25 Proper Ways to Respond to Namaste

Namaste is an exceptionally famous welcome today. As a matter of fact, I bet that each time you consider India you consider Diwali, moving, and straightforward good tidings, namaste.

Many persons don’t have the foggiest idea what it truly implies anyway more regrettable still, how to answer to it. Assuming that you are one of these persons, continue to peruse this article and I will take you through it.

25 Proper Ways to Respond to Namaste

What Does It Mean When Someone Says Namaste To You?

Namaste is an exceptionally old hello and it is extremely well known as well. It has a few implications and can be utilized in numerous settings to mean numerous things.

At the outset, namaste, a Sanskrit welcoming was said by the Hindus as a method for hello to one another. It was only a simple hello.

The Hindu culture accepts that God stays in every single person and everything. Anything can be a Divine being and must be paid respect to. It is where this hello begins from and it pays love to the god in you.

It is likewise a standard hello finished with a light bow and hands set near one another near the heart. It is called Añjali mudra, and it is a respectable hello to the god in you.

Here the strict significance of namaste – I bow to you – is shown. persons likewise Namaste as a hello to making proper acquaintance, and farewell, and even to close yoga classes.

Exceptionally famous now and many persons who are not Indian or Hindu express it to themselves as a type of hello while doing the Añjali.

Since it is now so obvious what it implies when somebody expresses namaste to you, here are answers you can use to answer:

8 Best Indian Responses to Namaste

8 Best Indian Responses to Namaste

Since namaste is in the Sanskrit language, for what reason don’t we have a few answers in a similar language? On the off chance that you are on a visit, an extended get-away, visiting your unfamiliar companions, or simply addressing them, you can utilize these answers.

In addition to the fact that it is noteworthy to have the option to say a couple of expressions in another dialect, you will likewise get on their good side speedier. We should see a couple:

1. Namaste

You can express namaste back when somebody expresses namaste to you. Besides being a method for recognizing the heavenly nature in a person, and that signifies “I bow to you”, you express this as a welcome to persons more youthful than you.

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It is warm and basic and it is absolutely impossible that you can wreck this.

2. Namo Namah

Namo Namah is another expression you can use to answer namaste. It, very much like namaste, implies I bow to you telling whoever you express this to that you are modest and adoring.

You can utilize this in the manner in which you will utilize namaste. You can likewise express this while marginally bowing your head, waving your hand, or doing the Añjali mudra.

3. Namaskāraḥ

For those who are more seasoned than you, utilize this rather than namaste. Namaste isn’t viewed as extremely affable when you are welcoming persons more established than you or persons in power like older folks, supervisors, and guardians.

Here “Kara” signifies making, as in, making respect to them. You can express this while doing the Añjali mudra or with one hand (ideally your right) to your heart.

4. Sukhino Bhava

This answer signifies “I wish you joy”. Here it is a kind of wish. At the point when somebody says namaste, you can involve this for persons more youthful than you to hope everything works out for them.

It’s a little petition and it’s a decent answer. You can involve this in a more strict setting.

5. Jeete Raho

This implies God favors you. Here jeete implies God so say it will respect. You express it with care so they realize you mean it and it’s you petitioning God for themselves and having good intentions for them.

You can express this to more seasoned persons after they have done something good to you and have said namaste however it’s more fitting for persons more youthful than you so you are not viewed as inconsiderate.

6. Namaste Khush Raho

It signifies “be blissful” and you can express this as a wish. You must be cautious however so you don’t express it to persons who are more established than you who will disapprove.

You can express this in the Sanskrit language in light of the fact that, in English, it streams as well as this.

7. Namaste ji Kaise Ho

This signifies “How are you?” In the event that you are addressing somebody who is your age, your companion, or who is more youthful than you, say in the city or in a relaxed, more liberated setting, you can utilize this to answer.

It’s very much like when somebody says “greetings” and you say “What’s up, how are you?” It’s well disposed and from that point, you have a typical discussion in anything language you pick.

8. Pranaam

While this can be another signal, it is likewise a hello you hold for otherworldly pioneers. It is known as the greatest possible level of hello saved for them so in the event that you are on a visit to India and you simply end up visiting a hallowed spot or heavenly sanctuary, utilize this hello to show regard.

12 Best English Responses to Namaste

12 Best English Responses to Namaste

In the event that you are not positive about saying the answers above, you can utilize these English answers beneath. However long you are impeccably perceived, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty. Here are some:

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1. Hello

Since namaste can be a straightforward hello, you can answer with hi if you would rather not express namaste.

You can express it as an easygoing answer to your companions, colleagues, and persons you are more youthful than.

You can likewise say hello. Everything relies on how you connect with them and which one you are most open to utilizing.

2. Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening

In the event that you are addressing somebody more established than you, you can utilize these basic good tidings to answer them when they say namaste.

Pick the proper hello for the time and you have no issue. You can decide to do a slight bow as a noble gesture.

3. God Bless You

Namaste can be utilized to welcome the divinity in persons, as it is accepted so you can involve this as an answer to say namaste.

You probably won’t feel open to saying namaste. It’s a language you don’t see so this works better since it recognizes the genuine importance of the word and answers it.

4. Goodbye

Or on the other hand bye. You can say this on the off chance that somebody expresses namaste as a goodbye welcome. Most yoga classes end with namaste and companions can call out namaste as they leave. You can say bye to utilize namaste.

5. Greetings from this side

Somewhat old and perhaps something by a baffling person out of a film yet it is OK to utilize.

In the event that you are in an unfamiliar spot and you would rather not take risks with different answers due to the wide range of implications, you can simply express this to show that you are delivering greetings.

It’s a sign you regard them. Obviously, it’s alright in the event that they comprehend this and you don’t sound odd when you say it.

6. Peace be unto you

This is an answer you can use in a strict setting. Many persons welcome namaste to respect somebody, you can utilize this to say goodbye to them as they go.

You can likewise express this after you meet them. Assuming that you like you can say namaste nevertheless say harmony be unto you. There are no principles to the beneficial things you can say to people.

7. And you too

The vast majority utilize this at whatever point they don’t know what to answer. On the off chance that the goal for saying this, in view of importance isn’t clear, you can say this as well.

At the point when you say it, grin so you don’t seem uninformed or terrified. Fast admonition, don’t say something very similar to you.

It might appear to be OK yet it doesn’t exactly fit and as it very well may be a greater amount of a privileged hello, it makes you sound uninformed.

8. Shalom

Starting from the Jewish language, this regularly implies harmony however it has different implications as was entire, flourishing, and government assistance.

Certain persons even use it as a hello and it is an ideal answer to namaste no matter what the significance.

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In the event that you are a Christian and you feel the entirety of “I bow to you” namaste significance is against your precept, this answer is OK to utilize.

9. You are welcome

In some yoga classes, people express namaste to mean bless your heart. It doesn’t imply that namaste in a real sense implies thank you, it is only a cordial method for putting it.

You can say “you are gladly received” to recognize this and even grin. You can say “no issue” in the event that you like yet it shouldn’t get any more casual than that.

10. May you find happiness

Great wishes not awkward with a beautiful liberating as namaste. Envision you had a couple of moments to address somebody, this trade will light up their day, give them a much-needed boost, and fulfill them.

It’s likewise something a yoga educator will say so it’s acceptable for you to utilize this.

11. Here?

This is a joke and not such a large number of persons will get it. Namaste seems like “Nah, imma staying” which is saying you would rather not leave the spot.

In the event that you ask them “here,” it implies you are addressing if they need to stay there. Did you get it?

Local people could think you are confounded or senseless even after they get the joke so attempt this with your companions or anybody with an extraordinary funny bone.

12. Have a nice day

have a pleasant day. You can express namaste before you say have a pleasant day or say it single-handedly, anybody you like.

It’s a well-disposed answer, particularly to colleagues, and it is satisfactory to everybody.

5 Gestures As a Response

Signals are a straightforward method for answering to namaste. It’s great in the event that you are answering to outsiders or on the other hand assuming you are in a hurry.

Likewise, in the event that you feel more open to answering with motions than in the Sanskrit language, utilize these:

1. A smile

Grinning can never turn out badly. A grin shows that you have heard them and have acknowledged what they said, which is namaste.

2. A wave

On the off chance that you are not extremely familiar with an Añjali mudra, then you can do a little wave to recognize them. It’s great on the off chance that you are expressing farewell to somebody or tolerating gratitude for what you have done.

3. A nod

On the off chance that you are welcomed by somebody more youthful than you, you can involve a gesture as a quiet affirmation. You won’t gesture to those more established than you as they will see it as discourteous.

4. Añjali mudra

This is a non-contact signal that people do when they say namaste. You do this by setting the palms together, near the chest with the thumbs confronting upwards and your head marginally bowed.

5. Pranamasana

This is a yoga present however it is likewise what I like to call a standing Añjali mudra. You do this by setting your palms together extremely hidden from everyone else except you don’t bow.

You can do this with your eyes shut or with a grin. It is OK to do this with your companions and those more youthful than you.


Unfamiliar good tidings, particularly those from leave behind various implications can be hard to answer since you can’t be too certain what they will mean, but with these responses you ought to have no issue by any stretch of the imagination.

Attempt to evaluate what is going on to get a handle on the setting of the hello before you answer, this way you can’t commit an error. Many thanks to you and Namaste.

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