Understanding 15 Valid Reasons for Refraining from Monetary Contributions

Life accompanies its preliminaries, occasionally we are fine and up and one more might accompany lows. money is currently a method for trade for labor and products consequently the most scant item in the globe.

If we want to be responsible adults, we need to record our finances well. If you didn’t, you’d always run into problems because you couldn’t afford everything in the long run.

Many persons are not determined, and astute in money matters, making them ask regularly. This can be very badly designed in this article, we would assist you with being familiar with fifteen reasons for not giving money.

Monetary Contributions

15 Good Excuses For Not Giving Money

1. I am on a tight budget

Oh! My dear friend, I know it’s despicable for you to be in this present circumstance. I know how difficult it is for you right now, but I hope you can find a way out as soon as possible.

If my situation were less demanding than it is right now, I would have loved to assist you in these trying times. This isn’t the most ideal time for me since I’m at present on a limited financial plan until further notice.

To avoid being lost right now, I must be diligent and adhere to it. Sorry for not being of help to you because of conditions unchangeable as far as I might be concerned.

Sending you love and light in your endeavors, I hope you can resolve this difficult situation as soon as possible.

2. Sorry I am back on my taxes 

So sorry I am back on my duties until further notice, I would have wanted to loan you some assistance. I have been behind on my taxes for a while, and not paying them on time puts me in a bad light with the government.

I have come about to settle my expenses so I wouldn’t be in the awful books of my country. I’m as of now working twofold moves to settle up my duties before I’m needed. This present circumstance came when things were tight for me.

Kindly take things simple in these difficult times, and make an effort to avoid anything unlawful so you don’t cause problems. Keep your psyche and head zeroed in so that ultimately you will be out of this wreck.

3. No salary yet

I’m disheartened to hear about your difficult time, for a long time now my compensation has not been paid by the administration. I battle to move, feed myself even use coupons for the time being.

We are as of now protesting to revolt about this issue, I just expectation that the delivery from our installments so I can financially recover. My heart goes out to you in this time of need, don’t yield on doing what is best for you now and later on. I truly want to believe that you get hard and attempting times.

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The absence of compensation has secured me for the time being. Am anticipating hearing from my administration. I wish you success in everything he does.

 4. My health

My well-being has been down for some time now, the specialist provided me with a progression of tests to stay aware of. Medical care for me is costly at present and nothing remains at this point but to set aside sufficiently with the goal that I can have the option to deal with myself.

Because of my deteriorating health, these are trying times for me. At the moment, I need a caregiver a lot, but I can’t afford one because of my limited financial stability.

My well-being made my finances truly unsound, and at this moment I’m attempting to return quickly from that when I’m up and sound once more. I wish you progress in the entirety of your undertakings and trust you find a decent way out soon.

5. My rent 

As of now I’m behind on my lease in light of money imperatives, not paying on time would make me be removed from my home. My lease costs all in all a sum, to that end, I have tight money on the board.

Continuously realize that terrible times will elapse as well and the best way to make it pass is by doing the most needful thing each in turn. This might take some time however eventually, the intensifying impact would show or represent itself with no issue through your deeds.

Because I am unable to assist you right now, don’t give up hope or get discouraged; instead, hold on and be strong for yourself in the knowledge that you are in control of this. I wish you karma in the entirety of your undertakings.

6. I don’t have money 

It hurts me to know that you are in need because I don’t have any money to give you right now. money has been a requirement for me for some time now the justification for why I can’t bear to loan you some assistance.

It is a disgrace for yourself and I realize it is extreme at this moment. Be happy with the goal that you don’t lose your soul, you should be up and doing so you can track down back your feet. My heart got you in these difficult situations.

Not having money doesn’t imply that I can’t give you basic encouragement. You realize I’m consistently here for you. You can continuously connect whenever I’m hanging around for you inwardly.

7. Am in debt

Am at present in the red in light of an absence of monetary strength. There are a few credits I need to settle up before my debt holders call for me. Borrowers don’t mess with their money loaned out. I’m attempting to repay all that I advanced before my time expires.

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Helping you could never have been a commotion task for me. The issue is that I am by and by gagged with my bills stacking up. I need to clear them up so I don’t run into negatives in my finances.

Contact me on the way things are going down at your end. Even if it’s all I can do for you, I will always be there to listen to you no matter what.

8. Why don’t you have savings

Why don’t you have savings

Investment finances are a vital part of one’s life, living involves burning through a measure of money to get great administrations. Without investment finances, we can’t deal with ourselves.

I encourage you to move toward your finances for your advancement of yourself. This present circumstance ought to show you how to put something aside for stormy days. As a companion, I encourage you to make better strides in your finances.

I trust that with time all your work will demonstrate more sure than unsuccessful, it could be hard yet all will be well eventually.

9. I have a family situation 

My family is in a delicate circumstance right now. I’m investing all my energy to ensure what is happening is captured. I would have wanted to help you out however this family circumstance is beyond my control.

Imparting money to you presently would place me in hazardous times as the money circumstance in my family is delicate until further notice. Am making arrangements to ensure everything falls set up before the circumstance leaves hands.

Continuously recall that you are family as well, don’t view me with eyes of frustration. You realize I would loan you some assistance if it is acceptable for me to do as such. This moment is not a decent opportunity for me.

10. Child support

Child support depletes my money, this has negatively affected my finances. Children are a gift of life; as a parent, I must care for and advocate for them.

I need to pay educational expenses and recruit and pay a parental figure to take care of my youngster as I go to day-to-day work. Getting the administration of a guardian is costly right now. A kid isn’t permitted around my work area as I don’t telecommute.

The inability to pay for my kid’s help would cause the courtroom to bring me up, this is not a decent standing for me. As a parent, I must be there to show love and backing to my kid. I truly want to believe that you grasp me.

11. Currently working on a project 

am working on a project that I hope to complete as soon as possible. This task is vital to me as it has been my fantasy for some time now to execute this undertaking.

At this stage my task is capital serious, any breaches will prompt a major misfortune in my undertaking. I have no money to loan to you since regardless of monies have been set for this undertaking.

The ongoing project has a deadline, and if I don’t comply, my project won’t happen, which would be sad. Consequently, I’m placing my everything into it. I would have helped you on the off chance that not that I have a current venture. If it’s not too much trouble, hold on for me.

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12. I don’t have that money lying around 

This is the truth regarding the situation: I do not have that money lying around. money is elusive these days in light of monetary vacillations.

The market price of food has increased to the point where I can barely afford it. Presently I utilize coupons and food stamps to energize food bills. money has truly placed an imperative on me until further notice.

I desire to return quickly from this soon and never yield on the best choices to take. You can continuously contact me when you are uncertain, no less than two heads are superior to one, particularly when in struggle with contemplations.

13. Insurance

My circumstance is desperate right now, a property of mine got genuinely harmed. At present the thing most important to me is to get what is going on captured before it goes crazy.

My insurance on the property got dropped in light of a break of policy. Obscure to me that my property specialist and my legal counselor didn’t deal with the finish of the gig. I’m miserable and befuddled.

By and by the case is in court presently. I trust the adjudicator to look into the case so I might have my equity and freedom. Keep me informed of your situation; even if I am unable to provide financial assistance, my heart is with you during these trying times.

14. I’ve got bills to pay

Great day friend, I have bills to pay right now. When I finish paying my bills, such as rent, gas, groceries, toiletries, and so on, the time is right for the money. For me, this is the most difficult time of the month.

I would have wanted to help you however the issue is that I haven’t even saved to the point of settling up for all my proper consumptions given a slip-by in my last month’s installments. I have been no picnic for myself just to manage the cost of my dinners for the afternoon.

Allow us to stay aware of the work, I trust the intensifying impact will yield positive outcomes in a matter of seconds. When you do well, you get good results, and vice versa.

15. I’ve got only job offers

Sorry, I’ve just landed position offers, money is scant nowadays darling. I can help you talk to someone who would give you a job offer so that you can make as much or as little money as you want or need.

No matter how much money I give you, it will never meet your requirements. In any case, with a task, you can work and gauge the expense of what you want or need and work towards getting it. On the off chance that you don’t work, then, at that point, how would you hope to acquire?

So assuming that you are prepared, you can catch up with me so we can search for something to accomplish for your improvement, basically how companions help one another.


The economy isn’t making it simple for cash to order its full worth in light of the continuous expansion in the cost of labor and products. The time’s kin get abandoned and need financial assistance.

This can put us in a tight spot because we don’t want to come across as rude or uncaring. However, even if you don’t have any money, there are polite ways to scare someone away.

Don’t bother feeling terrible or putting yourself on the critical platform of feelings.

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