Top 20 Best Ways to Reply to ‘What You Saying?’ (WYS)”

“WYS” is an abbreviation that represents a few things. Contingent upon the unique circumstance, it could imply, “What are you talking about?” ” What’s your status?” or on the other hand “Whatever you said.”

In any case, as a rule, persons could utilize this contraction in messaging to inquire, “What’s going on or What’s happening? What’s happening with you.”

Top 20 Best Ways to Reply to 'What You Saying?' (WYS)"

I know. It tends to be exceptionally confounding to know what to say when somebody texts you “was.” Indeed, even the metropolitan word reference affirms that this is the most perplexing and confounding inquiry since it’s not entirely justifiable.

Odds are you’re confounded about whether the person is getting some information about what you’re talking about or doing.

The ideal solution to give when somebody says “ways” relies upon the significance. So you should know the substance first, which will be an antecedent for answering.

First, Know The Meaning of “WYS”

First, Know The Meaning of “WYS”

The shortened form WYS is questionable, yet its significance is as a rule among these potential choices:

  • “Anything that You Say,”
  • “What You Said,”
  • “What are You Talking about?”
  • “What’s Your Status?”

Assuming that you’ve offered a questionable expression and somebody answers with WYS, they will undoubtedly imply “whatever you say” In a circumstance like this, your reaction isn’t really needed.

WYS, in this unique circumstance, suggests that the person would rather not contend with you, however, they realize you’re off-base about it. ( snidely etc.)

In the event that the person concurs with a large number of you offer a significant expression, they can answer with WYS to actually imply “what you said.” Many persons utilize this one to concur with something said or composed.

WYS can likewise imply “What’s Your Status?” However, it’s anything but a normal result. Most times, gamers utilize this abbreviation (regardless of a question mark) to demand what is going on and an update about a player’s personality, particularly in games like Extraordinary Mission at Hand and PUBG.

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Yet, the most widely recognized one, which we will base the whole of this article on, is “What are you talking about?” Generally speaking, people use WYS (perusing “what are you talking about”) to get some information about what you’re doing.

Anyway, they anticipate that you should peruse it as “What’s going on with you” or “What’s happening with you?” Or then again in a real sense, “What are you suggesting or suggesting.”

In this unique situation, the person is involved in WYS as an icebreaker and asking after you. This is the way to answer:

20 Best Replies To “WYS.”

Keep in mind, the reaction I’m suggesting in this article is ideal when the person says “was” as a type of inquiring, “What are you doing” or “What’s happening with you.”

Frequently, in this specific circumstance, the abbreviation will accompany a question mark. Regardless of whether it is, the setting of your visit with the person is everything necessary to comprehend what they mean by sending the abbreviation to you.

The following time somebody sends you “WYS” as a method for inquiring “What are you talking about” or “What’s going on with you” answer with any of the accompanying:

1. Just hanging in there

A memorable simple reaction. However, it will in all likelihood recommend you’re going through a difficult time. ” Just hanging in there” as a reaction to “WYS” can be an everyday articulation to convey that you’re making due, maybe confronting a few battles, yet driving forward.

2. Living the dream, one day at a time.

At the point when somebody texts you “WYS,” you can answer with a positive and happy reaction, for example, ” Living the dream, one day at a time.”

It sends the possibility that you’re appreciating life and accepting things. It’s a perky approach to saying you’re getting along nicely and attempting to capitalize on every day.

3. Just chilling, you?

“Just chilling, you?” Fills in as one more ideal comment when somebody inquires “WYS”.

This reaction is amazing when you’re just unwinding or relaxing. It would mean you’re not participating in particular or occupied errands while likewise keen on understanding what the person is doing too.

4. Oh, you know, the usual.

At the point when somebody sends you “WYS,” you can answer with “Goodness, you know, the standard thing” to suggest that you’re participating in your run-of-the-mill or normal schedules.

This reaction demonstrates that there’s nothing especially imperative occurring right now, however, it’s a well-disposed approach to saying you’re busy with your typical everyday undertakings or exercises.

5. Nm, hbu?

“NM, hbu?” Is an abbreviation for “Not a lot, what about you?”

The interesting thing about this reaction is that it requires the person to translate the abbreviation you sent.

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So besides the fact that you saying are you have nothing critical occurring right now, but at the same time you’re giving the person a blow-for-blow while getting some information about their ongoing circumstance.

6. Words and stuff. How about you?

Answer “WYS” with “words and stuff. What about you?” at the point when you’re busy with different things.

It would likewise make you believe you’re interested in what they’re doing.

“WYS” resembles an easygoing discussion opener, welcoming you to share what’s been going on in your reality. Thus, you can likewise share what you have been doing of late with the person.

7. Crafting the perfect response to your question.

Answer with humor, showing that you’re taking as much time as necessary to think of a shrewd or clever reaction to their inquiry. It will show that they should be sufficiently clear and quit utilizing abbreviations.

However, it likewise sends the possibility of a lively approach to drawing in with them and keeping the discussion fun.

8. Talking to you!

Accept their inquiry as a chance for a clever reaction while underlining your continuous cooperation.

When somebody says “WYS,” You can answer with, “Isn’t it clear what I’m doing? We’re visiting at present!”

9. Living the dream. How about you?

This answer catches a positive and carefree tone, inferring that you’re content and happy with your life.

The expression “Enjoying a truly incredible lifestyle” conveys a feeling of excitement and satisfaction while likewise passing on space for the other person to share their own encounters (what about you?).

10. Nothing much

“Not a lot” impeccably answers “WYS” because it easily joins mind and easygoing discussion.

It catches the pith of a laid-back demeanor while unobtrusively suggesting that there is nothing especially intriguing or critical occurring right now.

It’s memorable easy and works for each circumstance. It likewise leaves space for additional discussion by welcoming the person to share their updates.

11. Just being awesome. What about you?

Just being awesome. What about you?

“Simply being marvelous. And you?” radiates the best mix of certainty and interest.

You can energetically feature self-assuredness, fascinating the person who asked you “WYS” to share their undertakings.

12. Not saying much; just going with the flow. How about you?

“Not a lot, simply taking the path of least resistance” is one more incredible reaction to “WYS” in light of the fact that it embodies an exposed back and mentality that welcomes further discussion.

It conveys a feeling of adaptability and versatility, proposing you embrace whatever comes your direction.

By utilizing this reaction, you invite the other person to dive further into your exercises or start a more extensive conversation.

13. Being a cool cat. You?

At the point when somebody asks you “WYS,” you can answer with “Being a boss.”

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It regularly implies you’re feeling loose, certain, and living it up.

Utilize this reaction to depict yourself as cool, quiet, and gathered, recommending you’re in a positive perspective.

14. Mastering the art of relaxation. You?

“Becoming amazing at unwinding. You?” Is a clever choice for answering “WYS.”

I like this reaction since it cunningly answers to a straightforward inquiry with humor.

15. Brewing some creativity. How about you?

“Blending some imagination. What about you?” is a compact and charming reaction to the inquiry “WYS” (what are you doing?).

The fun-loving similitude makes the person believe you’re progressing a course of creating thoughts, which suggests commitment in inventive or imaginative movement.

The “what about you” further suggests that you are really keen on the other person’s exercises, welcoming them to share their interests.

16. Enjoying the rollercoaster of life. You?

At the point when somebody tells you ‘WYS,” you can answer with “partaking in the rollercoaster of life’ to suggest that you’re embracing all the highs and lows, the exciting bends in the road, and, surprisingly, a periodic circle de-circles that life tosses at you.

You’re not simply pausing for a moment or two and allowing life to happen to you; God help us, you’re lashing in, surrendering in the air, and shouting “Charm hoo!” as loud as possible.

17. Just trying to make the most of every moment. How about you?

On the other hand, you can answer “WYS” by saying, “Simply attempting to capitalize on each second. What about yourself?”

By saying this reaction, you’re communicating a positive and proactive demeanor toward life, proposing that you need to quickly jump all over chances, appreciate encounters, and make the most out of every second you have.

18. Not much, just taking life as it comes. What about you?

Keep in mind, that “WYS” doubtlessly implies the person needs to be familiar with your ongoing exercises or how you’re faring.

So you can answer with, “Not much, simply accepting life as it comes.”

It shows that you have no critical or explicit exercises. You’re basically accepting the way things are and taking care of whatever comes your direction without making arrangements or responsibilities.

19. Just enjoy the simple pleasures in life. What’s up with you?

Just enjoy the simple pleasures in life. What’s up with you? This reaction proposes that you appreciate and track down euphoria in the minor, simple parts of life. That is an astounding answer to “What are you doing”

20. What do you mean?

Assuming you’re uncertain what the person implied by talking about “WYS,” basically request that they explain as opposed to answering improperly.

At the point when somebody tells you “WYS,” you can answer with “What do you mean.” This will permit them to type the abbreviation in full or toss additional background info into their text.

WYS is a shoptalk abbreviation that has turned into a staple icebreaker via online entertainment visits. It tends to be really confounding to know how to answer. Yet, the issue is understanding what the person means by sending the abbreviation.

Generally speaking, they intend to say, “What are you talking about?”, “What’s happening?” or then again “What are you doing?”

I trust that you’ve found, in the above article, the best answers to give when somebody sends you this shoptalk.

In the meantime, there’s nothing out of sorts in answering with “What do you want to say” on the off chance that you don’t figure out the abbreviation. It will permit the person to account for themselves better or type in full text.

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