20 Expert Responses to “I Am Flattered”

“I’m flattered” is an extremely well-known state person’s use. Be that as it may, a great many people don’t have the foggiest idea what it implies and subsequently, use it wrongly.

At the point when people say I’m flattered, it’s for the most part because of a commendation or something they think about as pleasant. persons can likewise say it when they don’t respond with a heartfelt inclination for you.

In this way, the response people generally say is “my pleasure,” as they’d answer when somebody says, “Bless your heart.”

Be that as it may, you can be imaginative with your response, and assuming you wind up adhering to better ways of answering when somebody says, “I’m flattered,” then, at that point, you’re perfectly located.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the best responses to “I’m flattered.” In the first place, notwithstanding, I’ll make sense of what it implies.

I Am Flattered

What Exactly Does “I Am Flattered” Mean?

“I’m flattered” signifies you’re cheerful about what somebody has shared with you or accomplished for you. It very well may be a commendation or a treat, and you’re valuing them for that.

Likewise, people say “I’m flattered” when they think it was overall quite insightful for somebody to do what they did or get out whatever they said.

For example, somebody can say, “I’m flattered that you considered adding me to your gathering.”

Furthermore, as a type of appreciation, a great many people might go with the expression with “bless your heart” or something almost identical.

Besides, people utilize this expression when they don’t respond to similar sentiments persons have towards them, or they aren’t keen on something specific.

For example, assuming somebody admits their sentiments to you and you don’t feel the same way, you can answer with “I’m flattered,” then go on to say you don’t have similar affections for them.

Thus, here, you use “I’m flattered” to respectfully let the person down rather than completely saying that you’re not intrigued.

20 Best Responses to “I Am Flattered”

There are various ways of answering “I’m flattered.” The best responses typically depend on the nature of the conversation or the circumstances surrounding it.

For example, assuming you have done something good to somebody and they answer with I’m flattered, you can continuously answer with an explanation that recognizes their appreciation. Among them are: the pleasure is all mine, whenever, sure, anything for you.

Nonetheless, when somebody utilizes “I’m flattered” to graciously turn down your solicitation, you can give responses, for example, OK, it’s okay, would you say you are certain?

Below are the 20 best responses to “I’m flattered.”

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1. You Are Welcome

“You’re welcome” is the most well-known response people give when somebody says “I’m flattered.”

It shows that you recognize their appreciation, and you’re happy that you could do what you did.

A straightforward answer closes the discussion, and you can involve it when you’re not prepared for additional discussions.

A humble person may typically express excitement. Along these lines, if you’re not prepared to harp on their fervor, you can essentially say, “You’re welcome”

To truly demonstrate that you are pleased to have been able to assist, you can always smile while responding.

2. Anytime

“Anytime” is one more extraordinary approach to answering “I’m flattered.” A response shows that you’re happy you did what you did and you’ll constantly be prepared to accomplish more.

Additionally, this is a response you use when assisting someone you are familiar with. It shows them that you enjoy making them happy.

For example, when somebody says, “I’m flattered you did this, this is so beautiful,” you can answer with whenever to show it’s something you can do once more.

3. It’s Nothing

This is another response you can give when somebody says “I’m flattered.”

Very much like the above circumstances, when you’ve accomplished something decent for somebody or you praise their appearance or accomplishment, they can answer with “I’m flattered.”

Thus, when you utilize this response it shows that you recognize their thanks and shows that what you’ve done is not a joking matter for you.

Likewise, if the person shows an excess of energy, you can give this answer with a pompous tone to allow the entire show to end.

You believe they should know that since it’s no biggie for you, they shouldn’t make it one.

4. It’s Alright

You can tell the person who has expressed their gratitude by saying, “It’s alright.” Very much like, “You’re welcome,”  it’s a decent response to utilize when you’re not prepared to wait on the discussion.

Likewise, you can give this answer when somebody graciously turns down your solicitation with “I’m flattered.” This response demonstrates that you are content with their choice.

For example, assuming you tell somebody you’d adore them to join your group, they could answer with, “I’m flattered that you believe I’m adequate for your group, however, I’m apprehensive I will not be accessible.”

Here, you can answer with, “It’s alright” to show that you’re OK and you grasp their choice.

5. Sure, Anything for You

Presently, this is an answer you use with somebody who makes a big difference to you. It very well may be your crush or your sweetheart, you can give this response to show them that it’s anything but no joking matter and you’d continuously support them.

With this response, you’re telling her that you can constantly support her. You can also use this response to win over your crush.

At the point when you give this sort of answer, they’d know that you’re into them, and who knows, they may be into you as well.

6. That’s okay

This is one more straightforward approach to answering to “I’m flattered.” It can work when the person values what you’ve done to let them know that it’s no biggie to you.

You can also use it to quickly end the conversation with a dismissive tone. You can also use this response to acknowledge someone else’s decision after making a request.

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For example, assuming somebody turns down your solicitation with, “I’m flattered, yet I can’t take that proposition,” you can say, “It’s OK” to show that you’re OK with their answer.

7. I’m Glad You Love It

Presently, this is a more open answer you can utilize when somebody says I’m flattered.

It’s a decent answer you can use with a companion, a friend or family member, a partner, or a colleague to show your joy over satisfying them.

At the point when you give this response, it shows that you share in their fervor, and you can continuously continue forever talking.

8. I’m Glad It Made You Happy

I’m Glad It Made You Happy

Here is one more method for telling somebody that you’re blissful doing how you helped them.

At the point when somebody says, “I’m flattered” over a commendation you gave or over something you did, “I’m happy it satisfied you” shows you share in their satisfaction.

Likewise, it’s a decent approach to showing somebody that you care about them since they’d see the goal was to satisfy them.

9. You Deserve It

This is one more great response to utilize when somebody says, “I’m flattered.” You can utilize this response when they value you for how you helped them.

In the event that it’s a companion or a friend or family member, you can perceive them they merit it since they make a big difference to you. With this answer, they’d realize that you esteem them.

Likewise, as a chief, in the event that you accomplish something decent for your worker and they answer with, “I’m flattered,” you can utilize this response to tell them they merited how you helped them.

Likewise, it’ll train them to put more worth on themselves.

10. You Are Worth It

This is another answer that tells your companion, family, or darling that they merit what they got.

At the point when you let them know they’re worth the effort, they’d comprehend that they make a big difference to you to have gotten what you gave.

Furthermore, as a chief, you can perceive persons under you that they’re worth what they got to cause them to feel glad for themselves.

11. The Pleasure Is Mine

This is one more response to utilize when somebody values you for what you did.

“The pleasure is mine” shows you’re happy that you did how you caused them to feel flattered. An answer can work for anybody to tell them you’ve accepted their much obliged.

12. I Know I Can Always Count on You

Here, this answer shows that they’ve acknowledged the proposition you gave. At the point when you propose to somebody, to either join your group or head an office; you’d have done that since you confided in their capacity.

Thus, assuming the person answers with, “I’m flattered, you believe I deserve this,” you can answer with, “I realize I can continuously depend on you.”

This response shows that you’ve generally seen their diligent effort, and you know that they’re great.

13. Okay

This is likewise an answer you use when you’re fine with the response somebody gives.

You can respond with “okay” if someone rejects an offer to work for you or if you express interest in them.

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However, this does not always indicate that you are satisfied with their response. If they say something like, “I’m flattered you feel this way, but it’s not the same for me,” for instance, you can respond with “okay” if you don’t want to persuade them or believe they will never change their mind. You’re not kidding “alright” in light of the fact that there’s nothing else you can do.

14. No problem

“No problem” is one more sort of response that shows that you acknowledge their answer.

Whether they’re valuing you for what you’ve done or amenably dismissing your deal, this response would work suitably.

You can utilize “No problem” while valuing you’ve done to rapidly end the discussion and to tell them that it’s no biggie to you.

15. No Worries

“No worries” is very much like “no problem.” It lets them know that you’re alright with their response.

Assuming you worked on something for somebody and they say they’re flattered that you could do that, you can utilize this answer to show you acknowledge their appreciation. It’s especially useful when you would rather not talk a lot.

Likewise, assuming somebody turns down your solicitation, you can utilize this response to show you’ve no issue with that.

16. Thanks for Letting Me Know

Presently, this is an answer to utilize when somebody turns down your deal. For example, you offer somebody a situation in your office, and they say: ” I am humbled that you reached out to me, but I am unable to accept your offer.

You can express gratitude toward them for telling you, so you can search for another option.

Additionally, when you tell somebody you love them and they say they don’t feel the same way, you can likewise say thanks to them for telling you.

17. Are You Sure?

In the event that somebody lets you know how flattered they are, yet they can’t acknowledge your proposition, inquire as to whether they’re certain to inspire them to reconsider.

You should respond in this way if you want them to change their mind.

18. We Can Always Give It a Try

You are also attempting to persuade someone who is not interested in what you are offering to alter their mind in this instance.

Assuming you believe they’re worth the effort, you can constantly tell that person who expresses no to a relationship with you to check it out.

Likewise, you can perceive somebody who turns down working with you to check it out assuming you believe they’re worth the effort, particularly in the event that you want to work around their reason.

19. Fine

This is another answer that shows you acknowledge the answer they give you. It’s very much like “okay,” as you might give the response not because you’re fine with their response.

It’s a straightforward method for finishing a discussion when somebody turns down your proposition.

20. Thanks for Being Sincere

When someone tells you they don’t feel the same way about you, you can thank them for being sincere. It’s not every person that’d say their genuine sentiments when somebody shows interest in them.

Because they don’t want to hurt the other person, some people may not respond directly. What’s more, some might do so or even admit love due to their childish reasons.

In this way, when somebody affably declines your proposal with “I’m flattered,” let them in on you’re thankful that they’re being earnest.

End Note

The context in which you use the phrase “I’m flattered” will determine how you respond to it. I’m flattered” can be utilized to show bewilderment and appreciation for something somebody says or does.

You can likewise utilize this expression to dismiss a deal or a proposition personly.

Accordingly, your response could show that you recognize their appreciation or their dismissal.

You can likewise attempt to persuade them when they reject your proposition.

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