20 Other Ways to Say “Sounds Like Fun”

The English Language is unique and I found that it gets exhausting when you utilize similar arrangements of words or expressions on and on. The excellence of being a decent wielder of English is in being imaginative. That is the situation of the expression ‘sounds like fun’, which if not tended to and supplanted turns into a banality over the long haul.

On the off chance that you don’t live by this basic ethic that I found you’ll be stunned at how obsolete and everyday your English talking and composing ability becomes.

I accept it would be to your greatest advantage to get to know the best phrasal or tedious substitutions for the sounds like fun.

I will be saving you the pressure of exploration here, as I reveal several different comments rather than ‘sounds like fun’. Follow along with me!

Sounds Like Fun

20 Alternatives to Say “Sounds Like Fun”

At the point when somebody says sounds like fun, it indicates the fervor, a satisfied soul, and a talent for getting a charge out of life.

You’ll concur with me that ‘sounds like fun’ is bound with all shades of inspiration, so whatever alternate ways of saying it ought to likewise mirror similar energy and energy.

On that note, beneath is my assortment of 20 best alternate ways of saying sounds like fun. Thus, you should consider and pick any of them as your most preferred piece of line.

1. I Find This Funny

The arrangement and union that exists when you say sound like tomfoolery is additionally survived the explanation ‘I find this funny’.

While it seems to be an alternate message, it isn’t, fairly the main clear qualification is that you’re customizing it by saying ‘I find this entertaining’ something other than saying sounds like fun.

I would pick this line over sounds like fun since it puts me to the side as a deliberate person. Purposeful, in the feeling of what I need and how I see things. In such a manner, I’d propose you likewise pick this line of explanation as a practical option over trying to say sounds like fun.

2. This Should Be Fun

Assuming I’m searching for alternate ways, maybe phrasal or tedious substitution of sounds like fun, then I ought to be keeping watch for lines that help and advance energy.

All things considered, that is the very thing that I had the option to accomplish with this specific line which consolidates energy or rather positive thinking in hopefully of the assumed fun movement.

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Assuming you notice intently, you’ll see that this line unites with confident energy. When you say “This should be fun,” you are expressing confidence that the entire process will yield something amusing.

You can add this line to your list of alternatives for “sounds like fun” if you want to sound optimistic.

3. No Doubt, It Will Be Exciting

Very much like the past substitute expression for sounds like fun, you can likewise depend on this line of proclamation to convey the very result that you plan to acquire by saying sounds like fun.

The initial two words try to discount any type of pessimism concerning the assumed fun movement.

Following that, the line pushes forward to avow that the experience would be an intriguing one. All things considered, I can guarantee you that this line of one of the most outstanding swaps for saying sounds like fun.

4. Your Idea Seems Fun

Assuming somebody says something or makes an idea that includes a thrilling movement, you can utilize this line rather than explicitly saying sounds like fun.

By saying sounds like fun., you’re simply being normal with your response and not being completely terrific with it.

However, by using this portion of the statement, you have a chance of reversing the entire loop and responding creatively to the person who had just offered the suggestions.

Let’s assume the person thought on the most effective way of spending your late spring occasions and you need to answer, you can decide to say ‘Your thought appears to be fun’ over saying ‘sounds like fun.’.

What you accomplish with that is complimenting the person for their smart commitment, as opposed to answering moderately.

On that note, this line is more similar to an approach to perceiving the person’s scholarly capacities for delivering a tomfoolery result.

5. Sounds Pretty Good

While I attempt to upscale the energy in the substitutions of saying sounds like fun, I wouldn’t discount the way that you can put on a show of being normal with different ways you can make ‘sounds like fun’.

when someone hypes the anticipated dance and alcohol while narrating the possible outcome of a particular party.

You can restrain the energy around the person’s encouraging storyline by basically answering ‘sounds very great’. The fact that the word “pretty” is included demonstrates how average you want the response to be.

If the person is attentive with the utilization of specific words to restrain feelings, the person will know when to pull out or better actually eliminated how luxurious the work of art story is.

Along these lines, I’d favor picking this line over saying ‘sounds like fun’, which may not do the ideal occupation of restraining the energy.

6. Has a Nice Ring to It

If you’re searching for a cool yet scant expression that you can use to supplant ‘sounds like fun’, then, at that point, you shouldn’t disregard this colloquial articulation.

When someone says something has a pleasant ring to it, it typically indicates that the outcome of the experience is anticipated to be favorable.

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If my walk in the park has a pleasant sound, it means that I had a good time with my dog or cat or that I had a good time alone.

Subsequently, you’ll look more knowledgeable in your utilization of English assuming that you toss in this line as opposed to saying the standard thing ‘sounds like fun’. Furthermore, it additionally conveys a message of flexibility to whoever hears you talk or express it instead of the last option line which appears like a banality as of now.

Furthermore, since a ring is seen as a lovely piece of gems, particularly for the women it’ll be most likely the case that utilizing this line adds more accuracy to how you see the pleasant movement.

7. I Don’t Have a Problem with It

I was recently invited to a listening party for the premiere of a distant friend’s new song. As per the welcome, the occasion was scheduled to begin around 9 pm the day, and when I held up with cutoff times for specific business-related stuff.

While conversing with a partner at work about it, he inquired as to whether I’ll go to since the occasion looks efficient and fascinating. All things considered, rather than saying ‘it sounds like fun, I’ll think about joining in’, I said ‘I don’t generally dislike it’ all things considered.

Hence, I just made sure to highlight a similar line in this article since it behaved like the end contention proclamation during the discussion with my partner.

Could it be said that you are searching for a particularly substitute assertion for an expression like ‘sounds like fun’? Assuming this is the case, then, at that point, you can rely on this line to finish the work.

8. I Have a Nudge It Will Be Enjoyable

At the point when you have a poke about something, it implies you have an inclination about it. On that note, I can supplant sounds like fun with having a bump that it’ll be pleasant.

Also, I figure you can do exactly the same thing as well. This is a superior approach to saying sounds like fun while being creative with your words not too far off.

9. It Sure Does Look Cool

You can too say this line of explanation as a substitution for ‘sounds like fun’. For somebody to look cool means it would be intriguing to try out.

It could be taking a walk on the beach for the first time or, as I prefer, a luxurious skincare routine because I value glowing and developing.

10. Great Idea you’ve got there

It would be a decent difference in phrasing for you to utilize this line as opposed to seeming like tomfoolery. This is on the grounds that here, you’re giving awards and acclaims to the originator of whatever achieved the assertion, while ‘sounds like fun’ sounds excessively everyday and accidental.

With this line, you’re more purposeful on regarding or showing fortitude to the person who might’ve justified such expression from you.

Who can say? It might have been only information on the impending school prom or the following field-tested strategy for the firm. Whatever it is, saying this line rather than just yelling makes it sound more real.

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11. I Have a Feeling This Will Be Intriguing

I Have a Feeling This Will Be Intriguing

This line is another piece that hints at you having a premeditated sentiment that whatever the person mentioned to you would be fun, just in case you needed a push.

However, intriguing is used in this instance because it encompasses not only the enjoyment of having fun but also the exploration and discovery of brand-new realities. For something to be captivating means it goes way more profound than the tomfoolery part.

12. Sounds Interesting, Don’t You Think?

This list also contains a space for substituting sounds like fun with a question. This specific line achieves this assignment without stress and is basic too to get to mind.

13. It Sure Looks Pleasant

This line of the statement conveys a positive vibe to me. Saying ‘sure’ looks charming, and accentuation on certain shows exactly the way in which sure you are that the occasion would be wonderful or fun so to say.

14. Cheerful Idea you’ve got

Anything fun is likewise lively, wouldn’t you say? All things considered, that is the means by which I see it and that qualifies this line of proclamation as a feasible swap for sounds like fun.

Beside that, it additionally adds giving examinations to its band of shocks. With this line, you’re additionally recognizing the creativity in the prospect of the person you told sounds like fun (which is currently supplanted with something different).

15. Would Certainly Be Epic

Yes, using this statement in place of saying sounds like fun would also be epic. It shouts inventiveness and inside and out adoration for whatever thought, occasion, or thought for which you answered with ‘sounds like fun’.

16. That Would Be a Bang-up

A beat up is something unbelievable, bound with such a lot of energy and fun that you can’t contain in one piece.

The focusing on of fervor on beat up is a deciding element that makes its consideration in this rundown beneficial. Hence, you can utilize this specific line rather than ‘sounds like fun’.

17. It Seems Delightful

Something good times ought to be a great occasion or thing. This makes this line a decent substitute for the expression ‘sounds like fun’.

18. I Can Imagine It Being Endearing

To convey the same message, this alternative to “sounds like fun” makes use of mental fortitude.

The use of the word “imagine” fully substantiates the incorporation of mental images as a channel for communicating that something would be amusing rather than amusing.

19. Sounds Fun-Filled

An exciting occasion is strikingly equivalent to a great occasion. So this line is the best intently related line to the first one, yet it does things any other way while keeping up with the primary stylish of the phrasal message.

20. This Should Be Interesting

I find this line specifically exceptionally hopeful than a portion of its partners in this rundown. Saying ‘this ought to be fascinating’ signifies you have a conviction that there’ll be an intriguing thing about the occasion.


The powerful characteristic of the English Language makes it a decent contender for getting imaginative in your ways of composing or talking.

Accordingly, you ought to be in the loop of how to change starting with single word then onto the next while they mean exactly the same thing as opposed to utilizing one like clockwork, causing it to lose its zest.

This is the very thing that I had the option to accomplish through this article, and that is giving phrasal choices of the expression ‘sounds like fun’.

You are free to select from my collection, but do so in accordance with the situation for the best outcome.

Remember to tell us your contemplations on the point in the remark segment underneath.

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