Understanding the Meaning of “Nou Ka Hau’Oli” and Perfecting Your Responses

No’u Ka Hau’Oli might appear as though a drivel mix of letters yet that is how unusual dialects are to persons who don’t figure out them.

While this expression or proviso might be unusual to you and, surprisingly, difficult to articulate, it ought not be weird to a Hawaiian resident except if the person in question is curious about the Hawaiian language.

On the off chance that you will travel Hawaii any time soon or talking with a Hawaiian, you might need to understand what this proviso implies. Obviously, other Hawaiian words matter however we are zeroing in on this today.

Prior to thinking about a method for answering No’u Ka Hau’Oli, you ought to think about the importance and answer the same way you would in the event that you were addressed in English or in the language you comprehend.

Nou Ka Hau’Oli

No’u Ka Hau’Oli Meaning

No’u Ka Hau’Oli is a Hawaiian word that means “The bliss is mine” or “The joy is mine.”

It is also possible to use it as a synonym for “You are welcome” and other polite replies to “Thank you.”

No’u Ka Hau’Oli Pronunciation

No’u Ka Hau’Oli is interpreted as [No-oo-kuh-ow-goodness lee]. In the event that you are bad at understanding records, you can consider articulating every syllable like the accompanying words; [ No-Who Caw How-Holy].

10 Correct Responses to “No’u Ka Hau’Oli”

1. Mahalo Nui Loa

This is a Hawaiian response to No’u Ka Hau’Oli. It means Many thanks. That is the thing you would probably agree to when a person says You are gladly received or It’s my pleasure.

No additional words are required for these two clauses. As a rule, the response that comes is normally irrelevant.

The response would either be beginning another subject or saying something on the thing the person is showing appreciation for.

Nonetheless, you can rehash your appreciation and add So or Very.

2. I really appreciate this

In the wake of saying Thank you in English or in the Hawaiian language, you might be answered with No’u Ka Hau’Oli.

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In the event that you don’t believe the discussion should end there or you very need to demonstrate the way that thankful you really her, you can simply show your appreciation at the end of the day.

You can say the amount you value how has been helped you or given to you. Your surprise ought to be obvious on your face.

Like that, you will seem fair in showing your appreciation. You might give the person an embrace. However, it is not necessary.

3. You are too kind

You can think about saying a commendation to the person. It might rely upon how favor has been helped you yet it is your decision.

When someone has been of great assistance to you and is willing to assist you, this is usually something to be commended.

Rather than rehashing similar expressions of appreciation, you can simply remark about the person’s liberality or generosity.

You can additionally add that you value the assistance and you didn’t anticipate that the person should be alright with aiding you out.

This remark will go past simply showing appreciation. It will be clear that you are thankful for the help that has been proposed to you and the person will likewise rest easier thinking about oneself.

4. I won’t forget this

Is this repetitive? Perhaps it is. Despite the fact that you may have heard it or heard it said so many times, you may agree that it is not impulsive.

At the point when a person says this, the person in question as a rule would not joke about this. Obviously, it is exceptionally difficult to make sure to keep that commitment of not failing to remember the blessing that has been finished for you.

Subsequent to saying further appreciation, you ought to keep a true look all over and say that you will not fail to remember it.

This will demonstrate how much you believe the favor ought to have an effect on you or your life. The person will be glad to realize that the person has been of incredible assistance.

5. I doubt that. Thanks again.

You can constantly answer with this. This might be perhaps of the most gorgeous response you might need to think about on this rundown.

You might concur that you feel compelled to offer assistance, in some cases, when you are inquired. It’s safe to assume that it’s the same as other people’s.

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At times, the help you are being requested is really stressing and may make you anxious.

You might be able to complete it quickly in some situations, but you might take your time when you really want to rest or do something else with your time.

However, when someone is acknowledged for their assistance, it is common practice for them to say, “Don’t worry about it.”

Saying you question that it is the person’s pleasure to assist you with willingness makes the person grin. Then, you ought to say appreciation once more and ensure you are just about as genuine as could really be expected.

6. I deserve a punch. I am very grateful

This is one more extraordinary thought to show that you value how a person has helped you. This response proposes that you comprehend how much pressure you have caused the person you are conversing with.

You ought to utilize this assuming that you accept you probably been very irritating or upsetting while at the same time requesting the person’s assistance prior.

When someone says that it was a pleasure to assist you, this response should demonstrate that you are aware that it couldn’t have been a pleasure given how upsetting you were.

You are by implication telling the person in question that you don’t merit the assistance that you were offered and you ought to be thrashed all things being equal.

You can say the amount you value the assistance once more and keep an earnest look.

7. I really disturbed you. Didn’t I?

I really disturbed you. Didn’t I?

You realize you upset him/her. What’s with the inquiry? Recognizing a person’s penance for the wellbeing of you can go far in showing how grateful you are.

You don’t have to have caused a great deal of pressure on the person before posing this inquiry. You can make reference to how long the person devoted to aiding you.

You can make reference to that you know the person would need to have been resting or, in any event, occupied with something different.

Even though you don’t deserve it, you can also mention how much attention or effort the person gave to helping you.

In the wake of saying this, you ought to show appreciation once more. You can also say that you will no longer disturb the person with demanding tasks.

8. I’ll get you something for this

You wouldn’t agree that this to your chief. It would sound abnormal. There is no requirement for an instructional exercise on the best way to utilize this.

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We now and again feel committed to offer help to more established persons when they request help. Likewise, when they say thanks to us, large numbers of us claim to have delighted in investing such a lot of energy and exertion helping them out.

When you receive assistance from a younger person, you should assume the same. It doesn’t need to be a more youthful person. It very well may be a dear companion.

You can promise to buy the person something when they tell you not to worry about thanking them or say “Ka Hau’Oli.” However, you should be truthful about it.

The commitment will show that you really value how the person has helped you or given you.

Satisfying the commitment will demonstrate the way that you can be relied upon and the person will be more ready to help you some other time.

9. Thank you so much, Amigo

This is the kind of thing you can think about telling a companion or a more youthful person. This might sound peculiar if you definitely know the word Amigo.

You needn’t bother with to be Spanish to know the word. It is most likely utilized all over the place and every person who utilizes it has no clue about what language it is.

Amigo is the Spanish word for Companion. This might sound strange because you would blend English and Spanish while answering Hawaii. However, nothing stops you.

You can thank the person again and refer to them as a friend after they say that it was their pleasure to assist you. You can overlook the Amigo if you are conversing with a more established person.

Assuming you think Amigo is strange in the sentence, you can think about involving the Hawaiian word for Companion; Hoaloha.

You can, however, use local slang such as Bruddah or Sistah because Hoaloha is not frequently used in conversation.

In English, these slang terms are comparable to friendly nicknames like “Bro” and “Sis.”

10. How can I pay you back?

You should not anticipate a response before expressing your gratitude once more because this is a rhetorical question. Sitting tight for a response might cause it to appear to be less grateful.

Most of the time, people are just trying to help you be happy. Nonetheless, assuming you are proposing to pay for assist that you with having presented without showing appreciation, you may not get any help from the person in question once more.

The person may make fun of you by implying that you will repay them. It likewise may not be a joke but rather you need to show that you care while saying thanks to the person for the assistance you have gotten.

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