A Guide to the 15 Best Replies to “Will You Be My Valentine?”

The time of affection is normally set apart by February, while the fourteenth day of this propitious month is perceived as a day for sweethearts. Before this day, a ton of exercises ordinarily follow up and the feature, all things considered, is when persons get to strongly ask others out, to be “their valentine”.

I have a strong feeling that the holiday season is upon us once more, and to make it even more interesting, you may have been asked to be their Valentine, and you are looking for the most appropriate responses to this request. Sit back and relax, I take care of you as I’ll examine several great answers to “will you be my valentine” in this article. Remain secured!

Will You Be My Valentine

15 Best Replies to “Will You Be My Valentine”

As a rule, when somebody requests that you be their valentine utilizing the previously mentioned line, the response is supposed to be a yes or no response. That’d be an effective method for answering however, that is on the off chance that you either feel the same way about them (yes) or you don’t (no).

In any case, I’d let you know that it’ll be ordinary on the off chance that you’re to endorse a valentine’s date simply by saying “OK”. Or on the other hand decline simply by saying “no”, which doesn’t sound so smart if you were to ask me except if you’re not in for the significant conversations.

Hence, I’ve organized a rundown of responses that offers more energy and sauce that might be of some value and it doesn’t make any difference assuming you’re saying OK or no. Primarily, you sound cool while saying that. How about we get into the principal course of this post rapidly, before the treat gets cold.

1. Of course, I will

Use this line of response if you want to demonstrate that you are increasingly prepared to say yes when the other person asks you to be their Valentine’s Day date.

What I see most in this line is the energy and excitement you’ll show when you utilize this line. Another significant detail is that this line of response suits best assuming it were said by a lady. Furthermore, this is on the grounds that they’re typically the most advertised with regards to a relationship and valentine’s day.

I clearly recall how a girl I used to know would begin a new grooming routine just two weeks before Valentine’s Day, with the goal of looking her best in anticipation of receiving a proposal from a man.

If you’re a girl and feel as though you’ve never been more certain of anything than saying yes to your dream guy who just asked you out to be his Valentine by asking, “Will you be my Valentine?” then, at that point, you ought to communicate your enthusiasm to go through this promising day with him by utilizing this response.

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You can bring the entire response alive by either panting or appearing a major grin all over. This expression is appropriate for your response and suggests that, like your mind, your body longs for the meeting.

2. Hmmm…yeah

We live in a universe of duality, so exceptionally similarly as the past line of response manages you being enthusiastic about saying OK, this one is a glimmer inverse of that.

Do you realize you should rest assured about something, yet has a poke in you that makes you drag the general purpose? All things considered, that is the very thing that you could feel in certain examples when somebody requests that you be their valentine.

There are a lot of guys and girls I know who are certain of what they want, but when they get the chance to explore, they become numb and indecisive.

You can respond with this line if you think you want to make things work out with the person who asks you to be their Valentine but are still unsure about the whole situation.

While the person might see the drowsiness in your response, you can attempt to make it energetic by faking a grin (on the off chance that that’d help). Along these lines, you restrain the anticipation in your voice which you previously touched off.

By the way, this suspense might be good for you because it puts you in a position to make yourself seem interesting to the person who asked you out on a Valentine’s Day date. All things considered, what makes the biggest difference is that you at last said OK and that is the most compelling thing.

3. The question should be…will you be mine?

The possibility that one orientation (male) has the sole liability of making suggestive advances towards the other (female) is an uneven hypothesis that is currently blurring off.

This is on the grounds that a ton of ladies are presently setting new guidelines with regards to who asks others out… consequently putting them as deliberate people.

I’d by and by rate a lady who makes the main development higher than the person who simply plunks down, overlays her arms, and hang tight for her Mr. Perfect to approach her and ask her out.

In light of this entirely different idea, as a person, you might be asked out for a valentine’s date by a young lady when she utilizes the line “will you be my valentine”.

At the point when this occurs, you can upset the setting to the default (not that it’s off-base for her to ask, however you’re simply being a refined man). Also, most effective way to do that is utilizing this line of response.

Utilizing this line implies you’ve by implication consented to her solicitation, and you’re diverting a similar inquiry to her. Notwithstanding, since she previously asked you out first, soon she expresses yes as clearly both of you are in total agreement.

To impact your response and question, you ought to know that should be actually expressive. In this way, you can attempt to point your fingers back at her when you toss in your response to her. There’s nothing on earth that wouldn’t do work of showing your advantage and consent.

4. Sorry, I’m already hooked up

It’s normally a touch miserable when somebody you have as a top priority or respect from a good ways asks you out on a valentine’s date yet you’re now inaccessible. This normally occurs on the off chance that the person can’t summon up the boldness to approach you however another person with mental fortitude previously did.

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In this manner, when they at last ask you wouldn’t be so obvious to say “no” as that would put them off totally. All things considered, you can say this line of response to them.

This is on the grounds that it shows that you might be intrigued to offer them a positive response yet the situation isn’t that simple as you’ve proactively expressed yes to another person and upsetting the other person’s proposition wouldn’t have good intentions for your standing in the dating pool.

Likewise, with this line, you’re in a roundabout way to let the person know that you’d be accessible for the following year in the event that they wouldn’t fret asking you once more.

I managed to convey a profound sadness in this response, which would come through if you used the appropriate body language to emphasize your point.

5. That depends…are you up for the fun?

I realize people who’d prefer sound odd with all that you ask them. Might it at any point be that they’re conceived odd? I can’t say for sure, but I do know that they rarely respond to questions or requests on a regular basis.

This response here is one such answer that a bizarre buddy or young lady can set up when you request that they go on a valentine’s date with you.

Assuming that you’re somebody who appreciates being strangely uncommon, you can utilize this line of response. Rather than noting the other person with a yes or no response, you can reevaluate yourself by posing them this inquiry as your answer.

The response shows that you’re reasonably saying OK, however, would prefer to make a proposal to the person than simply bounce on theirs by saying OK.

Inquiring as to whether they’re up for the tomfoolery is an approach to ensuring you’re consenting to somebody who coordinates to your energy with regards to suggestive undertakings. Presently you see the procedure at play here?

6. I’ll be needing a minute to think it through

Do you feel that you’re not completely in the right perspective to either say OK or no when somebody requests that you be their valentine? Using this line of response, you can ask for more time to consider your options in that case.

There’s nothing questionable about your response if at all you feel as such… it’s just an approach to showing that you would rather not answer deplorably to the person’s proposition. Furthermore, assuming the person who asked you out is fair in their choices, the person will permit you to thoroughly consider it.

On the other side, you can decide if to consent to the person’s proposal by inspecting their response when you demand they allow you to assess yourself before giving them a response.

Consequently, on the off chance that the person beginnings acting all frantic, it implies they’d presumably act obscure if something different comes up between both of you. It likewise implies they wouldn’t regard your choices assuming you make one, and that is an entire bundle of warnings.

On the more splendid side, you can think about the person assuming the person has a cool outlook on your choice.

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7. I’d rather not get into that

Certain persons carry on with a cold life, essentially they do as such in the ongoing phase of their life. If you learn that you’re not cut for the entire relationship set-up, you can deferentially decline the solicitation of the person who requested you out utilizing this line from the response.

8. Thanks, but I have a boyfriend

Thanks, but I have a boyfriend

Courteousness goes far in making people see you from an alternate perspective. This likewise applies when you tranquility deny a person’s proposition for you to be his valentine.

You can be pleasant with your response by utilizing this line of response. It shows exactly the amount of a pleasant young lady you are, one your sweetheart ought to be glad for.

9. No!

On the off chance that you’re not up for meaningful conversations like I previously referenced before on. You can obtrusively reject the person who requests that you be their valentine by saying “no”.

10. I don’t think that would be necessary

This is another great way you can decline the person’s proposition without sounding cheeky about it. Let the person know that the proposition isn’t required ought to be sufficient justification for them to ease off.

Furthermore, this could be because you’re either not of similar relationship direction as them, or you’re a sister, or maybe, your strict practice prohibits such.

11. I thought you were hooked on someone else already

You can use this line to shift the focus of the question from you to the person asking you to be their Valentine if you don’t want to sound too interested in them.

Along these lines, they currently get to respond to the inquiry while you either choose to push through with them or back off, as it’ll be is still up in the air by their response.

12. I knew you would ask me…Yes

At the point when you’ve been yearning for the person to request that you be their valentine, you can use this line to express yes while telling them you’ve generally had it in your brain that they’d ask you.

This shows exactly how intrigued you are in spending time with the person on Valentine’s day.

13. It would be a great experience with you, I guess

You are on the right page if you are looking for a good way to say yes while mentally picturing how it would turn out. This is because this line of response does precisely that.

All shades of the supposition that you’re investing in regards to burning through energy with the examiner on the said Valentine’s day.

14. I’m glad you finally asked. I would

Have you been hanging tight forever for the expressed person to ask you out on a Valentine’s date and they at last did? You can utilize this line to cause them to comprehend how thrilled you are as of now to feel that they turned up for you.

Saying you’re happy they asked implies that you’re cheerful they asked you, and for that, you’re saying OK straight up!

15. I don’t even mind being your soulmate

This response is a snide approach to saying “OK” when somebody asks you out on a Valentine’s date. It shows that you’re expressing consenting to it, yet you’re proposing that you believe more should emerge from the meetup, perhaps a chance at marriage. What a method for going all out!


Love is a delightful inclination and the people who get to insight and articulate their thoughts in such a manner remember it in a rush.

This would be the expectant feeling for the person who asks you to be their Valentine. You have the option of saying yes or declining to fulfill your dreams.

Whether you are certain about it, I’ve given you the best 15 answers when somebody at long last requests that you be their valentine.

While I’m confident these responses will be useful to you, you can sympathetically tell me your opinion on them in the remark box underneath.

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