A Guide to Thoughtful Responses to “Mahalo” in Hawaiian and English

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word important much obliged. Certain persons say “Mahalo nui loa”. It is articulated mah-hah-loh noo-ee loh-ah. It means thank you kindly. It shows a great deal of much obliged.

It’s not generally so well known as Salud however very much like Salaam, it has a more profound significance than bless your heart. In the first place, you can utilize Mahalo to show appreciation for what somebody has done, regardless of how little.

There are truth be told many answers for the various sorts and various degrees of things persons have done.

In the event that you go to Hawaii, you will see it in a lot of garbage bins such countless persons think it means rubbish. It means I’m grateful. As in, thank you for appropriately discarding your waste.

Mahalo can also be used to show someone respect and honor. It is at times utilized as a hello and a method for saying that you regard somebody.

Finally, mahalo can be utilized to make proper acquaintance or goodbye to persons. It’s rare however it is valid. Since it has become so obvious here are a couple of answers we can use to answer mahalo:


9 Great Hawaiian Replies to “Mahalo”

What better method for flaunting or charming yourself to somebody than to answer in the language in which they addressed you? None.

Here are a few Hawaiian expressions that you can use to answer to mahalo. They are the same as you would use to respond in English and have straightforward meanings.

It has its importance, how to utilize it, and articulation. How about we look at them:

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1. Naʻu ka hauʻoli

The fact that we utilize each time makes this one. Meant English, this signifies “you are welcome”. Certain persons spell it without the punctuation, however, that doesn’t change the fundamentals.

2. Aloha

I surmise this is by a long shot the most famous Hawaiian word. Aloha doesn’t simply mean hello or goodbye, it is additionally an affirmation of mahalo.

3. Mahalo

It sounds odd yet even as a method for respecting people and showing appreciation, you can answer with mahalo.

Certain persons accept that whether in Hawaii or anyplace outside the islands you shouldn’t answer much obliged. Assuming you feel awkward staying quiet, you can express Mahalo consequently.

In a setting where it is said in regard, you can utilize Malaho to return the regard.

Keep in mind that mahalo can also be used as a greeting to respond. Basic. one response for each and every meaning.

4. ‘A’ole Kilikia

Pronounced ah-o-lay pee-lee-kee-ah, this phrase means “no problem” (‘role Mena’s no while pilika means “problem”).

It is something that travelers can undoubtedly get. You can use it to say “no problem” in response to “mahalo.” It can likewise mean no difficulty.

Whichever one they comprehend it to be is fine the length of you articulate it right.

5. No’u ka Hau’oli

This means the joy is mine, and it is an extremely well-known answer to thank you, in Hawaiian or English. Great for those who are more seasoned than you so you won’t put on a show of being inconsiderate utilizing some other answers.

The correct pronunciation is no-ooh-kah-how-oh-lee. It can likewise mean I am energized yet that is to say, you are exceptionally glad to impart something to them.

6. He means ‘ki

This Hawaiian expression means an easily overlooked detail. It very well may be said for little blessings like getting a fallen article, giving a thing to somebody, or other little things that anybody would agree mahalo to.

Since the answer said it is an easily overlooked detail that you have done, you are letting the other person know that there is a compelling reason to thank you as you are simply being useful. The pronunciation is heh MEH-ah EE-kee.

7. He ohohia au

This response means “I’m  delighted.” It is articulated heh goodness hoh-HEE AH-OO Suppose you gave somebody something particularly amazing or you imparted something to them, on the off chance that they say mahalo, you can answer with this.

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It means that you are glad for the delight you have given them through the pleasant thing you did. It is a charming answer and it will make anyone feel good inside.

8. Hauʻoli e kōkua

This means I’m glad to help. If you get the elocution right, you will truly make anybody who communicates in the Hawaiian language grin extremely enormous.

9. Malama Pono

Malama pono means be careful or be okay. If you follow it down to the social importance, it means to take great consideration of your spirit.

You can express this as a decent wish when you are welcomed with “mahalo” as a hello or as a method of respecting somebody.

This answer is superior to wishing a nearby amazing good fortune or giving an immediate wish since great wishes are accepted to curse anything great so it’s ideal to stay with Malama Pono

You can likewise utilize the English significance of these expressions assuming you feel more alright with them or on the other hand if you are stressed over wrecking the articulation.

11 Cool English Responses to “Mahalo”

11 Cool English Responses to “Mahalo”

If you would rather not be pressured with remembering expressions or agonizing over errors, you can simply utilize your typical English answers to answer Mahalo.

However long whoever you are addressing won’t disapprove or comprehend what you are talking about, you can utilize any of these answers:

1. You are welcome

I realize there is now the Hawaiian word for “you are welcome” however everything looks great in saying it if you would rather not go for the Hawaiian adaptation.

locals are available to it, as is every other person on the planet, so regardless of where you express it as a response to Mahalo, there is a compelling reason to stress.

2. Don’t thank me

Or, to be more polite, you don’t have to thank me. It does not mean that they should not express gratitude. It indicates that you believe your actions are not particularly deserving of praise.

3. Sure thing

Basic answers like this let them know that you recognize what they have said. If you want, you can add a term of affection or a straightforward “sure.”

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4. No worries

It has a similar importance as no issue. It means there is a compelling reason to much obliged. You can in any case say no issue on the off chance that you like and even it to no p. You can likewise say no problem at all.

5. It’s nothing

This is an unobtrusive answer that lets others know that anything that you did is certainly not a joking matter and doesn’t merit appreciation.

6. Anything for you

You are basically implying that you will always be available to assist them in whatever they require.

7. No need to thank me.

You are essentially suggesting that you will continuously be accessible to help them in anything they require.

8. Of course

An attestation simply recognizes what they have said. There isn’t quite thought to it and nobody will beat you over it.

9. Same to you

When mahalo is said to extend regard you can express “same to you” to utilize mahalo or then again if you would rather not be misjudged.

10. Anytime

On the off chance that a more unusual one lets you know Mahalo, this answer isn’t extremely pleasant on the grounds that you probably won’t see them once more. Nonetheless, for your Hawaiian Companions, it’s an extraordinary response.

11. Don’t mention it

You can utilize this to answer to Mahalo for little blessings. You can explain that they are not required to express gratitude for something so insignificant if they do not comprehend it.

3 basic gestures you can use as a response to Mahalo

Fun reality, Hawaii is one of the islands that structure the Polynesian triangle. In Polynesian culture, you won’t be guaranteed to need to answer. They, as a matter of fact, urge you to utilize signals.

They are not many, and they are normal however they are not difficult to utilize and comprehend. They are:

1. A big smile is a sweet gesture reply to “Mahalo”

Smiling is a common piece of advice. In Hawaiian culture, it is acceptable to respond without saying anything as a common response to mahalo.

2. You can wave your hands

On the Polynesian island, waving is an extremely well-known method for answering mahalo. You can several a wave with salud to mean you are gladly received.

3. You can nod your head

A common affirmation is a nod. It will accomplish an answer and you can say salaam in the event that you need. You can utilize this to answer to mahalo assuming offering appreciation is utilized.


Also, that is all we have on the subject. In order to respond appropriately, keep in mind the analysis of the context in which mahalo is uttered.

I hope the responses are of use. Assuming you have different thoughts or answers you can drop them in the remarks underneath. Mahalo.

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