“Mastering Social Interactions: A Guide to 11 Polite Responses When Asked ‘Que Pasa?’

Have you at any point ended up befuddled while attempting to answer a hello? You are by all accounts not the only one yet you have come to the ideal locations to track down the ideal response and end the disarray.

In almost all cases, greetings can be easily responded to. Be that as it may, a few good tidings require extraordinary responses. Try not to misunderstand me; Que Pasa isn’t one of those inquiries. It’s a lot simpler than you might think.

Before thinking about an ideal response, do you try and understand what it implies? A hello might be a commendation for a specific season or time.

That ought to influence how you answer the hello. Que Pasa means [What’s Up?] in English

How might you answer if I welcomed you by saying [What’s up?]?

Que Pasa

11 Best Responses to Que Pasa

1. Nothing’s up, man

There are actual greeting expressions and expressions that the majority of people use to begin conversations or greet one another.

Que Pasa wouldn’t be viewed as a hello articulation since it’s an inquiry. An inquiry is about something and requires a response.

Nonetheless, it is utilized to begin discussions and welcome persons. Hence, you won’t be guaranteed to need to respond to the inquiry.

Rather than addressing the subject of what is up with you, you can essentially answer as you have recently been welcomed with Hello or Great Day.

Nothing’s up really responds to the inquiry however not in a manner that is viewed in a serious way. A banality articulation is many times given as a response to inquiries concerning one’s government assistance, particularly when a person is reluctant to discuss whatever is happening with the person in question.

2. I’m doing great. Thank you

Another cliche expression provides an answer to the question. Notwithstanding, dissimilar to the response proposed before, this one might be your legitimate reply.

On the off chance that you will focus on how you believe, you can essentially say you are doing perfectly. However, if you don’t feel this way, you might want to say the opposite.

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Also, this response is perfectly acceptable if you are unwilling to express your feelings. By essentially saying you are doing perfect, you can abstain from educating the person about anything regarding your government assistance, however, this doesn’t prevent that person from posing further inquiries.

Although saying “Thank you” may come across as dismissive, you might want to think about omitting it. After giving a short, cliche response like this, instead of saying thank you, you might want to ask about the person’s health. It ought to show that you give it a second thought.

You can likewise decide to say Thank you and get some information about the person’s government assistance. You won’t be judged if you say too much.

3. No news yet

It’s not a cliche. You can’t necessarily involve this in each situation. As referenced before, Que Pasa isn’t just a hello articulation. Because it concerns a person’s well-being, a response may be required.

You can respond as if it were a standard greeting when someone asks you “What’s up?” In any case, on the off chance that the person is alluding to a topic that you definitely know about, you are supposed to inform the person as to whether there is new data on anything that the person is alluding to.

The inquiry might make reference to what the person is referring to so you ought not be a misconception when a person says Que Pasa.

In any case, the person may likewise anticipate that you should understand what the person is referring to.

4. Ciao

On the off chance that Que Pasa is a hello word, you can essentially answer with a hello word. Ciao is a hello word.

The sweet thing about utilizing this response is you can say it imprudently. You don’t need to ponder the time prior to saying this.

Rather than saying Great morning or evening or night, Ciao works for all times. One more benefit of Hello with this is all there is that it can begin discussions and furthermore end discussions.

At the point when a person approaches you, you can say Ciao. You can also get away with saying “Ciao” when someone is walking off.

On the off chance that a person welcomes you with Que Pasa and you are certain you are not being gotten some information about anything explicit, you can essentially answer with Ciao and continue to talk.

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5. I was expecting to hear from you

I was expecting to hear from you

This doesn’t seem like something you say while saying hello a person. That is valid and that is because it’s anything but a hello articulation.

Assuming that you have been welcomed with Que Pasa, this may not be the right choice for you. In any case, if Que Pasa comes as an immediate inquiry on a topic, you can think about this response.

While answering an inquiry or proclamation, you should make certain of the message you are attempting to pass and know about what you are expressing to pass the message.

Assuming you give this response, you are let the person know that you don’t have new data on what the person is referring to and you anticipate that the person should have new data to impart to you.

6. I’m fine. How about you?

This is most definitely a greeting. It straightforwardly addresses the inquiry yet it is one of those platitude answers that you hear when government assistance questions are inquired.

Questions like How far and What’s up are utilized time after time and may not be utilized to intend what they in a real sense mean.

Que Pasa (which is what’s up) can be told you when the person asking doesn’t mind what is up with you. At times, the person may not sit tight for you to answer before continuing to express out loud whatever the person truly thinks often about.

At the point when you are welcomed with Que Pasa, you can say that you are fine. Then, at that point, you ought to ask how the person is faring moreover.

While this articulation might be a banality, you might intend what you are talking about. Assuming you feel fine, you can say this yet it wouldn’t demonstrate that you really feel fine.

You might want to think about using different words that focus more on how good you feel.

Nonetheless, if you need to try not to respond to the inquiry, this response ought to finish the work impeccably.

You give a short response that doesn’t mirror your genuine sentiments or express anything about you, then you toss the inquiry back so the person doesn’t pose further inquiries about you.

7. Good day

We could include the greetings “Good morning” and “Good afternoon” on the list, but why not just use “Good day” instead?

This articulation is much like Ciao. You can utilize this response whenever you consider it fit. It’s generally an alternate story when it’s evening yet you know what to say when it is evening time.

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You ought to consider it intriguing to be asked What’s up around evening time, taking into account how dim it would be assuming you attempted to really turn upward.

If you are greeted with Que Pasa, you can just say “Good day” unless the person wants to update you on a subject you are supposed to know a lot about.

One more beneficial thing about hello a person with a Great day is you can likewise say this while leaving behind somebody.

8. What do you think?

This question is cool since it works for the two cases. Que Pasa could be a hello or a genuine inquiry. You can ask this question to make the person guess if it is a legitimate question.

Assuming you have uplifting news, you can pose this inquiry. Assuming that you have terrible news, this question likewise works. If Que Pasa comes as a hello, you can decide to in a real sense answer the inquiry. You can ask this question if you want, but you might not get a response.

9. You look great

This sounds like you are saying a commendation to the person. That is the motivation behind saying this. At the point when you are welcomed, you can decide to answer with a hello word. You can likewise decide to say a commendation to the person.

By saying the person looks perfect, you will get that person complimented. However, if the person is asking about a subject that you ought to be aware of, this would sound odd and probably be embarrassing.

10. It’s good to see you, man

On occasion, the words contained in a hello articulation don’t make any difference. Many persons welcome their companions with articulations in an unknown dialect in any event, when they don’t have the foggiest idea what those articulations mean.

At the point when a person welcomes you with Que Pasa, you can answer like you are answering Welcome. On the off chance that it is somebody you haven’t found in some time, this response would be great.

It would serve both as a commendation and as a true demonstration of how you feel.

11. How do I look?

Even though the person couldn’t care less about what might be up with you, you can decide to in a real sense answer. You can ask what you look like, wearing a grin and flaunting your body or garments.

It would be found interesting because the person couldn’t care less. In any case, this would be significantly more crazy and humiliating on the off chance that the person is discussing a point that is significant.

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