20 Thoughtful Ways to Respond to “Yummy”

At the point when somebody says “yummy”, it could imply that the person thinks that you are appealing. ” Yummy” is likewise a declaration of interjection when food is scrumptious and delightful.

You can simply say that the person looks “yummy” when you see them looking good or dressing well and want to compliment them.

Folks will more often than not use it a ton when they are attempting to allude to a woman they see as appealing.

For instance, when folks hit up a party and they see a lovely-looking woman when part of the gang needs to communicate how great the woman is looking, he can just say that the woman is looking so ”yummy”. He is essentially saying that she is looking so great.

If you want to compliment a woman on how good she looks, all you have to do is tell her she looks delicious, and you’ll see how happy she will be.

What about when somebody calls you yummy? How would you answer? Consider the various ways you can respond to someone who calls you yummy.


20 Great Ways To Respond When Someone Calls You Yummy 

1. I know, right?

You can say ‘I know right’. Like that, the person comprehends that you realize that you look great. You are letting the person know that you are as of now mindful of what the person is talking about. Like that, you as of now pass a message.

2. Well, I invest a lot in my looks

At the point when somebody looks great or takes as much time as is needed to look great, he doesn’t simply think of such looks, the person’s priority puts a ton into those looks.

You can respond to the person in that manner. Particularly if you are a lady who invests cash and energy looking great.

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Assuming somebody lets you know that you look yummy let the person in on that it required your investment to accomplish that look. Like that, the person will generally see the value in you better. This is a decent answer you can utilize.

3. You can say that again

You can utilize this answer assuming you like what the person shared with you and you believe the person should say that once more. You can say ”you can say that again” in your answer.

You simply tell the other person that you appreciate how he said you looked good and that you would like the other person to repeat that to you.

At the point when you give this answer, the person as of now comprehends what you mean. Next time when the person sees that you are solid, he won’t hold back to praise you.

4. You are making me shy

It is normal for people to be shy, and when you say nice things about someone, some people tend to blush.

You can simply tell the person that he is making you shy if he tells you that you are yummy and you start to blush.

Like that, the person will comprehend that you are somebody who can without much of a stretch get timid when you get praised.

5. Are you trying to flatter me?

Some people say nice things about you just to compliment you. You may not understand what that person has as a main priority or why the person is letting you know how great you look. If you might want to be aware, you can ask in your answer.

Simply offer something like ‘Would you say you are attempting to compliment me?’. Like that, you will want to get an answer from the person.

6. Do I look that good?

This is an answer that you can utilize on the off chance that you are not excessively certain of what you look like. Sometimes you dress so well that you don’t know how good you look. If someone tells you how good you look, you might not believe them.

The second the person lets you know that you are yummy, you will begin to accept that you look great.

7. Thank you for your compliment

This is a straightforward approach to saying thanks to the person for letting you know how great you look. Answers like these don’t require such a lot of talk, all you want to do is to say thank you, like that, the person would comprehend that you such a lot of like the thing he said about you.

In the future, when he sees you looking great, he won’t hold back to let you know that you look great. Since he realizes that you love it when he praises you.

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8. I can show you who inspired this look

You can utilize this answer assuming that your look was roused by somebody. The person will not hesitate to visit the source of your inspiration if he is curious about where you got this idea.

Like that, you impart to the person that even though the person preferences what you look like, you can show him where you got the motivation from.

9. You barely compliment me, thank you still.

You can utilize this answer if you have known the person for some time yet the person seldom praises you. It’s possible that the person was in awe of your appearance and was compelled to lavish praise on you.

Thank the person, even if they barely compliment you. You will likely receive more compliments.

10. You just made my day

It may be the case that the thing the person said about you made you so blissful. On the other hand, if you were having a terrible day as of now and the person just commended your look, if that made you blissful and filled your heart with joy, you can express it to the person.

In some cases, the beneficial things that people say can fill your heart with joy, assuming that is how you feel, let the person in on your answer.

11. It is obvious you always wanted to tell me this before, but this is a perfect time

It is obvious you always wanted to tell me this before, but this is a perfect time

It is entirely conceivable that the person’s absolute requirement generally needed to let you know something previously, then, at that point, when you both met, the person got the potential chance to let you know how great you look.

To let you know this, let him in on that you know as of now and it was amazing luck.

12. Are you for real?

It’s possible that you don’t believe what the other person said or that you don’t think you look so good. In your answer, you can ask ‘‘are you for real’? This answer shows that you are astounded that the person expressed such to you.

At the point when you ask this in your answer, the person will let you know if it is genuine or not. This answer will go far to communicate how you feel.

13. You have not even seen me at my best yet

The person may be only giving you compliments because he thought you looked good when you were dressed up, but it’s also possible that the person has never seen you at your best before. Assuming he has seen you placed on your best outfit, he will comprehend and see that you are not even at your best yet and you look that benefit.

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14. I love you for telling me this about how I look

It may be the case that you have carried on with a great deal with persons who scarcely come clean with you about what you look like. On the off chance that the person was sufficiently earnest to let you know what you look like, you can go on to let him know that you love him for educating you regarding what you look like.

15. I almost did not want to use this outfit

Here and there when you wear something and you look so great in it, that outfit that made you look so great may not be what you at first wanted to wear. Assuming you wear it and somebody lets you know that you look yummy, you can answer to the person and let him know that you nearly didn’t have any desire to wear that outfit.

You ought to possibly utilize this answer to utilize that outfit and it wound up ending up perfect.

16. Thank you for being honest about how I look

At times, it is typically difficult for people to come clean with you about how great you look. You should be happy if someone is sincere enough to tell you how you look without trying to be too nice. Because of this, you need to express gratitude to the person for being sincere and telling you the truth about how you look.

It is a straightforward answer, simply tell the person thank you for speaking the truth about what you look like. Like that, the person will comprehend that you like how legitimate he is about what you look like.

17. I am glad I heard this today

At times, you will quite often have a terrible day and somebody simply ends up filling your heart with joy by letting you know something quite sweet.

Assuming you were having a terrible day and it happened that you spruced up well to head off to some place and somebody let you know that you look perfect, that would be the most delightful thing that you probably heard. Assuming that is the situation, you can convey that to the person.

18. I like the sound of that, I appreciate you

It could likewise be that you like it when people praise you or compliment you. If that’s the case, when someone compliments you on how good you look, tell them how much you appreciate them. Like that, the person won’t hold back to commend you sometime later.

19. I love how I look too

You can respond the same way if you also like the person’s appearance. Tell the person who says you’re looking good that you also look good.

Particularly assuming that the person looks great. There isn’t anything terrible in letting somebody know that he looks great after the person high priority commended you.

20. You just made me confident in my looks, I must thank you

When someone tells you that you look good, even if you don’t always feel confident in your appearance, that alone can boost confidence.

Assuming genuinely the person made you sure about your looks, basically thank the person and let him in on that you like the way that he made you sure about your looks.

Final Words

It is normally great to answer well when somebody praises you or offers something decent about you.

You can use any of the responses I provided in this article if you find yourself in a situation where someone tells you that you look good and you are unsure of what to say.

The second you can answer the correct way, the person will comprehend that you have such a lot of adoration the commendation.

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