that frame of mind and you need to communicate that without appearing to be discourteous or making anybody feel terrible, there are a few supportive answers here:

1. As it should be

This is a presumptuous reaction if you have any desire to assume the part of a self-important, entitled person, or (a more pleasant method for putting it) if you need to cooperate with this joke.

It will make others grin and you can claim to be in an influential place and peer down on them since you are their lord. You can likewise say, “That is the manner in which I like it”.

2. Really?

I like answers that have more than one significance relying upon how you say it. Assuming you say this energetically, you will seem like that is what you have needed for what seems like forever and it will make them a pillar for bliss that you fulfilled them.

Assuming you say it mockingly, you will seem like they are casting a ballot for you to be silly and that won’t fulfill anybody.

3. Then let’s test it out

Activity expresses stronger than words. Why hear them say it when they can demonstrate it? It may not be the most effective way to answer this, particularly in the event that they can’t concede your most memorable desire.

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In the event that they would be able, then again, to accept it’s something straightforward, it will be a good time for everybody. They will seem dependable, you will say thanks to them and everybody will be cheerful.

4. No, your wish is my command

No, your wish is my command

You realize how people have those contentions by attempting to top others, this can be one of them. It’s perfect for people whose identity is near. It’s like saying, “I love you”, and they say “I love you more.”

You are attempting to let them know that similarly as they will do anything for you, you will likewise do anything for them.

5. What are you, a genie?

It’s another not-really bright answer. This answer is telling them not to say that since they can not really award any desires you could have and they would not accept your desires as their orders.

The inquiry lets them know that no one but genies can do that and since they are not genies, he shouldn’t irritate them. It’s practical. Tragically practical.

6. And still, you wouldn’t be able to grant my wishes

It’s on a similar level as the answer above. Miserable and reasonable. You are telling whoever said this that they will not have the option to give your desires regardless of whether they need to on the grounds that they have the capacity to. It’s miserable and it can likewise sound furious. Everything relies upon your tone position.

7. You always listen to me, that’s good

A commendation never hurt anybody, particularly not one to somebody who merits it. They will comprehend that you see what they do and you feel a debt of gratitude. They could have said it cos you have an excessive number of wishes and they would assist you with it in the event that they would be able to.

8. Thank you for being obedient

It’s a decent answer to cooperate with the joke. You can utilize this with anybody and enjoy a hearty chuckle since they weren’t actually anticipating that. You can switch it with any descriptive word of your decision. For instance

  • A: This is perfect. Many thanks to you for your assistance, Alicia.
  • B: Whatever you may desire, ace
  • A: Much obliged to you for being faithful

9. You are one of my few loyal employees

Ideal for the work environment. It’s a pleasant commendation to give a focused, celebrated worker who pulls their weight around. It will cause them to feel endless might fill their heart with joy.

On the off chance that you are not in a work setting. Suppose a school, you can see your understudies, “You are perhaps of my smartest understudies”. Puts a grin all over.

10. I owe you one

This answer can be utilized on the off chance that they have accomplished something you truly needed or a major blessing and they humbly said “whatever you may desire”.

This answer doesn’t really mean they will remember this to approach the blessing one day. It implies you truly value what they did and you would return the great turn since they merit it – that is, assuming they at any point need one.

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11. What would I have done without you?

For companions, family, accomplices, and the people who simply comprehend us, this answer is a very buzzword yet two banalities never hurt anybody.

They will realize you esteem their perspective and presence and you truly depend on them. If you would rather not use it in this strain, you can say, “What will I manage without you?”

12. I like that you pay attention to details

While this probably won’t appear as a definite fit, it’s a commendation to that pleasant human who grasped your requirement for help. They could have expressed that to imply that they are there when you want them or they are somebody to depend on.

This answer values them and praises them simultaneously. After all, it takes cautious perception to note subtleties and see what’s up so that is a decent one.

13. Prove it!

It’s a piece significant however it ought to be okay in the event that you are a thrill seeker. It’s their problem for testing you on the grounds that next you will ask something unimaginable and they will be in a difficult situation.

In the event that you are devious and a pound says this, you will need to involve this answer to message how genuine their affection for you is or to get things moving.

14. Is it?

Typically, this expression is utilized as a joke so asking them this lets them know that you truly question that they would. This answer squeezes into no classification so contingent upon how you say it, is the way it will be perused.

In the event that you say it wryly they will comprehend you are not feeling great, assuming you say it teasingly they will stay aware of the joke. Anyway, you say it and ensure you are not making anybody feel horrible.

15. You are so sweet

You are so sweet

On the off chance that you are informed this by an accomplice or a dear companion, there is a compelling reason that should be made regardless of whether they may not necessarily in all cases. You can see the value in them for it. You can likewise really say a pleasant thank you with a nickname. They will comprehend that you realize that you make a difference to them.

16. I don’t think so

You can begin with an “umm”. This answer is superior to a straight no or requesting that they get out or let you be.

It plainly says you don’t completely accept that that they would seriously view your desires and checking it out is best not. Attempt to get going with something different. It ought to let them know enough.

17. Buzz off genie

If you believe a lively way should dismiss them, you can utilize this answer. It will make them grin because a genie said this and you called them a genie which implies you get the joke and you let them know that you don’t really accept that that they would, but seriously treat your desires.

18. I will pass

This is a typical expression in young language and it implies no. Putting it this way is a delicate approach to letting them know you are not exactly keen on anything that they need to give.

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Simultaneously, assuming they are playing with you, they are simply attempting to be well-disposed and you need to cooperate.

19. Then I hope you will leave

On a terrible day, you can utilize this answer to let somebody know that you are not in that frame of mind for their jokes and you would rather be separated from everyone else. Since you desire that they leave, they should accept it as their order since they said so and you need it.

Contingent upon how you say it, you will sound impolite or furious. Watch the tone to receive the right message.

20. Unfortunately, I don’t have wishes

This could be valid or it very well may be a decent method for saying, nothing you can assist with here Jeremy. Becoming. You don’t need to search for underlying ways of expressing no to somebody with this answer.

21. Then I will call you when I have wishes

This answer keeps the speaker energetic. It’s the sort of answer you have to a kid: “Gracious obviously my desires are your order.

Thank you kindly. I live with a genie. Truth be told, when I have a wish I will call you simply not at present.” If they were kidding, it’s a pleasant method for cooperating with the joke. Assuming that they were significant, this will in any case cause them to feel better and dependent on.

22. Good for you

Have you heard this previously? This answer is the uninterested reaction people give you when they are not intrigued by what you are talking about and are not tuning in.

You can likewise utilize this wryly to say it doesn’t matter to you what they are talking about. Could make someone extremely upset yet Hello, you need to put your sentiments out there and be straightforward regardless of whether you are mean about it.

23. Oh yay. I have a genie!

You can profess to be energized. Being a genie isn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination and I’m certain anybody couldn’t want anything more than to be a genie and have cool abilities to concede wishes.

This answer will make them cheerful and they will feel significant regardless of whether it’s false.

24. Dreams do come true

It’s beginning to seem like a Disney fantasy script however if they are conceding your desires they are genies, and genies can make your fantasies work out.

You can ask them the number of wishes you have or on the other hand if they have any principles it gives them a wish right away.

25. Isn’t that from a movie?

There’s no damage in killing the energy. This question isn’t exceptionally fun yet to discuss the film where the line came from, this is an extraordinary ice breaker for that discussion.

You can share a portion of your thoughts and perspectives and afterward find what you can give out later. Pleasant right?

26. Thank you. It’s nice to have someone who cares around

Whoever said this, expressed it to be decent so this answer lets them know that you realize they give it a second thought. It’s real appreciation and it’s an incredible method for saying you esteem them too.l

27. I wish

Express this with a moan to imply that you truly wish that your desires were their orders. It would imply that they would do anything you desire and that would be useful to you since you could truly require the assistance.

It could transform the great second into something serious and profound yet you have passed across how you feel and they will know not to play that sort of mess around you any longer.


Assuming somebody expresses this to you since they truly care, make an honest effort to demonstrate the way that you can return and you value them, nothing bad about being great.

Assuming that they are kidding go ahead and wreck around any way you’d like. Simply be certain that you are caring and obliging and nobody is harmed.

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