46 Best Ways to Reply to “I Hope You Are Doing Well?”

At the point when you catch somebody you know at the store or the walkway, or you are answering messages or simply meeting persons, the sentence “I genuinely want to believe that you are getting along admirably” will come up.

46 Best Ways to Reply to “I Hope You Are Doing Well?”

It’s a method for demonstrating consideration and asking how you are doing. Answering this could demonstrate troublesome on the grounds that you are left with basic responses like “yes” or “sure”, so today I will be taking you through a rundown of answers that you can use to answer this.

These answers apply distinctively to various circumstances some are blissful and happy, some are for miserable minutes, and some are for unpleasant times, unendingly.

46 Best Replies to “Hope You Are Doing Well?”

46 Best Replies to “Hope You Are Doing Well?”

The significant thing is to comprehend the way that you need to sound and select whichever one you might want to use from this rundown:

1. I am. Thank you for your concern

This is an extremely straightforward answer. It is precisely unsettled or lively yet it says that everything is great and afterward you value them for showing you give it a second thought.

2. Never been better

You need to let them know that things have gone better compared to well for you, you can utilize this to show how energized you are and let them know how you are really doing.

3. Indeed I am

This answer is somewhat formal however it works. To adhere to giving an answer without getting some information about them as well or proceeding with the discussion you can utilize this.

4. How about you?

persons realize that you care when you get some information about them as well. You simply trust that you’re getting along admirably so you can answer in the positive and afterward get some information about them to show that you trust something very similar for them that is the reason you are inquiring.

5. I am very well. Thank you for asking

You can involve this in messages, letters, and in an expert setting. It is warm yet not excessively well disposed. It applies to their expectations and values for it.

6. Very well in fact

Another extremely interesting response. The expression “Very well in fact” toward the end makes it sound real and considerably more intriguing. You’ll get more inquiries that will prompt a discussion.

7. I assume it’s the same with you

They trusted and you accepted. You’re not precisely in total agreement but rather comprehend your sincere goals in any case and they will answer to you appropriately.

8. I hope you are doing well too

You can decide not to confirm their expectations and simply jump right to this reaction. It’s a piece unbending however on the off chance that it is in a proper setting and not a single one of you needs to jump profound, this ought to be fine.

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9. As well as you

This answer is somewhat of a commendation. In spite of the fact that you can never be excessively certain, assuming that they are getting along nicely, perhaps better than you, you can utilize this to bring up that in a praising manner while answering to them.

10. I am doing okay

On the other hand perfect or awesome, or any descriptor that you would need to use to depict how you are doing. It could be miserable or cheerful or energizing yet anything you decide to utilize, you can’t turn out badly.

11. Oh, it’s not that bad these days

This answer is attempting to express that things have gotten better from what they used to be so you are truly getting along nicely. In the event that you don’t expect to share what was previously off-base perhaps you shouldn’t utilize this answer.

12. Let’s see. I…

If you have any desire to send off into the discussion since you’re extremely near these persons and they’re willing to listen then you can utilize this answer.

It begins like you’re ruminating on what’s been happening and afterward, from that point, you will conclude regardless of whether you’re accomplishing something useful.

13. I am alive

However evident as this may be it sounds miserable like you’re attempting to say life does not merit living with how awful things are getting.

You can improve the sound by adding “We remain optimistic”. Presently you don’t sound pitiable.

14. Could be worse

It’s not bright and simultaneously, it’s not precisely a thankful reaction. This answer simply says you’re not really accomplishing something useful however you are not in the most horrendously awful circumstance and there is potential for you to improve.

15. I guess

I like to utilize this answer to whatever that isn’t what others say it is. In the event that you truly are struggling this is an unpretentious method for saying you’re not without sounding negative or completely saying it.

16. I can say the same for you

In the event that it’s been some time, the line, “I really want to believe that you are getting along admirably” isn’t awkward. You can utilize this to answer rather than simply saying thanks to them or asking them how they are like everybody typically does.

This answer implies that they are getting along nicely and you can see proof from it. In the event that they are not anyway and it’s unmistakable, this will sound mocking and provoking.

17. Looks like life has been treating you good

This is an alternate method for saying that they are getting along admirably or they look perfect. You can utilize this in the event that it’s been some time since you saw them.

Likewise, an extraordinary commendation will make them grin. They will attempt to return it and you have a decent discussion.

18. How is life over there?

Getting some information about them is a method for demonstrating consideration and on the off chance that you are talking via telephone, this is definitely not a terrible method for answering. Obviously, you can say the city they are in or the country.

You can likewise ask in view of what you discussed keep going, or what’s happening right now.

19. The times have been hard

The times have been hard

persons say the world is getting more costly. Crime percentages are going up, there is a downturn on the off chance that you feel as such and then some, you can simply sum up every last bit of it into “the times have been hard”.

20. Not everyone has had the best of times lately

Utilize this to marginally change the past reaction in the event that you might want to. It passes across a similar message however this time it won’t seem like you are the most unfortunate and most troubled person on the planet.

21. I wish I was

This is an all-out miserable answer and it tells whoever you are conversing with that you truly are not doing effectively.

It can’t be that there is an exceptionally enormous issue happening in your life or everything is only not working for you.

22. It’s been quite rough

I like how fearless it sounds. It seems like yes there’s been issues however you scaled through and you’re willing to go on, regardless of what will come.

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Notice the way things are in the past tense which implies that you are showing improvement over what you were previously. You can express this without sounding miserable or pathetic and pepeople ill totally figure out you.

23. Don’t I wish

What is another answer that says that you’re doing something contrary to what they expect you?

Assuming you’re wishing now that you’re doing great that implies you’re not doing admirably and keeping in mind that you might not have any desire to express this to other people and humiliate yourself, you can likewise utilize it in the event that it doesn’t matter to you what they think and you simply need frankly.

24. Well there are always better days ahead

Furthermore, it’s valid, particularly strolling towards its full stop, another courageous answer that says that regardless of what you’ve experienced it will improve. Answers like this make you sound hopeful, thankful, and content.

25. All thanks to God

In the event that you will not outrage or upset the other person with this answer and you feel as such, then feel free to utilize this. Everything looks great with giving commendation to the All-powerful.

26. I hope you are doing better

It’s a pleasant desire in the event that you think about it since they want to believe that you are getting along admirably, why not trust they are improving? It’s not narrow-minded, it shows you care for yourself and they will track down this amusing life or attempt to top it by utilizing the “best” in some way or another.

27. I am holding up alright

Suppose you’ve been in an emergency or you have encountered some kind of misfortune, they will express this to realize how you’re feeling and managing the issue.

In this situation, you won’t utilize an answer that disregards their consideration, similar to What about you? This answer lets them know exactly the way in which you feel without sounding excessively miserable or what they mean.

28. Well I can’t complain

This reaction infers that you’re doing great since in the event that you can’t say anything negative, it implies that your life is great and you don’t have anything to be troubled about.

It’s an unassuming approach to communicating how astonishing your life is. It doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you’re getting along admirably or not; you can in any case make this entertaining.

persons will giggle assuming that you say anything like, “Nobody at any point pays attention to me.” You totally modify the importance of my reaction. You’ll go from saying, “I’m getting along nicely,” to saying, “I have nobody to whine to.”

29. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will say 5

Attempt this if you would rather not give a conclusive reaction. Generally, you will state, “I’m doing too inadequately in light of the fact that I am in the position.”

It’s awesome on the grounds that it’s not popular. Give them this unforeseen reaction and give them a chance to reflect.

There are no limitations, so you can choose some other number from the scale. If you have any desire to make it much more seriously intriguing, add things to it like:

A: Hello Bailey. How are you?

B: I’m great. What about you? I genuinely want to believe that you are accomplishing something beneficial.

A: We should see. On a size of 1 to 10 satisfaction, I’m at a negative one.

30. I’m better than well. I’m super

Since they truly want to believe that you are improving. You are not restricted to simply being “well”. This answer will make persons who genuinely care about you grin.

From that point onward, you can share whatever is making you so blissful and effervescent with them so you can both be upbeat. You can utilize words other than super assuming that you need.

31. It’s hard to tell these days

During periods when you’re simply dejected and things appear to be hard, this kind of answer is alright to utilize. It’s a miserable answer and it tells whoever you’re addressing exactly the way that you feel and how things have been.

The answer implies you can’t actually let know if things are working out positively or on the other hand assuming that they are awful on the grounds that you’re chipping away at things and you believe they should work out in a good way.

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32. I can’t be sure

This is like the one above. When you utilize this sort of answer you will get questions like “What’s going on?'” or then again “What’s happening?” so people can comprehend and perhaps figure out how to help you.

33. Till you said that, yes. Now I am way better

They probably won’t grasp it without a moment’s delay however it’s a sort of praise. Since they said they trust you’re getting along nicely and you answered with yes that implies you are getting along admirably.

However at that point, since they met you you’re improving which implies that they up your day you truly love their organization, or something about them satisfies you.

34. Are you kidding? I’m blessed

While this answer could not especially fit with this expression, it is a method for showing that you are invigorated and blissful about your condition.

It is additionally great in the event that somebody is seeing this to comfort you and you need to let them know you are okay.

For instance, when an issue turns into a surprisingly good development, and they start with “I want to believe that you are getting along nicely”, this answer works.

35. You bet I am

A solid invigorating method for confirming that you are getting along nicely. There can be no disarray after this answer. You can likewise say you bet your fortunate stars I’m.

36. Could be better. Could be a Friday

On the off chance that you anticipate unwinding, without work end of the week, you can utilize this answer on the grounds that however extraordinary as your life may be, it being an end of the week makes it more noteworthy.

You can likewise utilize “could be a payday” “could snow” or anything that you like.

37. It’s been a great week

On the off chance that you are close, this answer is alright on the grounds that they are not simply trusting you are getting along nicely so might you at any point confirm I?

They need to know what’s happening. You can begin from the week, and how it was a one-mug of espresso sort of day all through.

To discuss your week you can discuss your end of the week or your prepared deal. Stuff like that.

38. And you have been having the time of your life

If you would rather not answer that, this answer will appear to be complimenting and eliminating their psyches from how you are doing.

It’s a pleasant method for saying that they are getting a charge out of life and living it up. Nobody will be insulted by it. It’s an incredible introduction for them to discuss themselves and Hotshot.

39. You tell me

I like to utilize this at whatever point another person knows the response or it’s plain to see and I would rather not say it. You can utilize this answer alone or follow it up with news about your life.

It’s additionally an answer that they will not expect and one method for making it work is to seem like you couldn’t care less and you have a hamburger with somebody while accomplishing something different.

40. Will you give me a million dollars?

This is a diverting answer, a senseless method for saying you are feeling far better however you likewise need some cash. It might appear as though that is all you have your brain fixed on yet nobody will hit you for it.

You can likewise transform it into anything that you feel will suit you or make the other person giggle.

41. As right as rain

Taking care of you something messy or silly like expressions. Being however great seems to be being in amazing well-being, particularly after a sickness.

You can find different ones like as totally content, as blissful as a ruler, as splendid as the sun, etc.

42. I hope not!

This is senseless! Nobody would anticipate that you should say this since you should get along admirably. Utilizing this answer makes it sound like you doing great is something off-base or detestable that ought to never occur.

You will stun persons with it and afterward chuckle. Ensure that after you let them know you are kidding and that you are doing fine.

43. Still finding my feet

On the off chance that you are in another spot and you are as yet attempting to adjust to another climate, this is a legitimate answer you can utilize.

It doesn’t say that you are battling, simply becoming accustomed to it and adapting. Very supportive ifofou and exceptionally decent.

44. So far not bad

This answer implies I have been great up until this point. It doesn’t mean you are on top of your face however basically you are alive and alright and you are pushing ahead so you are great to the extent that things go.

In the event that you need a little banality, simply express no issues up until now.

45. I am great! That’s what I am

Suppose your nat I give some thrilling uplifting news like you found another line of work or purchased a vehicle or you got a grant or anything by any means, this answer is an extraordinary method for starting.

It will tell them that something is happening and you are truly cheerful about it.

46. I am doing better since we last met

What’s more, you need to show confirmation for this answer. It’s an expression that since we last talked I accepted your recommendation and I was permitted to accomplish various things and achieve this and that and this has been heading down this path.

It’s great if you are conversing with somebody you need to impart this to, a specialist, or somebody you are responsible for.


In the event that you had a few responses before this rundown gave you way more answers and shocked you. Have a good time evaluating these answers simply make certain to utilize them fittingly so you don’t cause problems.

Assuming you have additional thoughts, I might want to see them in the remarks below.

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