A Comprehensive Guide to 19 Heartwarming Responses When You Make Someone Smile

It gets very off-kilter when a person offers something so particularly charming as this one to you. This can give you goosebumps and cause you to fail to remember how to answer like a human. It is far and away more terrible assuming it’s somebody that you like and you are excessively bashful to just own it… yet not today.

We have shown up with a rundown of responses custom-fitted to how you might feel about this remark. With 20 choices to pick from, you can’t turn out badly.


19 Correct Responses to ‘You Make Me Smile.’

1. It’s my pleasure.

A person’s affirmation of your effect on their life should be valued like the person had said ‘thank you’ to you. When someone tells you that you make them smile, you can take that to mean, “Thank you for making me smile.”

Saying ‘It’s my pleasure’ ought to be a simple response for you. The person might continue to say how the person in question feels and you can simply smile and tune in. Also, ‘it’s my pleasure’ won’t recommend how you feel to the person.

But that depends on what the person means. Even though this is truly adorable and sounds cute, it may just be a negative observation about how you amaze the person.

For instance, a person could say you make me smile during a contention since the person thinks you are offering something moronic and the person can smile. For this situation, you ought to presumably think about an alternate response.

2. That’s on you.

At the point when a person says you make that person smile, your response or what you say accordingly will matter a great deal. In any case, that relies upon what message you think the person is passing and what message you need to send back to the person.

Do you suppose the person preferences you? Do you believe that the person should think you like the person in question? Or on the other hand, would you like to go it to a joke?

Say this on the off chance that you expect to transform the assertion into a joke. You are implying to the other person that it is not your fault that they are smiling by saying, “That’s on you.” You can say a further joke regarding it or simply giggle. Like that, the point can be changed rapidly.

On the off chance that the proclamation has been shared with you as a snide response attempting to deride your mind, you can answer with this as well.

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3. I feel the same about you.

This is very heartfelt so it might simply be more off-kilter if you don’t believe that the person should think you are enamored with the person in question.

Be that as it may, you can express this without showing up so serious. If you can do that, it will be simple for the person to change the subject and you won’t feel hurt all things considered.

You can say this and probably mention the things about the person that you find amusing if you are certain that the person said it because they like you. You could make jokes and investigate the person’s eyes. Like that, the person will realize the heartfelt inclination is shared.

4. You don’t take me seriously.

As referenced before, there can be a few translations when a person says you make that person smile. It very well might be because you are interested.

It could be because you are fascinating to be with. It very well might be because you are excessively focusing on the person. It might likewise be because the person thinks that you are dumb.

You can say this if you think it has a romantic connotation that you are avoiding. The person will think that you have interpreted it incorrectly. The person may make it abundantly clear, but there is a possibility that they will refrain from discussing romantic feelings further.

5. You make me happy.

By saying you have made that person smile, the person has given you a pat on the back. By implication, the person is saying you are amusing to spend time with or the person simply appreciates being with you.

It is acceptable to reciprocate by offering a compliment. It ought to be a compliment that, at the very least, has the same or a very similar meaning.

Saying that the person makes you happy is like giving them a bigger compliment. It’s like telling someone who has referred to you as “cute” that you are beautiful.

This will make that person smile, regardless of regardless of whether the person has heartfelt affection for you.

It will be appreciated more if you mention how the person has influenced your life in equal measure or made you truly happy.

6. It’s so sweet to know that.

It is incredibly sweet to realize somebody is glad to have you around oneself. You can essentially say how you feel about hearing the person give a pat on the back to you.

After referencing that you are so really glad to hear the commendation, you can likewise take a gander at the person and say a commendation as well. It will be good to watch your response to the commendation and show the person that you value the person in question as well.

7. I love your smile.

This is an extraordinary response that praises the one that has been shared with you. At the point when the person says how you put a smile all over, this response will show that the person is similarly valued.

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You can say further commendations or make a joke so the second doesn’t get abnormal when neither of you is saying much else.

8. I hope to continue.

It will be very romantic to say this. On the off chance that you don’t mean to pass a heartfelt message, you ought to most likely say everything except this.

The person has shown how the person feels about you and your presence. Saying you desire to proceed shows that you value the commendation.

It demonstrates your appreciation for the person and your concern for the time you spend together. It additionally shows that you care about how the person feels.

This will additionally put a smile on the person’s face. It might even be difficult for them to come up with a response.

9. Don’t get tired of me soon.

Don’t get tired of me soon.

This lovely response isn’t simply going to pass a heartfelt message however will likewise be viewed as entertaining.

Assuming the person had planned to show you that the person respects you sincerely, this response will be suitable to show that you care about being with the person. It will show that you care about the person’s responses to your presence.

Saying this will cause the person to accept that you like the person in question as well. While this is an interesting response, the person will zero in on your response to their heartfelt message. As a result, people will find it more romantic than funny. You might get a smile as a response.

10. Thank you

This will sound pompous assuming that you make yourself sound like it. Since the comment about your impact is more like a compliment, it is acceptable to express gratitude. It is a backhanded approach to saying you are valued, in this way, you can answer by valuing the commendation.

To try not to seem like somebody who couldn’t have cared less about the response, you ought to either say a commendation back or say the amount it means to you to hear the person express that to you.

Saying thank you and nothing else would seem like you just answered because you wanted to and not because you care about the person’s remark.

11. I feel appreciated. Thanks.

Simply put, this is yet another way to express gratitude for the compliment. The contrast between this and just saying ‘thank you’ is that this one is longer. A long response will encourage the person rather than answering with a couple of words.

You can concur that responses like ‘OK’, ‘taken’, and so on., can feel extremely irritating, particularly on the off chance that your remark or message was extremely lengthy or on the other hand assuming you anticipated some input.

While this implies equivalent to saying ‘thank you’, ‘thank you’ is an explanation that can be immediately made while the speaker leaves. Nonetheless, when you express something like ‘I feel appreciated. Since you will be expressing your sincere gratitude, it will be difficult to misunderstand.

You could improve it by adding additional commendations after saying this.

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12. I meant what I said.

You probably didn’t expect this, but somebody is probably looking for it. This isn’t a response to a heartfelt assertion. It is significantly more about questioning a person’s off-base decision about you.

A person can snicker or say you make the person in question chuckle in light of multiple factors. One of them can be basically because the person thinks you are kidding about something.

You can simply make it clear that you meant what you said and weren’t joking when this statement comes in the middle of an argument or after you make an argumentable statement.

On the off chance that the person has an alternate justification behind saying you make the person in question smile, the response will tell you.

13. You crack me up.

Though it might not be understood, this is similar to giving a compliment in return. It will appear as though you are making fun of what the other person has just said when you say this.

If a person says you make the person in question smile as a heartfelt commendation, this response might appear as though you are kidding. Be that as it may, if you are not, you can essentially say you find that person entertaining and you ought to be the one saying the commendation to the person.

Assuming the remark was made to affront your mind or to imply that you are just kidding, you can answer with this assertion and notice that you intended what you said.

14. You make everyone smile.

This is similar to exaggerating a compliment and then returning it to the person who gave it to you. When someone says that you make them smile, they are expressing their admiration for your intelligence, compassion, or presence.

By saying that the person makes everybody smile, you are letting the person know that the person is valued by everybody. You might say that you envy the person or you are happy to have the person as your companion.

15. You are welcome.

This is another interesting one. You could be sensational while expressing this by bowing your head.

Assuming that the person implied it sincerely, your response would most likely make the person giggle or the person would agree that more. You can also respond to the compliment by expressing your appreciation for the other person.

16. You should treat me to dinner then.

This may occur. Don’t think it will. This response might be viewed as amusing however it might appear as though you are disregarding the person’s sentiments as well if you joke excessively a lot.

After the joke, say a commendation back to the person.

17. I didn’t think that was my fault.

This response is entertaining. Just be careful not to sound too serious. Wear a smile like you are complimented by what the person has said.

The person will see the value in the appearance all over so you ought to ensure it shows you are complimented.

18. I’m proud of myself.

This ought to make the person in question smile for however long you are not sounding pompous. You ought to take a gander at the person and smile like you are focusing. The person will track down your response entertainingly.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you say this and appear as though you are overlooking it, the person will feel rather hurt.

19. You owe me one.

Here is one more amusing response to consider. As was mentioned earlier, if you act carefree following a joke in this situation, it will appear that you have no concern for the other person.

Be that as it may, when you focus and respond openly, the person will be glad to hear you and answer.

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