A Guide to the 20 Polite Responses When Told “You Are A Keeper”

Praises are great. Some are valid, some complimenting, and some extremely surprising. “You are a keeper” is just one of them. It will make you all thrilled and effervescent within.

It could try and fill your heart with joy, except if you don’t have the foggiest idea what that implies. So what’s the significance here? At the point when somebody calls you a guardian, it implies that you are somebody who has a ton of honorable characteristics that make an extraordinary accomplice or companion.

That you are a person of significant worth to them and they never need to lose you. It’s a pleasant commendation to get and fundamentally, any person who lets you know this is saying that you make a big difference to them and you are vital.

Since we have it down, we should see a few answers to this commendation. We typically respond with “Of course, I am” and “Aww shucks” when someone says “you are a keeper.” You are as well”. The list also contains silly and funny responses.

You Are A Keeper

Let’s check out these 20 best replies to “you are a keeper”

1. Of course, I am

Something stands out about everybody regardless of their thought process of themselves or how others see them. You are a keeper because you are unique. Know it and own it.

The following time somebody lets you know you are a keeper let them know that you realize you are and on the grounds that they expressed so as well as in light of the fact that you have such countless extraordinary characteristics that make you.

2. Aww shucks. So are you

Getting a commendation is great, it is more pleasant to bring it back. Most times persons who will express this to you are persons who are exceptionally near you and make a big difference to you.

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Why not reply if you have the impression that they are genuine friends or decent people? Try not to simply become flushed, share the love.

3. You are lucky to have me

This communicates perky trust in oneself. While it could sound glad, a great deal of when this is utilized, it is utilized with chuckling that communicates satisfaction from having gotten such a commendation.

At the point when connections are solid, the two sides not just have fearlessness and sound confidence, yet they additionally see each other’s true capacity and have high respect for each other.

Thus, when this is utilized, it isn’t displayed as pride, yet a greater amount of communicating energetically a comprehension of their value in the relationship.

4. Look who’s talking. I don’t deserve you

Presently while this could sound stooping to oneself, it is no such thing. This is just a declaration of profound and spilling over appreciation for a person’s presence in one’s life.

The speaker’s inability to quantify the good they have received from the person they are speaking to in multiple ways speaks volumes by itself, to the point where they feel overwhelmed and wonder what they did to deserve such good deeds or a good person.

5. Do you think so?

This sounds like something that some who feel shaky would inquire about. Now and again, in any event, for persons without such considerations, it is challenging to recognize being valued.

They never seem to be good enough or do enough to deserve this kind of recognition.

Hearing it makes them cheerful and grateful and feeling needed or appreciated goes quite far for anybody yet in some cases a little consolation about it would do the most for the ones near you.

6. You give me too much praise

An energetic method for getting around sweet talk. This gets utilized a great deal when you don’t have any idea what to say or don’t figure you’ve done a lot and are getting praised out of nowhere.

While partaking in the commendation, some of the time one might want to show limitation or be somewhat unassuming after that.

For the most part, utilized energetically, this would be somebody being charming about being praised while feeling overjoyed and not having any desire to show it for reasons unknown.

7. What keeper?

Ah, there are two reasons for this. The first is that they don’t comprehend the idiom and take it rather in a real sense. They ask this without realizing that the expression “you’re a keeper” typically has a figurative connotation.

Furthermore, the second is a play on obliviousness normally joined by a fun-loving demonstration of blankness. They understand what you mean and are complimented by it yet profess not to be aware and act in a charming kid-like way to communicate their faked misconstruing of your words.

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8. Your heart is in safe hands

Utilized by couples or dear companions being a tease, it insinuates the supposition that the speaker has given their heart to the next party to keep, subsequently “keeper”.

Thus this answer is a coquettish joke that could be an inside joke for the ones in question. This is for the most part utilized among persons who are near one another.

Utilized in a more bizarre, this answer might put on a show of being cheap and improper, verging on unpleasant.

9. I thought you were

You can utilize this response to repay the praise to whoever that to you. The vast majority who will express this to you, are not persons who scarcely know you and simply see from far off.

They will be persons truly near you, even in your nearby circles. A boomerang of superbness in a manner of speaking. You get a commendation and return it right back and let them in on you think something similar of them and the commendation given to you likewise applies to them.

If you tell them that you also think of them in the same way that they think of you, it shows that you are on the same page and that you like each other.

10. Thank you. That’s really nice of you

A considerate and more conventional method for answering to this commendation or any commendation besides.

A compliment is typically received with a graceful gratitude that is neither too monotonous nor too giddy—both of which would indicate excitement at the compliment—and is typically used in high society.

Like the one above, your response should be brief and polite. With this answer, you can undoubtedly wave any further discussion that could prompt things you are not keen on or don’t have any desire to discuss.

11. I really appreciate that. It means so much to me

I really appreciate that. It means so much to me

Such a compliment would greatly boost their mood and confidence from certain friends who had needed that little bit of validation, those who had probably had a rough time and needed to hear something nice, or even those who appear to be walking on eggshells in the relationship.

Since it implies a ton that the feelings of dread they had are mollified and the ones they care about see them the same way.

12. So you got your eyes on me huh?

You realize that companion you realize that has eyes only for you however is such a close buddy that you don’t treat them in a serious way?

You can utilize this coquettish joke to recognize that pulverize that they have on you. Additionally, you can utilize it to at last show interest assuming you are intrigued.

13. Finally, I was starting to think you didn’t notice everything I do for you

Most of the time, this is used when one side does a lot of favors and the other side doesn’t really appreciate it.

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A ton of the time, people neglect to see and value the things others accomplish for them. For this situation, when they are at last

14. Oh yeah? Why do you say so?

You probably won’t have considered it yourself. You just went around being awesome of yourself and being an astonishing companion to everybody.

Well another person did, perhaps multiple persons or three, and when they tell you, you can inquire as to why?

For certain persons being aware of it makes them screw up while for others it assists them with improving. If you fall into the latter category, don’t be afraid to inquire as to why.

15. No, I play defense

Sports jokes. You need to be aware no less than one game that needs protection to have the option to giggle at this response. Thus should the person you are telling. I’ll explain if you still don’t understand.

Beside the keeper or the goalie, others have various capabilities in a soccer group. One of them is guard. Do you get it? Saying you are playing protection will make them chuckle.

As a matter of fact, since the safeguards remain nearby the manager, you can tell them not to get it wound.

16. That’s flattering. I’m sure my partner would agree with you

You can use this response to stop them from making advances if this is a way for them to do so. It is simply right to Acknowledge the commendation. It is considerate.

The second part of your response will then inform them that you have been taken advantage of and that you should simply back off because you are content where you are.

The fact that this response is so subtle is the best part. You sneak in that last line like it isn’t nothing to joke about and they receive the message.

17. Is there a prize for that?

Since being a guardian is a truly beneficial thing then there must be a prize right? After all, there are recompenses for every good deed. It’s a prodding answer so don’t approach searching for a genuine award.

It is already a reward that you were noticed and that they said this to you. Consider it and let it make you extremely cheerful.

18. I’m glad I have you. You push me to become better each day

In some cases we owe our development, our changes, and advancement to persons around us who are purposeful about us and believe that we should turn into our best selves.

At the point when you toss this at you, don’t simply say thank you or ask how. Toss this answer back at them so they realize that you are likewise mindful of all they accomplish for yourself and you feel a debt of gratitude.

19. Of course, I am. I like to keep odds and ends. I have a whole trunk full of junk

Here is another senseless answer. Being a keeper can likewise mean one that deals with things like an animal handler. In this situation, you are the keeper of all miscellaneous items.

They didn’t mean that, but this response will confuse them before it makes them laugh. It’s good to do senseless things now and again. Lighten up and make people smile.

This answer will persuade them that you are unique and that you truly are a keeper.

20. Well I hope I can keep that up

Somebody letting you know that you are a manager is no joking matter since, supposing that it has been something you are not aware of, presently you are and they anticipate that of you.

You simply mean that this is something that you will continue to do because that is who you are, even though it is not meant to be taken seriously.

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