22 Thoughtful Responses to “You’re a Bit of Me”

In some cases you find this one person that ends up seeming like you in all respects, be it mentality, thought example, energy, or conduct.

That can also occur when you have been with them for a long time. There is an exchange and the sharing of certain habits when you have known someone for a long time.

Furthermore, once in a while, it reaches a place where there is a similitude between the two gatherings. Communicating things like this, there are numerous ways of saying, for instance, “You and I think the same, you help me to remember me, you are a bit of me

One more meaning of this sentence depends on Adoration Island, a dating unscripted television show situated in England. In the times of this show, the sentence “a bit of me” has an alternate significance.

At the point when somebody says “You are a bit of me,” they are saying that they are drawn to you or they are keen on you.

It’s a method for showing interest or communicating your thoughts. Flawless right? For this situation, answers like “I’m complimented” and “I can say the equivalent regarding you” will do the trick.

You’re a Bit of Me

22 best replies to “You are a bit of me”

1. Well, you are my mom. Of course, I have a bit of you

There are certain characteristics, behaviors, and traits that you will share with people with whom you have a close relationship, such as members of your family.

It may not be in character. Perhaps your mum has a procedure for doing things that you have guzzled. Normally, when you do those things, people will know that you both are connected and that you have a bit of her in you.

Hit them with this response when they tell you and watch them become flushed.

2. I’ve got your long legs and your smarts

Or then again whatever other thing that you could find in you that they have. What about the response is that they understand that you have thought about them, and made these correlations.

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It demonstrates to them that you appreciate their similarities and think of them. You will make them chuckle with anything that highlights you select particularly on the off chance that you are prodding them you don’t impart those attributes to them.

After you can hear them out and listen to the portion of them that they believe is in you.

3. How? I don’t see it

This will come as a surprise to you if you haven’t considered someone to the point where you can see what you have in common internally.

The following line of activity is to get some information about it and be ready to become flushed till your entire face is red. A great many people don’t let you something like this know if it’s terrible.

It implies that they have that bit of you in them as well and because nobody will concede that, it is great.

4. Well I am my person but I appreciate the sentiment

You can respond by stating that the similarities they find will not make you more or less like them if it is not a big deal or something you find flattering.

You will in any case be what your identity is, one of a kind all around however no different either way, it’s fine and it is decent of them to take note.

5. And what did you copy from me?

This is a perky response to say that anything that bit of themselves they track down in you, came from you so it ought to be the reverse way around.

It shows that you esteem yourself and you don’t require others’ perspectives to figure out what your identity is.

Likewise, this response is intended for a companion or somebody you are companions with so you don’t sound self-important or pleased to somebody who doesn’t realize you so well.

This response will most likely lead to a rebound so prepare.

6. I don’t think I agree with you on that

For the situation where it is somebody more seasoned than you and you would rather not sound insolent, you can start with this.

What about this answer is that when you use it, particularly those in a more significant position you should be prepared for questions and set up your responses. Nobody will like being informed of this.

It would seem like you could do without them and you would rather not have at least something to do with them. Sucks assuming it is valid.

7. Just because we are in the same group, doesn’t mean we have anything that relates to us

Once in a while, certain persons will take a stab at anything to stand out enough to be noticed or to converse with you. For this situation, where you are hit with something like this, reprimand them.

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Telling them that being in a similar gathering doesn’t mean you have a similar person or have any comparative characteristics.

Find one thing that brings you together if you are not in the same group, and let them know that it is not a behavior issue but rather a social group issue.

8. That’s a huge compliment. Thank you so much

It is a circuitous commendation if the person detecting a bit for them in you is initially a decent person or somebody who is regarded, respected, and to be dealt with, and two assuming that it is an extraordinary characteristic.

Let’s say it was perseverance. It is a pleasant person or credit to have and it is complimenting that you have that seen in you.

9. I’m glad we have that in common

For somebody whom you are endeavoring to construct a relationship of any kind with, approaching you with the sentence, “You are a piece for me” is an extraordinary method for noticing different things about them.

This answer is perfect to begin answering and afterward, you can plunge appropriately into knowing them. Spotting something in like manner makes you track down a reason for kinship and motivation to fabricate one.

10. I never noticed it before

Assuming these are not your dear companions or persons you invest a ton of energy with, it very well may be hard to see that they share something.

Indeed, even those we are truly near, we will simply view these things as the standard and never draw an obvious conclusion or attempt to relate them to ourselves.

11. I suppose you could say that we are connected

I suppose you could say that we are connected

The proverb “like posts attract” is exact, correct? It’s excessive for there to be some sort of connection between both of you that makes both of you unique or for there to be an atmosphere around you when you’re together.

It essentially suggests that both of you share at least one quality practically speaking, which is adequate ground on which to lay out a strong relationship or kinship.

12. And you are not a bit of me

What do you do when you are not keen on somebody inspired by you? The best thing: is honesty. Tell them straight up that you feel this way.

At the point when you attempt to enjoy that and support them, you lead them on and it simply prompts inconvenience. The most outstanding aspect of this response is the way that you get to utilize an unobtrusive method for saying them.

Toss their line back to them. It makes it endurable, you should simply do it pleasantly.

13. Oh great you have seen that show. What’s your take on it?

A topic that has already been developed is a great way to boost a conversation. Since it’s a Network program that you have seen, you can without much of a stretch discussion about it, inform people what you think, or simply dissect characters and occasions.

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Because it can lead to other topics, it is a great way to keep the conversation going. Likewise, on the off chance that you attempting to turn somebody down, this response does so in a roundabout way

14. And you are a bit of me

Let somebody know that they are a little assuming that you are saying that you feel the same way they feel about you and you are keen on them.

While it doesn’t say that straightforwardly, it’s a pleasant method for holding and cooperating and perhaps beginning something lovely together.

15. What bit exactly?

A somewhat energetic joke that attempts to figure out what part of oneself or which part of one’s body you were suggesting they are.

An inconspicuous method for figuring out your thought process of them, and what they mean to you. Presently one could essentially be energetic and answer with “my hair since you tumble off the sofa when you’re loose”, to inspire chuckles and roars, or the more personal “my missing rib, since you complete me” to show your adoration and love and for them to go “aww”.

16. What are you trying to say?

While some could mean this pleasantly, others could express this as a type of prodding.

While one could mean they are anticipating that you should offer something charming or something that could make them become flushed like “What are you attempting to say? Is it safe to say that you are saying we are intended for one another or something like that?” or on the other hand in some cases it’s to a greater degree an energetically wily remark like “On the off chance that I were even marginally like you, I’d never make my bed”.

17. I am not in the mood for your teasing today

There will be jokers, class clowns, or just people whose energy and brilliance make a room glow.

persons like that are persons that are companions with everybody and they approach making jokes, giggling, talking, and prodding.

You can answer them with this answer since you realize that it’s all pointless fooling around and you are simply meddling with you.

18. Just a bit? It’s got to be more

There will be bashful persons and when they at last assemble the mental fortitude to follow through with something, they could do it apathetically because their apprehensions are overpowering.

It’s more convoluted concerning issues of adoration. For this situation, giving them a little push will help them open up and talk about how they feel. Who knows, they could vanquish every one of their feelings of trepidation immediately.

19. I am flattered

Attempting to pursue off a pound? This answer ought to get the job done in the most effective way conceivable. It doesn’t hit anybody as impolite or spur of the moment yet while you acknowledge and recognize it with your lips, you can utilize your non-verbal communication to tell them no.

20. I can say the same about you

While persons have seen a few similitudes among you, you can likewise tell them that you also have taken notes and have seen things as well.

It will be good to trade your perceptions and get to look further into one another.

21. Is that some sort of slang?

Nowadays everything has turned into a shoptalk of some kind. Nothing implies what appears to be the case. To avoid making a mistake and causing yourself embarrassment, it is best to simply ask for clarification.

While you could appear to be uninformed briefly, the addition to side depends on the patterns and being able to follow up and contribute I’m discussions.

22. Of course, I know you too well

In this situation, it’s a circumstance where both have talked for quite a while and have gained tons of useful knowledge about one another’s likenesses with the end goal that they do numerous things likewise.

At the point when you gab, you gain from persons you converse with and in some cases embrace many propensities or ways of behaving. Such things may be fortunate or unfortunate however since it is comparative, one could offer this expression and get this answer.

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