14 Thoughtful Ways to Respond When Someone Expresses “They’re Blessed to Have You”  

There are not very many expressions of approval as strong as when somebody says they’re honored to have you. Such words can light up your day and make your heart happy.

Yet, you might ponder, what do I say consequently, or how would I answer somebody who says they’re honored to have me? This article presents the best responses you can offer.

They're Blessed to Have You

First, what does it mean when someone says they are blessed to have you?

The importance of these words will change from one person to the next. In addition, the speaker’s interest in the respondent and the surrounding circumstances can all influence the meaning. Take a look at these two descriptions:


At the point when the setting is heartfelt in nature, it implies the person they’re conversing with finishes them. At the point when you talk along these lines, you mean the person has caused some sure groundbreaking occasions in your day to day existence.


persons say I’m honored to have you on the off chance that in the conditions you have accomplished something without which certain things in their day to day existence would turn out badly. It refers to a benefit that the person has received right now from you.

For instance, if you drive a person home from a party, or you pay for a thing they need.

Best 14 Responses when someone says they’re blessed to have you

1. That’s Kind Of You

With this response obligingly acknowledge the commendation. You likewise acknowledge that you know why this person accepts you are a gift to the person in question. They don’t need to make sense of why. What’s more, you go with this response with a blissful grin.

While answering, be sincere. Treat it as such when you are told that you are a blessing to someone else. This response likewise causes to notice the consideration of the other person.

It ensures you’re not taking all the greatness, and assuming that you are timid to take praises, saying these words parts the consideration in two.

2. Thank You For The Compliment

Here is one more pleasant and deferential method for tolerating the opinion of being known as a gift. The first thing you need to know is that according to social etiquette, you should first accept compliments and then thank the person who gave them to you. This is an express acknowledgment.

There are varieties of this response: You can respond with “thanks” or “thank you,” or you can smile modestly and say, “Oh please, it’s nothing.”

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Anything response you give, be certain not to try not to humiliate the person.

3. Of Course, You Are

You can ease up the state of mind up with this response by telling the person, ‘obviously, you are.’

Assuming that the person who lets you know they feel honored for having you is your dear companion, you can meddle with them and facetiously give them this response.

From your tone and the demeanor all over, they ought to have the option to tell you are not being brassy. You ought to grin while you say this response and your companion will probably elbow you energetically.

This response can have two implications; it can mean you concur that you are a gift to the person. Additionally, it could mean, “Of course, you are equally a blessing.”

By and large, your tone, setting, and situation can assist with making the importance self-evident. Or on the other hand further remarks from you can all the more likely assist the other person with grasping there’s no animosity.

4. Yeah, Always Remember That

You can go all out and just laugh even more by telling the other person how much you mean to them and that they should never forget.

The meaning of the joke turns out to be more obvious if you’re a sad gift and this other person is just taken over by feelings at that point basically as a result of something you did.

You should rest assured this response will try and ease up state of mind significantly more. Indeed, say these words with pretended soberness, po-confronted, as the English would agree. You’ve got the idea.

Some of the time people own the commendation and make a joke out of what they aren’t. Be that as it may, it’s very ideal to have somebody have sentiments about your value.

5. Same here

At different times you can give a response that shows you truly value the commendation and since everybody is tell the truth, now is the right time to confess all as well: all things considered, same here. Having you is also a blessing.

This is particularly proper if the person is your accomplice, your companion, or a dear companion. Basically expressing, same here, may sound tasteless. So you can get imaginative with the words by adding their name, particularly in the event that you are messaging.

You can go further by letting the person that you value the words, and that you care profoundly about them. At the point when somebody lets you know that it is a gift to have you, they don’t probably believe they’re ideal for you.

Thus, telling the person consequently and meaning it, can be an ethical sponsor. Also, keep in mind that when someone tells you that you are a blessing to have, they probably have a lot of emotions at the time.

6. Really, How?

If you don’t think you’re a blessing, this is a very important question to ask. Furthermore, it’s okay if you don’t feel as such. This is the reason requesting an explanation is suggested. How you pose the question likewise matters.

The rhythm of the discussion would decide how you pose the question. Abstain from posing this question while messaging. You might give some unacceptable impression, and evoke some unacceptable response consequently.

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You can pose this question on the off chance that the person barely out of nowhere, without setting, says it’s a gift to have you. After paying close attention to the person’s explanation, select any suitable response from this list to follow up with.

7. I’m Glad You Feel This Way About Me

I’m Glad You Feel This Way About Me

This is a more profound response than just expressing, same here. This response is exceptionally fitting for when the person is somebody you like but aren’t dating.

It is likewise an incredible response to give on the off chance that the person is somebody you met down at the tram and assisted with conveying their things.

This response can be given when somebody says, it’s a gift to have persons like you. This is often how people feel about someone who helped them when they needed it.

They might even have met someone on the street. Getting your very own affirmation of goodness is great. It’s a lovely inclination you have to realize that somebody values something you did.

No matter how modest you are, you will always be praised by those around you, whether you like it or not.

8. Thanks, This Means A Lot

Authentic commendations don’t come modestly. It seems like you need to endeavor to get it. So for certain persons when it comes they need to show how appreciative they are.

If somebody says you’re a gift to have, show them you truly value the opinion by letting them know the amount it means to you.

This doesn’t be guaranteed to mean you are excessively powerless. Or on the other hand that you are powerless. It demonstrates your sincerity. You esteem persons’ assessment of you in a world that trains persons to disregard it.

You have placed a ton into the relationship and presently the other person recognizes your thoughtfulness. Answer with this response on the off chance that the person is only a dear companion, a collaborator, or whatever other person who isn’t your accomplice.

9. You Have Been A Blessing Too

Note that this response isn’t you diverting the commendation. This ought to be a certified response. The utilization of the word, ‘been’, shows that the person has remained by you this time as well.

You’ve heard people discuss approval via online entertainment like it is awful. This isn’t correct. Regardless of whether we understand it, we as a whole feed off the approval we get from others.

From companions to life partners, everybody wishes to have their sentiments approved. The point here is, the point at which somebody says you’ve been a gift to have, that is approval.

In addition, you convey to them that you value what they are to you when you say it back to them. It is critical that when you say this response, you ought to mean it that way. When making a recommendation, be sincere.

10. I Make You Happy?

You’re asking this out of curiosity; remember to smile. You can’t sound accusatory with this question. You are simply requesting subtleties. If this is the question you are asking, let the circumstances decide.

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In addition, you may ask this question if you are unsure whether the person is telling the truth. For instance, imagine a scenario where the person is just belittling you.

Further, the question is phrased so the person is compelled to be more unambiguous. Do I make you happy? What precisely is it that makes me a gift to have? You wouldn’t believe what you find out.

This is a particularly well-suited question to pose to somebody you are involved with. Rather than summing up things or being obscure, let the person notice those things you do that make you such an award to have.

11. Say Nothing

Surprised? Try not to be. You have the choice to not say anything. Quietness itself can be a resonating response in specific circumstances. For instance, you can stay quiet as an indication of humility.

Likewise, on the off chance that you figure the person might be disparaging you, it could be ideal to dispose of the assertion by being quiet. You can likewise grin and let the second pass.

12. What Is It About Me, Though?

Here is one more method for answering when somebody says you are a gift to them. This response can come after any of the different responses on this rundown. In one of the responses here, the idea is to inquire as to whether the person satisfies you.

The differentiation here is, that you are not making assumptions about the person. The person would certainly say you satisfy them assuming that they are your darling for instance.

You can pose anybody this question. They get to let you know explicit things that make you a gift.

13. Are We A Couple Now?

The person who tells you that you are a blessing to have may also be interested in you. It very well may be a chance to ask once more: will you date me now? You could ask flippantly, and you can too ask with an emotionless expression.

The most important thing is to determine whether the assertion that you are a blessing carries additional significance. If a young lady or a person expresses that to somebody who likes them, it is feasible to start thinking about whether they are presently open to a relationship with you.

On the off chance that there has been some companionship, this response can be proper. Likewise, if the kinship has had a few heartfelt connotations, you very well could be nearly scoring with the person in question.

14. You Read My Mind

This is a charming approach to saying the words back to the person. You can say this assuming the person is somebody you have heartfelt affection for. It would be nice if you could see that the other person also likes you. The fact of the matter is the person could be attempting to let you know more with those words.

You can be a blessing if you have offered a girl a shoulder to cry on, helped her pack, fed her dog while she was out, or done other similar things.

Fair warning: to keep away from humiliation, ensure you have substantial proof of sentiment before adding something extra to their words. Or on the other hand, better actually, inquire as to whether they are sincerely intrigued by you.

Final Thoughts

This rundown doesn’t cover every one of the powerful ways you can answer when somebody says it’s a gift to have you. However, it sure covers the most probable ones. Always make sure your tone is appropriate when responding.

Sarcasm can sometimes be used to gauge a person’s response. Eventually, a great many people express out loud whatever they mean when they’re close to home.

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