15 Clever ways to Ask for Money Owed

You would need to advise them that you really want the money, attempt to give persuading focuses, you would need to pursue new installments or understanding plans on the off chance that they can’t repay when due, and a large group of things that make you simply keep thinking about whether it was worth the effort.

A great many people find it hard to loan money because of the afflictions engaged with getting back.

Assuming you fear requesting your money back since you don’t have the foggiest idea how to, I have a couple of answers that will direct you.

These responses cover a scope of classifications so perused and pick the one that accommodates what is going on.


15 Best Ways to Ask for Money Owed

1. Concerning the money, when do you plan to pay it back?

This question is asked before you give someone money if you lend it to them. A deal is reached this way.

Assuming that you later need the money and they are not approaching, you can likewise pose this inquiry once more.

It will advise them that the time has come to pay and you need to know when they can repay.

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2. Do you know what would help? The money you’re owing me

It could appear to be mocking yet it’s just about how you say it. You can call them to the side and make sense of that you are in a sharp corner, or a pickle, or a fix (anything you desire to use to portray what is happening), and one thing that would go far or be of extraordinary assistance is the money you loaned them.

Many people will accept that you have money and will be hesitant to take care of you so you need to give strong motivations to get your money back quickly.

3. According to the agreement we had, I believe payment is overdue

Assuming you marked an agreement or you had a comparative understanding, this answer is letting them know that you haven’t failed to remember every one of the statements and dates and times and you need your money.

You need to utilize this answer a couple of days after the due date with the goal that it tends to be past due. You can likewise choose to say: “According to the agreement we had, I believe the payment is due in a few days”.

This is for if it isn’t expected at this point and you need to illuminate them.

4. We are heading towards the festive season. With all the expenses to be made, I will be needing the money you promised

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any festival removes large chunk of change from the pocket regardless of how fun it is. Indeed, even birthday celebrations.

All things considered, an explanation like this ought to advise them to hurry up with installment. This answer sounds a piece eager however it is as yet respectful.

It lets them know that it is critical so you can begin arranging and it will keep them from rationalizing about delaying installment.

In the event that it’s anything but an issue of the happy season, you can say that something is coming up and you want the money. You are not committed to let them know how you manage your money.

5. If you don’t mind, I would like to have the money I lent you

Use this response if you insist on routines and precise times because it sounds very professional.

You knock on their doors, they open, and you ask them to return your money “without excuses or defaulting, please.” Assuming they have it they will give it to you right away.

This answer is excellent if you have any desire to be viewed in a serious way and you would rather not be told to stand by a couple of additional days.

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6. I will appreciate it if I can have the money by the end of tomorrow

You can use this as a final reminder that you will take a different approach if they do not pay if they have repeatedly delayed doing so.

This answer will let them know that you are significant and yet don’t affront them or seem impolite. It will be an exceptionally basic message passed across. Trust me they will repay.

7. It’s time for you to return the favor. There are pressing demands and I want to take care of them immediately

This answer seems like they are loaning you the money even though it is yours. By giving back in kind, you mean you did something to be thankful for by loaning them money and you would need that equivalent blessing.

Since it sounds so easygoing, they probably won’t view you in a serious way so the following piece of the answer ought to help.

Making it sound earnest will let them know that they are hindering you on the off chance that you don’t have the money and they won’t have any desire to do that.

8. Can I come for the money this evening/ will you be sending the money in the evening?

Can I come for the money this evening/ will you be sending the money in the evening?

This answer is great in the event that you had an earlier conversation on this subject. On the off chance that you sense that they are not able to pay, whether they are to pay money for work or they are to pay you the money you loaned them, you can utilize this to let them know that you want the money and you don’t believe they should default.

They will perceive the way serious you are on the grounds that you will come and get the money.

9. Remember that mini loan? I kind of need it myself

This is one more fun method for reminding people that you want your money. It’s not quite as significant as the ones above and it brings in the money you loaned them sound like a ton.

This will give them the feeling that you see it a ton and that “huge load of money” will be exceptionally useful to you.

It has a touch of earnestness in it with the goal that they realize you don’t believe they should postpone it. This way everybody is cheerful.

10. I know I said you can pay anytime but I am really skint

Skint means poor, broke, or without money. It’s not exactly normal yet it’s not shoptalk, it’s a genuine English word and you can utilize it to depict how things are for you monetarily.

We have those companions that mean such a huge amount to us and we wouldn’t let something just money ruin that incredible fellowship, so we advise them to take care of when they feel like it since we don’t require it around then, and they are extremely near us.

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You can use this to notify them if things change and you need the money earlier or at a specific time.

They will not be exceptionally cheerful, particularly on the off chance that that can’t repay at that point however essentially you have told them respectfully and they have taken in another word.

11. Friendly reminder, I will be needing the money I lent you sooner than I thought. When will you be able to return it?

If you would rather not give subtleties on why things changed or why you want the money, then this is an effective method for telling them.

They could have neglected, that people have quite a lot more happening in their bustling lives than the money they owe you.

Adding the initial two words lets them know that you mean no ha and you need to remind them in the event that they have neglected.

12. I understand you have a lot going on for you right now but I need the money. Can you at least send it in half?

Discussion and attempting to arrive at an understanding are something that makes things a ton simpler.

In the event that they can’t pay the full aggregate you loaned them, then, at that point, perhaps they would have the option to give half or some other significant sum.

This will let them know that you are paying special attention to them and you are only not after your money alone.

Additionally, the way that you will take half first lets them know that anything you really want the money for is essential to the point that as opposed to defer getting the full aggregate, you would go with half first and get the rest later.

13. I am pressed for money currently. Some things need to be taken care of, so I would be needing that money I lent you

I like this answer due to how it says “I’m bankrupt” or “I want money” another way. It passes across the message: ” that you really want the money and you want it right away”, another way.

It simply expresses it in extravagant English so you don’t appear to be distressed. They will be quick to repay you because they will appreciate and admire your delivery.

14. It’s been a while since I heard from you. If you are avoiding me because of the money, I think we can work out a new plan that we can both agree on

Getting money can cause people to feel embarrassed and humiliated. It deteriorates on the off chance that after getting the money they are not in a superior monetary state and could not repay you at any point.

They will begin to stay away from you by stowing away assuming they see you coming, disregarding texts and calls, and being extremely occupied with faking that they are.

On the off chance that you send this as a message or attempt to contact them through a medium they will not have the option to overlook, they will feel far improved and you can settle on another understanding.

There is no need to end a good friendship over something as insignificant as money.

15. I should have stressed this earlier but I’m depending on that money to get me by till the next paycheck.

Some people live paycheck to paycheck with few extras. On the off chance that you are one of those persons, this money would have been a gigantic penance.

You would ask for it right away when it appeared that you might not be able to survive without it. This justification for requiring the money sounds intense.

On the off chance that you realize they won’t seriously treat you consequently, you can say: ” I ought to have focused on this before however I’m relying upon that money to cover my duties and handle any remaining service bills.


Loaning money can be untidy, yet it is more chaotic to ask back. These answers ought to assist with making it all more straightforward.

I trust this assistance. If you have more thoughts on the most proficient method to request your money back or you need to share an encounter, pop them in the remarks underneath and I will be glad to understand them. Thanks.

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