A Comprehensive Guide to 30 Polite “Do Not Disturb” Signs for the Office

Persons strolling all through your office can be diverting, particularly when you are zeroing in on a significant errand at that point. However, how might you keep people from strolling all through your office?

You can set up ”do not disturb” signs that would tell persons that you would rather not be diverted when you are in your office.

These “do not disturb” signs are helpful, especially if you’re in a shared office where more people are likely to disrupt your workflow.

With these signs, your workplace would be more peaceful and you wouldn’t be disturbed frequently because persons have proactively seen the ”do not disturb” sign at the entry.

Do Not Disturb

Here are 30 polite do-not-disturb signs for office

1. Knock before coming in

With a sign like this, you can put it right at the entry of your office so those approaching in would see that you are in your work area and you would rather not be disturbed.

This sign was written on all covers so it would be not difficult to peruse. Assuming this sign is at your entry, those approaching can’t say that they didn’t see the ”don’t disturb” sign.

With this, you would have fewer people coming in to divert you while you are working. You would concentrate more with fewer interruptions. This is a sign you can embrace.

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2. Hold, Work in progress

The “hold” sign at your entrance would signal to your coworkers that you are at work and do not want to be distracted.

With this, you can concentrate more on working without your partners diverting you. It is a polite “do not disturb” sign that you can place in a visible location, preferably at the entrance of your office or in a location where people are likely to see it frequently.

3. Programmer at Work

At the point when you have this sign at the entry of your work area or office, particularly as a software engineer who needs an elevated degree of concentration and consideration at work, you needn’t bother with diverted working.

With this, you can code however much you need without making a big deal about who might disturb your work process.

4. Privacy needed

It is better when you put an ”I need some privacy” sign where those passing by can undoubtedly see it. Like that, people around there would comprehend that you want some protection and you would rather not be disturbed while you are working.

They would refrain from further interfering with your workflow if they saw this. You would greatly benefit from this sign at work.

5. Doors remain closed

This is an indication that says that the entryways stay shut and nobody is permitted to enter. People won’t be excited to enter with this sign.

They prefer not to disturb or attempt to enter once they notice that the doors remain closed. You can utilize this well-mannered sign at your office.

6. Restricted area

This lets persons know in that work area that the region is limited and persons are not permitted to linger around there.

With a sign like this, you will have fewer people lingering around your workspace. You can work in peace without being interrupted.

7. Non-staff are not allowed in

This sign says that non-staff are not permitted in, with a sign like this, anybody who isn’t a staff part won’t try coming in, they may not trouble getting clarification on some things or thumping, the sign is sufficient to tell them that non-staff are not permitted in.

8. Do not enter

This is respectful and direct, it just lets people know that nobody ought to enter. It doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you are a staff or not, nobody is permitted to enter around then. You can involve this in your office and it will help you.

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9. Do not disturb

This sign shows that you need no type of aggravation in your work area or office. When people around see this ”don’t disturb” sign, they wouldn’t try to go into the workplace.

10. Men at work

This shows that men are working and they would rather not be disturbed by any means, with a sign like this, you are less inclined to have persons disturb you when you work.

This assists you with remaining fixed on your work and you wouldn’t need to manage persons disturbing you.

11. Silence

This demonstrates that you don’t want any noise in that office or workspace. At the point when this sign is set up, you will have a calmer office and you will partake in a peaceful climate. Nothing is as great as having a tranquil climate.

12. Call before coming in

This demonstrates that you do not wish to have guests at that time; however, if the matter is urgent, the person should call before entering. Like that, you would have the option to choose if you have any desire to person in or not.

13. Keep off, work in progress

This shows that work is underway and persons ought to keep off from that area. You need no kind of aggravation. Like that, people would stick rigorously and keep off.

14. Women at work, do not disturb

Women at work, do not disturb

This can be utilized where ladies work. On the off chance that you don’t believe persons should disturb you, essentially set up the sign that ladies are working around there and you would see the value in it if they don’t disturb you.

15. Stay off

This straightforward sign says that persons ought to remain off and you don’t need persons around there. When you put the ”stay off” sign, they would stick to it.

16. Keep calm in this area

This demonstrates that you do not want noise in your workplace because it would be distracting. Instead, you want it to be calm and cool. When they see it, they will stay cool and not make such an uproar.

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17. Coding, do not interfere

If you are a developer and you work in a public work area, you want however much quiet as could be expected, for that reason, you want to put this sign up there so that people wouldn’t meddle in your work process.

18. Kindly wait before entering

At times, you needn’t bother with persons to disturb your work process, you can set up a sign advising them to stand by before entering. Like that, you can choose if you need to see them or not. You can use this as a polite signal.

19. No uninvited guests are allowed

Assuming that you are at your office and you need no excluded visitors, you can essentially set up this sign. Like that, excluded visitors would keep off.

20. Do not disturb unless it is an emergency

This sign says that you don’t want to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency; this way, only a select few people would be able to access you.

21. Act like I am not here, do not disturb

This sign is an entertaining yet considerate one, you are just passing a message that people shouldn’t disturb you while you work.

22. Silence, meeting in progress

This can be used if you’re having a meeting in your office and don’t want people to be disturbed. Just put up a sign that the meeting is in progress and everyone should be quiet.

23. Busy office, keep off

According to this sign everything, in the workplace, is occupied and people ought to keep off.

24. No entry

This demonstrates that nobody is permitted to enter this office. Anybody who has no business there wouldn’t need to come in.

25. Kindy silence your phones

Telephones can be such an interruption particularly when it is clear. With a sign like this, persons around your office would make sure to keep their telephones off to keep away from interruption.

26. Not available, check back later

This is an approach to let persons know that you are not accessible and that they ought to return later to have anything to tell you.

27. Not available, come back tomorrow

This is a well-mannered approach to let persons know that you are not accessible at that point, they can return the following day.

28. Do not knock or ring the bell

This is a polite way to inform people that you are unavailable at that time and that they can return the following day.

29. My doors are open, except now

This is one more affable approach to telling them to not disturb you, like that, they comprehend that you are generally accessible, but not at that point.

30. Please keep off

This is a straightforward approach to advising persons to keep off, you don’t need to manage people dillydallying around your office when you are working. This will ward them off.


If you work in an office and want to reduce the amount of time that other people disturb you, all of the “do not disturb” signs that I have discussed in this article would be helpful.

All you have to do is put any of these signs up where people can see them, and they will follow you.

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