20 Funny Comebacks to Feet Pics

Well, at some point in our lives, someone has sent us pictures of themselves, and we’ve all been there.

Key Notes of this Article

This could be a selfie, full-body shot, or considerably other body parts.

This can sometimes put you in awkward situations, especially if you didn’t ask for them and want to get out quickly.

If you’re anything like the majority of people, you struggle to come up with convincing justifications or responses.

Then, it’s great that you are pursuing this since I take care of you.

However, it very well may be off-kilter when somebody sends you a foot pic interestingly, the right response can make it less off-kilter.

Help them out if you’re in a situation where funny responses are needed. I have composed 20 of the best for you.

These responses are entertaining, important, suitable, and flexibly organized to fit a scope of situations and settings.

Feet Pics

20 Funny Responses to Feet Pics

The expressions “seeing your feet, I shall never know defeat” and “your feet are to be heard and not seen” are humorous responses to foot pictures.

You can subtly make jokes or sarcastic remarks about their foot pictures with these funny replies.

1. I can see why you have been hiding them. your feet don’t deserve to be on camera

A decent response, that is destined to be comedic, is saying your feet don’t merit being on camera.

Pictures that are beautiful or interesting are shared in the hope that you will find them interesting.

This way of responding demonstrates that you are making a lighthearted joke about the feet pictures rather than paying attention to them.

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They will know that you don’t intend to like the picture. Additionally, you have jokingly expressed your opinion regarding the image.

You do want not to account for yourself more than needed. This is because before sending such images, they did not seek your permission.

2. You could sell these online, I bet people will pay you top-rate

Saying they could sell their feet pictures online and make some money is a funny way to respond to a feet picture.

This is a well-known strategy for inflicting such unwelcome acts on the other person.

Because they are aware that you have wittily chastised them for sending a picture you did not request, it puts them in an awkward situation.

This lets them know they ought to send photographs of their feet to somebody who needs them. Even better, they should do it for money or something else valuable.

because it is impolite to violate another person’s boundaries and be criticized for doing so. They will abstain from such conduct.

3. These pictures should be classified information. Unauthorized viewers should be terminated.

An all-time great response is this funny one. Every time it is used, it has just the right amount of humor to be funny. It scarcely goes downhill, remaining new after many purposes.

If they are to be classified, it means that only a few people can see their feet.

It lets the speaker know that you love their feet ‘pics, and they shouldn’t send them to simply anybody.

Showing outsiders implies killing them, and that implies it ought to be for your eyes as it were.

4. Why have You sent Me Feet Pics? Are you putting them on auction?

An interesting response to the feet pic is inquiring as to whether they maintain that the photograph should be sold up for sale…

Recommending they need to sell their feet is comical. It will make sending such a photograph senseless, making them reevaluate before sending it sometime later.

It’s a method for showing them your feet pic are not your thing, and getting pictures you didn’t request, is a killjoy for you.

Assuming you ask them for what good reason they have sent you feet pics, they need to answer with a clarification.

Additionally, it is a subtle way to convey to them that you do not condone such behaviors.

5. I could mention better pictures I would love to see because these feet pics are not doing it for me.

Feet pictures are loved by the people who have an interest in them. It is a waste of time to send them to people who don’t like feet pictures.

If you prefer other parts of your body, you won’t be drawn to pictures of your feet.

This kind of response is a funny way to tell them that their feet aren’t helping. They will need to send you something you like if they want your attention.

They won’t send you such images unless they know what you like.

6. Hmm, I don’t know what to do with this. Are your feet in trouble? 

Say you don’t know what to do with this if you want a funny response to pictures sent to you.

This response works because it makes things clear for you and the sender. It makes them can’t help thinking about why they would send you something you have no clue about how to manage.

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When they understand you are kidding, the jokes are on them as of now.

They will have no real option except to count their misfortunes and recover. This response demonstrates that you are not interested in receiving feet pictures from them.

7. Hey, I think you have a better chance if you send me something else

It’s a sign that they won’t receive anything from you if you say they have a better chance if they send something else.

Because their chances of piqueing your interest in them have just diminished, the response is amusing. What’s more, them sending you feet pics was an off-base continuation on their part.

This means they have to try other things that might catch your attention.

8. Seeing these feet, means I won’t be defeated

This is an entertaining response that rhymes. If you want to add a wit to your answer, attempt this here.

It demonstrates your appreciation for the pictures of their feet.

In life, who wants to lose? Everyone is wrong. Additionally, I’m in if looking at some feet pictures indicates that I’ll win again. It’s amusing, isn’t that so?

They will realize that you are only making fun of their feet picture because you are both aware that such things cannot occur.

9. Sorry, you have reached the wrong number, check and send it again

We know about comparable rings from the telephone organization when we dial some unacceptable number.

When you receive foot pictures, responding similarly will generate just the right amount of humor.

They will be aware that such a response from you indicates a lack of interest and that you simply declined them politely.

If they try it with someone else, their chances will be better.

10. You have to stop scaring people with such kinds of pictures

Have you been irritated because you got something pointless when you’re not in that frame of mind?

I am aware that I have been on numerous occasions. You should vent, however, a clever and entertaining answer can convey the disappointment you feel.

They will leave you alone when you tell them that they must stop scaring people with such images.

By responding in this manner, you have forced them to leave your message.

They will be aware that you are not interested in receiving foot photos from them or anyone else.

11. Send your feet pics to the museum, that’s where it belongs

Send your feet pics to the museum, that’s where it belongs

A funny way to respond to a message like that is to instruct them to send pictures of their feet to a museum.

They won’t be prepared for you to respond that way, so this will catch them off guard.

They typically expect you to be courteous and not to steer them elsewhere.

Because you have communicated your thoughts to them, this will position you ahead of the situation. It ultimately depends on them to do anything they need with such data.

12. Well, since you have sent these. Do I own you now?

Saying on the off chance that you own them now since they sent a photograph, is an entertaining response when you get photographs of their feet.

They will acknowledge they probably chomped too much. Being owned isn’t fun for anyone.

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Furthermore, since you can’t claim them, they will quit sending feet pics or concede that you own them.

Answering such a message should be finished in a way that conveys your lively tone. That’s what this response does.

13. This is a special gesture. I will have to ask you what you want in return for this.

Utilizing this response will convey that their message has been acknowledged and received.

It’s also funny that they suddenly tell you why they sent you the feet pictures first.

They know why they sent you pictures of their feet. Asking them what they need is quite a reasonable thing to do.

They are aware that they now have your interest when such situations arise. It demonstrates that sending such a photo was beneficial.

14. Ah! I have been made blind by seeing their angelic radiance. Please give me a little warning next time.

At the point when you need to deride them for sending photos of their feet, you answer along these lines.

You’re telling them here that the beauty of their feet has blinded you. They are a divine sight to behold and so precious.

An entertaining response will make them perceive how senseless their activity was. Because of this, they will have to return anything they sent you.

15. To see these feet, means I have to taste them

Now, this is a funny and almost disgustingly funny response.

It’s appropriate for those persons whom your identity is near and OK with sending such photographs of themselves.

They will blush significantly if you tell them that you must taste their feet to see them.

It shows them how abnormal and OK their message was. This is a traditional instance of seeing what you like and going to get it.

16. Let me save this, hopefully, you will need it when you lose your feet

This response is amusing because you just let them know you might well save their feet pics if they lost them later on.

It will take some time to send you pictures of your feet or other body parts. They will become reluctant to do so.

Because that is the point of the response, it is hilarious to respond in this manner.

This shows them you don’t have interest in the feet pics from them. Continuing from you will be a wise decision for them.

17. I want to reply to your message, but my feet are not home right now

Who goes anyplace without their feet? Entertaining right?

This response lets them know you are too occupied to even consider sending or not simply in that frame of mind.

You demonstrate to them that you will not repay the favor with such a response.

Additionally, just because they sent you this does not obligate you to do so.

They are aware of the limitations of what you can expect from them here.

18. My feet are on vacation right now, I will send them to you when they are done.

No one should disturb your feet while they are on vacation. They have been working and acquiring the option to rest.

This response is so amusing it gets me like clockwork. It runs any expectation they might have of you sending photos of your own.

When they read your message, they are aware that you are not exchanging any pictures, so asking is pointless.

19. You should know, that feet pics are meant for special people. Have I become one without knowing? 

You shouldn’t have a problem getting such pictures from them if you’re special to them or close to them.

This response reveals that you don’t know where you stand with them.

You have made their message seem like an interrogation, which makes it funny.

When you respond in this manner, they will be perplexed regarding the appropriate course of action.

They are obligated to explain themselves to you because they did not anticipate this.

The subsequent course of your relationship will be determined by the outcome.

20. Are you saving your collection of feet pictures on my phone?

This is an immediate response that guides an inquiry to the speaker.

You’re asking them if they want their pictures saved on your phone.

It’s a sarcastic way to make fun of them for sending such intimate photos of themselves.

When the other person doesn’t get along with them on that level, it shows that they are sending a strange message.

Parting Words

Getting a feet pic is not something unusual on the off chance that it’s coming from somebody you have been doing it with.

The rejection letter must be sent if it comes from a stranger or a random person.

It can be difficult to figure out the best way to respond to such messages and express your displeasure without starting a fight.

Using funny responses helps with this.

When you tell them that the pictures of their feet are unsolicited, you don’t have to sound too grave.

You can convey your message with the same clarity and weight if you respond clearly.

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