A Comprehensive Guide to 18 of the Best Responses to “Stay Blessed”

persons attempt to wish persons well with little wishes and supplications. The expression “stay blessed” is the least popular of all the common ones.

If you have struggled to respond, it may be because you are accustomed to phrases like “God bless you” and “peace be with you” and didn’t anticipate it.

But don’t worry; I’ve got some responses for you that will work very well.

Stay Blessed

1. God bless you

A great response to “stay blessed” is “God bless.” On the off chance that it is said by an extremely strict, person, they mean God favors you so you can answer right back with it.

A simple “God bless” can be uttered by adherents of a religion other than Christianity or Judaism at times. It is an approach to offering appreciation for a demonstration of grace.

God bless you is a good response if they say “stay blessed” instead.

2. Thank you

If you are not the churchy type, you should recognize the great wish without bringing religion into it. A basic thank you ought to get the job done.

If you are moved, you can say “Thank you very much” or “Thank you for everything.” Gifts are beneficial things. It’s simply equivalent to somebody helping you out. Don’t be afraid to use Thank You because it works well.

3. And you too

The same thing is being said to you by this. As in, you stay blessed too. Returning wishes depict care and comprehension of the information disclosed.

In addition, if it was an old person it may not be exceptionally great yet it’s superior to leaving without answering as you didn’t hear them.

They will feel you don’t respect their requests and will be viewed as impolite and haughty.

4. Amen

You can respond “amen” to this phrase like a prayer. To say “let it be so” It’s exceptionally normal all over, particularly among Christians.

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You are free to affirm it by your religious beliefs if you do not wish to use the amen.

For instance, the Muslims will say Amin. On the off chance that you are meeting them interestingly, you can utilize this answer to let them know your religion.

5. Peace be unto you/ peace be with you

This answer is turning out to be exceptionally well-known. It is something that Catholics say to wish you well-bein serenity and completeness.

It is a good response to “stay blessed” because it is now more of a religious thing. It resembles exchanging a wish for another. Beautiful, straightforward, and healthy.

6. God be with you

God will be with you when you are blessed, correct? Because it seems higher than the “prayer” that they just prayed for you, it is a good response.

It resembles when you say “I wish you great well-being or wealth”, and somebody says “May God award everything that is in you wants”. It’s a top-up. A great one.

If the person you’re talking to has a project they want to take on, you could also say, “God see you through.”

As they ask you are honored, you can petition God for their prosperity, or if nothing else God’s direction.

7. Bless your heart

Old folks frequently use this expression. Perhaps it’s elderly folks persons, yet you don’t simply hear it all over the place. It is said to convey affection and sympathy for someone.

This shows you value the benevolent wish or supplications, and you were truly not anticipating it. You liked and appreciated it even though it came as a surprise to you.

8. I appreciate your kindness

Calling it consideration is an approach to overlooking the strict piece of the wish. It means that you think they are nice because they were so nice to you.

It will make you appear very well-mannered or like a gentleman, and it is very appropriate. You can likewise say, “I appreciate your care”.

9. Thank you for your good wishes

You can likewise call for good wishes. Endowments are beneficial things, particularly from benevolent gods.

A thank you will send a subtle message that you are not interested in religious discussions or serious prayers with your overzealous religious parent or friend.

It’s an effective method for redirecting a discussion. A conversation should typically come to an end with something like this, but if you respond with an amen, it may continue. A thank you ought to do the inverse.

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10. That doesn’t change me

This response may not make sense to the person you are speaking to or to anyone else who is even listening.

Ordinarily, trust that by petitioning God for other people and being pleasant to them, you can undoubtedly switch them over completely to your religion.

Assuming that you have a companion who has this at the top of the priority list and is endeavoring to change over you, you can utilize this answer to say that they are not getting anyplace with your convictions.

You can inform them by putting an amen before this. People around me would also be laughing if they understood the situation and your response.

Smile as you say this. It will have an ideal effect.

11. I’m blessed already

There are two meanings to this reply. To start with, it tends to be that you have acknowledged the endowments that are petitioning God for yourself and you are appreciative of it.

You accept God has heard them so you are honored. It can likewise imply that you couldn’t care less assuming they say it multiple times, you are now honored in the ways you accept.

With your hard work, everything you have, a lovely family, and so much more, perhaps by God long ago.

It is the same sentence and your tone that will convey the intended meaning, regardless of the intended meaning.

12. From your lips to His ears

From your lips to His ears

This is said when somebody is trusting or petitioning God for something and another person repeats your request.

It is accepted that since God hears all that we say on the off chance that he hears our requests they will reply so persons will express this with a desire for a speedy response to their requests.

I love this answer since it is humble and even though it is requesting a fast response, it sounds exceptionally persistent.

13. May we all be blessed

Summing up a request is one more method for returning a decent wish. It resembles when somebody says a cheerful new year and you say something very similar to you.

Since you can’t say the same thing to yourself, you can say “May God bless us all” as a generalization. If both of you are the final stragglers, you can say “May God bless your family”.

14. By Jove, someone’s changed

Don’t be alarmed; Jove is not a fictional God or mythological figure. It’s an interjection very much like “Egads!”

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Assuming you utilize this answer, it implies that the person who expressed this to utilize isn’t anything somebody you anticipated the expression “remain favored” from.

Letting them know that they have changed implies that you are extremely stunned they said this and you truth be told need clarification for their activity.

If you use someone rather than stating that they have changed, you give the impression that you do not know how it has changed.

Assuming you are prodding, they will brush. Others should feel somewhat insulted however it is something they will move past.

15. Nah, I don’t think so

There are a few reasons you should utilize this answer. It is possible that you don’t put stock in God and they are saying “God will bless you”.

It can likewise be because you don’t completely accept that God will bless you, perhaps on account of your transgressions or you believe you’re not commendable.

Assuming you utilize this answer to somebody who is Christian, they could attempt to teach you. Be careful who you say this to if you won’t listen.

On the off chance that you have this at the top of the priority list yet are exceptionally against anybody attempting to teach you, you can simply shake your head and leave with a miserable grin.

16. That helps

This response is a subtle way to inform others that you are going through a lot.

This will resemble a request to you and if you would rather not say so be it, you can likewise express this to let them know that you feel a debt of gratitude since it causes you to feel significantly improved and it will go far.

You can likewise say “Thank you. This makes me feel better”.

17. In God we trust

Another option for “amen” is this. Something somebody would rather not appear to be discourteous and simultaneously doesn’t have any desire to empower you will say.

This response indicates that you have faith in God’s answer to your prayer. You have an extraordinary faith in Him and you realize he will answer the request.

18. Stay safe

It’s hilarious that this response is very similar to what was said about the “stay.” The ideal answer disregards the request however it gives them an answer.

Due to how perilous times are getting, you can utilize this answer to say “I have better counsel. How about you try to keep Sage alive so you can even enjoy those blessings instead of praying for them?

They won’t like the response, but they won’t be as angry if you relate to them in this way or at least on this subject.


You will respond to the phrase differently depending on your beliefs. Make sure that whatever response you choose will please you and that the person to whom you are delivering it does not get into trouble. Thank you for reading.

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