Top 11 Comebacks to the “Ya Like Jazz”

“Ya like jazz” is an old image from ‘The Honey Bee film.’ It is, truth be told, an abused image that we hear all over the place and can be involved in any event as an icebreaker or a messy pickup line. In any case, what many people don’t discuss is the best reaction to this reference.

As you presumably definitely know, “Ya Like Jazz” could be named the pickup line of the hundred years, being the renowned expressions of Barry B. Benson.

Much of the time, when somebody asks you to try”ya like jazz?” they are attempting to begin a discussion since they’re into you. They think utilizing the honey bee film reference would lay out a strong groundwork for a cheerful discussion.

Top 11 Comebacks to the "Ya Like Jazz"

Your reaction will eventually rely upon your sentiments about the comment/question. ( it tends to be a tremendous side road, particularly when the person doesn’t match the magnetism, tone, and non-verbal communication expected to exemplify the well-known state)

 “Ya like jazz?” is an ice breaker, an inquiry, and furthermore has its coquettish hint. The best reaction is to say, “OK, I love jazz. Furthermore, I can’t help but confess, that this honey bee film reference is only the buzz I expected to light up my day.” This reaction is relaxed and amusing and suggests you’re additionally into the person.

On the off chance that the discussion is over the message, you can answer with “honey bee mine honey” or send an image or gif connected with this articulation.

However, it doesn’t end there.

11 Best Response To “Ya Like Jazz”

11 Best Response To “Ya Like Jazz”

In the remainder of this article, I’ll show you fifteen alternate ways you can answer “ya like jazz?” to suit your state of mind, the specific circumstance, and the setting while at the same time culminating in articulating what you expect to answer with.

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1. “Bee mine, honey.”

Much of the time, somebody could inquire, “Ya like jazz?” at the point when they need to progress at you. In this unique circumstance, you can think of it as a pickup line. Furthermore, in the event that it’s a move you’ve been expecting, you’d need to answer with somebody embracing. That is where this reaction comes in,

Answering with “Honey bee Mine” is a pun that suggests you really get the reference and you’re utilizing it as well. It is more successful when utilized over the text.

  • Hello, Ya like jazz
  • Hahaha. Honey bee mine, honey. A decent reference there.

2. “Jazz music is all about chemistry and improvisation.”

Now and again, the person might inquire, “Ya like jazz” to check whether you have an interest or inclination for jazz music. So it is possible that they don’t intend to mirror the popular image. You would know the distinction through their non-verbal communication and matter-of-truth tone.

In such a situation, the best reaction is to say, “Jazz music is about science and impromptu creation.”

It implies you’re communicating your melodic taste and sends the feeling that you’re prepared to pay attention to or examine jazz together.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • Jazz music is about science and the act of spontaneity. Of course,e I do. Why?

The reaction likewise has its coy undercurrent. So on the off chance that the person planned to make a pickup line with the inquiry, this reaction actually gets the job done.

3. “I love jazz just as much as I love a good flirtation”

The plan behind the explanation “ya like jazz?” could be to separate the earnestness of a discussion.

In such a circumstance, you can answer with “I love jazz” to respond to the inquiry, and afterward add “however much I love great tease” to suggest that you get the purpose behind the inquiry.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • I love jazz similarly however much I love a decent tease
  • Ya like jazz?
  • Goodness, that is a famous one. Be that as it may, indeed, I love jazz however much I love a decent tease

4. “Yes, I love jazz. And I must admit, this bee movie reference is just the buzz I needed to brighten up my day.”

This is the most favored answer that I give when people make progress on me with the renowned “ya like jazz?” meme.

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It works for most circumstances. Saying “I love jazz” responds to the inquiry, then, at that point, the second piece of the answer is to commend the person for considering utilizing that reference to ease up the discussion.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • Indeed, I love jazz. Also, I need to concede, this honey bee film reference is only the buzz I expected to light up my day.
  • Gracious truly? Delighted to hear. Do you live around here?

5. “Jazz may have a special place in my heart.”

One more method for answering when somebody tells you “Ya like jazz?” is to say “Jazz might have an exceptional spot” It is an unbiased answer and prompts the person to answer which will additionally assist you with getting the expectation behind the inquiry.

Yet, to respond to the heartfelt methodology, then, at that point, you can add “However I have an inclination you’re rapidly taking over as my #1 thing to pay attention to.”

  • Ya like jazz?
  • Jazz might remain a cherished memory to me however who couldn’t be enchanted by a particularly smart pickup line?

6. “Why? Yes, I do love jazz! And I have to say, that’s a pretty clever pickup line you’ve got there.”

Assuming you are dazzled with the manner in which the person encapsulated the appeal of the honey bee film reference while tossing the zinger, there’s no mischief in praising them for it. It likewise fills in as a brilliant manner to answer when you don’t have the foggiest idea how to answer.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • Ok ha, that is a really sharp pickup line there
  • Ya like jazz?
  • Why indeed, I really do cherish jazz! Furthermore, I need to say, that is a really sharp pickup line you have there.

7. “I’d prefer a more original approach. Let’s just talk about jazz, without the cheesy pickup line.”

In the event that you don’t fancy the old image, or feel switched off by the thought, you can offer those viewpoints as your reaction, evaluating it as ‘messy.’ The person would almost certainly apologize or withdraw.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • I’d favor a more unique methodology. We should simply discuss jazz, without the messy pickup line.

It implies you in all actuality do like jazz yet would favor a unique line of conversation.

8. “You know how to make a girl/guy smile.”

“You know how to make a girl/guy smile.”

“Ya like jazz” is supposed to be said amusingly. So on the off chance that you find the person’s mystique interesting while the person poses the inquiry, you can communicate that as a reaction.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • You know how to make a young lady grin and this is turning out to be an extraordinary discussion hahaha
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9. “According to all known laws of aviation”

“As per all known laws of flight” is a shrewd method for answering the popular “ya like jazz” pickup line, particularly if you need to show that you’re likewise mindful of the reference exhaustively.

This reaction is an extract from the honey bee film very much like the ‘Ya like jazz’ and in some way or another, it sits well as a reaction to the zinger

  • Ya like jazz?
  • As per all known laws of aeronautics.

However, it doesn’t end there. The full sentence is ” As indicated by completely known laws of flight, there is no great reason to how a honey bee can fly with those minuscule wings and enormous body”

10. “You mean, a honey of a genre?”

“All in all, a honey of a classification” is one more imaginative method for answering when you need to show that you’re similarly acquainted with the reference from which the zinger was made.

It lays out that you and the person have comparative interests and afterward a carefree discussion can happen from that point.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • Do you mean, a honey of a class? Hahaha, That is a well-known one there. How is it with you?

11. “I understand that you’re trying to be playful, but I’d prefer if we didn’t rely on overused memes”

This is one of the most outstanding approaches to pleasantly turn down the person asking you “ya like jazz” particularly when you realize the person had said the renowned zinger to make progress on you.

It is the most ideal way to answer in the event that you’re not into the person or the setting doesn’t allow you to be perky at that point.

  • Ya like jazz?
  • See, I comprehend that you’re attempting to be perky, yet I’d like in the event that we didn’t depend on abused images.


In conclusion, a pickup line or a conversation starter, the assertion “ya like jazz” is intended to be a fun-loving, and carefree method for beginning a discussion and checking the other person’s inclinations.

The reference to the honey bee film image is intended to be a shrewd and novel method for grabbing the other person’s eye and laying out a shared conviction for conversation.

At the point when somebody utilizes this image on you, and you are likewise ready to begin a discussion, you can express something like “Indeed, I love jazz. Furthermore, I need to concede, this honey bee film reference is only the buzz I expected to light up my day.”

In any case, assuming you are as of now drawn in and have been trusting that the person will take that first action and loosen things up, you can answer with “honey bee mine honey.”

It shows that you got the thought behind the reference and you need to take things a bit higher, rapidly, to make an association in view of imparted interests to the person.

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