20 Clever Comebacks to “Cat Got Your Tongue”

Do you generally ponder the most ideal way to answer comments like Cat Got Your Tongue? It helps when you have something entertaining to answer to these sorts of remarks.

Each response that can stimulate the interesting bone of the speaker and others around makes discussion or abnormal experiences less off-kilter. Instead of responding immediately to any kind of inquiry, it gives you something to say.

What we have done in this article is curate a rundown of 20 entertaining responses that are reasonable for various settings or situations. This implies you have before you the best amusing answers that are the ideal rebound.

Cat Got Your Tongue

What Does It Mean When Someone Says Cat Got Your Tongue

At the point when somebody says cat got your tongue, it frequently occurs in a discussion where the other person needs to get a response from you and doesn’t have the persistence for it.

“cat got your tongue?” is a common English word for when someone stops talking, especially when a question is asked.

In current days it never again is utilized in the exacting sense at the same time, utilized energetically to cajole and urge somebody to shout out.

It very well may be utilized to communicate shock when somebody doesn’t get the normal response from a discussion or something almost identical.

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What Is An Example Of The “Cat Got Your Tongue” Statement

We have assisted you with an illustration of a situation that provides you with a thought of how an entertaining answer would work out and the expression utilized.


Speaker 1: This is the second time I have gotten some information about your whereabouts yesterday. Why the quietness, cat got your tongue.

Answer 1: No, however, I’m trusting that my cerebrum will find me

Speaker 2: You guaranteed you planned to provide me with the delicious subtleties of your new position. What’s the hold-up, cat got your tongue?

Answer 2: Indeed, she has it alongside my guts as well.

20 Funny Responses to “Cat Got Your Tongue”

1. No, But It is Certain My Brain Did A Runner

When you respond, “No, but I’m pretty sure my brain did a runner,” you signal to the speaker that you are well aware that your brain left, ran away, or stopped working when the question was posed.

Your quietness shows that you don’t have the foggiest idea of what to say at the point the inquiry was tossed at you.

2. Yes My Cat Is A Good Conversationalist

At the point when the answer to a person who inquires as to whether you have a cat however your tongue, says, “Yes my cat is a good conversationalist,” they realize that you are attempting to be mocking or interesting.

This is because they are completely mindful that your cat has no discussions with you as cats don’t converse with people.

3. No, But I Am Afraid To Speak And Reveal How Awesome I Am

A response of this kind demonstrates to the speaker that you are aware of your value and the knowledge you possess; intellectuals think and analyze before giving a speech.

So it is OK to let anybody who inquires as to whether a cat has stayed quiet say, no but I am afraid to speak and reveal how awesome I am

4. No, I Just Thought I Give You A Chance To Say Something For A Change

The speaker currently perceives that you recently postponed checking whether they would have a difference in seeing any problems or be in another aspect to the discussion or inquiry posed.

This answer makes some demeanor of secret around your quiet. The answer is no I just thought I give you a chance to say something for a change

5. Yeah, It’s On Vacation In Ibiza With My Cat

Utilizing an answer allows the speaker to see that you are simply playing around with his inquiry, as opposed to answering the inquiry posed which is the justification behind the muteness.

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It’s an extended getaway in Ibiza with my cat is a wry answer to cat got your tongue… This is so because no cat has got your tongue taking tongues or boarding outings to Ibiza with a tongue haha.

6. Negative, My Brain Is Currently Buffering

One answer to the response cat got your tongue is to say, “Negative, my brain is currently buffering.”

The significance of buffering is stacking, and that implies that your mind is as of now stacking and you don’t yet have what to say.

You ought to utilize this when you do at have what to say or you are in a manner of thinking.

7. No, I Have Taken The Vow Of Silence Not To Engage Silly Talks

One more humorous answer to Cat Got Your Tongue should be, “No, I have taken the vow of silence not to engage in silly talks.”

A response like this is exceptionally entertaining. This is because nobody knows when or where you made the vow to mind your own business and not participate in senseless jokes.

8. Why do you ask, you want to have yours held too

Your answer implies that they shouldn’t address you or expect any response from you, you additionally asked from your response about the explanation they inquire.

The ramifications of your assertion made “You need to have yours held too shows that you have the ability to have their tongues held too.

9. Yeah, My Cat Has My Phone And Has Me On House Arrest Too

At the point when you answer like this it simply shows you are attempting to make a tomfoolery occasion of the circumstance. This answer shows that you don’t make too much of things.

This is because cats don’t work telephones and, surprisingly, the thought or thought about cats working a telephone and having you on house capture sounds extremely interesting.

10. No I Am Still Loading, Seventy Percent There.

No, I am still loading, seventy there, answering like this suggests that you don’t yet have an answer to provide for such an inquiry posed.

Similarly, as the response suggests 70% there, this implies that you can’t give them an answer until your manner of thinking turns into 100% rather than seventy.

11. I Am Practicing My Ventriloquist Skills

I Am Practicing My Ventriloquist Skills

Rehearsing my ventriloquist abilities is an entertaining response to Cat Got Your Tongue. A person who uses puppets or mines without speaking is known as a ventriloquist.

The speaker realizes that you simply need to make a joke out of his inquiry, which is emulating an answer without moving your mouth or tongue.

12. Yeah Maybe We Can Talk When It Has Returned 

Saying, “Yeah, maybe we can talk when it has returned” is a fun response to a cat getting your tongue.

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This is a funny response, right? It implies that your tongue has traveled or gone out. it implies that you would rather not discuss anything purposefully.

13. No I Am Taking Part In A Staring Contest At The Wall

This assertion is entertaining and mocking simultaneously, you can likewise utilize the assertion no I am taking part in a staring contest at the wall.

The speaker realizes that there is no wall challenge happening right now and this is completely false as it is clear you simply need to be amusing.

14. If It Did Then It Would Be Saving Me From A Conversation I’d Rather Not Have.

One more response to nothing more to say can be said as such, if it didn’t then it would be saving me from a conversation I’d rather not have.

At the point when you answer like this, the speaker realizes that the explanation you are not is because you would rather not participate in the discussion or answer the inquiry tossed at you.

15. I Am Trying Hard To Communicate Telepathically

This is an interesting answer to provide for somebody who inquires as to whether the cat got you nothing else to say. You can answer by telling them that you are attempting to convey clairvoyantly.

An answer like this recommends to the speaker that you have zero desire to answer the inquiry as nobody is sufficiently clairvoyant to guess what someone else might be thinking.

16. No I’m Waiting For Someone To Say Something Worthy

Be cautious when you sound like this so you don’t look discourteous or braggy particularly when openly, this is because you wouldn’t look great to a horde of persons who respect you.

Remember that activities do express stronger than words.

17. Yeah She Needs It But Unfortunately For You

This response is absurdly amusing. At the point when somebody proceeds to toss an inquiry at you that leaves you calm, saying this statement is OK.

No doubt, the cat got my tongue and she wants it tragically for you. This implies that you would prefer to allow the cat to have your tongue than answer it.

18. No I’m Currently Deciding If I Should Respond Or Not

No, I’m right now choosing if I ought to answer or not. This answer can likewise be utilized as an unpretentious entertaining response to a cat getting your tongue.

Expressing this to the speaker shows that you are choosing if you ought to decide to answer or not.

19. I Have A Subscription Plan For My Words Per Day

Couldn’t it be magnificent to have a membership plan for your words?

Due to its combination of hilarity and sincerity, this amusing response is unique.

Having a membership plan for words would mean you get straight to the point and possibly talk when fundamental.

We suggest utilizing this response when you need to minimize what is going on.

20. No I’m Experiencing A Temporary Shut Down Procedure

This interesting response implies you have a cerebrum freeze and have gone into closure mode.

It’s silly since you are not a PC and can’t go into such mode.

Utilize this wryly to show them you won’t answer pressure of any sort.

These responses are all that you can find with the right humor to suit what is going on.

The inquiry “Cat got your tongue” has a history from early English mariners who were reputed to lose their tongue after being cat whipped.

By and by, it’s pre-owned today either in-joke or consolation. What’s more, in the two circumstances, your quiet on a matter is addressed.

How this affects you ultimately depends on you, and we have given you interesting responses that help your goals.

Every one of these responses has been custom-made to meet various sorts of circumstances and you will think that they are useful.

If you want to improve both your skill level and vocabulary, we encourage you to use them in addition.

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