29 Clever Comebacks to “Yeah”

Have you at any point taken as much time as necessary to contemplate why your dear companions, relatives, or even partners at work could utilize “yeah” while expressing something to you, rather than the normal “yes”?

This is because it is a relaxed approach to saying “OK”; and it indicates that the speaker is not entitled to formalities in your presence.

While certain persons use “yeah” as a type of consent to an idea or affirmation; others use it in the spot of “Yes” to answer any inquiry that requires a yes or no response.

Understanding its relevant use will assist you with knowing how to answer yeah, as I’ll show you in this article. Continue reading to learn more!


29 Best Replies to “Yeah”

No matter what the absence of custom obstruction holds anybody who needs to say “yeah”, the expression can be just utilized in 3 distinct occurrences. These three (3) occasions incorporate;

  • When it is used as an agreement
  • When it is used as an answer to a yes/no question
  • When it is used as an exclamation

I’ll be organizing the answers in this article from these 3 occasions as they structure a reasonable premise on which you can answer “yeah”. You ought to pay special attention to the 29 answers on the best way to answer “yeah”.

This is effectively the first reaction when somebody tells you “Yeah”. The thought in this reaction is to recognize the arrangement of the person who said the expression to you. By saying “OK”, it implies you’re flagging a thumb to what the person recently said.

An example of this response in a sentence can be found below.

Speech 1: This has to be the best night…

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Okay

1. Yeah?

Could you toss a similar expression back to the person who utilized it on you first? Be that as it may, this time around, we’ll do it from an alternate point.

The point we will come from is that of a facetious inquiry. At the point when somebody says “yeah” as a method of consent to a recommendation yet doesn’t sound excessively sure or firm, you can utilize this reaction.

This reaction sets the person in question up to express more about for what reason you’d consent to the recommendation.

Maybe, the person said “yeah” out of nervousness and presumably didn’t get an opportunity to thoroughly consider the proposition before concurring.

By saying this, you can give them a chance to reconsider if that is the case.

You can likewise fake that you didn’t hear them accurately by saying this line of reaction.

Use in sentence:

Speech 1: The offer looks good

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Yeah?

2. Of Course

Like the principal reaction, this phrasal answer additionally accomplishes crafted by showing consistency to the person who said “yeah”. It implies you support the person’s understanding and likely accents to their cases as well.

You should relax your face while expressing this reaction, as keeping a stoic expression while saying this will counter anything that you had as a primary concern before answering as such.

Use in sentence:

Speech 1: Let’s get into the discussion proper

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Of course, you’re always a better candidate

3. I See

Might it be said that you are searching for an unobtrusive approach to showing that you support the simultaneousness of the person who said “yeah”? If that is the situation, you can utilize this phrasal reaction to spread the word about your representation of the person.

While utilizing this reaction, you ought to be careful about your tone and your non-verbal communication, to pass the right message.

In utilizing your non-verbal communication to do as such, you can decide to pop your eyes a little and consolidate that with a slight gesturing to crown everything. With these following articulations, your reaction to “yeah” will take a more pleasant shape.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: You look a lot better now

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Speech 2: Yeah

Response: I see; hangover’s got nothing on you now

4. Great

You might want to sound a little different than you usually do when you say “yeah.” On the off chance that you’re up for that, you ought to think about utilizing this answer procedure.

At the point when you say “Great” as your reaction when somebody says “yeah”, then you’re passing message areas of strength for of on to the person’s purpose to settle on something you might’ve examined before on with the person in question.

Likewise, a sign you’re super siphoned by hearing the person pronouncing “yeah”.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Let’s go grab a drink, I’m thirsty.

Speech 2: Yeah, let’s go

Response: Great, I knew you would oblige

5. Good Idea

This is another reaction methodology that you can utilize when somebody says “yeah”. Maybe, you made a sensible recommendation to the person, and the person concurred by saying “yeah”.

Assuming that is the situation, you can answer by saying ‘good idea” following the person’s proclamation. This indicates that you are implying that the person made the appropriate decision by accepting your proposal.

You’ll likewise be presenting a defense for being positive along with the person’s assertion.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: I want to enroll in a music class

Speech 2: Yeah, that’s the best

Response: Good idea, that’s the plan

6. Nice One

Having this as your reaction when somebody says “yeah” is a decent pick concerning the selection of words.

The recognition that the speaker agrees with whatever proposal you made to them as an excellent choice is the main point of this response.

You can begin by clapping your hands together because I have always advocated using body language when you want to respond.

By doing so, you not only give your words life but also give the person you’re referring to the impression that you are sincere in your response.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Let’s get out of this place; the environment is very toxic

Speech 2: Yeah, that’s the best we can do

Response: Nice one. We should.

7. I Thought as Much

Is it true or not that you are considering how to express your considerations? Assuming that is thus, you can utilize this line of reaction to do precisely that.

With this line, you affirm that you previously considered to you that the speaker would agree “yes” however as “yeah”.

As a result, when they eventually do, you respond in this manner, demonstrating that your thoughts concur with their statement.

On the other side; it doesn’t need to be valid that you “thought as much” as you can simply utilize this line to pretend information that you realized the speaker planned to say yes.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: We are way behind the deadline.

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: I thought as much.

8. Is That Like a Yes Yes From You?

When someone says “yeah,” it may indicate that they aren’t entirely certain of their response.

You’d see how ambiguous their voice sounds when they do as such, and it is as though they’re hauling their words and driving the letters to emerge.

If you sense this from the person who said “yeah” as far as you might be concerned, you can attempt to recover the fundamental response from them utilizing this line of reaction.

At the point when you pose the person this inquiry-like reaction, you’re permitting them to bring clearness into their response. The person should agree to their reaction, or they back down from with.

On the master plan, the person might concoct conditions you’ll stick to, which will guarantee that they hold up to their part of the deal.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: I think we should renovate the dog house

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Is that a yes or yes from you?

9. Cool

It is alright if you have any desire to sound decent regardless of whether you feel like that is what you want right now.

It may be the case that your mindset doesn’t permit you to articulate your thoughts completely, and you’d prefer to stay with a single-word reaction in any case. On the off chance that that is the situation, this reaction is your smartest choice.

Answering with “cool” is a decent pick for you on the off chance that you’re a person of few words. It doesn’t convey a lot of critical inclination and is only moderate for somebody who dislikes communicating their thoughts.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: We should be through with this on time.

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Cool; get to work then

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10. So You Agree Then?

Even if someone says “yeah” to your proposal, it’s possible that they don’t fully agree with the agreement you’ve reached.

At times, for the person to convey their stand utilizing “yeah” shows that they might in any case have questions in regards to anything understanding you came to with the person in question.

Notwithstanding, you can inspire them to talk more or concur immovably by utilizing this line of reaction. This question-like answer sets the person up to pick an unequivocal stand.

It is either the person responds with a “yes” once more or elaborates more on why they decided to agree to the settlement.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: We will need more funds for the project.

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: So you agree then?

11. Well. Hopefully

This line of reaction finishes the work of carrying an uplifting outlook into the exchange between you and the person who said “yeah”.

You are attempting to portray optimism as a form of positivity; that is, you believe that the outcome of your agreement with the person to whom you have given their assent will be successful.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: You need to support this plan to work out.

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Well, hopefully. I know it will.

12. What Else?

When a yes or no response is given with “yeah,” it for the most part focuses on the bearing that the discourse has finished.

It then turns into the last goal to any subtleties talked about during the scope of the discussion. For this reason, many sources will advise you to make peace and not toss in some other reaction after somebody says “yeah” as a reaction to a yes or no inquiry.

Be that as it may, here, things are done any other way as different conditions call for different methodologies.

Indeed, even after the person has said “yeah”, you can drag the exchange considerably further assuming you sense that there’s something else to escape the person’s mouth.

To do this, you really want a straightforward and exact inquiry which is made manifest in this line of reaction. You’ll set the person in the situation to say more when you utilize this line of reaction.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Sir/Madam; Do you want the best meal on the menu?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: What else?

13. I’m Relieved Now

Very much like saying “yeah” to a yes or no inquiry can bring up additional issues, it can likewise be the certainty of a warmed-up strain or uneasiness.

Picture a medical condition circumstance where a senior resident must be moved to the ICU room from the primary ward because of a fit of anxiety.

In this sort of circumstance, the person’s kids and family members will be in a craze because the existence of their cherished one is in question.

In any case, quickly the specialist says “yeah” when they inquire as to whether the person is as yet alive, an unexpected sensation of harmony gets back to the room.

On the off chance that you end up being up to speed in such a circumstance, you can utilize this line of reaction to communicate how quiet you feel.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Did my child make it to the final race?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: I’m relieved now.

14. Really? I’d be Indebted to You

Really? I’d be Indebted to You

This can be your go-to reaction when somebody says “yeah” to you to show their help when you request it.

The reaction portrays how energized you are and the length you can go to show you’re genuinely thankful for their demonstration of empathy towards you.

Maybe, you requested some help and they made sure to their assistance.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Are you sure I’m going to win the contest?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Really? I’d be indebted to you

15. Thanks for Accepting

You can likewise say a reaction that shows you’re keen to the speaker’s acknowledgment of something, which they displayed by saying “yeah”.

This line of reaction catches your .message of appreciation to the person and demonstrates the way that peppy you can be the point at which somebody accomplishes something that would certainly merit satisfying for you.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Can you please help me out in the search for my cat?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Thanks for accepting

16. Hmmm…

Do you want to so badly follow a conversation that you’re looking for the best response?

Indeed, search no more since this here teaches you a lesson as a decent decision of reaction when somebody says “yeah” after you pose them an inquiry.

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Possibly, the person’s response comes as somewhat of a shock to you and you really want time to assess what is going on prior to thinking of the ideal arrangement.

With this reaction, you can delay while you concoct the ideal reaction to the person.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Tell me; did you sleep outside this house?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Hmm…

17. Alright Then

At the point when somebody addresses your inquiry certifiably utilizing “yeah”, you can show that you’re tossing your weight behind them through this phrasal reaction.

The reaction is a less fascinating approach to saying “I don’t generally dislike that”.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Are you coming with us or not?

Speech 2: Yeah, I will

Response: Alright then

18. Are You Sure?

Do you feel the person who responded to your inquiry by saying “yeah” doesn’t sound excessively sufficiently sure? Given that is the situation, you can utilize this question-like reaction to inquiry the sureness of their response.

Inquiring as to whether they’re certain or not manages the cost of you the opportunity to grasp the center of their reaction.

Thusly, either the person affirms their response or they concoct another.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Am I looking good for the party tonight?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Are you sure?

19. That’s Right

You can utilize a steady reaction, in accordance with the confirmed response of the speaker. This reaction here is the genuine article to take that course.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: We shouldn’t fight with him, yeah?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: That’s right.

20. I Knew You’d Give In

In the event that you as of now suspect that the speaker will say “yeah”, you ought to utilize this line of reaction to tell them you had the inclination.

This response also demonstrates your capacity for accurate guesswork.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Please, will you be my prom?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: I knew you’d give in

21. I’ve Always Known You’re the Man for the Job

When “yeah” is utilized to communicate interjection and shock, it is normally a direct result of an unforeseen consent or endorsement.

Hence, if you get it from somebody and you need to answer, you ought to likewise utilize a similar tone. In any case, in this reaction, you’re not doing that, somewhat you’re setting that you realize the person would convey an extraordinary work.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Did you finish before the deadline?

Speech 2: Yeah!

Response: I’ve always known you’re the man for the job

22. Amazing

This would be the piece of reaction that offers the energized tone of real value. Simply by saying astonishing, you’re emitting the energy that you’re really intrigued by the person who said “yeah”.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: I hope you smashed the game.

Speech 2: Yeah!

Response: Amazing

23. Yo! That’s My Buddy

You can likewise toss in a touch of benevolence in your reaction procedure utilizing this line. The assertion portrays that you’re alluding to a companion, sibling, or colleague.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: We should go grab that beer now, don’t you think so?

Speech 2: Yeah!

Response: Yo! That’s my buddy

24. Better

My parents, who don’t want to say much but are happy inside, respond well to this.

On the off chance that you fall in this class, you shouldn’t hold back to utilize this word when somebody responds to your inquiry by saying “yeah”.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: We can now go to the party

Speech 2: Yeah!!!

Response: Better

25. We’ll see then

If you have any desire to remove a discussion just after the person you’re conversing with says “yeah”, you can utilize this line to do as such.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: You did well tonight; you have the deal

Speech 2: Yeah!

Response: We’ll see then

26. On Point

Maybe, you feel that the person who replied with “yeah” seems OK by saying that. Assuming that is the situation, you can tell them you recognize their assertion.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: You sure need a car of your own

Speech 2: Yeah!

Response: On point

27. Way to Go

You can use this response to help the speaker enter into a new agreement or understanding with you and demonstrate your satisfaction with their response.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Are you sure of the answer?

Speech 2: Yeah!

Response: Way to go

28. Indeed

You can utilize this line as a concise approach to yielding the confirmed response of the speaker.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Are you always this exceptional?

Speech 2: Yeah!

Response: Indeed

29. Oh! Hell Yeah

Assuming your energy knows no bounds in light of the astounded response of the speaker, you can toss in this reaction to show that.

Use in sentence :

Speech 1: Will you be my wife?

Speech 2: Yeah

Response: Oh! Hell yeah


We are right here… at the finish of this nitty-gritty article which furnishes you with a ton of ways of answering when somebody says “yeah”.

I’m persuaded that these answers are fulfilling to peruse, yet they additionally demonstrate helpfulness in taking care of your concern of vulnerability.

Sympathetically let us in on your viewpoints in the remark box underneath.

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