20 Alternative Expressions for “I Have Passed My Exams”

There are multiple ways of getting out the good word when you perform significantly in an exam or assessment. As a matter of fact, it is similarly essentially as simple as saying ‘I have I have passed my exams.’

20 Alternative Expressions for "I Have Passed My Exams"

This article has assembled a rundown of 20 distinct ways of saying ‘I have passed my exams”

20 ways to say “I have passed my exams”

1. I did great

At the point when you need to say you have passed your exams, you can essentially say you did great in your exams.

This will sound obviously superior to saying ‘I did good’, which may truly seem like you just got a fair score.

Saying ‘great’ and underscoring the word will show that you didn’t just finish your exam however you got a high score which even you are intrigued with.

2. I sailed through

At the point when you have gotten some information about performing in your exams, utilizing this idiom is OK. You might have heard it previously. ‘ Sail through’ can allude to two things.

The expression might allude to the demonstration of traveling through in a smooth or simple manner. The expression may likewise allude to prevailing with regards to accomplishing something without any problem.

At the point when you say you cruised through your exams, you mean you passed without any problem. Presumably, you got all A’s.

3. I passed!

You can essentially say you passed when you are asked about the results of your exams. ‘ Pass’ might seem like you just got a fair score.

Large numbers of us frequently believe that people should feel our value however it appears off-base to flaunt so we do so in a roundabout way. One of the backhanded ways of flaunting is to certainly gloat.

Utilizing the word, ‘Pass’, doesn’t finish the work so you might need to utilize an alternate word.

Be that as it may, you can likewise utilize ‘Pass’, and sound like you obtained an extraordinary outcome. With an accentuation on the word, ‘Passed’, and an energetic articulation, you will show that you got a score you are glad for.

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You may likewise get persons to ask what you scored. You will essentially be responding to the inquiry by saying your score. Nobody can say you are flaunting any longer.

4. I made the cut

Here is another figure of speech that can communicate your outcome in your exams. At the point when you have gotten some information about the after-effects of your exams or on the other hand on the off chance that you passed, you can say made the cut.

While this expression will accurately squeeze into this specific situation, it may not be what you wish to utilize. It may not communicate how effective you were in the exams.

For the persons who might get a kick out of the chance to flaunt without flaunting, this may simply be the humble reaction you at any point consider.

‘Get it done’ alludes to being picked or passing the end mark. All in all, you are essentially saying you passed the normal imprint.

While this might mean any score, it just means you got an adequate number of imprints to think about the exam achievement yet it doesn’t underline how noteworthy your score is.

5. I k^lled it!

‘I k^lled it’ is a casual articulation used to allude to a person’s culmination and outcome in something. You can give this reaction when you are getting some information about the after-effects of your exams.

By saying you killed it, you are suggesting that you passed. This articulation doesn’t allude to common achievement, by and large.

It is often utilized when there is an enormous outcome in something. It very well may be contrasted with ‘Rake in huge profits’ aside from this expression just has to do with cash.

If you have any desire to flaunt the outcome of your exams, you can say you killed it. However, you don’t need to say your score. That will presumably save you from being blamed for flaunting.

6. My result was excellent

My result was excellent

‘Excellent’ sounds obviously superior to great so you can involve this in passing your ‘amazing’ score. By saying your outcome was astounding, you are showing that you got along nicely and you are content with the scores you got.

7. My grades were OK.

‘OK’ might be the most terrible word you can use to portray practically anything except if you are being unassuming. It is like trying to say ‘good’ however there is a slight distinction that exacerbates ‘OK’.

While the two words can basically imply ‘fair’, ‘good’ can allude to something noteworthy when the word is stressed.

Then again, accentuation on ‘alright’ basically implies you are making a solid attempt to be happy with something.

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You can say your grades are alright assuming you just marginally went over the normal score. Qualifying your grade with ‘OK’ doesn’t guaranteed to mean you got a low score yet it shows that you are not dazzled or content with what you scored.

Likewise, it shows you didn’t come up short.

8. I made a comeback

This might be a piece not quite the same as different ideas on this rundown. By saying you made a comeback, you are suggesting that you were coming up short or lingering behind but ultimately succeeded.

The colloquialism can be utilized in a few unique settings. It can likewise be utilized to allude to your outcome in your exam yet just in a specific circumstance.

Assuming you are the sort who never beats the competition or never has the best grades in class, you can say this when you do it interestingly.

In the event that you have at any point bombed different exams before the last exam of the year that bears the most checks, you can say you got back in the game assuming you ultimately finish the exam.

This assertion will seem like you accomplished something great yet not on the grounds that you got an incredible grade. Be that as it may, it will be on the grounds that you passed while the possibilities of passing were extremely low.

9. I scored high marks

Assuming you are alright with flaunting your score, you can give this reaction when you have gotten some information about the after-effects of your exams.

While this reaction might appear to be like the ideas referenced before, the utilization of ‘high’ may sound egotistic to certain persons.

In any case, as referenced prior, in the event that it doesn’t matter to you how it sounds to anybody, you can feel free to say this.

You might try and say your high scores without holding back. Simply make sure your ‘high imprints’ are sufficiently high to merit your pretentious comments so you don’t wind up getting derided for this response.

10. I had outstanding results

This is one more cool method for depicting your effective exams. Notwithstanding, this reaction is not the same as different ideas on the rundown.

While it suggests that you have great outcomes, it essentially analyzes your outcomes to those of others.

The utilization of ‘outstanding’ suggests that you showed improvement over many persons while perhaps not all other people who took the exams.

Contrasting yourself with others may likewise sound very proud yet you can utilize this on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret that.

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11. I aced the exam

This is one more great phrase to portray your lovely exam score. At the point when you say you aced an exam or an exam, it implies you passed flawlessly.

It doesn’t guarantee to mean you got a 100 percent score however you are probably drawn near to that.

While this doesn’t sound as egotistic as numerous others, acing an exam merits bragging about.

12. My score was above average

My score was above average

Here is a particular approach to expressing your ‘fair’ score. On the off chance that you are not pleased with how low your score is, it is smarter to portray it this way as opposed to expressing it such that sounds like you fizzled.

13. I am acting out

Here is one more unique method for alluding to great scores in your exams. ‘ Acing out’ doesn’t be guaranteed to allude to assessments. It tends to be utilized in various settings.

A person is acting out when the person in question is coming out on top consistently or when the person keeps on prevailing in each undertaking.

You can say you are acting out in your exams if you continue to get high scores in each course.

14. I passed with flying colors

We might have heard this articulation in our schools, at least a couple of times. ‘ Flying colors’ alludes to qualification so we can contrast this assertion with saying ‘I have a remarkable outcome’. Will this sound pretentious?

It will since understudies don’t really profess to breeze through without a hitch. Just educators and guardians are known to utilize the term.

At the point when you you passed with flying colors, you mean you passed so we’ll and did better than the others.

15. My third time is a charm

Here is another phrase that works uniquely in contrast to the rest. ‘ Third time is a charm’ is what a person says when he prevails subsequent to having a go at something for the third time.

It implies the person has bombed two times before. You can utilize this maxim to allude to a bombed public person exam two times and dealing with the third.

16. There’s a way when there’s the will

This proclamation is utilized when something seems troublesome yet a person succeeds at last. You can allude to your public exam with this.

It is most likely supposed to be extreme yet you figured out how to get it done.

17. It lived up to my expectations

You can say your outcomes satisfied your hopes. You can likewise say you lived up to your parents’ expectations.

You can utilize both to allude to your outcome in your exams.

18. I hit the jackpot

‘Jackpot’ frequently alludes to truly significant things so you can utilize this figure of speech to allude to a significant public exam that you presumably figured you wouldn’t pass.

19. I came up with trumps

‘Come up with trumps’ is utilized when something turns out fruitful when not expected to. You can utilize this to allude to your exam which is generally extreme for some persons.

This may likewise seem as though gloating yet you shouldn’t actually mind.

20. I nailed it

This is like saying ‘K^lled it’. Say this assuming you finished your exam with unarguably gorgeous outcomes.

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