27 Savvy Responses to “Looking Forward to It”

There are articulations in English that many people struggle with answering. ‘ One of these expressions is “looking forward to it.” Frequently when somebody says those words to us, we answer by saying ‘much obliged.’

That response is fine on its own. Yet, you can show improvement over that by getting more inventive with your answer.

In this article, you will learn of numerous alternate ways of answering ‘Looking forward to it.’

Looking Forward to It

What Does “Looking Forward to It” Mean?

The word, looking forward to it, is a non-prominent approach to saying you might want to be a piece of something. It could also indicate that you want to see something succeed or fail.

It very well may be utilized both adversely or emphatically. You can anticipate witnessing something. Or on the other hand to something terrible occurring.

In any case, how you respond will largely depend on whether you want to participate or not.

Unquestionably, a large portion of us wouldn’t anticipate something going to pieces and harming us or others. As the responses in this article will show, the setting will decide a lot of how you answer.

27 Best Replies to Looking Forward to It

1. Me Too

You can say, me as well on the off chance that the result the speaker is anticipating is something you might want to be a piece of too.

It very well may mean the demise of anything; graduation, a party, the election, or anything else that’s good.

Furthermore, obviously, in the event that you are into the abnormal or wild side of life, it can likewise be a negative thing.

Main concern is, you are likewise anticipating anything it is, you simply don’t have any desire to involve similar words as the other person.

2. I Can’t Wait Too…

Moreover, you can be explicit about the stuff the other person says they’re anticipating and say you additionally can hardly stand by to – go to the show, see the new vehicle, to join the excursion, etc.

There is no deficiency of utilization with this response. even when the other person is talking about something negative, like a crash caused by drunk driving, for instance.

You are leaving a party and part of the gang is going to plunge in his vehicle as opposed to allowing you to drive. You can say you can hardly stand by to see the accident you anticipated happening.

However, try not to drive under the influence. What’s more, you shouldn’t permit an alcoholic person to drive themselves.

3. I’m Excited To…(Too)

Here is one more variety of the past responses. You can say this, I’m eager to go to the show as well and go with it with the right articulation.

You can involve this answer in an energized conversation where the person says they’re anticipating something.

One of the advantages of this response is it pervades the conversation with more life and fervor. This response is as sure as anybody on this rundown.

4. I’ll See You There Then

You can answer by telling the person you don’t just anticipate the particular thing, yet you likewise mean to be there.

This answer is suitable on the off chance that the thing expressed about is an occasion like a show, a wedding party, or different occasions. Your expression can be extreme or middle-of-the-road excited.

This articulation can be utilized likewise in different settings that have a say in a particular area.

5. It Will Be A Pleasure For Me As Well

With this response, you show that you are likewise keen on the topic and would need to see the result the other person is anticipating.

This is a well-mannered form of a portion of the choices on this rundown and the idea that it would be a delight works everything out.

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We frequently add the word delight to cause the other person to feel that we are not underestimating them or the action. It implies we might a lot of want to be at that occasion.

6. I’m Counting Down The Days Now

Here is one more to show that you really are on the side of the feelings of somebody who says, ‘I anticipate it.’ Here you are telling the speaker he isn’t the only one anticipating the stuff or occasion.

You are adding days to your calendar on your own. You likely have the occasion’s date customized in your caution framework on your cell phone or pager.

You say this answer with an equivalent measure of fervor. If the other person is a friend or a familiar face, this is the right response.

This is a typical statement that can remain solitary as well. It doesn’t need to be a response. It fills a similar need as when you say, I’m looking forward to it.

7. I’m Looking Forward To It Too

You anticipated this choice in this rundown, isn’t that right? Obviously, you can echo similar words once again to the speaker on the off chance that you are keen on similar stuff they’re discussing.

This is the answer that is easiest to remember. What’s more, you will not be violating any regulation assuming you say it.

8. Oh Great

Gesture and say, Goodness extraordinary. If the speaker is a friend of yours, you can have fun with them with this response. Particularly in the event that you and the speaker are accustomed to being wry in your discussions.

This response permits you to show a great many articulations as you say it. You can gesture, feign exacerbation, or pretty much anything you desire to do. Everything relies upon the specific circumstance.

Assuming that you believe there’s nothing to truly anticipate about the topic, you can say, ‘gracious extraordinary, same story, different day.’

9. Yeah, Likewise

In the event that you’re into mockery with your companions, this response ought to be entertaining. You can express this while tightening your lips and feigning exacerbation.

You can follow it up with more sarcasm, adding funny things that your friend and you are both familiar with. You are telling the other person you are anticipating the occasion as well, yet you have no genuine goal to join in.

On the other hand, you can also take your excitement for the event seriously. Always, context is important. Furthermore, generally, on the off chance that the other person is your companion, they’ll know when you are being mocked or serious.

10. I’ll Be Seeing You There Then, Right…

The other person would then respond, “Of course.” You can give this response if you will likely be a piece of what the other person is anticipating.

This is quite possibly the most immediate answer you can provide for somebody who says they’re anticipating something.

You ought to give this answer on the off chance that you know precisely the exact thing they’re discussing, and it is something you are a piece of. The words can be joined by an outflow of joy and energy.

11. The Feeling Is Mutual, Bro…

In this unique circumstance, the occasion is logical a little one that includes a select number of persons. It is an elite occasion that main you and the other person know about.

This answer is expected to maintain the subject mystery, particularly assuming you are having this conversation openly. Office companions frequently talk along these lines.

Or then again understudies. Utilizing this response, keep your expression blank, depending on the circumstances.

12. I Eagerly Anticipate It

This response is fundamentally equivalent to when somebody says, ‘I look forward to it.’ However, you use this response to avoid simply repeating the other person’s words.

In the two occurrences, the two people enthusiastically anticipate the appearance of an occasion. The word, enthusiastically, permits you to follow up this response with a statement of energy.

13. I’m Happy To Hear This

When someone says they’re looking forward to it, they sometimes want you to make some kind of commitment to the upcoming event.

However, you can respond, “I’m happy to hear it” if you wish to remain neutral or simply do not wish to decide at this time.

In this situation, you’re not tending to the reality of the topic. You are just cheerful about the person’s good faith.

Utilize this response on the off chance that the person being referred to isn’t somebody you’d prefer not to be related with or the occasion isn’t one you need to join in.

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Also, assuming the occasion closely relates to you, utilize this response on the off chance that you don’t maintain that the person should be in participation.

14. I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Be There…

With this response, you express your longing to not be a piece of the party or occasion. You might have perceived that the person who says, I’m looking forward to it, is likewise anticipating you at the occasion.

You are pleasantly turning down the clear greeting. Is this response appropriate? Well, a lot depends on how you get along with the other guy.

What’s significant is spreading the word about your backup and expressing it.

15. I’m Sorry But I Have Other Commitments

I’m Sorry But I Have Other Commitments

This answer stands firm with regards to this issue much further by expressing a particular motivation behind why you’re not anticipating whatever like the other person. Furthermore, the explanation is you have ‘different responsibilities.’

persons are permitted to turn down arrangements. Additionally, it is preferable to make promises you cannot keep. This is likewise a pleasant method for turning down the assumption regardless of whether you have no obvious responsibilities.

You can seem genuine while saying this answer by grimacing which shows frustration.

This response would be proper assuming that you know when the person said they’re looking forward to it, they additionally implied they anticipate that you should be in participation.

On the other hand, somebody might say they anticipate eating, showing up for a show with you, etc. Simply say: I apologize, but I have other obligations.

16. I Appreciate The Opportunity

This response can follow assuming you and the other person have recently organized to accomplish something vital. Then, at that point, after the person says they’re looking forward to it, you can answer that you value the open door.

Because you agree with the other person, you respond in this manner.

17. It Would Be Nice To See You Again

Suppose this discussion occurs via telephone or while messaging. You and the person have recently organized to meet – it very well may be for various purposes like for business or a heartfelt evening.

The person claims that I am looking forward to it. You can answer: it would be good to see you once more. Assuming that you are both messaging, you can add a suitable emoticon.

18. I Have High Expectations For The Meeting Too

So you have quite recently hammered out an agreement to meet with your financial backers. Or on the other hand with this woman or fellow. A little while before the gathering you get a call or text from the other person that finishes with, I’m looking forward to it.

The above answer is able. Simply say, ‘I have exclusive requirements for the gathering with you.’ It is affable, and it is positive.

Even though it might wind up creating tension for the other person particularly assuming this is the principal date. Thus, let the conditions direct what you express subsequently to reassure the other person.

19. I’m All Pumped For It

This response is great while having an eye-to-eye discussion. The person lets you know they are looking forward to it. You rub your palms together, and with an expansive grin you say, I’m undeniably siphoned for it.

This conveys the feeling of being in the exercise center, siphoning iron, and preparing to get right into it. This answer unknowingly gives the listener the feeling that you are completely dedicated to the gathering or anything you are both anticipating.

With this response, you demonstrate that the other person’s expectations are not unique.

20. That’s Awesome!

It’s all important for the energy, the expectation for what you anticipate. At the point when you answer with these words you let your face sparkle with the appearance of happiness.

When you say, “That’s Awesome,” you are referring to three things: (1) the fact that the person anticipates and is looking forward to the event; (2) the fact that you also look forward to it; and (3) your happiness with the concept of the event itself.

This response is fitting excessively regardless of whether you have no specific interest in the actual occasion. Yet, that you can see the energy of the other person and how siphoned they are is sufficient to be energized for them.

21. What Are You Talking About?

This response is for a circumstance where you don’t have a thought about what the other person anticipates. On the other hand where you are as of now in a circumstance or occasion and you keep thinking about whether the person is discussing what is going on.

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For example, if you are at a show, you and your companion have anticipated for a long time and presently he’s truism he ‘anticipates it.’ You need to inquire as to whether there’s another show coming up.

This is a genuine inquiry. Moved by fervor, somebody might let you know they’re anticipating something you don’t know anything about. If you would rather not come, you can essentially request an explanation.

22. Okay…(!)

Yes. Nowadays, it takes even the tiniest thing to set off people. Hence, give a concise response however not annoying.

The insignificant word “okay” comes into play here. OK’, can be utilized to reprimand somebody, to make a big difference for a discussion, or to tell somebody you couldn’t care less about what they’re talking about for sure.

This one-syllabic, four-letter word can save you a great difficult situation, and when utilized with suitable non-verbal communication signs and looks, it very well may be the best response on this rundown.

You can say right, and the person would essentially let you be, or the person can be incited to give further justifications for why they anticipate whatever.

23. When Can I…?

At the point when somebody says they anticipate it, you can gesture and say, ‘So when can I… ?’, then append a suitable response relying upon the plan you have.

It tends to be the person who is anticipating a conference. You can ask, ‘So when might I at any point meet you?’ ‘ Where might I at any point meet you?’ etc.

This is the best response on the off chance that what the other person is anticipating is something you were a piece of setting up however there are components of the occasion you want an explanation on.

24. Thank You

It is appropriate to simply express gratitude to the person who states, “looking forward to it.” This is a decent response on the off chance that the occasion straightforwardly includes you.

For example, if the person says the person in question is anticipating seeing you the following time, you can grin and tell them, much obliged.

With this response, the interest is on what you bring to the anticipated occasion, regardless of how little.

What’s more, your response is an indication of appreciation to the person for anticipating something that has to do with you.

25. What Is It About?

When you ask, “What is it about?” you might be implying that you are ignorant of this event. or on the other hand, you could be attempting to stay away from the entire thing through and through.

Perhaps this is the sort of thing you are not anticipating and what you would call evading it is by faking obliviousness.

Ideally, the person will get the clue that you’re attempting to drop the gathering. You can likewise follow this answer up with, ‘Please accept my apologies yet I have different responsibilities.’ Or on the other hand, ‘I truly anticipated it as well, however, my arrangements have changed… ‘

What’s more, this response can be truly from a position of carelessness. Perhaps you have a few different commitments that affect this person and you truly need to know the particular one.

Spreading your hands and raising your eyebrows high up on your forehead would be an appropriate expression.

26. Can We Postpone?

In further attempting to stay away from the commitment you can give this immediate answer. No prefaces. Simply a solicitation to delay since you wouldn’t be accessible for the occasion.

Presently, the suitable articulation would rely much upon what you’re attempting to accomplish: would you like to simply skirt the occasion until the not-too-distant future, or would you like to not be accessible, for eternity?

The best medium to utilize this response is via telephone or messaging.

Assuming you’re a thoughtful person, being around even persons you care about can cause weariness for you, as indicated by the authority blog of the Australian Foundation of Expert Guides.

This is one method for staying away from a commitment the other person is anticipating. So for your psychological well-being care, you can simply request a delay.

27. Whoa, Calm Down

Have you ever had to work with someone who was overly excited? It very well may be debilitating, and you don’t need to be a contemplative person.

You can stop the person in the middle of the hallway and tell them to relax if they have been on your case all day and are merely reiterating how excited they are about it.

It’s okay to be energized however without bothering the other person. This present circumstance can happen anyplace; at work, at school, or even at the games.

What’s more, it tends to be about pretty much anything from a soccer match to a meeting that doesn’t have at least something to do with you.

At the point when you utilize this response make certain to not get carried away with your obstruction. Be quiet yet firm on the off chance that this occasion isn’t something you are sharp about.

Be conscious if the person is a partner working or school. There’s a compelling reason to cut them down intellectually.

Assuming that you are as yet keen on the occasion however just wish they relax with the update, then be clear in saying as much.

Final Thoughts

Envision what discussions would seem like on the off chance that there was just a single response to, ‘I’m anticipating it.’

In this article, you have been given different alternate ways of answering when somebody says they’re anticipating something.

Generally speaking, let your responses be directed by proper social decorum. Keep the context, your emojis, and those crucial facial expressions in mind.

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