Mastering the Art of “Yo”: 8 Clever Responses for Every Occasion”

Yo is a typical word and it is utilized in various ways to welcome and point out somebody.

Now and again you use it to welcome your companions, persons you know all about, and companions. Different times, somebody expresses it to you so you don’t have the foggiest idea what to say I answer to the side what’s up, or Hello!

Mastering the Art of "Yo": 8 Clever Responses for Every Occasion"

You can attempt different answers like “Is that right?” or then again “What?” You can likewise answer with a couple of signals like waves and offers and, surprisingly, a clenched hand knock.

If you could do without the hello “yo,” there are different reactions to that. Continue to peruse:

Give A Simple Response

It’s not exactly a joking matter. Now and then you are strolling along or in an everyday schedule store, and you see a companion

Give A Simple Response

Assuming that the person calls out ‘yo’ as far as you might be concerned, you don’t need to overthink the answer. It is an informal environment so you can utilize any of the accompanying:

What’s up?

I can wager this is the principal answer that rang a bell. Who can fault you? It is simple, rolls off the tongue, and is a lot easier than considering different reactions.

This answer for you is perfect for people you know. If a more bizarre says “yo” as far as you might be concerned, they are attempting to stand out on something, similar to a top in your shorts, not because they need to begin a relaxed cordial discussion.


This is essentially an abbreviated variant of “what’s up” yet it is a decent answer. It is still really great for a relaxed hello. You can do it with an influx of your hand or essentially lift your hand.

How are you doing?

“What’s up” is an identical significance of Yo so it is OK to answer it with “How is it with you?”

The greeter plans to ask about your prosperity or at any rate to talk to end the abnormal quiet, and you may effectively answer with this platitude. ” Hello, how is it with you?” is a choice. There are fixed reactions

What goes on?

This is utilized among companions and by Henry Hart (you ought to know him on the off chance that you have watched no less than one episode of the Nickelodeon series). It is likened to what’s happening.

The inquiry makes them start any discussion you will have and it is smooth.


Certain persons say ‘yo’ to definitely stand out enough to be noticed, so on the off chance that somebody doesn’t say “no” to you openly, they are attempting to see your face or pose a truly basic inquiry.

It’s anything but a decent hello. Hi is more conscious because the expression you right back to somebody you don’t realize will emerge off or odd.

Hi there

What’s more, if they are a recognizable face or a close buddy, hello is lively and inviting. To begin a discussion with the greeter, this is a decent choice.

If you don’t have the foggiest idea about the greeter then you can in any case say howdy if you have any desire to converse with them or you are for the most part a pleasant person. You can utilize “good day” as another option, similarly.


Casual reactions for casual good tidings. It’s anything but a standard however might you at any point envision answering with a hello? It’s somewhat awkward.

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Assuming that the person you are conversing with is a long way from you, they are attempting to stand out so they can find you.

Saying hello is recognizing all of that. It will be odd to simply gaze at somebody while you hang tight for them to contact you.


At the point when somebody says “yo”, it tends to be that they are attempting to review something they need to tell you.

Expressing definitely in this question implies I’m tuning in, what is it that you need to say? It can assist them with recollecting what they need to say.


You can likewise involve what for a similar impact. It resembles they need to definitely stand out before they ask you something so it isn’t awkward.

At the point when you say it, in any case, make it sound like an inquiry, because with just the right amount of tone change, you could sound requesting or irate.

How have you been?

Normally when people say yo, it is trailed by an inquiry like, ‘How have you been?’. Since the inquiry isn’t posed, you can likewise ask it and begin a discussion.

For the persons who respect themselves and don’t have any desire to begin a discussion, this is an extraordinary reaction.

Use gestures to respond to “yo”

Use gestures to respond to “yo”

Correspondence is more than words and most times it includes contact or non-verbal communication. In this situation, a little motion says much more And says it all faster. The following are a couple:


On the off chance that you are a couple of meters separated, and somebody hollers ‘yo’ to stand out it isn’t strange. At the point when they do this, you can answer with a wave.

Hands raised to the elbow and a little wave to show you recognize it. On the off chance that you are not excessively far separated you can express What’s up.

On the off chance that you are more than a couple of feet separated, you should do a major wave and add the following signal.


A grin, something that can light up your entire face and tell them “Hello, I see you and I hear you, and I value you perceiving my presence”.

You can add the wave yet a grin can be all you want particularly if they are in a gathering and you don’t have the foggiest idea about the others.

Use a handshake

At the point when I say handshake I don’t mean the strong handle money managers welcome each other with.

A greater amount of lively hand movements that children use to welcome one another or celebrate. This will work out positively for the folks.

  • Yo Jake
  • Brad, my man, how is it with you? ( Handshake)

A Hug

This is for persons that you know since you can’t approach embracing outsiders. It is peculiar and somewhat unsanitary.

The embrace is ideal if you haven’t seen it in some time, it says that you recall them and you have missed them. Here is a model,

  • Yo! Carla!
  • Wow. Jim! ( Abnormal side embrace)

A safe nod

A gesture is an indication of affirmation and for somebody you don’t know well overall, this is an ideal reaction to ‘yo’.

You are not gambling any off-kilter actual contact or being too forward, simultaneously the two sides have conveyed and are fulfilled.

This is the most polite motion and there are gambles included.

Fist bumps and high-fives

This can occur in a relaxed environment. Clench hand knocks and high fives are not exceptionally normal in hello since they are utilized as an indication of understanding over an indication of hello.

I figure just children will utilize this, or a grown-up to a youngster. Clench hand knocks and high fives will be acceptable as far as exceptionally close companions since it isn’t considered normal.

A glare

On the off chance that somebody says ‘yo’ just to get you furious or to offer something slanderous, you can utilize a glare to express “keep off”, “stop it”, or “I’m cautioning you”.

For the most part, just a jerk will transform a pleasant hello into an initial line to a discourse that will run you down.

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Since you lack the opportunity to begin considering clever rebounds or make statements you will lament, a glare will send an unmistakable “stop” message.

Give Careful Responses

We can’t know everybody, and to the persons whom we don’t have the foggiest idea about that is sufficiently pleasant to give us a yo, there are a couple of answers you can provide for them relying upon the circumstance:

Do I know you?

Assuming somebody remembers you and says ‘yo’, it is most likely because they think you know them too except if they would have begun with something more formal and followed it up with a presentation.

Assuming they have you confused with some other exquisite human, this question will amenably tell them “I don’t have any acquaintance with you, I think you got some unacceptable person”.

They could pose a couple of inquiries just to affirm however at that point they let it go. This question is better compared to a through and through and discourteous “I don’t have any acquaintance with you”.

I don’t think we have met before

It is great to bring up promptly that you don’t know somebody so there won’t be any issues. You would appear to be discourteous if you attempted to overlook them and it tends to be humiliating assuming you are in a public spot. Letting them know that you haven’t met them before illuminates it.

You can give silly responses

If somebody welcomes you with something this easygoing, you can answer with something senseless just to play with them.

It can make them chuckle, shake their heads, and marvel however best of all. It will keep the great energies following. If your companions or companions welcome you with a yo, answering like this is not a problem


Not much thought to it. It’s not what they are expecting so they will be astounded. Do it with a wink like you both have confidential. That will make them giggle or leave them confounded.

Yo yo

What’s more, the answers deteriorate. Assuming you say it noisily while waving fiercely you get a few gazes and make everybody snicker. The world is somewhat unsettled, fulfill it.

Yo yo yogidi yo

You can articulate that any way you like. Assuming you utilize this answer you won’t cause a commotion since it has never been heard and later on, you can stress over how senseless it was. It will leave people talking.

You can respond in anger too

A companion of mine accepts that main Gen-Z welcomes with words as relaxed as “yo”. It made me snicker yet she was shocked by the way that anybody would accept that as a hello.

Assuming you feel the same way, these answers will convey that to the greeter:


Try not to feel like you need to acknowledge it. Everybody has the kind of good tidings they like and it contrasts starting with one person and then onto the next. If you could do without it at all, you can begin with a quiet no.

This will make them confused and afterward, you can make sense of what you could do without that as a hello.

On the off chance that they keep this up, you can give them hope to remind them or simply disregard them totally.

To converse with you or say companions they ought to roll out an improvement.

Yo yourself

You can utilize this if you could do without being told ” yo”. Let’s assume somebody is more youthful than you or when your agemates say this, the reaction will advise them to address themselves.

Simultaneously, it is perfect if you are attempting to play with somebody. Somebody will grin, another will become flushed and the situation gets from that point.

Moreover, it is a pleasant method for concealing the feline that you have no decent answer to.

Who are you going? I ain’t one of your friends

This is entirely interesting. On the off chance that you are facing a teen for utilizing “yo” as a hello this answer is great.

It lets them know that nothing bad can be said about it however they ought to save it for their agemates and not think about it as a hello for grown-ups. You will appear to be a chill grown-up if you go out along these lines.

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Formal salutations only

Is it true that you are a sticker for custom, this answer is exactly what you want. You will sound old and exhausted however at that point you are telling the greeter that you like what you like and “yo” is not a sufficient hello.

Attempt to do this in a well-disposed manner so you appear as though you are being harsh or mean.

Good morning

Old-fashioned greetings. You don’t need to answer with ‘yo’. There is no command to it and on the off chance that you feel more OK with good tidings, proceed them.

Keeping them well disposed and bright, whoever you are answering will be glad to begin a discussion.

This is likewise great for whatever other circumstance where you are told “yo”, aside from when you are being incited.

Give Thankful Responses to “Yo” too

What about words that can have a few implications and each significance is unique to the next like how it very well may be utilized as a tease welcoming (trust me it can) and simultaneously an admonition?

My bad, thank you

Here and there “yo” can be utilized as an advance notice. Suppose you are utilizing your and you are moving beyond a building site, somebody watches you move last and faculties risk if you continue leaving looking and yell you to stand out and caution you to watch out.

Here saying my terrible implies that you understand your misstep and you are taking them for the fair warning.

On the off chance that it is in a group environment and you are expressing discourteous or unseemly things, somebody can say ‘yo’ to tenderly bring up that before the circumstance deteriorates.

Thanks for the heads-up

It’s not extremely smooth however it is thankful and that is the thing you are attempting to do.

To see the value in whoever cautioned you from committing an error because, without it, you would have played the fool.

Besides committing an error, if you are befuddled about something and somebody brings up it for you with a “yo”, this answer isn’t terrible. For instance, “yo, cautious with that hot plate” or “yo, it’s that is the reason to the rec center”. Follow?

Affirmative Responses are not a bad idea too

Some of the time “yo” can be said as an insistence. For this situation, there are a ton of ways of answering.

For the most part, it will be at the center or end of a discussion so you can say “okay”, “OK”, “no issue”, and “fine”.

They generally mean you are alright with the reaction you have gotten and that all is great with them.

For the situation where somebody says “yo” and adds a prize to it, such as: ” Yo, could you at any point pass me those keys genuine speedy”, there are various ways of answering.

You can say “Of course”. It is relaxed, it is adaptable, and simple to say while doing what was asked.

You can utilize that is correct, no doubt, okay, alright. Any of these assert that you heard them and will get right to do what they believe you should do.

If you might then again, answers at any point like “sorry”, “no can do”, and “Nah” ought to do affirm.

You can give rude responses

Do you realize how people neglect words here and there and supplant them with filler words?

Indeed, the word can be utilized as a filler word on the off chance that your memory has neglected to review somebody’s name or is too distracted to even consider irritating.

For instance, a person can see somebody they know yet have failed to remember their name. They can holler “yo” across to stand out as well as to pass data across. Perhaps ask their name. For instance,

  • Hello! Yo, what’s your name?
  • Clara? Who’s inquiring?

In some cases, you probably won’t be the one who is being tended to yet the person who is being discussed.

Assuming you are available or passing by you can contribute rapidly, “Yo! I have a name and it is Clara!”

You can likewise say, “I favor you say my name, calling me yo is discourteous”. It is pointed and if the other person will be irritated or gone after it is ideal to not utilize it.


Certain persons accept “yo” as obsolete, while others have it as their go-to word. A way it is utilized by anybody, you can intensely answer without stressing over how it off as.

All things considered, what about circumventing saying “yo” to everybody just to see their response and how they?

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