12 Clever Comebacks to “I’m Glad I Met You”

Has anyone ever expressed their glad for having met you? A lovely provision can fill your heart with joy – yet it can likewise be hard to tell how to answer, independent of whom it is coming from. It could be a close friend, a romantic partner, or a member of the family.

It is critical as far as we’re concerned to comprehend the feeling that has been communicated and how our response to it makes a difference. This makes it considerably more hard to track down a suitable response.

Notwithstanding, you have come to the ideal locations looking for replies. You can successfully transform this statement into a lasting moment of connection with the right response.

Peruse on to figure out how to answer in a significant manner that communicates your appreciation.

I’m Glad I Met You

12 Great Responses to “I am glad I met you”

1. Aww! Same here.

You might consider what the primary interjection is for and what it implies or perhaps you don’t. It is not novel, and many people, particularly women, do not find it strange.

At the point when you hear a lady say Aww, it is normally after somebody has offered something that they think about heartfelt or sweet. It need not necessarily be for them. It is only a sweet response to a decent or heartfelt motion.

The word is likewise utilized mockingly yet that isn’t the point here. Observe that assuming you are answering with this assertion, you are letting the person know that you are likewise glad you met him or her.

I’m glad I met you proposes heartfelt fascination, however not really, and this response recommends that you might be feeling something similar. Likewise, you won’t be guaranteed to need to feel the same way.

2. It’s funny because I feel the same.

The impact of this assertion might be very amusing. Very much like the previous choice on this rundown, this proposes that you feel the same way about the person you are conversing with. In any case, this one might be more straightforward to accept and view seriously.

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At the point when you say it’s entertaining because you feel something very similar, you will doubtlessly be wearing a serious look all over. The serious expression will be interpreted as a sincere expression of your feelings.

You shouldn’t attempt to counterfeit a response except if you are great at acting. If you don’t maintain that the person should accept that you like the person in question similarly, this may not be an ideal choice for you.

This sounds like something you would agree assuming your crush unexpectedly lets you know that the person in question has respected you for quite a while.

3. My pleasure

Might you at any point envision giving this response to somebody showing fondness for you? It isn’t quite as unusual as you naturally suspect yet it is most certainly silly if you express this in a heartfelt setting.

This is the sort of thing you would undoubtedly agree with in an authority or non-romantic setting. At the point when a person professes to very much love to have met you, it isn’t heartfelt. You might have offered assistance to the person and the person is just showing appreciation.

You can just answer as though the person has said Thank You. Saying My pleasure is OK and, as referenced prior, ought to just be utilized in an authority setting.

4. Not as glad as I am

Although it might not be as effective as the other options on the list, this response is acceptable for a romantic setting. You can consider what is happening when you say Love you more because I love you.

At the point when you say this, you are inferring that you are much more joyful to have met the person conversing with you. It doesn’t sound exceptionally heartfelt, despite what you mean, however you can utilize it.

It additionally answers in an authority circumstance. You can say this on the off chance that the person has been of extraordinary assistance to you as well.

5. It’s great to hear that

If you are not hoping to fall into an off-kilter heartfelt second, this might be the response you are searching for. If you don’t like the person, hearing them say, “I’m glad I met you” can make you feel very uneasy.

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By giving this response, you are in a roundabout way showing that you are not considering anything heartfelt. There is no sprinkle of sentiment in this response yet it doesn’t prevent the person from rehashing the assertion so the person can get the ideal response.

Nonetheless, this response can deter the person from making more heartfelt insinuations without showing that you are uninterested in a heartfelt discussion.

6. Are you sure?

This question might appear to be peculiar yet it’s a cool choice. You can lighten the mood by responding humorously. You get to pick how you maintain that the discussion should go.

At the point when you pose this inquiry, you can wear a dubious look that will be viewed as interesting. You will be able to respond appropriately as the person will likely continue to discuss their feelings.

If you are not keen on sentiment, you can undoubtedly transform it into a joke and the person will cooperate.

On the off chance that you are keen on sentiment, you will just make the discussion more charming for the person and yourself. Causing the admission to appear to be a joke will make the person more able to open up since you will not appear to be viewing it seriously.

7. That sounds like an understatement

That sounds like an understatement

This is another charming joke that might sound good while you are understanding it. At the point when a person says I’m glad I met you, the person is being heartfelt and will be open to being a tease.

Coy discussions frequently join amusing thoughts with sentiment so offering something entertaining will cheer the discussion up for both of you.

By saying this, you are suggesting that Happy is putting it mildly for how the person feels about gathering you for example the person ought to be more joyful to meet you. The person will think that it is entertaining.

You can keep poking fun at this thought and the person will in all likelihood cooperate and communicate for oneself completely.

The person can also respond with a joke by expressing discontent. You should feel at ease in the conversation and keep a smile on your face regardless of how they respond.

8. Don’t flatter me

The assertion, I’m glad I met you, isn’t something you would almost certainly hear from somebody who’s just attempting to compliment you. Nonetheless, you can make a joke by faking doubt.

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You can behave like you think the person is just messing with you. You can chuckle broadly and truly. Partake in the second and hear how the person feels about your presence in their life.

How you feel about the person can influence your response, nonetheless. On the off chance that you are not inspired by the person, you might not be able to chuckle truly and partake in the discussion.

This response would in any case work on the off chance that you don’t believe the person should proceed with the discussion. You can keep a serious face and behave like you are certain that the person is messing with you.

9. No one’s ever said that to me

[I’m glad I met you] sounds similar to a commendation yet it is seldom utilized as one. At the point when you hear this from somebody, the person is in all likelihood keen on you.

By giving this response, you would be genuinely showing the person that you value the commendation and the person would be glad to know it.

On the off chance that you are not intrigued by the person, this might be quite an ill-conceived notion. The person may only come to like you more once they realize how much you appreciate their comment.

If you’re interested in the person, you should thank them and tell them how you feel about them.

10. Thank you

This is completely fine. You can decide to simply say Thank you as a response however that would sound very cavalier except if it is an authority setting.

A person could simply say, “I am glad I met you because you have done something that I cannot easily forget.” Saying Thank you is OK.

However, if the other person is having a romantic relationship with you, this would be dismissive, and you would break their heart. On the off chance that you are not keen on the person, best of luck with this response.

11. I would be super excited if I met me

You can utilize this amusing and pleasing response to make the discussion more agreeable for both of you.

If you are keen on the person, this is the right response for you. If you are not, you might need to consider something different so you don’t get the person too energized by your response.

12. I’m more than glad to have you

You are saying the same thing back with somewhat more accentuation. This is the kind of thing couples can share however it isn’t restrictive to close connections.

You can involve this in an authority setting moreover. You would be implying that you are also delighted to have met the person with whom you are conversing. Say this on the off chance that you accept the person has had enduring effects in your day-to-day existence.

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