15 Best Ways Responses To “Que Tal”

I find the Spanish language extremely cool and accommodating. As a matter of fact, across numerous sites and other electronic sources, you’ll find that the language is evaluated profoundly as perhaps one of the hottest languages out there.

Notwithstanding, it doesn’t stop at being a decent language for communicating sentiments, it likewise consolidates plainness similarly as found in the Spanish expression “Que tal’.

15 Best Ways Responses To "Que Tal"

Maybe, somebody as of late said ‘que tal’ to you and you’re on a mission to understand what it means and how to answer on the off chance that the need emerges not long from now.

This could be effectively the justification for why you ended up on this page in any case, and on the off chance that that is valid, you’re at the ideal place.

This is on the grounds that, throughout this article, I’ll examine what it involves to say ‘que tal’ and potential answers which are appropriate for the circumstance when somebody says the Spanish expression to you. To know more, remain on top of me!

What Does Que Tal Mean in Spanish?

Que tal is a Spanish expression that is frequently made an interpretation of English to imply “how are you”. While this may not be the conventional Spanish approach to saying “How are you”, passing on a similar message is likewise utilized.

For the most part, asking somebody ‘que tal’ to somebody implies you’re extending the message of concern and care toward the person you’re guiding it to.

Furthermore, ‘que tal’ is likewise a type of hello as I heard a considerable amount of it during my visit to Madrid some time prior. The best thing about the expression is that it is unlimited, and that implies it very well may be utilized both in formal and casual circumstances.

Subsequently, you can utilize ‘que tal’ to stretch out a hello to somebody despite their age, or social standing.

Continuing on, ‘que tal’ is additionally utilized instead of basic healthy words or expressions like “hello there”, “what’s up”, “hello”, and “what’s the benefit?”. It is likewise worth for you to take note that ‘que tal’ is likewise utilized as a supplement to “Hola”.

This implies that you can answer with ‘que tal’ when somebody tells you “Hola”. Best case scenario, ‘que tal’ looks excessively fundamental to a Spanish word so you can involve it as a novice or a compelling Spanish speaker.

Ultimately, ‘que tal’ is an expression that likewise portrays an examination of how something is or the way in which an occasion went.

This implies I can utilize ‘que tal’ to enquire about the result of an executive gathering, a dinner, or even a preliminary at another spa.

The following is an illustration of a sentence where the expression is utilized as a type of scrutinizing the result of something.

Qué tal está la comida? = how is the food?

15 Great Responses to Qué Tal

15 Great Responses to Qué Tal

We’re finished with getting to know the importance of ‘que tal’ and how it’s been executed across various discussion examples and situations.

This ranges from it being a hello to a request that passes the message of worry to the person it’s been said to.

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Notwithstanding, at this point, we’ll be checking out something else yet connected with the Spanish expression. What’s more, that would be the manner by which to answer any person who says ‘que tal’ to you.

This is on the grounds that simply realizing the importance isn’t sufficient, as additionally getting in that frame of mind of what you can say accordingly finishes the entire examination process. With that impact, underneath is my assortment of the best 15 legendary reactions to Que Tal.

N\B: The answers highlighted in this article accompany their Spanish partner as important, to make for simpler comprehension and appreciation prior to executing any of them.

1. Hey Dear = Hola Amado

This is seemingly the principal occurrence reaction when somebody says ‘que tal’ to you. Having quite recently found the importance of the Spanish expression, you might be persuaded to think that the chief significance of que tal is a hello from persons, both old and youthful.

While you may not be off-base about this, it isn’t completely healthy to have a one-way conviction of what que tal really implies.

With that impact, you might be provoked to answer in possibly the most amicable and unobtrusive of ways. This will assist you with keeping the doubt that you’re a student of the language at a safe distance, as you will not be viewed as a total Spanish geek among Spaniards.

To accomplish this, you can utilize this line of reaction.

This is a straightforward approach to tossing back a helpful message to the person who said ‘que tal’ to you. Accordingly, the reasonable envisioned discourse situation would be this…

Speaker: Que tal, Luis = What’s up, Luis

Response: Hola, Amado = Hello dear

The above lines of the discussion show the discussion of the phrasal ‘que tal’ into a helpful term and the reaction that follows. For an instance of execution, the reaction which I utilized in this exchange is quiet, and unobtrusive and reflects acknowledgment.

Thus, you should keep a tone that reverberates with any of these characteristics to pass on the principal message.

2. I’m Alright, Thanks = Muy Bien, Gracias

This is one more reaction on this rundown which I made to put on a show of being a cool answer. Very much like the instance of a ‘que tal’ being a healthy term, this line of reaction is quite possibly the best one which squeezes into the portrayal.

Indeed, not at all like the past reaction, this reaction adds more detail to the reaction. The past reaction was more similar to a hello, yet I made this one such that it doesn’t just do that but additionally brings life into how you feel.

With this reaction, you get to uncover that you’re great, which is potentially the motivation behind why the person asked you in any case.

As a rule, I hear people say “How’re you” to other people however they do that because of sheer asking, with no obvious goals connected.

Luckily, the idea of this reaction makes it with the goal that the person becomes acquainted with how you feel and whether they are really worried about how “you are”.

The reaction doesn’t end there, as a matter of fact, it goes on to show appreciation to the person for being so worried about you that they needed to ask you utilizing ‘que ta’.

The incorporation of “much obliged’s ‘ toward how far it goes portrays appreciation to the person who said ‘que tal’ to you.

Everything being equal, this line adds to the way that you really want to sound as considerate as conceivable while answering to ‘que tal’ with it.

3. Well, I Can’t Really Complain = Pues, No Me Quero

One more view to answering ‘que tal’ is by being deliberate about how you feel or see the term. Since the vast majority of the utilization of ‘que tal’ comes as questions, you can take on the place of answering the inquiry with this line of reaction.

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Rather than the standard platitude answers like “I’m alright” or “I’m fine”; you exceed everyone’s expectations of making sense of that you can’t say anything negative.

What I was attempting to convey with it is that you might utilize it regardless of whether you need to give your audience access to the entire extent of what’s happening in your life.

Hence, you can utilize this line to project the possibility that you’re not completely fine, yet basically, you actually don’t say anything negative.

Indeed, even without being told, this reaction is an effective method for putting the determination of “don’t stress over me” on the person who says ‘que tal’ to you.

So that makes it a decent answer methodology to use in the event that somebody says ‘que tal’ to you. Likewise, the Spanish interpretation of the reaction is additionally simple to get a handle on in the event you need to offer it a chance at communicating in Spanish.

4. Sincerely, Not Great = La Verdad, No Muy Bien

I see no great explanation for why you ought to say you’re fine when you’re not. People are a type of comfort, that is the reason we all will strikingly tell somebody “I’m OK” when our face and body are saying something different.

I get it’s all essential for the plan to remain quiet about your trouble however it doesn’t work out well over the long haul.

Consequently, I trust there’s a requirement for you to be rich about how you feel and not be guaranteed to attempt to restrain everything. To go down that path of being open about how you feel, then, at that point, I suppose you ought to connect with this line of reaction.

It not only establishes the rhythm for your profound close-to-home disclosure but also tries to specify that it is a genuine survey of your profound state.

With this kind of reaction, you get to have the concerned person in the loop of how you feel. With that impact, the person could most likely choose to mediate or help you discover a way.

While these sound simple to do, it isn’t the means by which reality makes it since I additionally find it hard to open up. Notwithstanding, at whatever point I begin to do that I don’t return from it.

5. All Good, Thanks = To Do Chido

All Good, Thanks = To Do Chido

A critical piece of most answers to ‘que tal’ is the capacity to show a profound persona that is steady.

While this can be difficult to do because of the idea of the inquiry que tal, you can utilize a reaction like this specific one to sum up all you need to say without diverging at one and talking extensively on it.

Thus, saying “all good” is a decent answer which gives just fringe data to the person who says ‘que tal’ to you. This line likewise consolidates the requirement for an appreciation word to show gratefulness to the person who’s presumably worried about you.

6. All Cool = To Do Chido

Very much like the past reaction, this specific answer is likewise a summed-up reaction that doesn’t give out more data on how you’re faring. The main contrast here is that there’s no portrayal of appreciation in this line of reaction as found in the past.

7. Awesome = A Toda Madre

A single-word reaction to ‘que tal’ is really epic, wouldn’t you say? Indeed, I believe it’s one of the coldest and most awe-inspiring reactions on this rundown. Essentially saying “magnificent says a great deal regarding you not being a person of many words. Thus, on the off chance that you’re a man or lady of few words you can utilize this line.

8. Work Is Fine = El Trabejo Está Bien

To answer to ‘que tal’ however it was utilized together in a sentence that gets some information about your status at work, you can utilize this line to answer. The reaction is a basic assertion with no solid vocabulary, making it simple to say and see as well.

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9. What More Can I Say? = Que Mas Puedo Decir

Have you shown restraint to learn about a facetious inquiry that serves as a reaction to ‘que tal’? All things considered, here you have it. This a non-serious inquiry that you can utilize while answering ‘que tal’.

This line is additionally epic since it seems like an end contention in a legal dispute, as you can withdraw from the location of the inquiry following expressing it.

10. I’m Chilling = Me Estoy Relajendo

Could it be said that you are cool? Maybe, life is treating you reasonably and somebody says ‘que tal’ to you… you can send back a reaction with the line. The Spanish rendition is additionally good to sheer as it draws out the hotness of communicating in Spanish.

11. Can’t Get Any Better = No Puedo Mejorar

I found that there are no easy routes throughout everyday life… and that implies you really want to work for each penny. While that isn’t guaranteed to apply to the Spanish expression, it connects with the reaction.

By expressing this above reaction, you’re setting that life’s great and that is most likely as a result of how hard you’ve functioned for it.

Assuming life is as of now kind with me, what more might I at any point request? Thus, this reaction is a decent contender for answering to ‘que tal’.

12. It Was a Blast = Fue Una Explosion

This is one of those answers you can utilize assuming that you’re answering ‘que tal’ when it’s utilized to get some information about the result of an occasion or something different. It very well may be a condo pursuit of employment, or simply whatever else that merits getting some information about its result.

Notwithstanding, this reaction focuses on the course of a party. This implies that you can utilize it if ‘que tal’ was utilized while asking you how a party you went to ended up.

Along these lines, the reaction is a positive point as it affirms that the occasion was vigorously fruitful, consequently, the utilization of “impact”… shoot not in that frame of mind of a bomb but rather a weighty achievement.

13. Same Old, Same Old = Lo Mismo de Siempre, Lo Mismo de Siempre

At the point when somebody asks you ‘que tal’ as a type of enquiring about how you’re faring, you can utilize this reaction. The reaction shows that there’s no known or clear change yet. In this manner, the a need to rehash the sentence to pressure the significance.

In any case, this reaction additionally portrays that you’re in a similar phase of your life where the person who posed the inquiry most likely left you off. You might employ this reaction to imply that you really want pity and mediation.

14. I Can’t Really Explain = Realmente No Puedo Explicarlo

I love it when people are open about how they feel and what they need. Sadly, communicating one’s sentiments remains one of the hardest errands to take on and complete. Assuming you’re having an off outlook on how “you will be”, you can utilize this line of reaction.

The line portrays the hesitation in your voice and is a line that can additionally assist you with making sense of something else for the person that asks you ‘que tal’.

15. I’m Hale and Hearty = Soy Hale Y Cordial

Certifying energy has been a custom that I don’t mess with. This is a direct result of the impacts that I’ve found in my life up to this point. It assists me with staying aware of my reality personally and puts me to the side as a steady human.

Given that, you can utilize this line of reaction which recommends that you’re “sound and generous“. The expression implies you’re totally fine, healthwise, and in any case.


We’re presently toward the finish of this article which uncovered the significance of the Spanish expression, que tal. I had the option to feature with detail what it implies when somebody says ‘que tal’ to you.

I took the post to one more turn by highlighting several awe-inspiring answers to que tal. While the greater part of the answers come in good structure, others are split between being true and communicating the revulsion you feel.

You can pick a reasonable reaction from the rundown, as it ought to mirror the message you wish to pass on.

I’d cherish it assuming you mercifully let us in on your opinion on this post in the remark box underneath.

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