Unlocking 15 of the Best Responses to “Been A While” for Engaging Conversations

This expression “been a while” jumps up over and over, particularly when you run into somebody you haven’t seen for quite a while.

Regardless of how long it’s been they say it’s been a while and contingent upon what their identity is and the relationship you share or once shared, there will be various answers to various persons.

To go for the exhausting “no doubt”, I have a few innovative answers that you would cherish.

Been A While

Check out the 15 best ways to respond to “Been a While”

1. Long time no see

This answer can be utilized as a hello to somebody you haven’t found in quite a while. You don’t need to utilize the normal greetings like great morning/evening/night.

It’s exceptionally well known and it shows that you recall that it has been so long since you saw or addressed one another

2. It has, hasn’t it?

The extraordinary inquiry tag. It does make you sound less excited to see them, nervous, and awkward, but if you say it well and with confidence, it should work.

“It sure has” can also be substituted for this response. It is more relaxed and casual than the inquiry label answer.

Because it might be difficult for the person you are speaking to respond, you might want to avoid the first one.

They might be unable to come up with an excellent response, which could have an impact on the conversation and cause it not to go as smoothly.

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3. You got that right

The affirmative response conveys self-assurance. At the point when it’s been such a long time since you addressed somebody you used to be so near, you could find it off-kilter to try and trade merriments.

Beginning with this answer will establish your vibe and make you bolder. You should get along well from there because you will be taken more seriously.

4. I would say ages

For certain persons, it is more straightforward to work out the separation. It very well may be a half year, two years, or perhaps five. For other people, even though there are more limited ranges, it seems like for eternity. or years.

Telling this is an incredible method for saying that, the time appeared to be longer without them or essentially that you missed them. It’s subtle, so if you don’t like to be touched, use it.

Likewise, on the off chance that you don’t recollect the period, you can go through this as a cover. It’s only one out of every odd time persons inquire.

5. Yeah, what have you been up to?

At the point when we meet lifelong companions, we need to reconnect. With this answer, you can bounce right to that cordially. It’s a great way to get the conversation started and moving forward.

They may be unclear as a result of the separation and not having any desire to wander a lot however don’t allow this to prevent you. You can move it along with a couple of things about you and let them proceed.

6. I am not sure we have met

This answer is a considerate method for illuminating them that they are addressing some unacceptable person. Saying “I don’t have any acquaintance with you” is discourteous regardless of whether they are off-base.

Plus, it could turn out that you know that person however you have neglected. It might have taken that long.

On the off chance that you have met them, they will simply remind you what their identity is. If you haven’t met them previously, you can rapidly wrap up everything

7. Do I know you?

While asking this question in a friendly manner can convey to the other person that you do not know them, it can come across as rude.

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This answer is the same as the one above besides being referred to as frame. The inquiry gives them space to reply and demonstrate that they truly know you and they aren’t simply outsiders upsetting you.

8. There must be a mistake. Please introduce yourself

There must be a mistake. Please introduce yourself

This answer will make you sound mannered. This is the most polite response out of all those in this category, and it will make you appear posh.

Once in a while, all we want is a little cut of data that will wiggle things and assist us with remembering them. On the off chance that you are at a party, this is a decent answer to utilize.

On the off chance that requesting to acquaint themselves doesn’t advance with you, you can say: ” There should be a slip-up. I don’t know I’m familiar with you”.

9. I suppose so

On the off chance that you didn’t end up friendly with them, this is a method for saying you haven’t allowed the resting canines to lie.

Your firm tone and your answer ought to pass the message. It’s best to get over the fact that someone wronged you in the past because they might not remember. This will prevent future conflicts and resentments.

10. I know and you have changed so much

Change comes with time. persons move, have shine-ups, and find themselves. Regardless of the amount they attempt to adhere to acting naturally, they will change, regardless of how little.

This answer will try and be better assuming that it was a positive change like a more significant level, a sparkle up, things that they will be glad for.

If it’s not something positive, you say this and get some information about this so you make up for lost time and see what drove them so far.

11. I never thought I would see you here. What are you doing here?

You realize that companion who generally needed to be a legal counselor however at that point twenty years after the fact they are in the naval force?

Or on the other hand, perhaps you simply stagger on old colleagues in the most improbable spots: a pet store, on the transport, or your get-away in Spain?

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Indeed, this answer lets them know how surprising it is for you to run into them, and afterward, they will send off directly into what they are doing there and you can fabricate that for a great discussion.

12. Helloreshere. I am surprised you still remember me

Getting perceived by persons you were not near in the past can amaze you.

You will not anticipate that they should recollect you since you were not companions, nor did you have anything that made you more than simple associates, or persons who know one another.

13. It’s so nice to see you again

This is an exceptionally basic answer and if it is good to see them once more, you ought to tell them by saying this answer earnestly.

Make an effort to hug them, smile at them, and accept that you missed the show.

You probably won’t have any designs to get to know one another better get up to speed or have an espresso yet you let them know how you feel and leave it.

If they toss a greeting, you can conclude whether you need to.

14. Life throws you about, doesn’t it?

The statement that things alter over time in terms of position, location, level, and status quo are wise response.

We may not be able to live as we used to because of these things. Like seeing our dearest companions consistently. So it doesn’t imply that life hasn’t been an ideal best for you.

It simply implies that such a lot happened that connects with persons you were once so near. They will respond with affirmation that it applies to both of you.

It’s a decent answer if neither of you needs to assume the fault for not reaching the other what not.

15. I didn’t realize it was this long. I have missed you

Every once in a while we have recollections streak in our psyches, or things help us to remember things we have encountered or have experienced.

If a specific person springs up routinely and, you run into them, it could shock you how long both of you have been separated because you have them as a primary concern.

If you are not pleased or embarrassed, let them know how you feel. Assuming you have missed them, say as much. To get up to speed and have a great time like bygone eras, say as much.

This answer will help you to reconnect that flash you can.


You must have discovered one or two of these responses that assist you in responding to your “long time no see” friends.

Besides these answers, if you have some other thing you need to tell them, be open and well-mannered about it.

If you keep your thoughts to yourself, no one will ever know. Many thanks to you for perusing.

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