A Comprehensive Guide to 19 Polite Ways of Requesting Financial Assistance from Cousins

Relatives are in many cases the most ideal choices concerning requesting monetary assistance. This isn’t to imply that it’ll be simply asking them for money.

Requesting money from your cousin can cause you to feel off-kilter, yet on the off chance that you sit and anticipate the most effective way to go about it, it can have an enormous effect. Likewise, imparting a decent relationship to them can have the most effect.

Thus, if you’re searching for approaches to considerately request money from cousins, regardless of whether you share areas of strength with them, this article is for you.

I’ll show you how to politely request money from cousins in this guide. Peruse till the end.


19 Ways to Politely Ask for Money from Cousin

There are various ways you can amiably ask your cousin for money. There are various approaches to take depending on whether you require a loan, the payment of a debt, or just a small amount of money from them.

You ought to be sincere with them, make the appropriate request, specify when you will repay them, and provide assistance in exchange.

7 Ways to Politely Ask for Money You Are Not Returning From Your Cousin

Now and again you may simply require a minimal expenditure to deal with things at school or another thing. Thus, to ask your cousin for the money, I’ll examine the manners in which you can approach asking underneath:

1. Ask at The Right Time

Regardless of whether you want money earnestly, your cousin probably won’t be in that frame of mind to offer any help.

Thus, if you’re mindful that that time isn’t the perfect opportunity to request monetary assistance from your cousin, don’t mess with inquiring. It’s more secure for you to search for another relative to ask, so you don’t place them in a tough spot.

It may be the case that they just began a business, or they’re dealing with a task, or simply struggling. In this way, if you realize it’s anything but a great chance to ask them for help, let it go.

2. Be Honest with Them

Genuineness is an ideal that everybody ought to have. Tell the truth in each situation is significant. Indeed, your cousin is family and may not check whether you’re coming clean about why you want the money, yet it’s critical to be honest.

It won’t be great if they figured out you’re being underhanded. If you need money, you should ask for it and explain what you intend to do with it.

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You shouldn’t attempt to misrepresent things or tell a misleading statement. Furthermore, if you are discovered to be telling lies, you will have no chance of receiving anything from them.

3. Pay Them a Visit

Assuming that it’s conceivable, you ought to visit your cousin to spread the word. Along these lines, they’ll see that you genuinely need the money.

Additionally, visiting them would make it simpler for you to make sense of why you want their assistance and get to see their response and non-verbal communication better.

Seeing how they respond to your requesting assistance with willing aid you better from now on. Furthermore, on the off chance that they’re more established than you, visiting is more deferential assuming you’re nearby.

But just because you’re there doesn’t mean you have to bribe them or make it look like you’re forcing them.

Express your reasons smoothly while being open that they probably won’t have the option to help.

4. Call if You Can’t Visit

If you can’t visit your cousin, call them and spread the word. I realize that calling could feel abnormal, particularly on the off chance that you’re not extremely near them. However, calling rather than texting will enable you to better communicate.

Likewise, it’ll assist you with perusing their response better. What’s more, it’ll be a noble gesture to call as opposed to messaging, particularly if you don’t visit with them frequently.

5. Be Prepared to Be Turned Down

Indeed, they’re your family, yet you’re not their commitment. Even if you make your request politely, you shouldn’t feel entitled to it.

It’s possible that either they are unable to assist you at the moment or that your cousin doesn’t see any reason to do so.

Thus, be ready to be dismissed while requesting money from your cousin, particularly if it’s money you will not be returning.

Thus, you likewise need to keep up with your affable motion in any event, while answering their dismissal.

6. Offer Some Help to Them

When your cousin asks for money, you could offer to help. This tip is significant on the off chance that you don’t have plans to return the money.

Contingent upon the relationship you share, you could propose to assist with their tasks assuming they’re tutoring. You can likewise propose to help them at work or trim their nursery.

Your contribution for help can move them to help you without then requiring any assistance from you. However, you ought to likewise plan to be dismissed.

7. Be Appreciative

Being thankful is wonderful. While some may not focus on it, others would. In this way, assuming you get the assistance you mentioned, show your appreciation nimbly.

You will be more likely to receive additional assistance from them in the future if you show your appreciation for them, and it does not have to be financial.

Thus, you ought to show your appreciation when you ask your cousin for help. Regardless of whether you get it, say thanks to them for tuning in.

6 Ways to Politely Ask for a Loan From Your Cousin

6 Ways to Politely Ask for a Loan From Your Cousin

You might require credit from your cousin for business or any venture. On the off chance that you want a lot of money, you should request that they credit you and have plans to return it, regardless of whether you believe they’re sufficiently light.

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Thus, this is the way you can request that your cousin credit you some money.

1. Have A Plan

Creating a strategy is the first step in asking your cousin for a loan. You’ve to be good to go before going to your cousin for monetary assistance as a borrower. This strategy may include:

  • Expressing the sum you want and why you want it
  • You could work out a strategy to show how serious you’re
  • How would you expect to make your solicitation
  • How would you intend to take care of
  • An arrangement B on the off chance that you don’t get the money you want

2. Ask at the Right Time

While you have the goal of returning the money, you should ask with flawless timing.

On the off chance that you want to fire up a business, yet you’re mindful your cousin is in a monetary emergency, you shouldn’t ask them for a credit.

Your relationship will be less tense if you know when to ask. In this way, you ought to know it’s the perfect opportunity before asking your cousin for credit.

3. Tell Them Why You Need the Money

As I’ve laid out, you want to have an arrangement before meeting your cousin for a credit. What’s more, that plan incorporates expressing plainly why you want the money.

Thus, while requesting money, you ought to make sense of obviously why you want it. Whether it’s a business credit or another thing, you ought to tell them plainly why you want the money.

Likewise, you could make a strategy and show it to them. This step can make them view you more in a serious way.

4. Call if You Can’t Visit

Rather than messaging, you ought to call your cousin and make your solicitation on the off chance that you can’t visit them. Calling offers you an amazing chance to put yourself out there more.

Likewise, it’ll help you both examine better, including talking about the undertaking or business you should wander into.

What’s more, it’ll assist you with perusing their response as well, which will direct you later on.

5. Be Honest About How and When You Will Return the Loan

Something else you ought to remember while asking your cousin for credit is to state the way that you plan to take care of it and when you will.

This part is important to persuade them to advance you the money. Besides, before requesting money from your cousin, you ought to as of now have an arrangement of how you’d collect the money to take care of.

Therefore, rather than simply stating that you will pay, you should explain how and when you will return the money to them.

6. Offer to Pay Interest

When you ask your cousin for money, you can also offer to pay it back with interest. Even though they’re probably going to dismiss the proposition, give them this proposal to persuade them the amount you want the money.

Doing this will show them how serious you are. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t backpedal on your promise assuming they agree to it.

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6 Ways to Politely Ask for Money When Cousin Owes You

Presently, the reality could eventually show that your cousin owes you, so how would you affably ask them for your money?

This is the way you can go about it:

1. Send Them a Text

You ought to send your cousin an update message if they neglect to take care of you after the time they guaranteed, or on the other hand on the off chance that you want some money. Make sure to be pleasant in your solicitation.

Additionally, don’t send them the message before the time they said they would take care of it. Hold on until the time elapses without hearing from them before you send the message.

Here is an illustration of instant messages you can ship off to your cousin to request money they owe you:

  • Great day sister, I trust you’re doing fine. I’d like to call your attention to the money you said you would return a few days ago. On the off chance that there’s an issue, kindly let me know, so we can discuss it
  • Hi mate, how’s it going with you? I haven’t heard from you about the advance I gave you. I want some money great. When do you have to pay?
  • James, how are you doing? I realize I said you can repay me whenever, yet I’m needing some money now. How before long could you at any point pay?

2. Be Straightforward

Whenever you need to get some information about the money they owe, it’s a waste of time to skirt the real issue or attempt to beat around the bush. Ask them pleasantly and be immediate with them.

If your cousin owes you money but hasn’t contacted you as promised, send them a nice text message to let them know.

3. Ask for Time

One more significant thing to observe is to ask them for time. Go ahead and ask them when they can settle up.

It’s possible that they had previously taken you on a date by themselves but never met up. While contacting them, ask them solidly when they’d satisfy their commitment.

In any case, on the off chance that you don’t require money desperately and if they can’t pay you right away, you can perceive them they can pay later. Yet, it’d be good to work with a period.

4. Be Firm but Not Confrontational

You ought to likewise be firm while asking your cousin for the money they owe you. In any case, you don’t need to be angry or discourteous to them.

In any case, you ought to tell them you don’t mess around with it, particularly on the off chance that you want the money and they’re not showing any responsibility. One way you can accomplish this is by letting them know the time you’d require the money.

5. Call Them

You should call your cousin and talk about it if they don’t respond to your text or if, after a series of texts, you haven’t received your money.

Calling them will offer you both the chance to talk about widely, and make them more open to you.

6. Be Prepared That They Might Not Pay Back

When you ask your cousin for money, especially if they are putting off responding, you should keep in mind that they might not pay you back.

You can’t foresee people precisely, and your cousin might choose to exploit the way that you’re family and not take care of you.

Along these lines, you ought to set yourself up so that you probably won’t accept your money back so that it’d be more straightforward to continue.

Concluding Note

While asking your cousin for money, either as a credit or as the money they owe you, it’s critical to be pleasant.

You don’t want to ruin your relationship or get into an argument that doesn’t need to be there. Be sincere and ensure that you are not asking for too much if you are not going to return the money.

You ought to offer them some help when you can. If it is a loan, explain how you will repay it and work toward keeping your word.

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