26 Clever Comebacks  To “I Will Always Be There for You” 

Every once in a while we get guarantees from many persons in our lives. A guarantee to assist us with something, others vow to give different things yet the one we get the most is persons saying they will show up for us.

Today I will put you through the various ways you can answer to this explanation regardless of whether they will show up for you, or on the other hand assuming you question that they will be one way or another.

I Will Always Be There for You

Here are 26 of the best replies to “I will always be there for you”

1. Bless your heart

It seems like what elderly persons say yet it’s an effective method for saying thank you for your goals.

This is a good way to make them feel good about themselves without saying much, but how they treat you and the type of relationship you have with them will tell you whether or not they will stick to that.

You can likewise go for “God bless you”, assuming it’s fine by you, or add a modifier to depict their heart. Like this: “Oh, bless your kind heart, Joan”.

2. It’s nice to know someone cares

On the off chance that you are addressing a dear companion who you know cares, you can utilize this. It very well may be somebody you are not genuinely connected to or somebody who isn’t in a relationship with you.

If you would rather not irritate limits however you need to show them that you give it a second thought, then an answer like this ought to get the job done.

3. You say the sweetest words

This answer is truly charming and they will recognize the genuineness easily and realize that you truly feel a debt of gratitude. It’s a caring method for saying bless your heart.

It will make them cheerful and afterward make them hurry to perceive how they can help you in any capacity. You can go from something like, “You are too kind” if different sounds excessive a lot.

4. And you can count on me

When you are there for someone, you can support them through difficult times and offer assistance in any way you can.

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It implies they can depend on you, as somebody solid, a genuine companion, not only somebody among many persons who they know that case to be companions.

This answer expresses out loud whatever they have said with various words. On the off chance that this is in a text you can add “like 1, 2, 3” so you can transform it into a tomfoolery chime in.

5. That’s why I love you

only for people you really care about and love, like your family and spouse. It’s not by any means the only explanation you love them however you realize that they mean it and they will remain by you and that is motivation to adore them.

Assuming you need something seriously contacting or heartfelt, you can say “That’s why I cherish you”. It’s an extraordinary response.

6. Every time I hear that it makes me stronger

At the point when somebody says they will remain by you, comprehend that there is something in you they say that makes them need to remain by you, whether they would not joke about this.

This can be a generally excellent inspiration, something elevating that prepares you for challenges that will come or you are going through.

Assuming you answer with this you are letting them know you value their help and it is a big deal to you, such a lot of that it cheers you up.

7. Thank you. I really appreciate it

Genuine much appreciated, straight and basic. It’s acceptable for partners, colleagues, and companions who care about you. You are expressing gratitude toward them for their consideration, and for them considering you to be somebody worth the effort.

You can add anything contacting discourse you need to add after this or utilize straightforward expressions like “you are the best”, or “I don’t take your care for granted”.

8. Say it again. It makes me happy

This answer is senseless however at that point it tells the truth. It doesn’t actually answer to information exchanged however it lets them know that you feel a debt of gratitude and it fulfills you since it’s only ideal to realize you have a companion, a genuine one at that.

If you don’t believe they should rehash the same thing, you can utilize, “anytime you say that it makes me so happy”.

9. I am the luckiest person alive with you as a friend

The vast majority utilize favored in light of the fact that it causes it to appear as though they are supplied with what they have.

Use what you like, the message is something similar: you are thankful to have such an extraordinary person who will be with you regardless of the climate, who loves you, as far as you might be concerned, and who won’t ever abandon you, thick or slim.

This is when you give them a hug or a hive of high fives, but you do you. Simply ensure you say it like you mean it so they perceive the amount they mean to you.

10. What will I do without you?

This is equivalent to the answer above, well a similar significance. That you esteem them as a result of what their identity is except this time you are asking what you are without them which isn’t anything.

You can’t do much or get to where you are now without them. An old buddy will reply,  “you will always have me” as Anna did in Frozen 2.

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11. There’s no need for words. Your actions say it all

I need to say that relying upon your perspective, it goes for any of the three classes yet it’s best here.

This answer implies that they are saying it is superfluous because they generally stand by their words and see everything through to completion.

Also, in any event, when they don’t say it, they in all actuality do have you covered and are there to help you.

It might appear to be discourteous if you express it in a hurried, cavalier way so attempt to grin, look at them without flinching and say the answer then add a thank you, in the event they didn’t exactly get it.

12. I honestly don’t deserve a friend like you

Or on the other hand anything that relationship they share with you. Now and again there are persons like that who actually stand by us when we have committed extremely inept errors that we will not pardon ourselves for making.

Having them in those minutes appears to be off-base since we appreciate it and are exceptionally thankful not to be distant from everyone else.

Give them this response every time they say something like that to let them know that they are unique and deserving of the best.

13. You are the best, you know that right

This is even more a platitude however it causes a decent response to the people who to have been companions and remained by us yet are not extremely dear companions.

Not really much to make a strained environment while simultaneously not leaving them out of the loop.

14. And I will be here for you too

What’s more superb than having somebody covered after they have had yours?

It’s doing a decent turn and saying you will show up for them lets them know that you are not only their companions since they are thoughtful, great persons who will uphold you but since they have heard your back, you feel a debt of gratitude and you will help them similarly as they helped you.

15. I find it hard to believe

Or on the other hand, “I highly doubt”. This response is great on the off chance that just anybody expresses this to you. You don’t certify what they have said so they don’t feel they have a spot in your life.

Simultaneously, you don’t send them away with something impolite like “That’s a lie”. An answer like this says you question what they are talking about and you have little to no faith in that would go as is commonly said.

That sends across the message in a harmless tone.

16. That’s a big promise to make. Are you sure you can keep it?

That’s a big promise to make. Are you sure you can keep it?

It’s a major guarantee to make since you should relinquish, sooner or later, your solace, and your needs for there, and such serious words resemble a commitment.

If you ask them this, you are attempting to inquire as to whether they make certain of what they are talking about, to see everything through to completion.

It does not imply that they are entering into a contract or that they will be penalized if they default. It simply implies you won’t consider them a companion.

17. Will you?

Asking will not do a lot on the off chance that they will not truly show up for you however asking shows them that you truly need some help and it’s anything but a joke to you.

To mess about, they will leave you be while assuming they are not kidding they will console you with their consistent assistance. If you have any desire to be involved in this for somebody who will show up for you, say it like a bother.

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18. That’s what the last guy said

Or on the other hand the keep going person, contingent upon the orientation of the last person who let you down. It can depict you as somebody who has no faith in effectively however at that point nobody should be in a brutal world.

They could feel annoyed or lash out yet they need to comprehend that you have heard everything, particularly that line, and you were let down. On the off chance that they don’t get it, clear to them that activities matter more.

19. That sounds like what a stalker will say

To frighten them away or make them feel extremely uncomfortable attempt this answer. It’s a play on words here because a stalker will continuously accompany you and around you very much like they’re saying the main contrast is they give it a second thought (or not) while the stalker simply needs to hurt him.

This will crawl them out and you get to watch their comical response. If they are significant, you will not have the option to handily frighten them away.

20. Girls don’t like it when boys tell lies

Or then again the other way around. This answer implies that they are lying and assuming you are addressing the contrary orientation it makes it sound like you are presenting a standard that will let them know you are not in that frame of mind for no phony companions.

They will ease off assuming that you say it genuinely.

21. I would rather you don’t. I will manage

I’m the sort of person who could do without imparting my weight to people since I would rather not bother them in any capacity.

Assuming you are like me, you will figure out this answer however perhaps not the person you will tell it to. You should make sense of that you would rather not be a weight to anybody.

22. There will be a lot to sacrifice with those words

Is that a helpful reminder? All things considered, it sounds a piece unforgiving and, cold even though it’s valid. Words like these are difficult to finish since they require magnanimity, ceaseless help, and a great deal of mental fortitude.

It could seem like you have a lot of weighty issues on your hands, fixing time travel issues or life emergencies, so attempt to ease up the answer by grinning perhaps.

23. Don’t say stuff like that as a joke

If they are messed with you, this will rebuke them appropriately. They truly shouldn’t mess with serious words.

You can let them know that you don’t take offense at what other people say so they won’t try to do the same to you if they are just saying it.

24. Anyone can say that very few can prove it

Or on the other hand, better put with a famous saying, “Action speaks louder than words”. Words are not difficult to say. It is possible for anyone to falsely claim to be something else.

Putting activities to these words turns into a troublesome aspect. Letting them know this is expressing that there is a great deal to what they are talking about and it will be hard for them to make it happen.

25. So you are one of those people who say words they won’t follow through with it

It seems like you just found their place of beginning or some intriguing reality about them. At the point when you say it, look shocked but not excessively astounded.

This answer is great for persons who are liars or have been harmed before and are only searching for a method for doing that once more. Some could start a ruckus for no obvious reason, some could leave. You simply have a good time.

26. Here’s a laugh. You fancy yourself a hero

If you have any desire to ridicule them freely utilize this, particularly an obscure person. They will be humiliated and realize that anything they were playing at, you have found it and you are on to them. It’s great for players as well.

You could argue that they will hate you, but use this if you don’t want them to. If you don’t mind then go for it. Some people require challenging experiences to learn.


With all said, be certain that when you say you will remain by them, you do and you keep away from those vacillating companions who simply need to take and not contribute anything to you.

Assuming you have more answers drop them underneath. Please share your experiences if you have used the responses. I will be hanging around for them, sitting tight for your response in the remarks.

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