A Comprehensive Guide to 20 Best Responses When Told “You’re a Star”

Envision winning a gold decoration in a running occasion and afterward, you start to emanate like a genuine star. Got ya!!. It’s astounding, isn’t that so? The sensation of being viewed as a star.

In this article, I’ll be sharing 20 of the best responses to the “You’re a star”  remark. So I’d encourage you to peruse till the finish of this piece.

What, right off the bat, does “You’re a star” mean? When someone refers to “You’re a star”, they are referring to a massive ball-shaped object that is blazing in the night sky. Simply joking!

At the point when somebody says you’re a star, they mean you’re extremely famous or known in a specific field, industry, viewpoint, or spot. You probably accomplished something that made you stick out, such as being the principal film entertainer from your area.

Second, when somebody says you’re a star, they mean you’re great at what you do. They imply that numerous others do what you do however you end up improving as you’re viewed as a star in that field.

Third, when somebody says you’re a star, they imply that you’re intended for significance and that they have confidence in your true capacities. This can be exceptionally reassuring for somebody who’s figuring out how to be an incredible substance essayist or an extraordinary film entertainer.

Words are more than dialects or letters meeting up to make a sentence. Words can push a man along even in his harsh days.

Presently, we should discuss 20 of the best responses to “You’re a star”.

You're a Star

20 Best Ways To Respond To “You’re A Star”

1. “Thank you”

“Thank you” sounds old, common, or outdated however once in a while old onions are on par with the new ones. It’s an assertion of certifiable appreciation to somebody for offering such a remark.

There are comparable words like “Thanks” or “you rock” yet they appear to take out the honesty of our inventiveness that “Thank you” signifies. It’s like shooting love straight and powerfully into someone’s heart.

I’d say likewise that “Thank you” sounds more sincere than “Thanks” or “You’re the best”. So when somebody says you’re a star, you can simply say ” Thank you”

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2. “It’s so good to hear that from you”

For example, you’re making some unpleasant memories attempting to compose a decent article and you’re committing a ton of errors, most likely spelling words wrongly and you’re so baffled and your life partner strolls in and sees you so disconnected.

Furthermore, what he says initially is “You’re a star”. How easing that will sound! It’ll in a real sense remove the pressure from you.

On the other hand, take for example, persons around your area who have been taunting you after slumping in a show play in the chapel and your accomplice takes a gander at you and with a wide grin says “You’re a star”.

Envision how that will feel. It resembles drinking some virus water in the wake of emerging from a hot day.

In two cases or cases like these, the right words to use accordingly will be “It’s so good to hear that from you”

3. “It’s so lovely coming from you”

Simply envision dominating a race game in school and your classmates come complimenting you for your huge success. After that, your crush sees you and congratulates you. You’re a star”. Goodness, how heartfelt!!. You’ll want to explode like a hazard, isn’t that so?

This may not be the most ideal situation for you, yet when somebody says” You’re a star”, one of the most incredible responses is “Hearing that from you is so wonderful”.

4. “You’re the best”

One more charming approach to answering somebody who says “You’re a star” is ” You’re the best”. Say this and you’re certain to rescue a grin once again from the person’s face like a spell.

5. “And you’re my World”

Awwww! How heartfelt this response is! Trust me when I say this assertion can make somebody’s cheek pink for 60 minutes.

Simply envision you’re out on the town with your life partner or spouse and he takes a gander at you affectionately and says “You’re a star” on second thought of becoming flushed immediately, you respond rapidly with “And you’re my world”.

That could well be the main thing that he’ll contemplate over the day.

Thus, when somebody who maybe is in a close connection with you says that you’re a star, quite possibly the best response will be “And you’re my world”.

6. “I adore you”

The beauty of language! It has the power to lift someone’s spirits from the depths of despair to the heights of success. Furthermore, how beautiful a response like “I adore you” to a “You’re a star” remark is.

This person you’re expressing this to could be your sweetheart or accomplice, spouse or wife, or even your mum or father.

At the point when you say that you revere somebody, it implies you treasure the person like a precious stone or gold, perhaps twenty bits of gold and that’s it. Just kidding!

When you say you love someone, you also mean that they are a part of you that you can’t live without.

7. “You deserve a kiss”

This would be generally suitable if you’re hitched to the person. Let’s say it’s your birthday, and your husband surprises you with a gift and tells you, “You’re a star,” before leaving.

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A wonderful method for answering would be to say “You deserve a kiss” and a kiss he’d get. I don’t think we’d require the subtleties of what occurs after that.

8. “I love you”

This response can be applied to a friend or family member. Perhaps, you just got a wonderful gift on Valentine’s Day and your sweetheart says “You light up my Reality… You’re a star”.

“I love you” will be the best response in this situation. This implies you esteem, regard, recognize, and appreciate the person.

Love is likewise a common inclination. Ensure you’re near the person you’re expressing this to. Giving this response to your senior supervisor or Chief could sound pretty off-kilter.

9. “You’re the best”

We have discussed responses such as “Thank you,” “I love you,” “I adore you,” and “You’re my world.” Allow me to make sense of what “You’re amazing” signifies. What is induced when somebody expresses that to you? 

This implies that the person has accomplished something ardent or vital, similar to your clothing or taking your children to school since you were excessively sick. It’s an assertion of appreciation for being important.

So when somebody lets you know that “You’re a star”, the person probably assisted you with satisfying a need and the best response to give for this situation is “You’re the best”.

This assertion doesn’t have limits. You could express this to your chief, your understudy, or another companion you met en route to the shopping center. It very well may be utilized commonly regardless of the person’s relationship with you

10. “I’m blessed to have you”

This implies that their presence in your life is heavenly. This indicates that the person was sent by God. In addition to receiving the compliment “You’re a star,” this person may have been a source of hope, strength, or inspiration for you.

This person could be your mum, dad, minister, or educator. ” I’m honored to have you” is a particularly lovely method for answering this sort of remark.

11. “You’re a gift to me”

This is the same as the past response. This implies that the person means everything to you and you most likely don’t merit the adoration and consideration given to you.

This could be a friend who has supported you during the most difficult times in your life. It very well may be your significant other or an old buddy of yours.

12. “I cannot live a single day without you”

“I cannot live a single day without you”

So endearing! This implies that the person means quite a bit to your reality or a significant piece of your being.

This could be your significant other if you’re a fellow or your better half assuming that you’re a lady. Simply see how she or he will toss their arms around you in the wake of offering such an exquisite expression.

13. “You’re so sweet with words”

Another exquisite response will be “You’re so sweet”. This will be best reasonable assuming you’re in a heartfelt connection with that person.

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You might have just received a card with the message “You’re a star” on it during dinner, or your husband might have given you breakfast in bed, given you a peck, and said, “Good morning honey.” Did I let you know that you’re a star?”

Your response could be “You’re so sweet”. Isn’t it sweet to get breakfast in bed or read a card that causes you to feel like a star? You can give him a warm embrace or a kiss as well. This is only a tip that you could attempt. Kindly don’t blow this. We should move to the following point

14. “You deserve a medal”

Stand by, Simply stand by for a moment. Before you attempt to say this, ensure you have a brilliant or silver decoration close to you! Once more, simply joking.

This specific assertion additionally shows that the person is important to you much a lot of that you want to give him a prize like a decoration.

15. “How kind of you “

Truly, graciousness isn’t simply in activities. Your words can convey graciousness also.

For example, you are enlightening a colleague regarding your triumphs in secondary school and your life as a won numerous essayist grants even at that stage, and he/she simply says “Goodness. You’re a star”. The phrase “How kind of you” will be a lovely response.

16. “Did I ever tell you that you’re the most wonderful thing to me?”

Once more, heartfelt! Excellence isn’t attached to actual characteristics yet in deeds like being adoring, strong, or accessible.

At the point when somebody lets you know that you’re a star and that person is a significant piece of you or delivers once again from grin out of you every day or provides you with a feeling of harmony and security, the legitimate response for this situation will be “You’re the most lovely thing that has happened to me”. Doesn’t it sound lovely?

17. “Thank you very much”

This is the same as “Thank you” yet it shows how appreciative you are as in how profound your appreciation is.

If you’re considering picking between “Thank you”, “Thanks”, “Thanks a bunch” and “Thank you very much”, the last will be more appropriate

18. “I’m grateful “

You just won the twelfth version of “The Voice Nigeria” and your model comes to you, saluting you and letting you know that you’re a star. How fair that is!

The most appropriate word to follow “Thank you very much, sir” or “Thank you very much, ma’am” is “I’m grateful.” It shows that you’ve accepted their worship for yourself and you earnestly value that.

19. “Oh really? I’m so glad to hear that”

Well, this doesn’t imply that you don’t accept that what they’ve said yet it shows that you are so glad to hear it from them. It is equivalent to saying that you’re glad to hear from the person in question.

This isn’t used as frequently as “Thank you” or “You’re the best,” but it works just as well.

At the point when somebody says “You’re a star”, you can utilize this assertion rather than the previously mentioned. Presently we should go to number 20 of our 20 best responses to “You’re a star”

20. “You’re amazing”

Indeed, the last response in our 20 best responses to “You’re a star” is “You’re amazing”. This is a particularly incredible approach to answering the remark, “You’re a star”.

It implies that you are blown away, astounded, or flabbergasted by these words or that they cause you to have goosebumps running down your skin. How astounding is the response “amazing”.


There are loads of different responses, obviously, yet these are the absolute best responses. Do well to attempt any of these.

So when somebody next says “You’re a star”, you ought not to be out of words. Utilize any of these responses and you’ll have the person grinning back at you, glad that he expressed that to you.

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