20 Witty and Unexpected Responses to “DTF”

At the point when somebody says DTF, they imply that they need to get down with you. You might be all right with their solicitation and need a few fun responses regardless of whether you will oblige with the solicitation.

Remember that close relations ought to be imparted appropriately before any responsibility of sorts.

These responses likewise go about as an aide that gives satisfactory answers I’m various settings and circumstances.

You will think that they are reasonable, basic, and amusing to utilize.


Here, we have written 20 of the best responses to DTF you can find

1. Nice, I’d love to get down! What do you have in mind?

An interesting response to DTF can go this way, saying, “Nice, I’d love to get down! What do you have in mind??

You should only say this to the speaker when you intend to speak down. Such a response infers that you extravagant them and wouldn’t see any problems with getting down.

This answer is a particularly fun method for answering DTF, the speaker would be more than happy to have positive criticism from you as you even requested what they have as a top priority right now from asking DTF.

2. Absolutely! When and where were you thinking?

You ought to possibly give such an answer when you mean to get down. Envision sharing with somebody.

Absolutely! When and where were you thinking?

As far as I might be concerned, this answer is driving and hot when you on second thought.

At the point when you answer with this assertion, it implies that you would be obliged to keep to the period, day, and area to meet. This likewise shows your desired speaker to continue ahead with it as quickly as time permits.

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3. Sounds great but I will decline the request 

Sounds great but I will decline the request, this is one fun method for answering DTF.

You ought to just express this to your accomplice and not a more unusual, who can answer like this when you need to sound well disposed however would in any case Devine the solicitation.

Expressing this to a more peculiar suggests you might keep a receptive outlook when next they inquire as to whether you need to get down, mind how you utilize this answer so you don’t go out giving every person who inquires as to whether you are down open thoughts.

4. Of course! Only if my birth control pills didn’t walk off my table.

A Decent answer is saying obviously!  Only if my birth control pills didn’t walk off my table.

An answer like this sounds fun and wry because conception prevention pills don’t have legs to stroll off your table or anyplace you keep them.

Albeit the assertion begins with an interjection. The speaker realizes you are simply exploring different avenues regarding your answer but isn’t keen on getting down.

5. Definitely! I’m free whenever you are ready

One interesting answer to DTF is saying, “Definitely! I’m free this weekend if that works for you.”

This is a pleasant method for answering a companion who inquires as to whether you need to get down with them.

Such an answer shows the speaker that you are energetic to hear them offer that expression.

Saying that you are free for the end of the week shows you are prepared to get down and blend personally, the speaker would happily let you know if the end of the week works for them as well.

6. No, it’s that time of the month again

No, it’s that time of the month that sounds positive but not all that fun.

This is because there was a chance to descend, but Mother Nature’s gift of a monthly cycle prevents that from happening for the time being.

The speaker realizes you are attempting to keep away from the inquiry posed or you are coming clean. As a woman, you can make use of this response whenever you need to.

7. Would have been wonderful but my schedule is rigid.

At the point when you let somebody know that spending time with them would have been great however you have an inflexible timetable.

It is clear here that you think balancing out would be awesome yet impractical right now.

On the off chance that you two truly want to get down, you can both glance at one another’s timetable, doing this permits you to look at your timetables and both pick a timetable that would incline toward both of you. This sounds fun and possible.

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8. Absolutely! I’d love to catch up with you.

The phrase “Absolutely I’d love to catch up with you” is a fun way to respond to DTF because it conveys the impression that you are interested in spending time with them.

It’s nice to hear this response because it’s a very fun and encouraging response to DTF. The speaker would be glad to get together and find you as well.

Possibly utilize this answer when you are certain that you need to get down.

9. Yes, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me that!

Yes, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me that!

Public spaces like Bodega Bar have a propensity for having persons come in, get loose, and have several beverages.

Yes, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me that, Is a response intended, like you want to meet someone in a bar?

An answer like this is delicate and we suggest utilizing it when you make certain of the person you need to get down with.

Be mindful so as not to be strong or rude. Pass your sentiments on to stay away from disarray or struggle at the bar.

10. I am a nun

You can say I’m a pious devotee as an answer to “Are you DTF”. This implies you are ridiculing what is going on or keeping away from the inquiry being tossed at you, and hello imagine a scenario where you are a religious woman, so the speaker couldn’t say whether you are or not.

This answer infers you are a religious recluse, yet the speaker realizes you are not a pious devotee not without the proof of a sister robe or clothing subsequently this is a great method for answering to DTF.

11. Lol I Am seeing someone!

Lol! is a witty response to DTF as well. Certain persons are somewhat immediate when they appear to fancy getting down with you, straightforwardly saying haha are seeing somebody.

This prevents them from you or would pull them more attracted to you. Keep in mind, it is more straightforward to say reality and attempt to make the wisest decision it wouldn’t be fair as far as we’re concerned to give twenty legendary entertaining answers to DTF and we wouldn’t put this point as a reality.

12. Am attracted to other people ‘

Nobody anticipates that everybody should be wired the same way, certain persons are wired contrastingly with picking an accomplice.

If you fall into this category, you can say, “I am attracted to the other person,” in response to their request.

This wouldn’t show up as a novel, new thing yet perhaps a shock or the unforeseen.

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13. Sorry I’m married

When you are married or trying to avoid such questions, you should use this statement.

You would be left alone in peace if you said this knowing full well that you are married.

Your answer implies you are now Beth either and wedded to somebody and decide to regard your marriage promises which is something to be thankful for.

So consistently well to say this, particularly assuming you are hitched.

14. Well you need to put a ring on it

Well, you need to put a ring on it is a great method for answering Would you say you are down to get down?

The speaker realizes you are simply being amusing with your answer.

This might be important for your ideal, valuing, or runs you have set for yourself. Allow them to acquire a ring if it is necessary to smash it.

15. Can you handle me

Oh joy, can we just be real about this response here, when you answer to somebody in such a pleasant manner, you have hit home for them and they would effectively get you.

At the point when you answer in such a way, you make them need to know you and get down with you.

Articulations like this can make one have wild thoughts and would need to oblige you to get down with them.

16. Sure thing! It’s been too long since we’ve hung out.

Possibly utilize this answer when you are certain that it is a thing that you need to enjoy. Do whatever it takes not to offer pointless expressions to delicate inquiries being tossed at you, what you do or pick matters

In group environments, it wouldn’t be savvy to utilize this response when you don’t have the foggiest idea about the speaker, just use it for a companion whom you haven’t found in some time. This way the message is given well to them.

17. My DTF organs have been celibate for a while now

You can respond in a funny way that you and your DTF organ have been married for a while when someone asks if you are DTF.

This is an extremely entertaining response as the speaker realizes that you simply need to sound tomfoolery. My DTF organ has been chaste for some time and it is an entertaining answer to “Would you say you are DTF?”

18. Yo mamma put me on medication

When someone asks you if you are DTF, a funny response is to say, “Yo mamma put me on medication.”

This is a good response to give when the person asking you the question is trying to criticize you rather than just having a good time.

As you say this, make it sound tomfoolery and persuading, this act simply jokesters up the entire situation and they realize their mother put you on no remedy.

19. Absolutely! Let’s plan something enjoyable.

I would suggest utilizing this answer when you are having some good times and need to get overjoyed or dynamic.

This is so you don’t go off and let persons know what you don’t mean.

You can utilize this response when you are intending to get down with one another, taking out the time and planning something pleasant for yourselves is OK.

Very much like the proclamation goes, totally we should design something agreeable.

20. Sure, let’s hang out! I’m open to suggestions

You can perceive somebody who finds out if you are DTF or not saying, sure let’s hang out I am open to suggestions.

This response infers that it sounds interesting however it is open for ideas giving space for nearly everything. Be specific about what you’re open to or willing to try if you use this statement.

Guarantee that you understand what you are getting into before you move too soon on your choices.

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