A Comprehensive Guide to 25 of the Best “Your Mom” Comebacks

Your mom’s jokes are rebounds that are utilized in bantering humor. Frequently than not persons get into a struggle, angry, or attempt to manage the other.

During a talk or struggle, persons like to tell or offer mean remarks or comments about you. For the most part, giving comments about what you look like or show up or make dreadful mother wisecracks about you.

A Comprehensive Guide to 25 of the Best “Your Mom” Comebacks

Giving a rebound tells them you are too a hit cup to deal with likewise and equivalent to the errand. A decent rebound would get them far from you, in this article we would run down and discuss 25 of your mom’s rebounds, remain tuned.

25 Best Your Mom Comebacks

1. I’ve heard that one before, and it was funnier the first time.

A decent rebound for your mom jokes is saying I’ve heard that one before, and it was funnier the first time. or even sound more entertaining. This is a decent rebound to get back at whoever is dissing you, it shows them that the joke is dry and they have depleted its utilization with you.

A few jokes just sound interesting once, rehashing them doesn’t make them more clever. At the point when you utilize a rebound like this you bring the joker to an abrupt halt. Send this rebound since it’s ideal for an extensive variety of your mom jokes.

2. That is so funny I forgot to laugh

This is so entertaining I neglected to chuckle is a disheartening rebound for your mother jokes. At the point when you tell a loud person this rebound line, it separates them. They make it especially zesty. You ought to jawline up when you express this without any particle of a grin.

They would see that anything they said is actually a major buzz-kill interesting and doesn’t stand up to anything. This would leave them furious in light of the fact that the principal point of hurling mother jokes on you is to stop you off.

Subsequently, you don’t get irritated or grin in lament on the off chance that the joke tossed on you gets back into the game.

3. I think you need to take your humor to the club and not here

I think you need to take your humor to the club and not here like a decent rebound to your mother’s jokes. Advising them to take their humor to the parody club shows them they are not perfectly positioned.

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Let them that know if they have any desire to be comics, they can take their jokes to the satire club or parlor and for them to be here with you giving these less clever jokes shows they are bad humorists at all.

4. Why don’t you try to make a funny joke 

Why don’t you try to make a funny joke 

Answering with a diss “Why don’t you try to make a funny joke would embarrass them and keep their mouth where their cash is worth, and think about the thing it’s generally useless.

Letting them know this assertion implies that their jokes are not interesting. A jokester’s most prominent sin is to see you miserable and wriggle from disgrace after he planes you. At the point when your jaw up and make them directly up their wisecracks are truly not interesting fend them off.

5. You call that a joke, I call that a bad attempt at humor

You can shoo away an entertainer saying-you call that a joke, I call that a terrible endeavor at parody. Entertainers are glad for their jokes as what gives them prominence is talking people down with their words before persons.

This senseless demonstration encourages them as they are verbal harassers.

Calling their joke a terrible endeavor at humor before persons disgrace them as well. They loathe this and don’t respond well to it. They feel far more embarrassed when you have the guts to down them and furthermore provide them with a painful but much-needed insight.

6. Am not laughing, but I’ll try to laugh for you

Remarking on your mother’s jokes saying I’m not snickering yet I’ll attempt to giggle for you resembles medication in the afterlife. A terrible circumstance even you can’t rescue in their quipping profession, I’ll attempt to snicker for you is all the more a snide affront rather than genuine sympathy.

An answer like this demonstrates to your entertainer that what they say significantly affects you and doesn’t actually sound wonderful or clever to the ears. This advises them to keep their expressions of quip to themselves for all intents and purposes of no utilization and makes no difference.

7. Am sure you spent the whole night coming up with that one

At the point when you give a rebound saying “I’m certain you went through the entire evening thinking of that one” this shows that your entertainer is only a loudmouthed person who doesn’t influence their mouth, regardless of what they say.

This rebound shows they are slow and need suddenness in their joke. Going through an entire night just to concoct a couple of senseless jokes implies they are terrible at what they do and slow at that one.

8. That joke is older than the Egyptian scrolls

That joke is more established than the Egyptian parchments, nobody likes flat jokes. A buffoon is just glad for his jokes when it goodly affects the collector and when it sounds great to the ears of the spectators or group.

Making it open that their wisecracks are essentially as old as the Egyptian parchments would uncover that they are common-mouth buffoons who have no great jokes to tell.

9. You must have confused the joke with a bad pawn 

You probably mistook jokes for a terrible pawn, I suppose you ought to adhere to awful jokes as that is the main thing you are great at. This rebound is really great for whoever makes your mom quips about you.

It makes them realize that they have no decent jokes to tell, the possibility of your mother jokes is to make a decent wisecrack that causes your rival to get close to home. A terrible joke doesn’t influence feelings as it is preferably an awful pawn over a decent joke.

10. I don’t think humor is your strong suit

At the point when you let somebody know who thinks they are on a mission to joke you say “I don’t think humor is an area of strength for you implies they are not humorous nor are they great at it as well.

This will break his confidence in attempting to get a decent Caine back at you, recall that wisecrackers could do without being prodded or not being in charge of their platform. So he’ll yes you can exploit what is happening by letting them know you don’t think humor is an area of strength for them.

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11. I don’t think that joke is ready for stardom 

I don’t feel that joke is prepared for fame. Any entertainer or joker you hit with this point will feel it hard. It would be a greater amount of a close-to-home insult and a rebound, we should call it a super combo.

Envision lets a cook know that you don’t think their recipe is prepared for any gourmet expert rivalries. You have raised a ruckus around town where it damages and they are not pulling off this moment that you tell them.

12. Your jokes are always awkward they sound like a quacking duck

Your jokes are always awkward they sound like a quacking duck

An interesting rebound to your mother’s joke is ridiculing their joke, you do this by calling their joke off-kilter. You ought to do this by making their wisecrack and utilizing yours to down their joke. Making them their wisecracks are like a quacking dock, you uncover their joke as it has no humor.

This is one method for getting persons snickering at them, your rivals would realize that you are great at rebounds and this will lead them to withdraw from making your mother wisecrack at them.

13. Please don’t waste time and money trying to pursue a career in comedy

Prompting a joker not to squander cash attempting to seek after a vocation in satire as of now makes the public that their wisecracks are of no decent and an exercise in futility. Time is cash you know, express to them how standing by listening to anything joke they tell is a period waste.

Let them know that paying attention to their jokes is an exercise in futility and nobody needs to pay for terrible jokes or even stand to burn through their time. This would place them in their spot for good.

14. If these jokes make it to the comedy podium you will get booed.

A hot rebound for your mother jokes is making an entertainer that their wisecracks would get booed if it comes to a platform. This rebound would deface a joker’s impact on you on the off chance that you tell it to them. Their jokes should be dry to such an extent that spectators would boo them away.

Telling this to them would move them away from you as they would realize that their jokes are good for nothing or even rich enough for a veritable response. This would get them far from you realizing that you represent yourself.

15. I’ve heard better jokes from a 5-year-old

I’ve heard better jokes from a 5-year-old, envision expressing this as a rebound for your mother’s joke. As a clown, for a five-year-old to have better jokes says a great deal regarding their jokes. Make them how their wisecracks are not interesting not even great e enough for a little child.

Diss them such that the information that their jokes don’t stand up to anything. They don’t do well with you bringing down them before others.

This cuts down their self image and they don’t need that. Letting them know that a five-year-old has preferred jokes over them implies they don’t have a decent vocation in making quips.

16. Now I know why your mama told me you were a disappointment

A snide rebound to your mother’s joke is this one here, it ridicules their mom by inferring countless things.

It turns the joke on them and is an entertaining rebound that can get the group chuckling to the detriment of the other person. The rebound ridicules them by inferring their mother educated them on things concerning them.

It is a method for disgracing them into accommodation and furthermore gets the group cheerful and content. Rebounds ought to constantly be sharp, clever, and right away. This way it will be difficult for them to refocus.

17. Keep my your mom out of your mouth

Your mother’s joke can become a person for some and even be viewed as annoying, or perhaps you’re not simply in that frame of mind to make jokes. Anything the explanation, this rebound is ideal for minutes when you are not taking jokes.

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Advising them to keep your mother’s name out of their mouth is restricting them from making any sort of entertaining jokes or comments about her. Anybody shrewd will receive the message and will stop any kids about your mother right away.

18. At least I have a mom who loves me

This is one of those rebounds that viciously hit your adversary. It is fierce and sneaks up all of a sudden conveyed and enveloped by words. The rebound suggests they don’t have love from their mom, bringing about them poking fun at yours.

With this rebound, you can get the group thundering and a noticeable recoil on your rival. persons are solid on the adoration their mother needs to give and playing on that can give you the advantage.

19. You should get a stage and start a career at making the worst joke in history. 

Entertainers ought to get a phase and a rebound like this is an ideal method for reminding the joke teller that they need a phase if they have any desire to make jokes.

This rebound likewise takes an immediate poke at them, ridiculing their jokes by advising them to pull out all the stops for making terrible jokes. Doing this will make them upstage them and start to lead the pack from them.

They will cease from making more jokes coordinated at you. Any person who needs to make jokes ought to have a phase and not use you as a preparation ground.

20. You are so bad at jokes I am losing my funny bone

A clever rebound you can attempt when somebody coordinates your mom’s joke at you is saying that joke is so terrible you have lost your funny bone. Have you heard a joke so horrendous you can’t determine whether it’s entertaining or not? Answering them with this rebound is what is happening.

You have switched the tables for themselves and they will lose trust in their capacity to make entertaining jokes to anybody. This rebound disables them by removing their trust in a group.

21. Come back when you have a good one

This rebound is particularly ideally suited for persons who continually toss jokes in your direction. At the point when you say they ought to return when they have a decent one, it shows that their jokes have had no entertaining counter over a significant period.

This makes them that the wisecrack is frail and they ought to attempt to work on their game. Feeble jokes sound terrible each time it’s told, and this rebound is an indication of how frail their joke will constantly sound.

22. This joke is so dry, got children crying

A joke can cause chuckling. A miracle rebound that deters further joke assaults is answering by making their wisecrack so dry, it has children crying. At the point when the motivation behind the planned joke is whipped by your clever and moment rebound.

You will have the joker feeling little and imperceptible on the grounds that they can’t get the response that they had expected. What this rebound does is strip them of the interesting snarks and comments.

23. Is that the best you can do?

Telling them that everything you can manage is an exemplary rebound for your mother’s joke. It implies that all the work they put into making that senseless joke is a waste. The joke is actually a major buzz-kill entertaining, and the conveyance suck shows answering in such a way.

You will make them scramble to make more interesting jokes that won’t simply work. It assists with having this rebound prepared in light of the fact that it can muddle anybody who drops your mother’s joke on you.

24. Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll be seeing your mom later, we can discuss how I can be a good daddy to you

This answer is savage and hits underhanded. It is a point for yourself and zero for the joke creator. This rebound suggests they don’t have great childhoods, and that is the reason they circumvent poking fun at persons’ moms.

At the point when you utilize this rebound, you are attempting to save them by being their daddy. Anybody who hears this rebound will cease from freely attempting to poke fun at your mother. It’s likewise an indication of an absence of good nurturing on their part.

25. Don’t make fun of my mom the whole county knows she isn’t better

One of the most amazing rebounds to your mother’s joke is answering by telling them not to ridicule yours on the grounds that there is way more terrible.

This is wonderful when somebody needs to paint and ridicule your mother for something they need or clearly can protect. It turns their joke watery in light of the fact that it’s an exemplary illustration of the pot attempting to call the pot dark.

Assuming anybody ought to make jokes, it ought not to be somebody who doesn’t quantify up not the slightest bit. What’s more, that is precisely the way in which this rebound causes them to feel. It raises you above them by uncovering the hoax or phony life they are stowing away under.


Rebounds are critical to be aware of and have particularly when somebody is attempting to make your mother quip on you. There are numerous rebounds accessible and some are even famous for their silliness.

You ought to have rebounds for your mother jokes, this informs whoever is coming unto you that you are too equivalent or more to the errand.

Secrets like to be the only ones prodding, having a rebound for their jokes resembles providing them with a tad bit of their coin back, and trust me they could do without it.

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