20 Expert Responses to “I’ll Let You Know Texts”

What comes to mind when someone says, “I’ll let you know?” You don’t have to stretch yourself to ponder what it implies on the grounds that the inquiry is a puzzle.

I need to get you in the state of mind for revelation, and prodding your contemplations is a decent beginning. Notwithstanding, contingent upon the setting, the assertion can mean various things.

It can mean disarray with respect to the speaker or anticipation on your part.

However it goes, there’s a need you comprehend what the genuine message is before you consider what to say accordingly.

As a result, the meaning of the phrase “I’ll let you know” and possible responses to it will be discussed in this article. Continue to peruse to know more!

I'll Let You Know Texts

What Does “I’ll Let You Know” Mean?

As I referenced before, “I’ll let you know” can mean a ton of things and this relies upon the situation in which it was expressed.

In any case, I had the option to add four unique situations to what could be the genuine significance of the assertion and what the speaker is attempting to accomplish by saying it. These meanings consist of the following.

  • It very well may be the person is uncertain
  • It very well may be the person likes to choose later
  • It shows the person doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the response or arrangement
  • It portrays one more approach to saying no

It Could Be the Person Is Unsure

I believe this is the first scenario that explains the meaning of someone saying, “I’ll let you know.”

Furthermore, this present circumstance proposes that the person isn’t sure of what they need to say, so they utilize the line to defer it to later.

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This point likewise recommends that the person could think of a response without further ado, presumably when they’re presently certain of what they need to say.

Imagine this: on their first day at work, you asked a janitor how the office storehouse was doing.

The person may respond, “I’ll let you know,” rather than lying or quoting the wrong thing because they are likely unaware of the answer.

This implies they don’t know right now but rather will give subtleties later.

It Might Be the Person Prefers to Decide Later

Even though this scenario appears to be similar to the one before it, it is not the same. This is on the grounds that for this situation, the person’s activity of deferring responding to your inquiry is deliberate and not on the grounds that they’re uncertain.

This implies that their activity is that of comfort and that’s it.

It Shows the Person Doesn’t Know the Answer or Solution

Third, on the rundown is the significance which has to do with when the person has no clue at all on the most proficient method to respond to your inquiry.

To avoid the embarrassment of ignorance, they lack an explanation; they decided to delay making sense of it later. This is another willful demonstration very much like the subsequent significance.

It depicts another Way of Saying No

I have utilized the line “I’ll let you know” to say “no” to somebody before. In this manner, I needed to specify it here since it makes justifiably why somebody would agree that exactly the same thing to you.

My case was a discussion with a web-based seller source for whom I requested the cost of a camera stand mount.

The cost referenced was high and I needed to go keep an eye on Amazon to look at costs. The cost from the web-based retail outlet was lower than the merchant’s own so I stayed with it.

At the point when the controller asked me my official conclusion on buying the thing, I said “I’ll let you know” and I won’t ever do. Thus, this is one more perspective on the articulation.

20 Great Responses to “I’ll Let You Know”

Now that we know what “I’ll let you know” could mean, it’s time to come up with the best responses that are appropriate for the situation.

Besides, I made these responses in view of the various situations where the assertion can work out.

Here are the best 20 responses to “I’ll tell you”.

1. If You Wish To

When someone tells you they’ll let you know but won’t answer a question you’ve posed to them, you need to be a little bit hesitant.

If the person is using the phrase as a different way of saying “NO,” this could also be a viable response.

You can use this line to let them know that you don’t care if they talk or not. It is now in their hands rather than yours.

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2. Okay, Sure

At the point when somebody says “I’ll let you know” since they are uncertain and couldn’t want anything more than to choose later, then, at that point, this turns into a decent answer system for them.

It demonstrates that you anticipate hearing from them at some point. One of the meanings of this line matches the illustration I gave earlier.

The illustration dealt with a brand-new office janitor who was unaware of the storehouse’s condition when you requested it.

By saying the expression, it implies the person in question would need to hit you up with a response as they don’t know of the spot’s state right now you asked them.

3. Please Do, It’s Important

Could you stress a piece about the congruity of the inquiry that you posed to the person?

That could be a decent response design, couldn’t it? I surmise this line will assist with securing the requirement for the person to return with a solution to you on time.

If the person meant that they would have to decide later, this would work well. Because of this, they won’t have to wait as long to respond to you.

4. I’ll be patiently waiting for that

This response, like the previous one, suggests that you are eager to receive a response, particularly when their statement indicates that they are unsure or would prefer to decide later.

5. You Can Take All the Time You Need

This is a reassuring response to the person, implying that they can take as much time as they need to make up their minds before responding.

6. It’s now up to you

In the case of a significant case that needs the consideration of the speaker, you can utilize this line to tell the person that they’re currently the determinants of anything plan is set up.

7. I know you’ll do

Do you think the person who said, “I’ll let you know,” would act in that manner? Assuming this is the case, then, at that point, you ought to utilize this line to tell them you have trust that they’ll concoct a response.

8. Don’t Play Games with Me on This

You can use this line to ignore someone who asks a serious question and tries to cut you off or say no in an indirect way.

With this line, the person would know you’re mindful of the stunts they need to play with you simply by saying “I’ll let you know”.

9. How Fast Can You Revert?

It is your right to inquire about the speed with which they will complete their research and provide you with an answer if you ask a person a question and they say they will let you know.

This question-like response is a decent one as it tries to draw data on how compelling the person will be in thinking of a response.

10. How Long Should I Wait?

Another good question from this list of responses is this one. Very much like the past one, it additionally tries to lay out when you would anticipate a response from the person.

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It also tries to get you information about how long it will take for the person to respond.

11. Just Be Out With the Truth Already?

Just Be Out With the Truth Already?

You can use this line to express the frustration you already feel if you are becoming significantly more impatient when someone promises to let you know, particularly regarding a serious matter.

Because of the idea of the answer, it is probably correct that you’re asking the person for reality over some significant issue, and they’re acting uncertain about it.

12. I’d rather take the Bitter Truth than wait for a Sugarcoated Lie Later

When someone promises to let you know the truth about a situation later, it can be very frustrating.

To show your stand, you can utilize this line of response to let them know that you’d partake in the severe truth now rather than engage in a falsehood that has been enriched later.

13. You’ve let Me down Once, This Should Be Different

Assuming the person who says they’ll tell you hasn’t maintained their words previously, you can utilize this line of response to remember their memory and furthermore let them know that you expect an alternate outcome this time around.

I surmise the person would have no desire to be at legitimate fault for a similar offense two times, so they’d prefer to concoct a response for you at the occurrence.

14. If it’s being in the Friendzone, I’m not cut out for That

I asked a young lady out and her response was, “I’ll let you know”. At that point, I realized she needed to friendzone me, so my shrewd ass didn’t take it from her. I quickly denied her assertion and stated that I would prefer to retract my remarks regarding the proposal.

I suppose you don’t have to worry too much about what to say if you find yourself in a similar circumstance because you already have a quick response here.

15. Don’t Bother Saying, Now or Later

You can use this line of response to let the person know that you no longer want to hear from them about their response if they had said they would.

16. I Know the Card you want to play and you’ll be Foolish to Think I’ll Fall for That

You can use this line of response to cut them off when you realize that the true purpose of someone saying “I’ll let you know” is to indirectly say “no.”

It implies you comprehend the card they’re going to play on you and you will not be taking any of it.

17. Arrgh, Can You Let It Out Already?

When someone keeps saying they’ll let you know important information, it can be very annoying.

Thus, to free your heart from the weight you can utilize this line which consolidates even a close-to-home interjection to convey how awful you feel.

18. I Won’t Be That Much Patient

They assert that true virtue is patience. You can use this line to let the person know when you don’t have much left to give away.

19. Don’t Make This about the Other Time

Have the person who said they’ll tell you at any point broken their words? Provided that this is true, there’s a requirement for you to remind them not to go on a similar course as they did previously.

20. I Don’t Have a Problem with That

In the event that you have no case to make when somebody says they’ll tell you now (later), you can say this line to them and completely finish the entire act as of now.


Trickery is a thing, and when somebody says “I’ll tell you”, they could be stepping that way.

Everything being equal, you really want to figure out the genuine importance of the line in the circumstance in which it was utilized.

After that comes the answers, which I accept I’ve worked really hard to feature here.

You can feel free to pick a couple for execution in view of what you see them to be.

Sympathetically drop your contemplations in the remark enclosed beneath for better conveyance of the first articles.

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