20 Clever Comebacks to “Que Haces”

Did somebody say “Que haces” to you and you’re presumably in complete disarray about what to say? It gets even more amusing and rather sickening on the off chance that you know nothing about Spanish.

We’ve all been there… a circumstance where you’re brimming with words yet uncertain of which to say. Que haces is one of those expressions that demonstrate the hotness and dynamism of the Spanish language.

This is on the grounds that the expression can be utilized in various situations it actually suits impeccably.

20 Clever Comebacks to "Que Haces"

At the point when somebody expresses that to you, it can either come as a casual greeting or a merriment expression. Different times it could simply be the person’s approach to expressing “what’s up” to you.

Nonetheless, the best interpretation could be “What’s happening with you?” or on the other hand “What’re you up to?”.

In this article, I’ll make reference to up to 20 best answers to que haces. Continue to peruse on to figure out more!

20 Great Replies to Que Haces

I’m a very person, so advising my concerns to persons could be a hard undertaking since I don’t fancy it.

On the off chance that somebody says “Que haces” to me proposing to realize how I’m faring, then I’m the sort to simply say “fine” and leave before another inquiry lands.

On the off chance that you’re my sort of person, you should be parsimonious while answering que haces.

On that note, my assortment of answers highlights brief lines, and furthermore extended and clarification-based answers.

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You can pick any of these answers as it cuts across fundamental and ordinary day-to-day exercises. These reactions incorporate.

1. What’s up or Which Wave? = Que Onda?

What’s up or Which Wave? = Que Onda?

I love it when I’m not so customary and that is precisely the exact thing I’d cherish you to do with this line of reaction.

Dissimilar to most conventional Spanish speakers, this line is a casual approach to answering any person who says ‘que haces’ to you.

Very much like the standard adaptability utilized in answering English-based questions or greetings, you can utilize a similar strategy while answering a Spanish inquiry or welcome.

Expressing checks out “what’s up” when somebody says ‘que haces’ to you.

It is a fairly cool approach to answering on the off chance that you’re not ready to deal with the significant conversations or clarifications that certain persons expect when they say ‘que haces’ to other people.

Along these lines, I think this line of reaction is somewhat economical and makes you sound a piece crazy with your tone.

Hence, on the off chance that you’re somebody whose preferences sound astounding, you should bounce on this one. Economical speakers like me are additionally free to utilize this line as well.

2. I’m well. You? = Yo Bien, Y Tu?

This is one line of reaction that isn’t just thrifty but additionally conveys a great deal of data in a little line.

To educate the person regarding your well-being status without delving into the subtleties, you can utilize this line to pass on your message.

Ordinarily, anybody who says ‘que haces’ to you, is anticipating that you should give them some sort of data about your prosperity. Thus, it is just savvy for you to answer with a sentence like the one above.

It portrays you’re healthy condition… not just that, you additionally attempt to show worry to the person by tossing back a similar inquiry to the person in question. However, this time, you went the alternate way simply by inquiring Youu”

The Spanish interpretation of this reaction is a decent pick for you, had it been your desire to flex your Spanish talking skills.

The line can be effortlessly remembered and doesn’t need a lot of phonetic or accentual strength or capability from you.

3. Hello, Nothing, Just Here Reading a Book = Hola! Nada Aqui Leyendo Un Libro

The absolute first season of hearing the expression ‘que haces’, I immediately looked for the significance of a Spanish-talking companion.

Also, the man’s reaction was, “Simply let the person know what you’re doing right now”. It rang in my ear and went to my cerebrum simultaneously.

Nonetheless, my proclivity with books demonstrated strong around then, so it turned into my default reaction to the person who had asked me ‘que haces’.

All things considered, this happened quite some time ago however I needed to review it for this post.

On the off chance that you’re a savant and you scarcely get out of the house without a book in your knapsack or satchel, or you don’t endure an hour flipping a page even at home then you can involve this as your reaction.

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Assuming you notice intently, you’ll see that there’s a zest of neighborliness in the reaction which is obvious with the healthy opening word.

4. Thinking out Aloud = Pesando en Voz Alta

Assuming somebody asked you ‘que haces’ during one of those clear minutes, you can utilize this line to rapidly respond to them.

The thing with this line is that it permits the person the opportunity to ask you more inquiries and conceivably get to understand the reason for your thought processes.

Maybe, the person in question met you in a terrible state, with a gloomy look and enlarged eyes… and they need to know why you look so upset.

Then again, you can utilize this line to answer assuming you maintain that somebody should converse with and void the pity in your heart.

5. Hello, Nice to See You. I’m on My Way Out for Work = Hola! Un Gusto Yesterday de Salida Para El Trabajo

Were you asked the ‘que haces’ question on your way out of your apartment? If that’s the case, don’t worry about what to reply with.

You can simply tell the person that you’re heading out for work. Funnily enough, this does not have to be the true intention for your outing, but you don’t have to always let people into your personal life.

This response will also help you get along quickly without entertaining any further queries from the person because they’ll have to assume you’re in a hurry already.

While this might look like a rude way of dismissing someone, don’t worry about that because I’ve got you covered.

Do you see the salutary word “hello” and the next line that follows it? Those two elements are just the right stuff you need to sound nice, accommodating, and polite.

6. Hello, Nothing, Just Walking = Hola, Nada, Solo Caminando

I’ve had many people ask me what I’m doing right now, particularly over a call.

They’re presumably hearing the sound of traffic and birds twittering behind the scenes and they’re thinking about what on earth you’re doing.

Generally speaking, I’m either out for my standard mental stroll to get off certain pieces free from stuff Or I’m inside finishing a few undertakings.

In this way, I’ll regularly answer by letting the person know that I’m going for a stroll. Who can say for sure?

You could likewise be somebody who likes to go for a stroll, presumably with your pet since I don’t have any. In such a case, you can answer with this line.

7. I’m Busy or I’m Working Hard = Che Guapo R Che Guapa

Are you busy? Would you like to go on with that? Provided that this is true, I don’t see a motivation behind why you ought to exceed all expectations to answer to ‘que haces’ the point at which you have the above lines to utilize.

8. Nothing = Nada

Moderation in discourse is an underestimated uprightness, and you ought to add it to your rundown of delicate abilities to acquire. With that impact, this is a decent thrifty reaction to ‘que haces’.

9. Waiting for You to Talk to Me, Sweetheart = Esperando Que Me Habus, Amorsito

This reaction sounds amusing, correct? Indeed, that is all there is to its use in this rundown. You can utilize it to bob off any interfering garrulous who could upset your existence with questions.

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You can pull this off by showing a messy face, with a vile smile while expressing it to the person.

10. I’m Just Reading About the News = Solo Estoy Leyendo Sobre Las Noticia

Assuming you were perusing the news when somebody said ‘que haces’ to you, you can utilize this line to tell them that you can’t escape.

No requirement for compromising, since most of persons don’t begin their day without paying attention to the news.

11. I’m Just Thinking About My Life = Solo Estoy Pesando en MI Vida

Your life is yours to live and any person who needs to meddle discourteously ought to be pushed aside.

That’s what to do, you want a decent reaction like this one. With this line, you’ve laid out what you’re thinking, and it’s about your life… meaning no obstruction.

12. Nothing Much, Just There = No Mucho, Solo Ahi

Nothing Much, Just There = No Mucho, Solo Ahi

This is an extra line of reaction for all my thrifty talkers in the structure. You would rather not miss this exchange quencher of a reaction in the event that you’re searching for an answer to ‘que haces’.

13. I’m Waiting for My Cab to Arrive = Estoy Esperando a Que Ileque MI Taxi

Certain people can be very noobish with their inquiries. At the point when somebody asks you ‘que haces’ at a train station or transport stop; you ought to answer with this somewhat wry reaction.

They would acknowledge how moronic their inquiry was at the point at which you at last load up the transport and leave.

14. Just Compiling My Budget for the Month = Compilando MI Presupuesto Del Me

You could have it hard for you while figuring out your bills for the month.

Also, since certain people rush to see slight changes all over, somebody could ask you que haces’ because of the bothered look. You can basically utilize the line above to make sense of your predicament.

15. Nothing Much, I’m Just Surfing the Internet = No Mucho, Solo Estoy Navefando Por Internet

The web is presently a worldwide field and many persons can’t escape it.

I suppose you’re likewise a competitor since that is the manner by which you tracked down this page and article, so you could utilize the above reaction to answer when you’re asked ‘que haces’.

16. I’m Shooting My Next Content Video = Estoy Filmando MI Proximo Video de Contenido

I’m certain you’ve found out about happy creation in some way or another and someplace… well that is the new wave on the web nowadays.

It gets fun in the event that you’re likewise a substance maker, as you can utilize this line to show you’re not kidding “work”. Content creation is an imaginative profession and you want concentration and sharp thoughtfulness regarding flourish nearby.

17. Waiting for You to Give Me Something to Do = Esperando Que Me Des Algo Que Hacer

Would you like to sound a piece out of control with your reaction? Assuming this is the case, then, at that point, you can utilize this line of reaction to offer the energy of real value.

Letting the person know that you’re hanging tight for them to put you to work is a snide approach to answering and it is an interesting one.

18. I’m Just Waking up, Dummy = Me Estoy Despertando Tonto

This line is one more mocking line of reaction to any person who says ‘que haces’ to you

While it might sound cheeky, you ought to attempt to utilize obliging non-verbal communication to guarantee that it doesn’t hit hard on the person at the less-than-desirable end.

19. I Wouldn’t Say, Life Is Fast Right Now = Yo No Diria, la Vida ES Rapida en Este Momento

The reality stays that life is quick and you must be in a state of harmony with it to flourish during the terrible times. Maybe, somebody asked you ‘que haces’ after they saw you in a terrible state.

Provided that this is true, you can utilize this line of reaction to clear them off the idea that you’re upset.

20. Just fine. Thanks for Asking = Muy Bien. Gracias Por Preguntar

I love this line of reaction a ton, and that is a direct result of the consideration of a grateful expression toward the end.

This implies that you’re fine, yet you’re generally thankful that the person minded to investigate you.

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