30 Best Responses to “Sounds Good?”

I surmise you’ve been in a conversation with somebody and likely got the response ‘sounds good’ after you might’ve expressed an uplifting thought. Indeed, the maxim or expression implies endorsement or examination or it could be the person’s approach to giving spontaneous worth to you.

Due to the significance behind this expression, it kind of feels like the discussion has come to a wrap soon after the person you’re talking with proclaims ‘Sounds good’.

However, that is not always the case, as you still have the opportunity to respond. That is where it gets questionable as you may not know what else to say.

Here, I will examine a lengthy rundown of responses for sounds good. Since the expression indicates inspiration, it is just insightful if the vast majority of the answers are likewise something similar, so hope for something else of them.

Sounds Good

30 good Responses to Sounds Good

In the event that you’re searching for luxurious answers to sound good, I trust you’re at the perfect place. I organized these answers from the best well of contemplations, so you ought to be have confidence to obtain the outcomes you want.

Coming up next are the 30 best responses to Sounds Good.

1. Know, Right?

This response does a certain something… it certifies the acknowledgment of the expression ‘sounds good’. At the point when somebody says sounds good and you answer with this line, it demonstrates that you concur with anything they have said.

Answering with this line is likewise ideal since it profits you the possibility getting a further response from the person who originally expressed the expression. With this comes better lucidity and data in the event that need be.

2. Thanks for the Acceptance

You can select in to show appreciation to the person who shares with you sounds good. Maybe, the person in question expressed that in the wake of catching wind of your most recent success on the professional bureaucracy and figured saying the expression would be their little approach to commenting on your acts of kindness.

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It might be a venture suggestion that you’ve quite recently introduced that got such a lovely comment.

By involving the above line as a response, you are perhaps showing your appreciation over how your licensed innovation was commented exceptionally.

3. I’m So Happy Right Now

Could you get somewhat profound in the wake of getting the expression that sounds good from somebody? It very well may be your chief, a companion, or even a colleague.

Utilizing this line of response is to make sure you can communicate how you feel where it counts without beating around the bush. It’s also a good way to express yourself because it uses relatable, straightforward language.

4. I Thought as Much

Have you believed that the person who said sounds good could concoct such an explanation? Provided that this is true, you can utilize this line of explanation to tell them that they simply kind of affirmed your doubt.

Likewise, a response puts you to the side as somebody who is intelligent and can consider things excessively fast than anticipated.

5. Just as I Initially Reasoned

This response imparts a sort of closeness to the past one. The main contrast is the utilization of various phrasings in the two of them.

It likewise indicates you have contemplated the person’s response to saying ‘sounds good’ even before they said that.

6. You Do Have Good Taste in Things

I have a mentality of tending to people because of what or how they value things. How I relate with somebody who loves verse won’t be equivalent to somebody who simply is curious as to whether their Levi Strauss Pants fit well while wearing a clean cushion.

In this way, when I let the cat out of the bag that you can wear Levi pants with your clean cushion however you’ll need to pick rancher cut pants and stay away from skin-tight pants, the person might respond by saying sounds good.

If this situation applies to yours, you can carry out a similar methodology.

7. Good Thing I Wasn’t the Only One Who Thought I Like That

Who knows, you might try and be having a similar thought or way of thinking with the person who made the ‘sounds good’ remark.

On the off chance that that is the situation, you can utilize this line to show that you likewise had a similar mental picture as that person, and you’re really glad you’re by all accounts not the only person with such an outlook.

8. I Knew You Would Like It

When I do a good job for anyone, from my clients to friends and family, I enjoy it. Furthermore, each time I offer my one out of many idea that might be of some value for consultation, I get comments like ‘this sounds good’ and I’d probably answer with the above response.

9. Is That All You Have to Say?

Is it true that you are hoping to hear more from the person who just said sounds good? Provided that this is true, you can utilize this line of response to suggest a conversation starter with the expectation of finding a beneficial solution.

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After you ask the question, the person may respond appropriately or, even better, provide additional insight into the issue at hand.

10. I Bet You Can Trust Me Now

If someone who has been having trust issues with you finally agrees with you on something, you can ask them this question right after they say “sounds good” to see where you stand on trust.

For them to complete the expression implies they are in the positive of your thought and you ought to utilize this response to get to talk more.

11. I’m Happy I Could Please You

I know that it is so fussy people so when I in all actuality do get to satisfy one, I really bend over backward to revel in it.

Let’s say you showed your parents your plan for life after college and they said, “sounds good,” which is a good way to show how happy you are. You can respond with the same thing to show how happy you are.

12. Good initiative, Right?

Now and again, you want to put forth attempts to grade your scholarly properties when somebody recognizes them by saying ‘sounds good’. This improves your image and boosts your confidence for future activities.

13. What More Info Do You Need?

You ought to be deliberate while answering anybody who shares with you ‘sounds good’. This specific response is critical in separating further clarification from the person who had commented.

Posing inquiries where fundamental is an incredible expertise that will assist you with drawing nearer to accomplishing considerably more from the task to which somebody commented sounds good.

14. Thanks for the Relentless Support

Thanks for the Relentless Support

While I cross my Ts, I make it a custom to likewise dab my Is. This colloquial articulation doesn’t have anything to do with the letters T and I yet has more importance on your response procedure to somebody who says ‘sounds good’ in regards to any snippet of data you gave them.

Notwithstanding, with this line of response, you’re showing appreciation to the speaker for supporting your goal and complimenting your considerations.

15. I’m Glad I Tried

You might get the ‘sounds good’ comment after you’ve expressed something of relevance regarding an issue. Maybe, you offered an answer for a trying issue and were informed that your thought sounds good. You can respond with this line to enhance the gesture.

16. What More Can I Do?

This is the main facetious question on this rundown and to believe that it is the only one showing up here shows that it has its place set apart as a feasible response when somebody says sounds good.

Posing the question of what more you can do demonstrates exactly that you are so dedicated to being more certain than you’ve previously been.

17. If you’re Impressed, Then I’m Fulfilled

To expound on exactly the way that satisfied you will be, you can utilize this line which puts your satisfaction on a similar scale as getting somebody dazzled with your positive thinking which presumably sounds good.

18. Then We Should Forge Ahead With the Plans

At the point when somebody supports an arrangement of yours by saying ‘sounds good’, you can begin making game plans for the subsequent stage by utilizing this line of response.

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19. I Appreciate Working with You

During my last very long time in secondary school and early time in school, I got the opportunity to fill in as a telecommuter, and keeping in mind that the comprehensiveness of the web wasn’t quite an area of strength for as these days, I flourished.

During one of my positions, I dazzled a client so well that he didn’t have a decision yet saying “This technique ‘sounds good’, I love it”. I responded to this observation with the aforementioned line.

20. It’s My Pleasure

The nobleman card is one character quality I love using a ton and it continues to bring favorable circumstances my way. You can simply follow this line rather than crack up with an expensive response when someone marks the remark.

21. I’m Glad I Could Help

There could be no more excellent bliss than enlightening oneself since I understand how an absence of mental self-portrait people groups. This response assists you with accomplishing that without showing.

22. I Knew You Needed That

If you recently offered something mitigating to a lamenting person, they could answer with ‘sounds good’. Along these lines, you can utilize this line to respond to the signal and state why you saw the should be positive with them.

23. I’m a Genius, You Need to Give It to Me

Don’t forget to give yourself the praise you deserve when no one else is trying to give you the praise you deserve. What’s more, this line is one certain approach to doing that smoothly, as it serves as a response when somebody says your thought sounds good.

24. Now You Get It

The person who just said sounds good to you might’ve been lost in consideration however is consoled by your words. If that’s the case, their comment indicates that they appreciate your kindness, and you can respond with this line.

25. You Made the Right Choice

Are you a salesperson and the customer just said, “Smells good,” after you mentioned all the benefits of the car they later bought? You can answer to the person with this line.

26. That Calls for Celebration, Don’t You Think?

After letting it be known of your effective call to the bar or some other professional leap forward, your folks or companion can comment by saying sounds good. You can also suggest this response and see how it goes in that state of joy.

27. I Never Doubted It Does

Did you have areas of strength for the arrangement you brought to completion which sound well planned to turn out like that?

If that is the situation, you ought to involve this line as a response soon after getting the tribute you merit.

28. Gold Doesn’t Hide

Nothing intrigues people like secret abilities and thoughts. So while you uncover one of them, you’re certain to get evaluated for it as certain persons might say sounds good to you. In that regard, you can utilize this answer when they do.

29. Glad to Hear That

Is it true or not that you are eager to hear somebody praise your thought with ‘sounds good’? Assuming that is the inclination, you can utilize this line of response to communicate your sentiments.

30. Glad I Can Help

In the wake of assisting with the arrangement of a waiting issue with your thoughts, you might be informed that your idea sounds good by any person who thinks that it is fascinating. If that is the case, you can respond by expressing your gratitude for their assistance.


The primary message that anyone who says “sounds good” to you conveys is optimism. It implies the individual endorses and is similarly content with your commitment towards the food of a specific objective or cause.

If you want to respond to them, this indicates that you should also be optimistic.

A wide range of responses that correspond to the above definition of what “sounds good” actually means have been covered in this article.

These answers cut across many undertakings and cases so you ought to be deliberate while picking any of them for utilization.

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