17 Exeptional Responses to “Keep it Up”

When someone compliments your good looks, moral character, performance, or positive attitude, what do you say? Many people decide to simply say appreciation. That turns out great. Certain persons turn the commendation around and seem unobtrusive. Certain persons toss praises back.

These are pleasant ways of answering however what happens when the commendation makes you apprehensive? A few commendations sound snide.

They sound like the speaker implies the inverse yet it closes there in any event. A few commendations in a real sense make you pee in your jeans.

You would think about what kind of praise can make you pee in your jeans. [ Keep it up] is a model. [ I need to see you proceed with this way] is another.

[Keep it up] can come down on you. There are appropriate responses to the phrase, regardless of how you feel about it.

Keep it Up

17 Great Responses to “Keep It Up”

1. Thank you, I will

You can just say you will keep it up regardless of whether you would joke about this. It is exceptionally simple to say this on the off chance that you didn’t invest some parcel of energy into dazzling the person who advises you to stay aware of your great work.

You can envision investing some parcel of energy and time into making a show-stopper that might be the one great memory of your whole lifetime, then getting a ton of commendation for it. It is generally lovely.

In any case, your sweet grin may not keep going so long when your manager advises you to keep it up. He tells you he wants to see more of you. That comes down on you and you couldn’t say whether it will at any point reoccur.

Imagine starting a new job and being praised for the first few things you do well. You realize you need to do the basic things you did before to [Keep up] the great work.

2. This took vigils. Thanks for noticing

We have laid out that appreciation is great however you might need to tell your supervisor that you didn’t simply haul a steady employment out of nowhere. You might ask about the number of vigils he has had. No, don’t do that.

By letting the person know that it took vigils, you are telling the person in question that it required a ton of restless evenings to make it happen and it may not repeat if you don’t have more restless evenings devoted to the gig.

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That will pass the message and you don’t need to feel the tension of intriguing the person in question with your one-time extraordinary execution.

You ought to likewise add the [Thanks for noticing] which infers that you needed the commendations and that the person in question has quite recently shown that your work merits it.

3. You think it’s good?

A person could say this normally if the person in question has quite recently begun the work or on the other hand if there were no additional endeavors placed into the conveyance of the venture. It might just happen by accident sometimes.

You can work a job all your life and never be praised for it. You are never the fastest, best, or cleanest—or any other accolade they might bestow upon you.

Then daily comes when you do the same thing you do and your manager calls you out for making an uncommon showing. This question might jump up in your brain or even out of your mouth.

On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea of how you made it happen, it might irritate you a tad, particularly assuming that he advises you to keep it up. That would add additional stress.

You are not encouraged to say this if you figure you can perform worse. This suggests that you are not doing your best.

4. Really? Thanks

This is like the one referenced before. You might perform better when you say this.

For certain persons, advising them to keep up a steady employment will come down on them. Others simply view it as a compliment.

You can decide to see the expression as the commendation that it is particularly if it is the ordinary way you work.

Assuming that it is an accomplishment that you can accomplish effectively, you can be good with getting this commendation since you don’t for a moment even need to stress over doing likewise again and again.

All things considered, you can be unobtrusive by saying [Really? Thanks]. This will cause you to seem as if you don’t suspect the work is unique so the person might expect that you can improve.

5. Are you pulling my legs?

If you put additional work into the work before getting the commendation, you would prefer to make it clear over cause it to appear as though it is something you can serenely convey consistently.

At the point when you pose this inquiry, it infers that you assume you are being prodded with the commendation.

You ought to say this on the off chance that you had the option to take care of business without any problem. You can say it if you realize that it isn’t your best.

Like that, you will get the person significantly more dazzled. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you don’t think you are adequate, you can put forth them think you put in additional attempt regardless of whether you. Like that, they will not anticipate that you should proceed.

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6. I appreciate that

You can simply say [I appreciate that] rather than [thank you]. There is no distinction between the two expressions. You just might be fed up with utilizing one so you might consider the other.

Keep in mind that by saying this, you are agreeing to continue your excellent work. Your manager won’t challenge you if you don’t keep doing awesome.

Your manager might hope for something else from you yet it doesn’t mean you need to worry yourself just to continue to intrigue people around you.

All things considered, you can think about different responses on this rundown that express your endeavors on the task.

7. I may need an extra hand, next time

It would be ideal for this to work however it relies upon the circumstance you are involving it. You might have played out an extraordinary work that turned out lovely and well for your organization and this occupation might have removed relaxing evenings from you just to show up as gorgeous as it did.

At the point when your manager advises you to keep doing awesome, she anticipates that you should keep bringing more work like that yet your supervisor can’t believe you should hurt yourself.

You can let him know that the steady conveyance of good tasks like that can require an additional person.

Your supervisor might inquire as to why and you can make sense of what amount of time and how much exertion it required for you to assemble it.

8. As long as no one’s pulling it down, it will stay up

This sounds like what an exceptionally diligent person would agree with since it is what the person does routinely. The person approves of conveying exceptional undertakings that deserve praise.

You ought to just express this to a partner. You can likewise express this to your chief assuming he is open and convivial with you. Assuming the workplace is completely formal, this might appear to be too easygoing to even think about being involved in your discussion.

By saying this, you are suggesting that you are fit for being deterred from conveying steady employment.

You can likewise say this assuming at least one person used to obstruct your efficiency. Remember that you are promising to keep doing steady employment like that if nobody stops you.

9. You’ve never given me compliments. Thank you

You’ve never given me compliments. Thank you

This is a sweet response, particularly if you think the commendation was not legitimate. You can say this on the off chance that you are hearing it from a partner instead of your chief.

This infers that you work hard routinely. The commendation may not be on a specific task.

Rather, it could be on your customary execution. For this situation, it resembles saying a commendation on your magnificence.

However long your excellence can’t leave out of nowhere, your standard exhibition shouldn’t vanish because of strain.

10. I am happy to hear that

You can say this as an alternative to thanking me. You are letting your chief or your partner know that you feel charmed to know the person is intrigued by your work.

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You are not saying something regardless of whether you will keep it up however you seem like you will find it simple to keep doing awesome.

You can say this even though you set forth additional energy. It doesn’t order you to continue to worry yourself. You can just invest some additional energy now and again.

11. Coming from you, I feel drunk

This response proposes that you respect the person profoundly and you are just inspirational about it since you are hearing the commendation from their mouth.

You can say this because the person is by all accounts fussy and you have never dazzled the person.

You can say it because the person doesn’t say a commendation crafted by a person. This can also be used if the other person is the best at the same job you are doing.

Getting the person dazzled may imply that you are additionally improving.

12. I hope so

This sounds lighthearted in any case, since you couldn’t care less, you can simply get it over with. It sounds very humble as well. You ought to say this on the off chance that it’s a similar sort of work you convey consistently.

You are not expressing any excitement regarding the compliment by stating that you hope so. You are inadvertently implying that you might have erroneously impressed people. That is conceivable. You may have experienced it before.

13. Alright. You won’t be disappointed

This sounds like what you might hear from the mouth of a dedicated person who just continued work in an organization.

His most memorable task might have turned out wonderful and the supervisor is expressing praises to him.

How he feels about it will rely on how much pressure it took to finish the task and how much cash he is getting compensated for it.

You are indicating that you will continue doing a good job by telling your boss that he or she will not be disappointed. It is a commitment for this situation.

14. It would help to have one more person

You can state all the requirements to keep the good job coming, rather than agreeing to do so.

Assuming that it took you restless evenings and your solidarity, you can utilize another person to take care of business quicker and all the more without any problem.

In any case, you shouldn’t inquire as to whether the [good job] isn’t adequately great to have the organization utilize another person just to help you.

15. This took some time. Thank you

On the off chance that you don’t think the work is sufficient to make the organization utilize a renewed person, you can simply make your supervisor realize that it requires your investment and your work.

This will pass the message that you won’t generally invest a similar measure of energy and time, and you will not be conveying magnificent ventures at all times.

16. I am glad you are impressed

Simply say this on the off chance that it is a person you didn’t think would be intrigued with you. You can likewise say this assuming that you worked eagerly to take care of business.

You can add that you endeavored to get the undertaking finished delightfully. Your efforts will be praised more often.

17. Now I know my efforts are not wasted

You are not just letting the person know that you put in additional work but also valuing the commendation.

You are showing that you expected the commendations and you are happy that the person has seen the extraordinary work you did.

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