A Guide to Navigating “Any Luck?” with 20 Proper and Engaging Replies

It tends to be quite hard in some cases to answer to “any luck” particularly when you are not exceptionally secure with yourself. When someone is interested in how a project or research is progressing, the expression “any luck” is used.

It shows that the person is curious as to whether you’re finding success or you’re experiencing difficulties in the reason for making it happen. It is an approach to being worried about a person’s advancement or the consequence of something.

We will examine twenty appropriate responses that you can offer whenever someone asks you if you have “any luck” in this article.

A few legitimate responses which you can give are; ” Yeah! Just got a clue”, “Nothing by any means except for I’m not surrendering”, and “Come see”. These responses show that there’s a little luck, even though it probably won’t be precisely the exact things required.

Any Luck

20 Appropriate Responses to “Any Luck?”

1. Yeah! Just Got A hint

This answer lets somebody know that there is a tad of luck. A clue shows that there is a hint to what you’re looking for, it may not be the entire response but rather it is a helpful thing to you and can prompt a full solution to what you’re looking for. It is an affirmation that you have something valuable.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Yeah! Just got a hint. This is going to be great.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Yeah! Just got a hint, come closer.”

2. Nothing at all but I’m not giving up.

This response is essentially expressing that there is no luck except that regardless of whether there’s no luck, you won’t quit looking. Even though nothing is proving to be useful at the moment, this response suggests that there is hope that you will find something.

It demonstrates that there is no luck, but even so, you should keep looking until you find luck. This response can be utilized to give a little desire to the person inquiring.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Nothing at all but I’m not giving up”

3. Come and have a look. 

For this response, you can figure that there’s luck. However, it isn’t certain regardless of whether there’s luck yet it’s simply an approach to saying, “I have something, come and check whether it will be valuable”.

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You’re welcoming the person to investigate what you’ve been doing. You additionally request the person’s viewpoint on what you found. This shows that you’re not entirely sure of what you found, so you want the assessment of another person. It’s anything but a straightforward reply to what was inquired.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Come have a look, you’d love this.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “There’s something here, come have a look.”

4. I need a little more time

The response shows that there is no luck except to get any if you want additional time. That’s what it shows assuming you are given additional time, you could get something valuable. By responding in this manner, you are reassuring the person that luck may occur occasionally, but it will require additional time.

  • “Any luck”
  • “This is pretty difficult. I need a little more time.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “I wish. I still need a little more time to do this.”

5. Yes! A whole lot

This is a positive response. Here, you’re not examining regardless of whether there is nevertheless you’re offering a direct response.

Not exclusively is this answer clear and positive, but it likewise suggests that you found numerous solutions to what you’re looking for.

You’re not requesting additional opportunities to look or being befuddled about what you have. It shows you’re certain what you saw would be valuable.

  • “Any luck”
  • “Yes! A whole lot, you’d be surprised.”
  • “Any luck”
  • “Yes! A whole lot, can’t believe it myself.”

6. I’ll keep trying but nothing for now

This response likewise shows that there’s no luck. It likewise suggests that you would rather not as yet surrender. A response lets a person know that there’s no luck except that you’ll continue investing energy to receive something in return.

It shows that you won’t abandon what you’re looking for till you track down something. It’s an approach to saying you’ve been putting forth a valiant effort. You can utilize this response if you have any desire to tell the person that you’ve been looking and also give an affirmation that you won’t stop till you get anything that you’re looking for.

  • “Any luck”
  • “I’ll keep trying but nothing for now. Just be patient.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Hmmm, I’ll keep trying but nothing for now.”

7. Oh! Yeah

This is another positive answer. It is a straightforward response that demonstrates that you possess something. It’s anything but a “perhaps” yet a positive response that there is luck. It is one more approach to replying “Yes!” to “Any luck?”.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Oh! Yeah. This is amazing”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Oh! Yeah. So many options to choose from.”

8. Sure! As always

You can utilize this answer when you’re continuously finding the solutions you want. While you’re being asked any luck and you give this answer, you’re essentially saying OK.

A positive answer suggests very much as you have consistently found a solution before, this current one is the same as you’ve similarly found a solution or a hint on what to do. As far as you might be concerned, there’s consistent luck. 

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Sure! As always. I told you I’d find something, didn’t I?”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Sure! As always. I’m a lucky guy.” 
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9. Nothing useful yet

This answer is a negative one. A negative assertion shows that presumably you’ve been pursuing for quite a while yet haven’t gotten anything up to right now. However, there is little hope that it will occur.

It infers that quite possibly you can luck out even though you got no luck by any means. It implies you’ve not gotten everything except rather there’s plausible of it occurring from here on out.

  • “Any luck”
  • “Nothing useful yet. Check back later.”
  • “Any luck”
  • “Nothing useful yet. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

10.  Not yet but soon

This is like the past response. This response indicates not only that it would occur shortly but also that it would occur in the future. it implies you’ll get what you’re searching for in a brief time frame after now or your response will come not excessively lengthy from this second.

It is a response that demonstrates your self-assurance that something beneficial will occur or that you will accomplish something beneficial quickly.

  • “Any luck”
  • “Not yet but soon. Check back in a few minutes.”
  • “Any luck”
  • “Not yet but soon. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.”

11. It doesn’t look like they’ll be

It doesn’t look like they’ll be

This is a negative answer and it shows that there’s no luck by any stretch of the imagination. This response infers that separated from the way that there’s no luck, there is no way of getting any. So here, there is no expectation and this could be a consequence of an error being made someplace.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “It doesn’t look like they’ll be. Something is wrong somewhere.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “It doesn’t look like they’ll be. This is so weird.”

12.  No! I might need some help

In addition to being negative, this response also serves as an appeal. You’re attempting to let the person know that there’s no luck and you’d require assistance assuming that a positive result is normal. It implies that you can’t do it single-handedly, since you’ve not gotten any luck when you did it single-handedly.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “No! I might need some help. Please can you get John?”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “No! I might need some help. Do you mind helping me out here?”

13.  What do you have?

Here, you’re not saying OK or no. You’re mentioning the person’s viewpoint on the thing you’re chipping away at. It can also be used to inquire about a person’s opinion of the task you are assigned. It suggests that you want to contrast the other person’s perspective with your own. 

  • “Any luck?”
  • “What do you have? It might be useful.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “What do you have? Come on let’s see what you’ve got.”
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14. I was hoping to hear from you

This answer very much like the past one isn’t a yes or a no. it just infers that you want to get the person’s point of view. It may be the case that you need to hear from the person first before you start.

  • “Any luck”
  • “I was hoping to hear from you. I haven’t seen a single clue.”

15. Not sure what we have yet

This response shows that you’ve been running over such countless choices however you’ve not settled on any. It suggests that you’re befuddled and hesitant. Presumably, you’ve seen a great deal of choices yet you don’t know which to pick right now. 

“Any luck?”

“Not sure of what we have yet. It’s pretty confusing.”

16. Check this out

This response suggests that you have discovered the answer or a hint to your question, but you need your partner to examine it. It additionally suggests that you might want to hear what the person needs to say regarding what you found.

It is a positive response that you got something however it needs confirmation from another person. It is likewise an approach to offering your view to the person

“Any luck?”

“Check this out and tell me what you think.”

“Any luck?”

“Check this out. I feel it needs a little …”

17. Not yet

This is an adverse response and yet implies you can in any case find something later. It is only an approach to saying there’s nothing correct now except that will be there ASAP.

  • “Any luck”
  • “Not yet. I’ve been searching.”

18. Hopefully, soon

It suggests that shortly, there will be luck. Here, there is no adverse response except for a response that gives an assumption. You are attempting to advise someone to anticipate luck shortly. The person ought to have a positive outlook and anticipate obtaining luck soon.

“Any luck?”

“Hopefully soon something will pop up.”

19. Look what we found here

The response shows that you’ve found something that is in all probability helpful. This response is very sure because there’s certainty that you tracked down something.

It is likewise an approach to welcoming another person to see what you’ve been doing. The answer is an approach to requesting somebody’s perspective on what you have.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Look what we found here. Not bad right.”

20. Will this help?

Here likewise, you are not certain about what you have. You don’t know whether what you have will be valuable or not. It’s one more approach to looking for a person’s view about something.

You need to be certain that what you find is of extraordinary use. This answer lets a person know that you’ve not settled on a choice and whether an assessment or answer is given to you would decide whether what you saw as would be useful or not.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Will this help? Please let me know once you’re done.”


Answering an inquiry like “any luck” can be here and there, particularly when you’ve not gone with a legitimate choice or when you want someone else’s view on it before you make your decision.

It might be more terrible when you don’t appear to get any piece of information or clue on the thing you’re looking for.

You don’t have to conceptualize to get answers or to how to answer while that is no joke “any luck”, this article has investigated a few legitimate responses that you can give any time, quickly, you should simply know which circumstance you’re managing right now.

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