20 Thoughtful Responses When Expressing “You Mean a Lot to Me”

It is a sweet second when a person admits their sentiments to you, particularly when their words are bound with such an excess of feeling that you can feel it.

This could be a similar circumstance you’ll wind up in when somebody tells you that you make a big difference to them. You can add a ton of significance to the person’s assertion relying upon several elements.

Along these lines, these deciding elements will likewise be significant on the off chance that you’re keeping watch for the best answers to utilize when somebody tells you “You mean a lot to me”.

I’ll examine these responses in this article. Continue to peruse on to know more!

You Mean a Lot to Me

Top 20 Responses When Someone Says You Mean a Lot to Me

The best response you can give when somebody says “You mean a lot to me” relies heavily on how you see the assertion.

Essentially, you could answer the person given the sort of relationship you share with that person. On that note, I’ve organized a rundown of answers with that impact by consolidating various situations and discernments.

Thus, you should get hold of the line that best suits your situation as you approach utilizing any of these responses.

Continuing on, here are the 20 best responses when somebody says “You mean a lot to me”.

1. I Feel the Same Way Too

In the event that you assume you share a similar profound opinion as the person who says ‘you mean a lot to me’; you can utilize this line of response to cause them to grasp that you’re additionally in a comparable situation as them.

This response contains a sign of emotional relevance, to the point where it sends a complete message of affectation to the person you’re responding to.

You not only acknowledge the person’s gesture toward you but also reciprocate it by using this line of response.

As I mentioned earlier, this line is a suitable response to when somebody says ‘you mean a lot to me’, provided that you feel the same way.

You are not required to utter this line as a response if you are not sufficiently convinced that you share the person’s sentiment.

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2. Thanks for Acknowledging Me This Way

Being thankful to the person for recognizing you in the structure they did is a pleasant signal to make. Regardless of the meaning behind the statement, it demonstrates a great deal of your politeness and flexibility.

3. Awww, I Feel So Loved Right Now

Assuming it were your cherished one who utilized this line on you, there’s no question that you’ll feel needed and adored. Also, assuming that you in the end feel thus, you can communicate it utilizing this line.

4. You Seem to Have Only One Job; Putting a Smile on My Face

Did you feel pleased when the speaker mentioned how much you mean to them? Assuming that is the situation, you can utilize this line of response to recognize them.

5. You Speak So Sweetly

The line can be interpreted as a flirtatious statement, too. you can pay the speaker utilizing their coin. I imply that you can likewise sound coquettish while you answer, and you can do that utilizing this line of response.

6. It good Thing You Know That

A person can say you make a big difference to them when you ask them what they see you as. At the point when this occurs, you can utilize this line of response to yield their cases and approve as well.

7. Really? I Never Knew

As a feature of a response procedure, you can fake obliviousness to the person’s case. You are implying that you have no idea what the other person said by using this response.

8. I Don’t Remember Doing Anything Remarkable for You

It will be odd for somebody whom you haven’t done anything extraordinary for, to simply infer that you make a big difference to them.

For this situation, you can point out their your disarray utilizing this line. Ideally, the person will think of a genuine explanation that validates their cases about you.

9. With the Way, You Act…I’m yet to believe that

With the Way, You Act…I’m yet to believe that

Expecting the person who says you make a big difference to them is of a sketchy person, maybe, the person in question is an unbeliever.

You might want to treat their accusations of you with contempt. Along these lines, obviously you don’t accept them when they say ‘‘you mean a lot to me’.

10. You’ve never been a Sincere Person

You should use this response to point out that the speaker has a history of being untrustworthy and that this statement could be one of their ploys.

11. Are you sure of what you’re saying?

In some cases it’s great to allow persons to discuss what they have prior said. It gives space for more comprehension among you and the person who says you make a big difference to them.

This question, which typically requires a yes or no response, helps clear up any ambiguity in the conversation.

12. You Mean Much More to Me Too

Using this line, you can try to be sweet to the person who says you mean a lot to them. This line makes it appear as though you share their feelings and even feel a lot more than they can possibly imagine.

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13. If that’s So, Why Are You Still Being Edgy with Me

In the event that you suspect the smallest apprehension in the voice of the person who says you make a big difference to them, it very well may be an indication of falsehoods.

The nervousness in the person’s tone shows that they’re either constraining out the words as they talk or they’re not convincing about what they just told you.

You can use this line to make a case in the event that this transpires.

14. I Don’t Feel the Confidence in Your Voice

Do you detect specific shallowness in the tone of the person who said you make a big difference to them? Provided that this is true, there’s an enormous opportunity that they don’t intend what they say.

At the point when somebody is certified about issues of the heart, the person expresses so with such a lot of certainty and power.

In the event that you don’t think the person’s activities are acceptable with what they say, you can expose their cases utilizing this line.

15. And Then What?

Maybe, the person who said you make a big difference to them is anticipating that you should go completely gaga for them, particularly in the event that they extended the line as a coy explanation.

Could you compose disillusionment all around their face? Sure you can do that with this line of response. With this answer, you initially pretend obliviousness to the person’s assertion and afterward proceed to spoil it.

16. I Won’t Fall for That Trick Again

Harmful connections are liable for the type of unforgiving people we have these days. Entertainingly enough, there are still persons in such a relationship that is finding it hard to call things to stop.

They keep holding on because they believe there is still a chance that the relationship will work out in their favor. This is especially true when their partner is good at convincing them to stay a little longer.

You might wind up in such a circumstance where you’re seeing someone is in an ideal situation over, and your accomplice is as yet moving their plan by telling ‘you make a big difference to me’.

Assuming that is the situation, you can crush the camel’s spirit with the straw that broke the camel’s back utilizing this line of response. You have it right in front of you if you’re looking for a better way to say, “I’m fed up with this affair.”

You can quickly end the conversation by telling the person, “I won’t fall for that trick again,” right before they make their statement. Let’s assume it and stand by it!

17. It’s Ironic to Think I’m Not the Only One You Tell That

Might it be said that you are managing a chronic sweetheart, who hops starting with one person and then onto the next? If this is the case, you can get them to retract their statement by providing this line of response.

This response, which combines sarcasm and humor, is funny for someone who tells the same stupid line to multiple people in the hope of tricking them.

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The substance of this line is to tell the speaker that you’re mindful of their messy game. It likewise attests that you currently question everything they might do regardless of how clean they will generally play it.

18. Why Do You Say So?

Try not to be shocked in the event that you consider an inquiry to be one of the answers in this rundown. This is on the grounds that I’m a comprehensive sort of person and this reaches out to how I see things.

In the event that your relationship with the person who says you make a big difference to them is problematic, you can request lucidity by utilizing this line of response.

On the off chance that the person is certified about what they said, the person will attempt to concoct a genuine response to you. They’ll attempt to present areas of strength for a for why they think you make a big difference to them.

Contrarily, if the person’s declaration of intent is not valid, they will be perplexed when you ask the question.

19. Please, Don’t Start With Your Flirts

While many persons will see the line ‘you mean a lot to me’ as a relaxed articulation of significance; I will always disagree. This line could be a coy development on you.

On the off chance that you’re asking the way in which I know this, you ought to realize I tend towards being excessively perceptive with regards to issues concerning public activity.

Also, this characteristic of mine has set me up to see many stunts and tricks of enchantment. So, believe me when I say that this line is just one of many ways to get a woman to sleep with you.

The prank is what I term ‘verbal enticement’, which involves a manipulative course of passing a heartfelt headway on somebody by playing on their feelings.

I know a few people that would do this constantly to one young lady, and over the long run, this young lady would succumb to them.

Assuming you’re a woman perusing and you feel an unexpected bump that the person who says you make a big difference to him isn’t being honest, you can censure him utilizing this line of response.

It demonstrates your ability to spot false expressions.

20. You Sure Know How to Flatter Me

From an alternate stance, the line could be an instrument of honeyed words. Recollect how our folks let us know that we’re the offspring of God, just to get us dressed for chapel as children… that could be a similar capability for which this line was anticipated.

It very well may be an explanation intended to deeply inspire you once you hear it. You’d currently begin envisioning how significant it should be for the person to utilize such a line on you.

Thusly, you wind up nursing feelings that were incited by an explanation that may not hold as much worth as it sounds.

In a large portion of the cases I’ve experienced, I came to comprehend that most of the people who employ this device of sweet talk are the folks.

It is more similar to; since the women are inclined to compliments then they utilize it to prevail upon them effectively while making vain commitments on top.

Indeed, on the off chance that you’re in for the sweet talk ride, you can utilize this line of response to recognize the person for knowing the right fastens to push with regards to complimenting you.


You must evaluate a person’s statement before accepting it as true when they make statements that are relevant to your emotions.

This carries us to the issue of insight similar to a measuring stick to quantify the validity of a plan when somebody says ‘You mean a lot to me’. This, in turn, determines the response you will provide.

Here, I had the option to effectively feature and make notes on up to 20 best responses when somebody says ‘You mean a lot to me’.

Take as much time as is needed to sort out the most appropriate answer given your impression of the assertion, and benevolently let us in on your opinion on it in the remark box beneath.

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