30 Polite Responses to “Stay With Me”

Have you been thinking about a cool method for answering when somebody advises you to remain with that person? We have thirty ideas for you to browse. To begin with, the response to this question relies upon whether you will allow the longing. It likewise relies upon the circumstance you are being approached to remain in.

The response “That’s fine” is one option. If it’s not fine to remain, then you’ll find the response you want in the 30 ideas underneath.

Stay With Me

30 Best Responses to “Stay With Me”

1. That’s fine

You saying it’s fine means it’s fine. You are straightforwardly consenting to do the offering of your companion. You are saying it is fine to ‘stay with me’ as your companion has inquired.

When someone asks for something, people don’t just say it’s okay. At the point when they concur that they are fine with it, then, at that point, there is an implicit guarantee to do what has been mentioned to them.

2. Why?

You may not know why you have been approached to remain. There are a few motivations to inquire as to why. We are sometimes asked to do something, but we don’t always want to.

However, if there is a plausible justification for doing so, being compassionate and complying with the request is acceptable.

You can inquire as to why your companion is requesting that you stay with the person in question. It very well may be for a senseless explanation. It could likewise be for a superfluous explanation.

Conceivably, you might have the option to find an option in contrast to remaining that naturally fulfills the longing of your companion while saving you from disappointing yourself.

3. Let me see if I can

You can say this assuming you figure you might get the opportunity to remain. By saying this, you are inferring that you approve of remaining however there are reasons you will be unable to remain.

This response infers that you will check on the off chance that you can sidestep those reasons that might block you from remaining.

While this may not be valid, it is what your response infers. You can pretend to check your schedule while using this justification and taking the time to think of a reason not to stay.

4. Do you need me?

Inquire as to whether you are required by your companion. There is certainly an explanation your companion is requesting that you stay and It is presumably because you are required.

This question doesn’t possibly pose ‘If’ yet additionally ‘Why’. If your companion doesn’t say ‘Why’ when you pose this question, then, at that point, you can straightforwardly ask what you are required for.

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Then you will be aware assuming that it is something you can remain for.

5. You know that’s not possible.

On the off chance that it’s impractical, say as much. You might have motivations not to remain and they might be obvious to your companion. This response will demonstrate that you have reasons, even if your justifications aren’t always obvious or even known.

You can refer to why you can’t remain once more.

6. Give me reasons to. I just may

A condition is being set by this response. Your friend needs to persuade you to stay before you can make a decision. The best way to persuade you is to give you motivation to remain.

Be that as it may, you won’t remain for only any explanation. The inclusion of “I just may” is explained by this. You may disregard the reasons if you do not consider them significant enough.

7. No way

This is a clear dismissal. It just may break the core of your companion. In any case, you might have your purposes behind saying this.

If your companion’s solicitation is an easygoing one, you can undoubtedly dismiss it without getting the person in question upset. To ensure that the statement does not upset your friend, you can also state your reasons.

You could also say this out of rage. It completely depends upon you and the conditions.

8. I have somewhere to go

Here, you are straightforwardly giving your motivations not to remain. You are not just expressing no to your companion’s solicitation yet in addition showing that you are not doing as such out of aloofness or underhandedness.

You can accentuate how significant it is for you to go. Like that, you can get your companion to figure out your dismissal.

You likewise may not require any clarification, particularly if the solicitation is simply relaxed.

9. I don’t feel like

Express your sentiments yet ensure it isn’t the case lighthearted. How you express your sentiments ought to rely on how significant the circumstance is.

If your companion needn’t bother with your presence, you can pick anything you want to do.

However, if the request is significant, refusing out of emotion would indicate a lack of concern for your friend’s situation.

10. Will you pay for my presence?

If the situation isn’t serious enough, tell your friend this as a joke. Your companion may just need to have you around while you want to head off to someplace else. You can pose this question first to prod that person.

Then you can pick whether to remain back and partake in the second or leave and do anything you desire.

11. I wish I could say no

There are sure reasons a person might feel incapable of saying No. Some of the time, it isn’t the powerlessness but the compelling impulse against the thought.

For instance, your companion might require somebody to remain with the person in question because of some dilemma that you had cautioned against.

It is typical to be angry with your companion who would not take your recommendation. In any case, it feels difficult to leave your companion when you are required.

12. Thank you so much

You can answer by saying thank you on the off chance that the explanation was your solicitation or exactly what you requested. You might have requested to remain with that person prior yet the person’s consent is required.

You can answer by saying thanks to that person for permitting you to remain.

13. I have nothing to do here

Here is your motivation to go. You can specify how exhausted you would be assuming that you decide to remain with the person in question since you have nothing to do there.

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Once more, this will sound silly if your companion needs your presence. This response would seem like you are being lighthearted towards your companion’s circumstance.

14. I’ve been waiting to hear that

I’ve been waiting to hear that

This suggests that you wanted or believed the person should advise you to remain. You might have the motivation to leave however you truly need to remain.

This response infers that your motivation to leave can in any case be disregarded while you stay back and have a good time.

This additionally suggests that you are involving the person’s solicitation for you to remain as your reason for not leaving.

15. I will be back soon

Say this assuming that you truly need to head off to some place rapidly. You can involve this in both relaxed and difficult circumstances.

You can inform your friend that you are nearby by stating this and the distance you are traveling when they require your presence.

However pointless, you might give your justification for leaving briefly. If your explanation, nonetheless, may cause the person in question to have a terrified outlook on the chance of you not returning, you can decide to not say it.

Simply specify the distance you will travel or the time you will spend there.

16. I will be bored

This is another explanation you might need to not have any desire to remain. This is likewise about your sentiments so you ought to just involve what is happening so you don’t seem lighthearted in a difficult circumstance.

Your companion may likewise have the option to convince you to remain by beginning a tomfoolery game.

17. Come on. You’ll be fine

Say this assuming your companion’s solicitation for you is superfluous and unserious. We occasionally exaggerate the circumstances of things.

Your companion might think the person needs you. It might likewise be simple apprehension about something that ought not to be dreaded.

You can say this and make sense of why the person in question would be alright without you.

18. Or you can come with me

You can make this idea if it is a potential thought. You can likewise decide to express this as a mocking approach to inferring that the two choices are unimaginable.

Your companion might maintain that you should remain for an easygoing explanation however you are reluctant to remain for one explanation or the other. In the wake of bantering on regardless of whether to remain, you can recommend that your companion accompanies you and you both can have some good times somewhere else.

It could likewise be a really difficult circumstance for both of you. Your companion might have to remain while you might have to go.

Your companion needn’t bother with you to remain with that person, neither do you want your companion to accompany you. You are expressing this to just bring up that.

19. Please, don’t make me stay here

This response suggests that you feel compelled to follow your friend’s instructions. It may not be your companion. It could be your partner or someone you love.

At the point when you say this, you are telling the person in question that you are reluctant to remain yet you are finding it hard to stand up to.

It doesn’t mean you are being compelled to. You simply want to do your sweetheart’s will and you truly don’t have any desire to do this one.

20. Trust me. I want to

Another way to show why you can’t stay is through this. This specific assertion expresses nothing about why except that you can express your reasons in the wake of saying this.

This can be used in serious and casual situations. In difficult circumstances, your reason should be conceivable so you don’t appear to be lighthearted.

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21. Make me

This is an approach to moving a person to cause you to follow through with something. You are instructing your friend to take any necessary action to prevent your departure. This could likewise be a heartfelt response while conversing with your life partner.

When you talk to a friend, you might just find a reason to need you or something to make you want to stay.

While conversing with a sweetheart, the person may simply nestle you till you settle in to leave… or you’ll get into senseless pad battles.

Note that this response infers you can consider remaining however you want your advantage ignited.

22. Nothing is making me stay here.

Express this to show your repugnance to the spot. Your companion might be compelled to remain there or may simply be deciding to.

If it is what is happening, you shouldn’t feel compelled to remain so you can give an unpolished response. You don’t need to affront your companion yet you can affront the spot.

23. I think you should be alone

If you think your presence isn’t what your companion needs, you can essentially say so and recommend what you figure the person ought to do.

You can make sense of for that person why you shouldn’t remain or why you figure your companion ought to be distant from everyone else.

24. Why do you need me now?

You can pose this question on the off chance that you are not used to remaining with the person you are alluding to or on the other hand on the off chance that the person doesn’t frequently utilize your assistance.

This response is often utilized in a way that means defiant displeasure. If you are not annoyed with the person you are conversing with you simply have to know the motivation to remain. You can essentially inquire as to ‘Why’ or ‘What for’.

25. I didn’t think you would ever ask

As referenced in the introduction, the response you give is completely subject to how you feel about the question and the response you need to give.

This response suggests that you will remain with the person. It doesn’t just show that you need to remain but in addition, it shows your energy toward the thought.

There are several good reasons to stay. You may essentially need to spend time with your companion around then.

26. I should be alone

We have discussed your proposal that your companion ought to be distant from everyone else. You can likewise discuss how you should be separated from everyone else. Remaining with your companion has to do with you however much it has to do with your companion

You are the one making the penance when you decide to remain against your own will. You can likewise give the significant justification for you to be distant from everyone else.

27. I really can’t, as much as I want to

At the point when you say this, you are showing your advantage in remaining with your companion or the person you are alluding to. Be that as it may, you are likewise giving a justification for why you can’t remain with your companion.

You can allow your motivations to be obvious to your companion so the person in question can comprehend you as opposed to lashing out at you.

28. If you tie me down, I will tear the ropes

By making it fun, you can say that you won’t stay. This response suggests that you will break all that you are restricted with to make sure you don’t remain there.

At the point when you are saying this, the justification for your abhorrence towards that spot must be clear.

Assuming the circumstance is a serious one, it is smarter to decline such that assists you with getting perceived.

29. Then you’ll owe me one

You can say this when you are consenting to remain with your companion or the person inquiring. It is not exactly right in a difficult circumstance since it sounds a piece easygoing. Be that as it may, you can continuously say this.

It shows that you may not remain there but rather you are doing so because you have been asked to by a companion and, presently, the person owes you some help.

30. Gladly

This can be used to show that you are glad to stay in both serious and casual relationships. You might be normally partaking in a decent time or you simply appear to have no place else to go.

In a difficult circumstance, you may essentially show up for a companion and that is the very thing that you are doing.

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