A Guide to the 15 Best Responses to “I’m Glad to Hear That”

There are various ways of answering decidedly to somebody when they let you know that they are happy. You can respond by expressing how you feel about the news, depending on the context.

For instance, you could say Me as well or I am so glad for you. Likewise, you could offer a grin and a thumbs up.

Alternately, one could offer support by saying something along the lines of “I know you can do it” or “Let me know if I can do anything to help.”

There are no limits to the positive responses you can give to happy people; the key is to be certified and strong.

I'm Glad to Hear That

15 Correct Replies to “I Am Glad To Hear That”

1. Me too!

You can similarly communicate how you feel about the news or the data you have imparted to the person.

At the point when a person says the person in question is happy to hear something that you have said, it isn’t really something about the person.

It isn’t really about you all things considered. It very well may be something that influences both of you similarly. It could likewise be something that influences some other person or thing that you both consideration about.

You ought to offer your viewpoint earnestly. You don’t need to say Me too sound pleasant. Your response to this comment suggests that you share its sentiments.

At the end of the day, you are likewise delighted to have heard the data that you are sharing.

2. I am very happy for you!

Assuming that the data you have shared is about the person you are conversing with, this response will be right.

A person can say the person in question is delighted to hear you say something when the data is about the person in question.

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It is completely right to communicate how you feel additionally despite the fact that you are not exactly impacted. You will demonstrate that you care about the person if you express how you feel about the news.

Offering something pessimistic will be incredibly peculiar except if you are bringing up something that might be useful to the person.

Assuming you will offer your viewpoint, you ought to compliment the person for the uplifting news that the person in question has heard.

3. That’s great news

This is essentially an outflow of how you feel about the news. It doesn’t need to be about you or the other person however you might need to say why you think of it as extraordinary news.

Additionally, it doesn’t need to be you who has shared the news. The person might have heard it from another person.

You can say that it was nice to hear the information and then explain why you think it is good news.

4. Thank you

Often, this nice expression of gratitude comes across as dismissive. It is something that many people express hastily in light of basically everything.

Be that as it may, it is OK to show appreciation when a person has communicated their joy for her advancement.

Assuming the news you have shared is about you alone or somebody near you, you ought to see the value in the worry of the other person.

Saying Thank you will be exceptionally cool. You can additionally add how cheerful you are about the information and what it might mean for you decidedly.

5. Don’t be excited yet

There is a possibility that none of the earlier responses were able to meet your expectations. This choice perspectives the circumstance from an alternate point.

At the point when you say you are blissful about something, someone else may have an alternate assessment. Imparting an alternate insight doesn’t be guaranteed to mean you or the other person is off-base.

On occasion, it is simply a question of inclination for the two players. At times, certain persons have specific assessments since they don’t have total stories or perspectives on the circumstances they are judging.

At the point when a person says that the person is happy about some data, there might be a justification for the person in question to not be so energized.

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On the off chance that you figure the person shouldn’t as yet cheer, you can just say this and make sense of why you don’t think it is the ideal opportunity for the person in question to celebrate yet.

6. How is that good news?

As referenced before, various persons can have various suppositions. While you might accept you are imparting the uplifting news to a person, the person might turn out stunned to hear the data.

You could likewise accept you are imparting terrible information to a person and the person in question can seem happy to hear the news.

This is because both of you might be impacted in various ways or one of you might be seeing an outcome that the other person doesn’t have any idea.

At the point when a person says the person is delighted to hear some data, you might need to inquire as to why it is so on the off chance that you think the data isn’t useful in any capacity.

You might be able to persuade the person that the news is bad. The person may likewise get to persuade you that it is uplifting news.

7. I know you can do it

Doesn’t this ring a bell of inspiration? It very well may be the situation. You can undoubtedly paint what is happening in your mind when you hear some uplifting news about your advancement however you have quite far to go.

You would both be celebrating for moving forward while wishing yourself progress in making the excess strides left for your excursion.

If you have imparted the uplifting news about somebody to the person in question, you can just add this persuasive talk and keep that person compatriot.

8. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

In the wake of sharing uplifting news about a person’s advancement and watching their response, offering help with assisting the person with encouragement is great.

While you are doing whatever it takes not to get credit, you might be making yourself part of a person’s example of overcoming adversity. The person would recollect the assistance you presented in their excursion.

9. It’s wonderful

This is a basic articulation of how you feel about the news. You don’t need to say an excessive number of words.

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If the news you shared is about someone other than you, this response is more appropriate. You will communicate your awe toward the report about the person.

10. Fantastic!

This is one more method for communicating your inclinations toward someone else’s uplifting news. Although you are the one giving the data, your response would reflect how you responded when you originally got the news.

Since it is someone else’s uplifting news, it is ideal to remain positive as opposed to searching for deficiencies or blunders except if you should call attention to them. Saying Fantastic would do.

11. I expected you to be

If the information pertains to the person you are speaking with, you should state this. By saying this, you are suggesting that you realized the person would be cheerful before you even shared the news.

This shows that you care about the person’s advancement and sentiments.

12. I can imagine!

You can shout this response if the data is about the person you are conversing with. You ought to possibly say this assuming that the person is communicating valid and wild fervor.

By stating that you can imagine, you are implying to the other person that you are aware that the other person ought to be content and that you can picture yourself in their position.

13. Did you hear me correctly?

You might be compelled to pose this inquiry on the off chance that the response isn’t what you anticipated. At the point when a person says I’m glad to hear that, the person most certainly thinks the person in question has heard uplifting news and is communicating satisfaction.

If you think what you have shared isn’t something the person ought to be content about, you can inquire as to whether the person in question heard accurately.

You can rehash the same thing and say why you don’t think it is uplifting news. You can likewise pay attention to that person to know why it very well might be uplifting news.

14. It calls for celebration

Assuming it calls for festivity, you can feel free to specify it. You can likewise express this as a joke on the off chance that it’s excessively inconsequential to expect you to celebrate.

If the topic is good news for both of you or the person you are talking to, this is a better choice.

15. You should be jumping around

You can say this if you think the person isn’t responding as cheerfully as you anticipated.

This can occur on the off chance that the person doesn’t have the foggiest idea why it is uplifting news. It might likewise work out assuming that the person is stressed over something different.

You can say why the person ought to be exceptionally blissful after saying this.

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