20 Clever Comebacks to “You’re My Favorite Person”


What do you say back when somebody calls you their favorite person? You should have your thoughts, given how you feel toward the person conversing with you.

Because this is a term of endearment, responses impulsively consider how the person giving the compliment feels.

Different things that are considered are the message you expect to pass, what the other person might mean, and how you need the person in question to feel.

Accordingly, you can say ‘YOU are my favorite person’’. The thought behind this response made sense in the core of the article, alongside 19 different responses ordered to fit a few circumstances.

You’re My Favorite Person

20 Best Responses to “My Favorite Person”

1. That’s sweet

You likely currently thought about this response. At the point when a person commendations you, the person anticipates that you should grin and answer reasonably.

There are situations when the person might need a more dynamic response yet that is reliant upon how the person in question feels about you.

If your friend is complimenting you, you can respond in this manner. This shows that you value the commendation.

You can say this when you are certain that the person in question amounts to nothing more than the fellowship you as of now share. On the off chance that the person needs more from you, this response may not do.

2. Who else could it be if not me?

Claim a compliment as if you already know it is one cool way to respond to it. This might sound strange and egotistical in certain specific situations so you might need to be a piece cautious with how you use it.

By posing this logical inquiry, you are guaranteeing that you are the person’s number one person and no one else can be on the off chance that not you.

This won’t sound good since it has to do with the other person’s sentiments about you. It’s like asking, “Who else could you love if not me?”

Even though this statement uses the term “endearment” as well, it doesn’t sound like it’s proud, like when someone says, “Of course, I am the most beautiful person around here.”

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3. So there are others?

Putting your spouse through hell is not a good idea. This shouldn’t be inferred, taking into account the number of connections that languish over the least difficult reasons like this one.

Posing this inquiry and significance it will be exceptionally peculiar and you may simply switch your sweetheart off. This occurs in numerous connections yet it isn’t the arrangement here. We are getting the plan to play a joke.

You can ask this question to ensure that you don’t seem too serious when your partner or lover says that you are his or her favorite.

The person will be entertained by the inquiry before rectifying the assertion. After this, you can give the person in question an embrace and answer. You can pick any certifiable response from this rundown.

If there were no one else, then why would you be your spouse’s favorite person? Question for one more day.

4. I wish

What do you want? ‘ Here, the word “wish” is used in a different way than in English.

At the point when a person says ‘I wish’, it is ordinarily to show uncertainty towards what someone else has said. It might likewise be utilized to allude to what a person’s cravings,

This assertion suggests that you don’t completely accept that what a person has said you wish it were valid.

You are implying that you don’t believe what he or she has said to you when you respond with “I wish” to this statement.

You can say this on the off chance that you are conversing with your darling who you think may not be putting you first. You don’t need to express this to a simple companion.

5. Hmm… That makes me smile

Here is a gentle response. There are times when you don’t have to react enthusiastically. You only need to demonstrate that you value what has been said to you.

The utilization of ‘well’ may seem like you don’t completely accept it or you simply thought not. The extra condition shows that you accept it and you feel a debt of gratitude.

You can express this to a simple companion or a darling with whom you are beginning a relationship. Notwithstanding, you might need to utilize a more heartfelt response while conversing with your darling.

6. Tell me more

Many people say ‘Tell me more’ however under 10% of them maintain that you should say anything more. ‘Tell me more’ should intend what it seems like, that is to need to hear a greater amount of what someone else is talking about.

Nonetheless, the proviso is like saying ‘Tell me more lies’ or ‘Tell me more jokes’.

As such, this proviso is possibly utilized when you question what a person is expressing to you. You can express this to a companion whom you believe is just offering the expression to get your help.

You can likewise express this to a simply trying person to charm you.

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7. I’ve heard this so many times I’ve lost count

Naturally, no two people can like or perceive the same things in the same way. At the point when you are offering this expression, you are inferring that certain persons have additionally called you their favorite.

Note that this doesn’t need to be straightforward when you are giving the response.

This response can be used to demonstrate that you are not impressed by the statement of a person who is wooing you.

You might try and infer that the person isn’t quick to make a pass at prevailing upon you.

8. That’s why you leave me hanging.

It is alright to say you don’t trust the person’s case. It is far better to show why you are declining to trust the person’s case.

Not every person who calls you their most loved accepts so. They may simply see you like every other person whom they just consideration about after getting enormous assistance.

You can say why you assume you truly are not the person’s favorite person. The person shouldn’t leave you hanging on the off chance that the person truly esteems you to such an extent.

Nonetheless, the person may tell the truth and there might be a clarification for the minutes you were left hanging.

9. Clearly, I am

Here is one more method for embracing the commendation that has been given to you. While the assertion is a commendation, it is likewise a statement of how the person feels about you or the amount the person in question values you.

You can turn this commendation back to the person on the off chance that the person is your darling.

On the off chance that conceivable, you can parade gladly and discuss how the person has been of incredible assistance to you. You will show that you perceive all the person has been accomplishing for yourself and you will be by implication valuing everything.

10. I’ll take that… I don’t believe you though

You can express this to your companion who doesn’t appear to care the slightest bit. This response additionally shows that you couldn’t care less about who is whose favorite and who isn’t.

The primary assertion acknowledges what your companion has said yet doesn’t show extraordinary appreciation for it.

The subsequent assertion uncovers your legitimate sentiments about your companion’s remark. You are inferring that you realize the assertion isn’t accurate yet you prefer to hear it.

11. How sweet would it be if that were true?

How sweet would it be if that were true?

It is difficult to see the value in something counterfeit. Difficult to cheer about data being false. Additionally, it is difficult to get energized by lies. It is most certainly hard, particularly when you realize it is false.

You can pose this logical inquiry because of the person’s assertion. This suggests that you like the statement, but that if it were true, you would appreciate it.

All in all, you don’t trust it. It’s similar to saying “I wish.”

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12. YOU are my favorite person

Do you have any idea how we express commendations in light of praises? Additionally, we can answer this assertion with similar words.

Your look and how you sound matter significantly when you say this assertion so you don’t appear as though you are only reflecting the speaker.

Underscore the YOU to sound unique. With an accentuation on ‘YOU’, you are inferring that the person is additionally your favorite and you would not joke about this.

13. You have no inkling how much I’ve wanted to hear that

We have expressed before that this assertion is additionally a charm term. Hence, you can answer it the same way you answer other charm terms like ‘I love you’.

This response suggests that you have stood by so long and simply go to the person in question to say those words. It additionally shows the amount you value the assertion.

This response will cause you to appear to be keen on the person so you ought to possibly say this assuming you are genuinely intrigued by that person.

14. You’re lying through your teeth

It is alright to bring up the falsehoods as well and make it understood. By saying the person is lying through their teeth, you are inferring that their assertion is false.

You may likewise say why you think the person in question is lying yet that might cause you to appear to be envious of whoever you think the most loved person is.

15. good at this, aren’t you?

At first, you won’t understand this question. Great at what? You can decide to pose this inquiry first before bringing up that the person continues to attempt to lie.

You may likewise pose this inquiry assuming that you think the person is simply attempting to charm you.

16. I’m not

If you are certain that the other person is not being truthful, you can deny this statement. This assertion is gruff and won’t need any clarification or further articulation.

It will be clear that you don’t believe what the person has said, even though it may sound dismissive.

17. Easy to say… I can say it too.

Here is one more method for questioning what the person has told you. On the off chance that the person is attempting to charm you, you can answer with this.

This response shows that you don’t accept yet it doesn’t dismiss the person. You can say this on the off chance that you are keen on the person without giving in without any problem.

18. You have been blocked. You can’t reply to this message.

When they come from people we don’t care about, end-of-life messages can be very creepy. While it’s getting excessive, you can utilize the block button.

You could also send this message to your lover as a joke. It will be evident that you have not impeded the person in question but rather the joke will be seen. However, you might make them make sense of what to do later.

19. I would say the same for you… but I don’t lie.

Here is a dull response that might seem like an affront. You say that this person isn’t your favorite. This might appear to be inappropriate however you might need to express this in certain circumstances.

You can say this assuming you are certain that the person in question is simply attempting to hoodwink you into aiding that person out. You can likewise express this to a companion or a darling as a joke.

20. I love you

This should be said to your lover or spouse, and you should hug them. That is another appropriate response when your sweetheart calls you their favorite person.

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