A Guide to the 18 Best Responses When Someone Says “I’m Glad You’re Okay”

It is essential to acknowledge someone’s concern for our well-being and express gratitude for their kindness when they do so.

There are numerous ways of answering somebody and communicating that they are glad you are okay

Contingent upon the unique situation and the relationship you share with them, a response could go from a straightforward thank you to additional intricate articulations of appreciation.

Some possible responses include: sharing an anecdote about what happened (e.g., I was just able to get out of there safely), thanking them for being understanding or supportive during a difficult time, sending a text or note conveying your appreciation for them being there for you, giving them a hug, handshake, or fist bump – or whatever else would be appropriate given the situation – to show your gratitude are all examples of ways to show your appreciation. smirking and nodding in appreciation, 

I'm Glad You're Okay

18 appropriate responses to “I am glad you are okay”

1. Thank you for checking up on me

At the point when a person professes to be content to realize you are OK, it is in all probability after something important has occurred or practically occurred.

The person might also say this because they think you might have been hurt.

You can express Because of the person since the person considered determining the status of you.

2. That means so much to me

It most likely doesn’t mean such a huge amount to you yet it ought to. Many persons need to have companions that investigate them. If you do, you ought to treasure them like your dear life.

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If you could respond in this way, it would mean a lot. You will be telling the person in question that you esteem their presence.

3. You are sweet

The remark is sweet. If something had happened to you, the person might not have known whether the person didn’t consider determining the status of you.

You can respond with a compliment when someone tells you how glad they are for you to be in good health.

4. It’s nice that you care.

You ought to bring up that the person thinks often about you. Certain people care about you and probably shouldn’t say it.

Recognizing a demonstration of good cause or cherish can be pretty much as lovely as showing appreciation for the demonstration.

By saying this, you are inferring that the person is mindful and that you like the person for it. The fact that you recognize that makes the singular will glad.

5. It is great to have friends like you.

This is a pleasant commendation for the person. You will get that person complimented when you answer with this remark.

You are not just valuing that the person thinks often about you. You are calling the person an extraordinary companion and you are showing your bliss to have the person in question around.

6. Your support means a lot

This might sound peculiar on the off chance that you have not been offered any help. Assuming you have been offered help or any type of help, you ought to tell the person in question that it is a big deal to you.

Showing appreciation for each gesture is significant. The help could be in the type of exhortation, consideration, cash, or whatever else that has helped you without a doubt.

7. I am grateful for your kind words.

You might need to show appreciation for the benevolent words as well. Kind words have been utilized here. This may not be a cool choice for certain people. It might sound humiliating for you to say this assuming that you are a confident person.

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However, I must also acknowledge your kind words. Not very many persons would burn through their time directing decent sentiments toward you when they couldn’t care less about you.

8. I feel fortunate to have you around

A beautiful comment like this one seems like a commendation while you are communicating the way that you feel about the person.

The person has shown that the person thinks often about you. This remark will likewise show that you care about the person’s presence.

It isn’t just discussing the way that you feel yet in addition in a roundabout way worshiping the person.

9.  I appreciate your kindness

The person has offered grace by just asking after your well-being and showing joy towards your great condition. The gesture, which appears to be good wishes for you, should be appreciated.

Saying this might appear to be very off-kilter however it’s alright truth be told.

10. You always know what to say when I need it most

You always know what to say when I need it most

You don’t need to say this on the off chance that it isn’t how you feel about the remark. It is very important to be sincere and honest.

It would be a big deal to the person to see your facial response than to hear your words on the off chance that they appear to be constrained or faked.

The remark may simply be what you expected to wear a grin all over. You ought to see the value in the person’s mindful motions.

Like that, it would be a lot simpler for you to seem true while answering the remark.

By saying this, you are suggesting that the person is saying the right words that you need to hear.

You are saying that you value the person’s remarks generally and you partake in the person’s presence. The person will be complimented to hear you say that.

11. Thank you for being here for me

This may not be right all the time. It isn’t appropriate for you to duplicate responses to specific signals or words. In cases like this, it is prudent to normally respond.

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Conditions encompassing a circumstance can make a few responses wrong.

By saying this, you are suggesting that the person has been around you and has been making a difference. You let the person know that you are appreciative of their accessibility.

If it isn’t reality, it is smarter to pick a preferable response rather than offering a false remark and sounding wry to the person.

12. Your words mean so much

The person might have been hesitant to remark on their joy about your prosperity.

By saying this, you are guaranteeing that the person feels no second thoughts about communicating for oneself to you.

With this, you are inferring that you like what the person has told you and you feel a debt of gratitude to such an extent.

The person will be glad to hear you express that about their little signal.

13. This gesture makes my day better

This response demonstrates your gratitude for the person’s efforts. You are valuing what the person has told you.

You are valuing the consideration that is being displayed to you. Additionally, you are acknowledging the person’s presence around you.

When you say this to the person, it may come across as awkward, but it will make them happy to know that you feel better around them.

14. What would I do without you?

An interesting recommendation is you shouldn’t express this to somebody whom you routinely manage without. There would be a complete difference between your remark and reality.

Since you practically do everything without the person you are speaking with, it might even come across as sarcastic.

You are both exaggerating by claiming that you may not be able to do anything without the person asking this question and implying that you cherish them so much.

15. Your friendship uplifts me in times like this

You can give this remark if you are in a tough spot. It’s possible that you were harmed in some way or another.

Saying this suggests that your companionship with the person causes you to feel alright right now.

You are saying a commendation to the person as well as to the bond that you both offer.

16. Are you worried about me?

You might be kicking the bucket to pose this inquiry so it’s OK to inquire. The person might be hesitant to say OK however you need to realize that the person genuinely thinks often about you, independent of the response that the person gives.

After posing this inquiry, you ought to grin and show appreciation for the person’s nice thoughts.

17. It’s good to know I’m not alone

You are in good company when you have people that affectionate you around. You ought to say this to simply continue the conversation.

18. I have been lucky, I guess

You can just recognize the karma you have in being OK. This is a response you can give on the off chance that you have been in a perilous circumstance.

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