“Mastering Your Farewells: Best Responses to ‘Hasta Luego’ in Spanish and English”

Assuming you have observed any Arnold Schwarzenegger motion pictures, you probably heard him say hasta la vista before he exploded a person or thing.

That implies everybody knows about hasta la vista. In any case, what of hasta luego? No? Speedy language example!

Hasta luego is a Spanish expression that implies farewell or bye. Independently, “hasta” signifies until while “luego” signifies later, so together, in a real sense, hasta luego implies until some other time.

Thus, when somebody expresses this to you, it can either mean, until some other time or farewell, both having a similar significance.

"Mastering Your Farewells: Best Responses to 'Hasta Luego' in Spanish and English"

Hasta luego in Spanish, has its starting point from Spanish-talking nations and is regularly utilized.

While hasta la vista is more well-known than hasta luego, the last option is utilized by local people in all Spanish-talking nations while it is uncommon to say local people or locals say hasta la vista.

It isn’t inconsiderate to say it is companions, or those more established than you, yet be cautious, since it is viewed as a relaxed method for saying goodbye.

Now that our example is finished, here are a few Spanish and English answers you can utilize when you are told hasta luego:

17 Best Spanish Replies

17 Best Spanish Replies

On the off chance that you extravagant learning another dialect, or if nothing else a couple of expressions in another dialect just to answer a hello, here are a few answers you can utilize.

They incorporate the articulation, significance, and how to utilize them:

1. Hasta luego

This is a legitimate reaction to the hello. Since you are both heading out in different directions and you desire to see one another, you can in any case answer with this.

You can utilize a few Spanish pet names like my dear, my adoration, etc. Here are a few models:

  • Hasta luego, mi love
  • Hasta luego, querido (Male)
  • Hasta luego querida (Female)
  • Hasta luego corazón
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2. Hasta la Vista

What sort of rundown could this be on the off chance that it didn’t contain one of the most popular Spanish expressions ever? Hasta la vista in a real sense implies until the view which should mean until the two perspectives (see) each other once more.

It implies bye and it is exceptionally famous on the grounds that it rhymes. The vast majority express it to sound cool however it sounds more like why you say in the event that you won’t see them once more or on the other hand on the off chance that you won’t see them in quite a while.

3. Hasta Más ver

In a real sense signifying “until see soon”, this Spanish expression implies see you soon. It sounds more pleasant and more relaxed on the two we have taken a gander at up to this point.

Something isn’t normal however that has a typical importance. persons additionally say “hasta más tarde” and that implies seeing you a while later. That is, after we head out in a different direction we see one another.

4. Hasta Pronto

I guarantee we don’t simply have every one of the answers beginning with hasta. Hasta right now likewise implies seeing you soon and it’s entirely reasonable.

Assuming you separate them, you will see immediately remaining solitary which implies speedy or quick. For this situation, it implies soon. As in, very soon. It is extremely basic.

Another that is not really well known signifying “see you soon” is “te veo immediately”.

5. Hasta la Próxima

This implies until sometime later. It doesn’t sound as smooth and easygoing as the ones above however it is a decent answer and if you have any desire to express farewell to somebody who is definitely not a dear companion, similar to a collaborator, a colleague, or another person you know or you are meeting outside a conventional setting, you can utilize this.

On the off chance that it appears to be excessively firm, express it cheerfully.

6. Hasta Mañana

Try not to overlook the minuscule sign on the primary n. You put a little squeeze on it. Presently say it once more. This is one method until tomorrow.

This one is explicit so except if it is somebody you will see tomorrow like a partner or cohort, don’t see this.

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Assuming you are meeting them on one more day of the week that isn’t tomorrow, you can say, “hasta El (day of the week). Fair warning, there are Spanish words for the day of the week.

7. Si Dios Quiere

“See dios ki-a-re” is the elocution and it implies God willing. Got a strict companion, would you say you are a passionate supporter yourself? This sounds request to one of you.

You are placing yourself in the All-powerful’s hands and for however long He’s willing, you will see each other in the future. Assuming you at any point get this on paper, recall that Dios implies God so keep it promoted.

8. Ciao

Presently to sort things out, this word is both Spanish and Italian. As an Italian word, it is articulated Chao and it can mean welcome or farewell however as a Spanish word it implies farewell and it is articulated as it is spelled (see-a-oo).

9. Igualmente adios / Igual

Try not to be confounded. Igual signifies “same”. As in, likewise. You can express this as a reaction to hasta luego or you can take up a score you can utilize igualmente farewell.

This signifies “you as well. Farewell”, or “same, farewell”. You can go for whichever one suits your extravagant, they are both right.

10. Adios

On the off chance that I am positioning the ubiquity of every Spanish word or expression, this comes next. Most times when I say farewell, my English companions polish off with amigos.

For this situation, they have proactively bid farewell so you can simply say goodbye amigos on the off chance that you are companions or just bye.

11. Nos Vermos

It implies seeing you, however, in a real sense it signifies “we will see one another”. You can immediately make it “we will see each other soon”.

It sounds more private and decent and I envision writing a note to say thanks for this. Exceptionally decent.

12. Cuidate

It signifies “deal with yourself” and it is articulated quid-at-a. This is a pleasant method for showing somebody you care even as you are separating.

This keep of answer works out in a good way for a nickname, particularly to a friend or family member so don’t be modest to give it a shot.

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You can likewise say “cuidate mucho”, it has a similar signifying, “cuidate por favor” significance be careful, please

13. Que te vaya Bien

This implies the best of luck. It doesn’t bid farewell however you can utilize it relying upon the sort of discussion you recently had.

14. Chao

This is Spanish as well, and it implies bye. Just bye. You can coordinate it with any of the different reactions above to flavor it up a little. For instance:

  • Chao cuidate (bye, fare thee well)
  • Chao hasta nunca (bye never – getting it implies there won’t ever be a long-lasting farewell)
  • Chao mi love (bye my affection)

15. De Acuerdo

You would imagine that such a fine-looking expression with a brilliant ring to it would have a pleasant importance. It simply implies right. That is all there is to it.

It concurs with what the other person said. It’s basic, it’s simple, it’s astonishing however at that point who could like it?

16. Vale

In the event that you dreaded, there was definitely not a basic method for expressing OK in Spanish, I give you value. It’s articulated VA-le (weight on the primary syllable). You can coordinate with different answers similarly to Chao.

17. Buenas Noches

This implies a great night in Spanish. It doesn’t bid farewell yet it’s great in the event that you are separating at night or around evening time and you will see it tomorrow.

They previously bid farewell, it’s great to stop with a goodbye and a wish. Buenas Noches says the two are well indeed.

That is all there is to it for the Spanish reactions. In the event that you like, you can utilize their English implications all things considered. Nobody will pummel you about answering in an alternate language.

12 Best English Responses

12 Best English Responses

Here are a few English Reactions you can attempt to irritate yourself with learning the answers above.

They are standard answers, you will effectively know how to utilize them.

  1. Once more, till we meet
  1. Anticipating it
  1. Goodbye
  1. Farewell
  1. Definitely/curtain/okay
  1. Look you up some other time
  1. Goodbye companion
  1. Express hey to your family for me
  1. Until sometime later
  1. You fare thee well
  1. Live long and thrive
  1. The very best


Also, that is the thing we have amigos. Make sure to observe the accents and signs on the letters assuming you are composing or messaging.

You can continuously utilize either Spanish or English reactions, and in the event that you have some other responses, Spanish or English, make certain to drop them underneath. Hasta luego.

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