30 Effective Ways to Reply to ‘WYD’ Text “

Messaging is tomfoolery, and web-based entertainment has made it considerably more creative for people who like to toss words around.

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You might have gotten a text from somebody that peruses “What are you doing”, and you were like “What is this person, in any event, expressing to me?”.

Indeed, you ought to realize that your probe is legitimate, and getting that as a message from somebody implies the person in question is attempting to pass a message on to you.

30 Effective Ways to Reply to 'WYD' Text "

I’m happy you found this post since it is the ideal piece that you really want to carry clearness to your doorsteps.

In this article, I will examine the significance of the What Are You Doing text and two or three unstable reactions to this text. Continue to peruse to know more!

What Is the Meaning of WYD?

What Is the Meaning of WYD?

What are you doing is a short type of phrasal inquiry ‘What (‘re) would you say you are doing?’

To reveal more insight into why it seems, by all accounts, to be so on your versatile or PC screen, rather than the full sentence, you ought to realize that it is just web shoptalk. Furthermore, what hasn’t the web brought to us?

What are you doing would one say one of those inventories of Modern times that shockingly has now surpassed its full and complete structure which is ‘what’re you doing?’.

An inquiry looks to pose about what movement you’re locked in with right now.

It is a typical text informing shoptalk that likewise serves as a casual hello among persons who see themselves as companions, pals, and even finally, colleagues.

I’ve been involved in this shortening for far commonly, and I’d let you know this… I use it only for those I think about near me, with whom I share no serious conventional dealings.

I can likewise count two or multiple times I involved it in attempting to talk a woman into a date or some other get-together.

15 of the Funniest Responses to WYD

Do you want to carry giggling and vivacity to the discussion? Assuming this is the case, you can utilize any of these lines when somebody asks, ” What are you doing to you?

1. I’m Watching My Sad Life Like a Show in the Cinema

It’s interesting how this line of reactions winds up in this rundown as an entertaining answer to What are you doing, on the grounds that it may not be seen as such by certain persons.

Yet, the reality remains that I will be moved to chuckle when I hear somebody say they’re watching their miserable life like a show in a film.

Life completely appears to be not to have a solution that kills every one of the issues of humankind in one go.

Hence, many persons are compelled to just exist and not live without limit. I assume that is the thing you would pass on as your message by saying this line of reaction to anybody who asks you What are you doing.

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2. I’m just Minding My God-given Business

There could be no more prominent happiness than realizing that you’re confronting your afflictions alone, and going through the encounters and their frequencies with your full chest.

Despite the fact that it very well may be a forlorn way to step, I actually think it is worth the effort.

On that note, you can amusingly let the person who expresses What are you doing to you that you’re mercifully disapproving of your business.

This likewise comes to imply that they ought to likewise find some useful task to fulfill of their own and quit sticking their nose into yours which isn’t theirs to meddle into.

3. Thinking about How My Life would’ve been without Being Broke

Cash is by all accounts the solution to practically everything in your reality now, and that is definitely not another thing, however, the pace of its significance as against different qualities is outrageous.

I know certain persons who might effectively get the pack, no matter what the cost.

You could acquire your reaction from this belief system, despite the fact that it doesn’t look solid.

The primary thing here is to instigate giggling, or if nothing else an exuberant environment after you just answered the person who asked you What are you doing through message.

4. Envisioning the Mansion I Can’t Afford

I have a lot of entertaining answers and I think this one here must be a blockbuster. How might one consider a manor they mightn’t? Indeed, that would be the response a daydreamer will give.

I’m not saying you’re one for utilizing this reaction, but rather it would be an extremely funny reaction to the person who texts you What are you doing?

This will be much more amusing assuming that the person you’re answering to knows something about your monetary status.

The person should strike out a grin from your mouth since it will be clever hearing that from you regardless of the situation with your record balance. Furthermore, they’ll surely see that you’re testing their sanity.

5. Considering to Send You to an Elder Care Facility

Did you get the What are you doing from a more seasoned companion who is especially irritating and behaves like an unserious bantam constantly? You can take care of their food by messaging the above reaction back to them.

When they see you referenced sending them to an old group’s consideration home, they’ll absolutely stifle with giggling in light of the fact that they realize you just say that since they’re similar to thistles on your butt.

6. Watching People Clown on Social Media

Watching People Clown on Social Media

The rate at which persons misfire on one another via virtual entertainment is disturbing at present.

The roads of Twitter with their interminable insulting and support, while Instagram clients keep on molding out how to increment followership.

They’re so fixated on getting the approval of others, that the vast majority of them pass up the best encounters of their life which are concealed in the easily overlooked details of life.

Facebook clients appear to be the more awful, with the unserious contention over unserious matters.

The fixation on getting preferences and companions might have died down, yet the recent fad of being a substance maker is on the ascent now, and trust them to be the ones perverting this cool vocation way.

Thus, you can utilize this reaction when somebody texts you What are you doing, yet it’ll possibly be assuming you’re via virtual entertainment.

7. Imagining the World Without Humans

It is both peculiar and entertaining for somebody to envision a world without people. Furthermore, this is since, supposing that that is to occur, the person wouldn’t likewise be alive.

I think this is quite possibly one of the most clever lines on this rundown on the grounds that a ton of the people who say these words don’t have any idea what it implies in a real sense.

You could play similar cards with the person you’re answering to. In the event that the person in question has a talent for profound thought like me, they’ll unravel the genuine significance behind what you just shared with them.

Furthermore, when they do, they’ll unquestionably chuckle since they’ll accept at least for a moment that you’re oblivious to what you shared with them.

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8. Planning on Being the Richest Man Tomorrow

Couldn’t it be diverting for your broke ass to say you need to be the most extravagant man?

All things considered, it is very entertaining, particularly when you know you and the person you’re answering to realize that it would be a Unimaginable accomplishment to accomplish over the course of about 24 hours.

I’m certain the person you text back this reaction should impart it to another person, to make sure they can giggle at your well-conceived plan which is ludicrously entertaining.

9. Farming without Tools

Who might conceivably go to the ranch without their instruments? I assume that would be you since that is what this line of reaction is attempting to set.

Assuming you’re to answer to the person who texts you What are you doing, you ought to realize that you’ll get one more adult moving on the floor as a result of your entertaining reaction.

Because of how unreasonable it sounds, the person will have no other decision than to accept you’re kidding, consequently considering it to be an interesting reaction. Is this entertaining then, at that point? Indeed, it is a ridiculous comical reaction.

10. Going Through Life Like I Was Born for It

Strolling through life is a hard errand, and a couple of people relax, particularly when they’re shy of essential arrangements like great well-being and money.

In the event that you fall into any of these classifications, you can involve this line as the reaction when somebody texts you What are you doing to understand what you’re doing?

They’ll surely you’re high on something since they know you’re either on a debilitated bed or experiencing insolvency.

It gets considerably more interesting when they understand that you said that you’re doing so like you were brought into the world for it.

11. I’m trying to catch My Breath, Silly

On the off chance that you were bringing a speedy morning run down the road and somebody texts you What are you doing in the run, you can answer to them utilizing this line above.

It sends the straight message that you were taking part in some sort of actual work that came in the method of your fine breathing example.

You can involve this line on the off chance that you wind up in any comparative occasions, such as getting a text from somebody soon after you dropped a lightweight lift a couple of moments prior, or you just fell off a treadmill, all in the rec center.

12. Taking a Break from Parenthood, the Questions Are Becoming Too Much

It is very interesting to feel that you need a break from being a parent to your children, who like different children are likewise in agony as of now.

The most awesome aspect, all things considered, is that there are different guardians out there who might need exactly the same thing you need as of now.

To try and widen what is happening, it very well may be the person who messaged you What are you doing is a parent as well.

It currently appears to be legit why it would sound interesting to the person in question, and that is on the grounds that they likewise need exactly the same thing which will not be going on.

13. Thinking About Why You Always Ask Stupid Questions

It’s entertaining that you would ask why somebody generally poses an inept inquiry. All in all, they’re as of now accustomed to it so why endure brief mulling over everything?

The person you’re messaging will regard the reaction as an issue of an entertaining joke from you, and afterward, they’ll think that it is interesting.

14. Preparing for My First Circus Performance

It would be entertaining to expect that you’re acting in a bazaar when you’re an exceptionally bashful person.

Consequently, this reaction would be entertaining to the person since they definitely know the predicament of bashfulness.

15. I’m just Living, Don’t You See?

This is a line that connects with any of your spurious companions who might message you What are you doing?

10 of the Best Sarcastic Responses to WYD

1. Assuming You Were Deaf and Dumb

Is it safe to say that you are worn out on messaging somebody and need to dispose of them without being so inconsiderate? You can utilize this line to make your fantasies work out as expected.

2. I’d Prefer You Don’t Know

Since the person who texts you What are you doing needs to realize how you’re doing as a solicitation, you can just downfall by utilizing this reaction which sounds rather mocking on the off chance that the person were to have a sharp brain.

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3. What Good Would be Knowing About It Do You?

This is a decent inquiry that you can use to introduce a reaction when somebody irritating texts you What are you doing?

With it, you look to understand what benefits the person will get from simply understanding what you’re doing.

4. Can You Spare Me the Queries Today?

This is another inquiry-like reaction in this segment of answers, however, this one is a non-serious inquiry that tries to pose to the person who texts you What are you doing to let you be?

It doesn’t need to be greatly convoluted in light of the fact that the person in question will comprehend you don’t require them around.

5. Need a Spreadsheet for that…That I Know I Can’t Prepare

How tricky could you at any point be assuming that you utilize this line when somebody texts you What are you doing? It implies that you would rather not advise them yet attempt to express that by making the errand hard for them.

You would likewise be making light of the person’s mental ability assuming that you utilize this line.

6. Knowing About That Won’t Make You Less Skinny

This is one more shade reaction to the person who texts you What are you doing? You appear to say that they’re as of now thin and realizing that the thing you’re doing won’t make them meaty out of nowhere since they need it.

7. Exchanging Air with the Nature

Assuming you’re searching for one more method for saying you’re simply living or breathing, you can utilize this line to do so. This line comes up a touch snide of the confounded words utilized.

8. Trying to Make a Little Me

Men are attached to poking fun at one another and being wry as well. So this line could be your reaction to your mate who texts you What are you doing late around evening time?

It implies you’re having quality time with your better half. Ladies are likewise up to speed in this situation and a similar outcome occurs.

9. How About You Act Dumb and I’ll be the Deaf One?

Searching for the most ideal way to say you would rather not answer the inquiry presented by the person who messages you What are you doing? Then this is the distinct advantage.

10. It’s None of Your Business

You can decide in all honesty, plain, and direct with this line of reaction. You can end up being a forlorn man wannabe with this line.

5 of the Weirdest Responses to WYD

1. Counting Grains, What About You?

An ideal strange reaction ought to have the option to stun the person who texts you What are you doing to their bones and marrows? Furthermore, prepare to be blown away.

This line of reaction meets those rules with a huge room for error on all grounds. How might you conceivably be counting grains? That is ridiculous and the person you’re messaging back to will see it.

2. Avoiding You by All Means

Furthermore, here we have one more somewhat ridiculous line to use as a reaction when somebody texts you What are you doing? It implies that you would rather not converse with the person who asks you what you are doing.

It is even snide as well, however generally bizarre for you to be wry when somebody gets some information about what you’re doing.

3. I’m doing things…Things You Don’t Know

Utilizing this reaction, you’re saying that you’re not prepared to let the person know what you are doing.

Yet, I made the reaction such that sounds courteous all along however seems like a shade toward the finish of the assertion.

You’re getting things done, which the person has no clue and that implies you can’t enlighten them then, at that point.

You can utilize this line on the off chance that you’re to answer your child who asked you what you’re doing while you’re investing quality energy with their mom.

4. DAMTKOQA (Don’t Ask Me This Kind of Question Again)

This would end up being an interesting however yet the most irregular reaction to give somebody who texts you What are you doing?

The person to whom you answered this won’t just be confounded, they’ll comprehensively ask you what this shortened form implies. And afterward, the subject of assuming that you’re playing with them comes.

5. I Might Need Your Government Papers Before I Tell You

How silly does it sound for you to demand a person’s administration papers before you let them know what you are doing? It just means you would rather not advise them so you use moving their administration to pursue them away.

It gets considerably more unusual if they have no administration and you had some awareness of it, still, you mentioned they get it before you let them know what you’re doing.

This will be a hard undertaking if the person dwells in a country as a worker who is finding it hard to get extremely durable government papers because of certain issues.


Since everybody from children to grown-ups needs to investigate the boundlessness of the web together, a great deal of things have been coming up as patterns that appear to be fairly unusual however cool simultaneously.

The times of 2Go will validate how significant it is for you to utilize truncated words to pass on your message so you can say all you need to say.

Albeit those days are past, their aftermaths actually live on and What Are You Doing is one of them.

In this article, I examined what it means and potential answers to it in 3 classifications, in particular entertaining, wry, and peculiar reactions to What are you doing? Do well to tell us your thought process in the remark box underneath.

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