20 Thoughtful Responses To “Touché”

Have you at any point thought about what sort of answer you can provide for “touché”? The word well played is frequently articulated as “two-shay”. It is an approach to recognizing a valid statement made by somebody during a discussion.

You can utilize it at whatever point you need to concede that somebody has a valid statement. It indicates that you concur with what has been said. This is an approach to saying “you’re right” to the person.

This article articles will see a few best answers for well played and a couple of instances of it. The best touché responses are, ” You didn’t consider that prior, did you?”, ” Haha! I came ready”, “You didn’t see that coming” and “Somebody at long last concurs.

These answers are pleasant as they permit you to answer an person such that makes it seem as though you’ve been correct from the beginning.


20 Best Replies For Touché

1. You Didn’t Think Of That Earlier, Did You?

You can utilize this explanation when you need to tell your rival that you thought about the point sooner than them. It implies you were rapidly ready to consider something else. It shows that you had the option to make a cool point power the net person did.

2. Haha! I Came Prepared.

This answer shows that you were ready for such a discussion. It demonstrates that you possess sufficient points to defeat your opponent. It implies you knew or you had a thought of what will occur and how the discussion will happen.

This response demonstrates that you were prepared for this conversation even before it took place. It implies that you came prepared for this sort of discussion. It shows that you had the option and prepared to manage the discussion when it came.

3. You Didn’t See That Coming.

With this answer, you’re just let somebody know that they didn’t anticipate that you should make a valid statement yet you did. In any case, you’re let the person know that he didn’t get ready for a loss yet it happened.

You can utilize this explanation when you see the unexpected on the person’s face since you out of the blue made a valid statement.

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You’re essentially let the person know that you can perceive that he is extremely shocked at you making a valid statement. It was unforeseen for him to have seen what point you were going to make.

4. Someone finally agrees

You can utilize this answer when you’ve likely been sitting tight for such a long time to cause the person to figure out your point. It’s like saying “finally you comprehended”.

This implies that you’ve invested such a lot of energy into making the person see the guide you’re attempting toward make. It is likewise an explanation of fulfillment that somebody has perceived your point after so lengthy.

5. You can say that again

The expression “You can say that again” is for the most part utilized when you need to show that you concur totally with what an person has said.

For this situation, you’re consenting to the well played remark that the person has made. It is an approach to showing total concurrence with an assertion or remark made by somebody.

6. Try again next time

This answer is a piece entertaining. It is you just advising the person that has lost the contention to improve sometime later.

It shows that most likely the person’s best wasn’t sufficient to that end he was unable to give preferred focuses over you. Telling the person “next time”  shows that you’re actually open to discussions like this later on.

7. I’m glad you got my point

Here, you’re expressing that you’re happy that the person later got the point you were attempting to make. This assertion infers that you’ve been attempting to make a statement for quite a while then sooner or later, the person begins to comprehend and see reasons with you.

Presumably, you might want to show your energy after the person affirms that you’re right by saying “touché”. This assertion would be wonderful to utilize.

8. I didn’t see that coming

Here, you’re conceding that you didn’t anticipate that the person should have an advantage in the discussion. Because of the way that you were unable to predict that the person will make a valid statement, you never anticipated that it should work out.

This means that the person made an excellent point that caught you off guard. This was the kind of thing you least expected to occur. By saying this, you’re recognizing that you didn’t expect the person to rule the discussion.

You didn’t think that would happen because you didn’t know if the person would have a good point. This articulation suggests that the speaker surprised you by conveying an undeniable case.

9. The truth often hurt

This is another snide response. It occurs when the person realizes that you were correct in the end.

It may be the case that you detected some sort of harmed in the person’s voice, this assertion wouldn’t be so terrible to utilize. It may be the case that your point winds up making the person feel awful however regardless of anything, the truth hurts so it ok to say it.

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10.  I didn’t break your heart, did I?

This doesn’t mean the person’s heart is broken actually. It implies that you offered something astute and the person needed to recognize that you’re correct. This is one more approach to saying “Hope I didn’t hurt your feeling”.

This is on the grounds that no one enjoys rout, so conceding that you’re off-base could be an incredible arrangement for certain persons. This assertion shows that you’re concerned or stressed over the person’s sentiments seeing that the person has consented to your viewpoint.

11. Wow! He knocked you out

 Wow! He knocked you out

To “knock” somebody over here isn’t tied in with making somebody oblivious. This doesn’t mean the person made you oblivious. It just implies that the person crushed you by making a superior point.

In this instance, you are the one who accepts the other person’s viewpoint and accepts defeat. This expression shows that an outsider is here, the outsider is letting you know that person took you out with those valid statements, as such, the person crushed you by offering something better.

12. Great points right?

Here, you’re basically conceding that you’ve won the contention. In addition to winning the argument, you also won with “great points.” Although it is presented as a question, this statement can also be interpreted as an acknowledgment of something.

It demonstrates that you are aware that you were able to win an argument with persuasive arguments. Your arguments were so convincing that your adversary had to concede that you were correct.

This is an approach to demonstrating that you’re more intelligent than the person. Your rival needed to yield that you were right on the grounds that your contentions were so convincing. To exhibit your better insight than the other person, utilize this technique.

13. Hell yeah! He’s right

Using slang to begin the statement demonstrates your enthusiasm or joy. It is an approach to communicating how positive you are about something specific. It’s a way to say “yes.” You’re communicating extraordinary euphoria and concurrence with what an person said.

It demonstrates your complete agreement that the person is correct. You may not be important for the discussion or contention but rather you’re spreading the word.

Everything you’re attempting to do here is told them that someone in particular is saying the proper thing or that someone in particular has a valid statement than the other.

14. Good. End of argument

This is a basic and short method for finishing a discussion or a contention. Since the person has conceded that you’re saying the correct thing, you’re answering by saying “great” i.e to show that the person made the best decision by tolerating rout or tolerating that what you said was just all things considered.

Finishing the assertion with “end of contention” shows that you need to stop the contention. It shows that you need to end the discussion or you wouldn’t believe it should proceed.

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This assertion infers that you’re recognizing the person to acknowledge rout as well as need to stop the contention or the discussion you’ve been having.

15. Even I didn’t think of that

You can utilize this explanation when you’re an outsider in a discussion. Most likely, someone made a valid point or you agreed with them.

This could imply that such an idea never occurred to you. It is an approach to tolerating that the point was so great and that you didn’t think about it. By saying this, you imply that the person made an outstanding point since you never considered it.

16. How come it took you so long to see that

At the point when you utilize this assertion, you’re asking why the person took long to acknowledge what you’re talking about. You are perplexed as to why the person has not accepted it all along. You’re interested with respect to why it required investment for the person to figure out your point.

You feel astounded and you’re wondered that the person is simply beginning to comprehend the direct you’ve been attempting toward make for such a long time. This is a demonstration of surprise towards someone else’s disposition.

17. Now, you owe me a drink for taking my breath

This assertion sounds perky. It’s an approach to telling the person flippantly that the contention depleted you. Here, you’re mentioning a beverage. It’s possible that this is serious. You’re advising the person to get you a beverage for worrying you with the contention.

It sounds convivial to say this. It’s a lively way to deal with express to them how depleted you were from the debate. Your solicitation for a beverage is being made at the present time. This might be a minor issue. Because of the contention’s weight on you, you’re requesting that the other person snatch you a beverage.

18. Why didn’t you agree sooner?

You might be wondering why it took them so long to agree with you when you make this claim. You’re bewildered with regards to why they didn’t acknowledge everything along. For what reason did it take such a long time for them to get your contention interests you?

You are shocked and dumbfounded that the person is simply now starting to get a handle on the point you have been making for so long. This is a declaration of surprise at someone else’s disposition. You’re asking why somebody didn’t rapidly concur with what you’re talking about.

19. Even a blind person would have seen this coming

By utilizing a “Blind man” as an outline it implies that the point was self-evident. You’re asking why the person didn’t anticipate seeing it since everybody did. You are amazed that the person did not anticipate such a strong point.

Utilizing a “Blind man” as an illustration indicates that the contention was clear. Everybody expected to see it, so you’re left asking why the person didn’t. You’re amazed that the person didn’t expect such a superb point.

20. How come you didn’t get what I’ve been saying?

Here, you’re likewise stressed that the person didn’t figure out your point till this second. This assertion shows that you’ve been attempting to cause the person to comprehend what you’re talking about.

You stress that the person might not have completely gotten a handle on your thought up until this point. This statement exhibits your endeavors to account for yourself so the other person can grasp. Clear from your remark you’ve really tried to account for yourself to the next person.


You can utilize well played when what you said has won a contention against somebody i.e one person. You can too utilize it assuming that what you said won a contention against someone else. This article has investigated 20 best answers you can use for well played and they’re all amicable and considerate.

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